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10 April 2017

The Antarctic Atlantis
Are we about to hear that ancient ruins have been found in Antarctica? Is there an Alliance working to defeat the greatest threat humanity has ever faced on earth? Could the Antarctic Atlantis be part of a full or partial disclosure?

Join David Wilcock on a thrill ride of discovery, revealing the "Big Picture" behind the ever-increasingly bizarre headlines we are seeing in today's world.

Although the news is moving faster than we can keep up with, the discovery of ancient ruins in Antarctica may become the defining story of the millennium. All of the things we are so concerned about at the moment may soon pale in comparison to this revelation.

Now you can see a full movie-length, two-and-a-half-hour presentation distilled from David's recent highly-regarded events at the Conscious Life Expo. Enjoy!


In Part One, I present data on the Secret Space Program and share the stage with legendary insider Corey Goode.

I do feel that this is the best public summary we have done of this amazing story that has captivated the UFO community thanks to our show Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia.

All along I have wanted there to be a definitive overview and introduction to the fascinating story that Corey has brought to the world, and this is it.

We also establish the connective links between my own experiences over the last 20 years doing this research, including ET contact, and the things that have happened to Corey in just two short years.

The 'overview' went much farther than the 53 minutes we present here, as it was nearly three hours long, but I feel some of the most essential material is included in this new video.

It was necessary to discuss the Secret Space Program first in this video -- in the interest of pushing for Full Disclosure if these truths do, in fact, start going public.


Part One begins with provable data about ancient ruins on the Moon and Mars, strongly suggesting there is far more "cosmic history" in our solar system than we realize.

You will also notice my After Effects skills have gone way up. This is the result of three years of dedicated work and study, tantamount to taking on another university degree.

Part Two begins at the 53-minute mark, where I connect the dots between intel from multiple insiders to arrive at a stunning conclusion. 

Namely, it appears that we are on the verge of major new releases of information that will transform everything we thought we knew about life on earth -- making Atlantis a fact, not fiction.


A civilization of "Pre-Adamite" giants with elongated skulls appears to have crash-landed on a continent we now call Antarctica some 55,000 years ago.

This is the apparent origin of what we are now calling the Cabal, Illuminati or New World Order.

It can be difficult to appreciate the scope of provable data that this narrative ties together. Thus negative comments say there is "no proof," it is "disinformation," et cetera.

The sheer number of different insider testimonies and scientific data points satisfied by this explanation makes me very confident that it is indeed the truth.


These Pre-Adamites had giant bodies, elongated skulls and greatly-advanced IQ compared to native Earth humans.

There has been an awesome, official cover-up surrounding the countless examples of giant skeletons with elongated skulls that have been found around the world.

It should be very clear to the objective observer that "someone" very much does not want us to see this information and connect the dots.


The Pre-Adamites also had advanced technology that allowed them to establish civilizations all over the Earth -- and create bloodline aristocratic dynasties.

Since their population numbers were very small when they arrived, they engaged in an extensive cloning program.

Even in the early years their population consisted primarily of hybrid beings, where their own DNA was blended with that of various indigenous Earth cultures.

Thus you see hybrid humans with elongated skulls who have Mesoamerican features as well as others with Middle Eastern features in Egypt, South Africa and elsewhere.


The Pre-Adamites were aware of other ET groups working in and around Earth, including the "Elohim" that most of us would consider to be benevolent.

These groups have since hidden themselves from view after the Mohammed Treaty, circa 800 AD, where they concluded their presence was too disruptive to our native cultures.

The flood that destroyed Atlantis, turning it into Antarctica after the earth shifted on its axis, was allowed and authorized to occur by the Elohim.

The Pre-Adamites were aware this was going to happen before it did, and pled for clemency. They were denied.

The entire story is preserved in the Book of Enoch, an apocryphal gospel that Jesus quotes from repeatedly in the New Testament, showing he was well aware of it.

The Pre-Adamite civilization was nearly wiped out in this catastrophe, approximately 12,500 years ago -- but their people survived with their memories intact.


A revolution is now occurring where many people who claim this DNA lineage are turning away from the psychopathic, genocidal aspirations of some of their ancestors.

Insiders like Pete Peterson, and others, typically define this as the "battle between the Older Cabal and the Younger Cabal."

The younger Cabal members are sick and tired of all the craziness that their forefathers have perpetrated upon the planet, and as they inherit the power structures in place, they are doing their part to change things for the positive.

The Alliance is a conglomeration of many different groups who are working together to save our planet. All of us are hybrids and have a variety of different DNA traces in our blood.

Any time a particular group tries to elevate itself to the status of an "elite" that feels they have the right to enslave and murder others, we have a cosmic imbalance that must be righted by the benevolent ETs that manage our world.


06 October 2015


Human civilization has been divided into two distinct branches for millennia according to a report issued today by Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode. On the Earth’s surface, civilizations have risen and fallen as a result of cataclysmic events, wars, influxes of refugees from other planets, and genetic experiments by visiting extraterrestrial civilizations. In the Earth’s vast subterranean interior, another branch of humanity has found refuge and flourished for millennia, preserving ancient forms of knowledge and bloodlines dating back to a time before cataclysmic surface changes.

In his report, Goode describes a meeting held with a Council representing seven ancient human civilizations, which he described as the “Council of Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations.” He describes the Council’s vast historical perspective and why they limited or avoided interaction with surface humanity over the course of millennia.

Goode describes the distrust the Council has of surface humanity, which has been easily controlled and manipulated by secret societies (Cabal/Illuminati) that are aligned with an invasive extraterrestrial group called the ‘Draconians’, who are intent on exploiting surface humanity.

In order to protect themselves from the aggressive and warlike activities of surface humanity and a non-human subterranean race called the ‘Raptors’, the ancient breakaway civilizations claim they have had to pretend to be gods and/or extraterrestrials to hide their true locations.

Goode begins his report with a detailed explanation about the circumstances and events leading up to this meeting with the “Council of Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations.” He describes how a break-down in relations between the different secret space programs, the influx of highly advanced weapons, and the emergence of the “Sphere Being Alliance,” led to the ancient Earth civilizations feeling the strategic need to ally themselves more.

Their first step was to form a Council of the seven different ancient breakaway groups, which previously had different perspectives, and were isolationist in their political philosophies. Curiously, this relatively new Council did not include the ancient Mayan civilization that Goode had previously discussed extensively, who have played a very positive role in mitigating the effects of “service-to-self” extraterrestrial groups exploiting humans.

This new alliance would enable the ancient Earth civilizations to counter the increase in aggressive actions by the Illuminati/Cabal and their extraterrestrial allies, led by the Draconians. The latter were encouraging the Raptors to expand their subterranean domains of Earth, leading to territorial losses by the ancient Earth Civilizations. Goode describes the Raptors as a “particularly nasty race” that had “hideous reptilian features as well as a scrawny plume of feathers running down their backs.”

Goode described in great detail how the subterranean Earth civilizations view themselves as racially pure in contrast to surface humanity:

They each described their perceptions of those of us on the surface as uncivilized barbarians who are diseased and genetically impure. They said they were the only ones who had preserved the various original earth human bloodlines.

Wave after wave of refugees from nearby planets had since co-mingled their genetics with the original humans of this planet, and had taken over the surface world like a plague.

Goode refers to four catastrophes on the Earth’s surface that led to the formation of breakaway subterranean civilizations:

They stated that in the nearly 20 million years since the original human bloodlines had arisen on Earth, there had been four major cataclysms that had either changed the Earth’s axis, rotation or orbital path around the Sun.

Each time one of these events occurred, the “elite” or priest caste kept their genetic line pure through isolating themselves beneath the ground. These small groups survived while their surface counterpart civilizations perished.

From time to time, these ancient civilizations would help surface humanity rebuild their destroyed societies according to what Goode was told:

Over oceans of time and smaller destructive events on the surface, which were still obviously catastrophic, nearly all signs of their former civilizations were erased from the memories of the survivors. Only myths and legends of advanced gods remained.

They stated that they would emerge from time to time to kick-start the civilization of the survivors who were the most closely related to them in terms of their genetics.

They claimed that these surviving races assumed they were the gods of their own ancient legends. It was decided that they would allow those they were assisting to believe they were gods, in order to keep their subterranean civilizations secret and secure.

Goode says that refugees from other worlds flooded the Earth’s surface and intermixed with the surviving population after the cataclysms:

To add to this incredible story, they stated that more and more advanced groups began to arrive from outside our solar system during and after these cataclysmic events. These new groups began to take advantage of the situation, such as to farm and manipulate the genetics of the natives of this solar system.

They claimed that the Earth became the destination of the refugees from these other inhabited planets. Advanced ETs relocated these refugees here in several waves as cataclysms occurred on their home planets. The refugee races were genetically similar to the original humans of Earth, but were much more aggressive.

The ancient Earth civilizations knew about the Guardians or the “ancient Builder Race” that Goode has described in a number of Gaiam TV interviews:

The subterranean groups claimed that there had been an ancient civilization that had protected this region of the galaxy for literally billions of years. They were referred to as “The Guardians,” and the Secret Space Program referred to them as the “Ancient Builder Race”…. This Guardian race was extremely advanced. There were no other ET groups who would even think of violating their region of space.

Surface humanity has changed from the time of the ancient Earth civilizations that had relocated underground. Surface humanity was now a threat:

The survivors of those inhabited worlds within our solar system relocated to the Earth. They were extremely aggressive, and began to reproduce and interbreed with the original humans that were on the Earth’s surface.

It was not long before the subterranean groups saw this new mixed race as a threat to their existence. This new mixed race is the current surface population of the earth today.

The ancient human society explained why they had to deceive surface humanity in order to counter the agendas of extraterrestrials:

They continued to appear to certain distant genetic relatives on the surface as gods and ascended teachers, to help them develop their civilizations and themselves spiritually. This was done in the hopes that they might be able to overcome the aggressive part of their genetic programming. This effort has continued right up until the present time.

They decided to start presenting themselves at ETs from other star systems when the surface population became more technologically sophisticated. They say that will continue to do this to keep the people they make contact with looking to the stars, instead of beneath their feet.

The ancient human civilizations are not optimistic about surface humanity’s chances of changing its aggressive behaviors despite the arrival of the Sphere Being Alliance who are believed by the former to be the ancient Guardians:

They stated that they are not optimistic that we will be able to do accomplish this, even with the continued energetic changes or return and assistance of the Guardians. This was quite surprising to hear, as they were obviously referring to the Sphere Alliance as the Guardians….

These subterranean groups are under the impression that after a full disclosure event and the removal of the manipulative ETs from our solar system, it will still take several generations for us to heal and evolve as a civilization. Only then will we be able to have open contact with their civilizations as equals.

The ancient breakaway civlizations are not happy that the Secret Space Program Alliance is acting as the intermediary to the Guardians/Sphere Being Alliance.

They were not exactly thrilled about forming this new council, or reaching out to the SSP Alliance Council to request contact with the newly-returned “Guardians.”

Apparently the Guardians were not going to contact them on their own. If they wanted any access at all, they had to work with us as a team.

They flatly stated that they were doing this under duress. Their alliance was forced into existence by the vast array of problems they were having. This included the lethal resistance they were encountering from various subterranean ET refugees and “ancient pre-human Earth races.”

Goode went on to explain that the ancient subterranean civilizations are frightened of surface humanity:

These people are frightened of us. We inherited very aggressive genetics from groups the refugee groups that were relocated to our planet as well as from genetic manipulation from groups such as the various “Grand Experiment ET’s” and the Draco that they themselves do not possess.

There is much more in Goode’s Report about the philosophy and activities of the ancient subterranean civilizations, and their relations with extraterrestrial visitors and surface humanity. Goode says that he also visited their library which will be the subject of part two of his report.

Corey Goode’s latest report is certain to create much controversy over claims that individuals believing they have had contact with extraterrestrials, were actually being deceived by one or more of these ancient subterranean human breakaway civilizations.

Most controversial is the claim that subterranean humans are genetically purer than surface humanity, which enables them to access ancient technologies left behind by the “Builder Race.” This reminiscent of the claims made by Edward Bulwer Lyton in his book, Vril: The Coming Race (1871), which had a powerful influence at the end of the 19th century.

Lyton’s book depicted a subterranean human race that could harness the Vril Force to use highly advanced technologies. Lyton’s book contributed to the rise of the German Vril Society and the eventual formation of the first secret space program in the 20th century. This historic process is outlined by Goode in an earlier email interview, and discussed in more detail in the new book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances.

If Goode’s report of his most recent Secret Space Program meeting is accurate, then surface humanity will eventually openly interact with its subterranean ancestors. There will be many controversial issues to navigate, and past conflicts to resolve, as we all learn about a much richer and complex human history than anything previously imagined.



05 June 2015

The Sumerian God Anu and the Ancient Seers in the Rig Veda

Our history has been filtered and passed through many hands with various agendas, most of which are for manipulating the consciousness of the masses. Our worldviews, who we think we are and where we think we come from, greatly affects our belief systems and how we define our experiences.

All of this provides the conditions for us to from perspectives which determine our reactions to events and things, either guiding us towards empowerment and self mastery, or determinism and victim hood. Look no further then Atheism to see that when a people think life is a cosmic accident, life seems meaningless and deterministic.

Related Consciousness is PRIME: is there a Civilization based on each Individual's Unique Purpose? it lasted 5,000 years

As such, one of the ways to help transform negative and fearful thoughts and meanings is to develop a holistic world view, especially one grounded in an accurate concept of spirituality. This is best done by searching for truth in as many things as possible, not just one religion, history or philosophy. As time goes on we develop a grounded and holistic understanding, drawing from many perspectives which will eventually lead to grand understanding for life, the universe and everything.

The Law of One is a good example of a grand philosophy echoed in countless other works, which can help transmute limiting belief systems, once we have done the work of contemplating what is offered. Blind belief will not work. the process must be a dynamic discovery of truth seeking, developing critical thinking skills and discernment processes.

The following article details how the Vedas describe history, through their unique lenses and perspective. I suspect that as more information is revealed about our past, which seems to be happening with greater regularity, many of these seemingly different mythological histories will be seen as different perspectives on the same story. After all there is but one truth, yet infinite perspectives of it.


Part of the data offered by Corey GoodETxSG relates to ancient breakaway civilizations and advanced races interacting with Earth. Possibly the Vedic myths are one such example.

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Source - Humans Are Free

The oldest of the Vedas, a large body of ancient literature and scriptures of Hinduism, the Rigveda contains poetic and mythological origin stories involving gods and their descendants.

In Hindu mythology, Angiras are celestial beings and descendants of gods, who watch over humans and protect sacrificial fires. The Angirasas are among the oldest families of Rishis (Seers) in the Rigveda. In this text, Agni, god of fire, is sometimes referred to as Angiras.

The supreme deity of the Sumerian pantheon is AN, or Anu. In the first two letters of the Sanskrit word An-gir-as, AN could refer to Anu. GIR might relate to the Akkadian fire-god— fire as in rocket propulsion. DinGIR in the cuneiform writing meant sky or heaven, and also a god or goddess.

The masters of the sky were perceived as deities by the earthbound. This reminds of Angiras and his descendants, the Angirasas, as a group of higher beings who traversed the realms between gods and men — an inter-stellar and inter-dimensional elite.

Rigveda manuscript in Sanskrit on paper, India, early 19th century. Public Domain
The seven Rishis are identified with the seven stars of the Big Dipper. Their wives are the six stars of the Pleiades (Krittikas), plus one visible double star of the Big Dipper. Originally these seven Rishis, sapta vipra, were identified as Angirasas. — [David Frawley]
Agni, god of fire, shown riding a goat in a miniature painting from an 18th century watercolor.
Public Domain
The Angirasas and the Bhrigus families "...represent the pre-Rig Vedic past: they go so far back into the past that not only are they eponymous founders of these families (Angiras and Bhrigu respectively), but even certain other ancient Rishis belonging to these families (Brihaspati, Atharvan, Ushana) are already remote mythical persons in the Rigveda; and the names of the two families are already names for mythical and ritual classes: the Angirasas are deified as 'a race of higher beings between Gods and men'... the Bhrigus and the Atharvans are synonymous with fire-priests in general. ...the names of these two families are also found in the Iranian and Greek texts..." — [Shrikant G. Talageri]
A Hermit (Rishi), India was an inspired poet of Ṛegvedic hymns. They were responsible for tending sacrificial fires and were said to invoke gods with poetry. 11th century AD, pink sandstone.
Public Domain
"No one can compare the Avestan poetry with the Indian [Rigvedic] poetry in its content, in its style of expression, and in its entire coloring, without coming to the conclusion, on account of their agreement in small details which force themselves on us at every step, that both the literatures point not only to a common origin of these two peoples and their religions, but also to a community of Indo-Iranian religious poetry, developed in well-established forms." — [Hermann Oldenberg]

"The name Anu or Ânava for the Iranians appears to have survived even in later times: the country and the people in the very heart of Avesta land, to the immediate north of Hâmûn-i Hilmand, were known as late as Greek times as the Anauon or Anauoi. The names of Anu tribes in the Rigveda and the Puranas can be clearly identified with the names of the most prominent tribes among latter-day Iranians." — [Shrikant G. Talageri]

Malati J. Shendge says "Sanskrit is derived from Akkadian and Sumerian...Sanskrit is not a language of the Aryas...It is essentially a lineal descendent of the languages of the Asuras." She states that the Rig Veda does not belong to the Aryas and in fact in her view this was "purely an assumption without any firm basis."

And she states " is possible to find parallels in the Akkadian sources to many clans and personal names of the poets of Rig Vedic compositions, and of the Asuras, the enemies of Indra." She believes that the language of the Rig Veda — [meaning the older Vedic Sanskrit which is very different from the latter classical Sanskrit] — is a form of Akkadian and "that the Akkadian in the process of evolution has become what we know today as Sanskrit."

You can read the full detailed article on the topic at Susan’s website here.

Featured image: A page of a Bhagavata Purana illustrated manuscript in Devanagari. Illustration depicts Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva seated on their respective vahanas. Public Domain

By V. Susan Ferguson, Ancient Origins


Prolegomena on Metre and Textual History of the Rigveda, by Hermann Oldenberg, Berlin 1888; translated into English by V.G. Paranjape and M.A. Mehendale; Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Ltd., Delhi, 2005.

The Rig Veda and the History of India, by David Frawley; Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi, 2001, 2003.

The RIGVEDA, A Historical Analysis, by Shrikant G. Talageri; Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi, 2000, 2004.

The Civilized Demons: The Harappans in Rigveda, by Malati J. Shendge; Abhinav Publications, New Delhi, 1977.

The Language of the Harappans: From Akkadian to Sanskrit, by Malati J. Shendge; Abhinav Publications, New Delhi, 1997.


Read More from Humans Are Free @


27 April 2014

SECRET ILLUMINATI - Eye of The Phoenix

Discover more Secret Signs and Symbols of the Illuminati in this amazing film which is the second installment of "The Illuminati Trilogy Series" available exclusively from UFOTV. Topics covered include the Ancient, Mystical and Masonic origins of those Secret Signs and Symbols that the Illuminati holds most sacred, as well as their power and purpose. 


WINNER for Best Documentary from the New York Film Festival, The Los Angeles Film Festival and The Tele Awards. Discover Ancient Secrets of the Illuminati that affect our lives today in this Award Winning Feature Film which is the first film in the "The Illuminati Trilogy Series." 

30 March 2014

UFO Secrets of World War II - The 3rd Reich and beyond

The inside story about the Vril Society which became the inner circle of the Thule Society, whose focus was on establishing communications with a group of Extraterrestrials, that began colonizing the planet Earth over a half billion years ago from a dying star system known as The Aldebaran Star System.

13 July 2013

Celebrity Contactee Links New World Order to Manipulative Extraterrestrials

by Paul Chen
July 07, 2008
from TrudeauSociety Website

Albert Einstein's research established scientific credence
to the existence of parallel universes, with parallel Earths.
Numerous pieces of evidence affirm that alien spacecraft in the form of so-called "Unidentified Flying Objects" or UFOs have visited Earth, and continue to visit Earth.
These include many accounts of alien abductions by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Yet, most people, when confronted with such reports, dismiss them, as the rantings of lunatics. These people then pursue their day-to-day "business of living", without critically considering evidence of invasive alien visitations to our planet Earth.

The very possibility that Manipulative Extraterrestrials may, in fact, be socially engineering the plight of humanity reported in the mass-media and on the internet, does not cross the mind of such people. This plight of humanity includes poverty, homelessness and other social injustice, violent crime, genocide, environmental destruction, racisms, and perpetrated wars.

By arguably the great majority of most people, at least in Western Civilization (and Westernized parts of the Globe), why is there an automatic "disbelief" about any reports of Extraterrestrial visitations on Earth? Meanwhile, the more substantive question, does not pivot on whether or not to have "belief" in the existence of Extraterrestrial visitations.

From a scientific standpoint, the pivotal question on Extraterrestrial reality is what exists. Indeed, whether one chooses to believe in it or not, there is numerous documented evidence and accounts by credible witnesses and contactees. A "belief system", aside from operating as a substitution for the pursuit of critical knowledge, can also be viewed to arise from an expectation context.
For example, if you grew up in the Arctic Circle, without having seen a black or grey/brown-colored bear, without having access to media like television, you might "believe" or expect that all bears are white, like polar bears.
Alex Collier, a celebrity contactee of alleged Ethical Extraterrestrials, provides corresponding insight on why there exists "human disbelief" of UFOs.

According to Alex Collier, Manipulative Extraterrestrials were brought into contact with Earthbound humans, by an apparently tiny clique power hungry humans, who were apparently dissatisfied by the Earthly paradise outside of their control, that humans had created. Through technology this clique of humans caused a breach in the time-space continuum which allowed Manipulative Extraterrestrials to enter our universe.
As a result, according to Alex Collier, all of human history was changed.
The Einstein-Rosen bridge connects two different universes. Einstein believed that any rocket that entered the bridge would be crushed, thereby making communication between these two universes impossible. However, more recent calculations show that travel through the bridge might be very difficult, but perhaps possible.
Human "disbelief" of Extraterrestrial reality could be viewed to be some kind of lag in the human psyche between what "was", and what "is". Manipulative aliens therefore were "not supposed" to have visited Earth, and are not supposed to be continuing to visit Earth, but because of an alleged time-space breach, Manipulative Extraterrestrials have visited Earth, and continue to visit Earth.

The "belief" or expectation context of the human psyche, may very well have not "caught-up" to the reality on an alleged time-space breach, pursuant to Alex Collier's claims. If Alex Collier claims are true, a tiny clique of humans in a "former" 1931, of a parallel time-space, were responsible for creating this "New World" of oppression and exploitation, that Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their human worshippers could "reign over" for their ego.

Alex Collier suggests that oppression and associated exploitation, was "scripted" into the creation of this time-space, as an alternative reality.
An apparent Earthly Paradise in humanity's alleged "native time-space continuum" was to be transformed into an anti-Paradise. Regressive human agents and their alleged Manipulative alien allies, allegedly sought to create a new time space continuum, to undermine and to subjugate human free will, through vectors of what the late comedian George Carlin referred to as, "guilt, fear and shame".

Information about the ancient Gnostics documented by John Lash in explores how regressive aliens that they identified as "Archon", sought to use organized religion in our alleged alternative time line, to instigate a context of "guilt, fear and shame", that could be used to politically control "the masses".
This tactic includes scripting in religion, areas of sexuality as being a "sin", because tantric sexual energy generated from humans subverted the a context of negative-thought energy archons apparently feed on.

Alex Collier says Nazi scientists, in a former (original) "parallel Earth" (relative to the altered Earth in this space-time continuum) let Manipulative Extraterrestrials "through a rip in time."

Because of their ability to time travel, it looks like they have been here thousands of years - they can go backwards in time. If you can go backwards in time you can literally alter the consciousness of any race. You can alter any event. That's exactly what they have done...
According to Alex Collier, Nazis through time-travel experimentation, allowing Manipulative Extraterrestrials to enter Earthbound human reality from a lower dimensional plane. The result of this alleged facilitated alien intrusion by Nazis in humanity's "native reality" was Manipulative Extraterrestrial temporal manipulation of human history.

Ever since Albert Einstein revealed his special theory of relativity, we've known that time travel is possible, acknowledged Rick Groleau, in his American Public Television (PBS) article with the title Think Like Einstein.  

John Gribbin cites in "Why is Time Travel Possible" (below insert) that,

Relativists have been trying to come to terms with time travel for the past seven years, since Kip Thorne and his colleagues at Caltech discovered - much to their surprise - that there is nothing in the laws of physics (specifically, the general theory of relativity) to forbid it.
Mr. Collier further indicates from his alleged contact with Ethical Extraterrestrials that,

"I know that there are parallel realities, and I know that several parallel realities concerning Earth are already in existence on higher octaves above us..."
Einstein also theorized on the existence of parallel universes. Fred Alan Wolf, in Parallel Universes raised the specific question, "What is a parallel universe?"

Like an everyday universe it is a region of space and time containing matter, galaxies, stars, planets and living beings. In other words, a parallel universe is similar and possibly even a duplicate of our own universe.
Not only in a parallel universe must there be other human beings, but these may be human beings who are exact duplicates of ourselves and who are connected to ourselves through mechanisms only explainable using quantum physics concepts. .
Alex Collier suggests that ancient atrocities in our human history, including those associated with organized religion throughout human history, and various spawned wars, were inspired by regressive aliens in association with their alleged "Nazi stargate" human allies, that could travel back and forward in linear time from a different 1931, in humanity's "native reality".
The 1931 that is documented in our history was allegedly re-manifested by an alleged human alliance with regressive aliens that had the capacity to go back millions of years in linear time, to socially engineer different Earth, in an entirely manipulated reality.
In the process, such regressive aliens allegedly sought to manipulate human consciousness through trans-temporal eugenic social engineering.
Illustration from A. Cellarius, Harmonia Macrocosma, 1660.
Alex Collier also alleges genetic manipulation by human allies who are in league the regressive aliens, allegedly seek to control and prey on humanity like shepherds over sheep. Collier suggests that this was to be accomplished through their manipulation of this plane of space-time-thought, as a contrived parallel universe.

John Lash's critically documents the ancient Gnostics as having apparently encountered Collier's alleged Nazi escorted time traveling Manipulative Extraterrestrials into the past of humanity's linear timeline. Gnostics document "Archons" as an inorganic "artificial man" that traveled back in time to use their technological capability to simulate reality as a sophisticated artificial intelligence, and to re-create our solar system, in their own mechanistic image.
Earth, along with its biosphere became trapped into an archon simulated solar system, metaphorically like an insect in a spider's web:

Overseen by Yaldabaoth [the "impostor God" that Gnostics allege regressive aliens inspired in the development of Earthly organized religions] the Archons now proceed to fabricate the planetary system from the inorganic elements of which them themselves are composed. As they have no intentionality (ennoia) and no creative capacity (epinoia) of their own, they can only do this by imitation.
The Apocryphon of John (II, 10, 24-25) describes how the Lord Archon "produced for himself cyclic worlds (orbiting bodies) from the luminous spark that still shines in the sky." Thus, he draws upon the vortex power of the central star, the newborn Sun, to organize the matter swirling in the proto-planetary disk.
Yaldabaoth originates nothing, however. He can only copy the model of the Pleroma, without even knowing that he does so...
In the process of simulating reality, time traveling Archons could then illicit humans to worship them, as either emissaries of a God or as gods.

The Gnostics suggest that colluding Manipulative Aliens and Nazi identified by Alex Collier, literally trapped the organic biosphere of Earth, into an inorganic "region" of time-space. Gnostics view Earth as having been trapped into a plastic copy of planetary constellations in the organic reality, and that humanity allegedly originates in an alleged "native reality".
John Lash, and other researchers on alien reality, like Richard Hoagland suggest the apparently "lifeless" planets and moons of our solar systems are actually under the control of sub surface regressive aliens. Additionally, Mr. Hoagland documents evidence of alien artifacts on Mars and the Moon, that are linked to structures on Earth, and that have been created with apparently obsessive geometric symmetry consistent with the "artificial man" cited by Gnostics.

A composite of John Lash's research, and of Alex Collier's testimony, suggests that the entire solar system that includes planets like Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mercury, and Earth's Moon, that our biosphere has been allegedly "trapped" in metaphorically, like a operating "spiders web", has been simulated by a mechanical consciousness of inorganic regressive aliens.
The Archons relative to humanity's own "native reality" could be viewed to originate from some kind of "parallel" "anti-universe", ruled by an demonic aspiring imitator of "God" or "Lord Archon" of "pure ego", that pursues a rivalry with the true cosmic God of humanity's native organic reality.

John Lash documents these Gnostic insights in

Gnostic teachings constantly emphasize that the Archons are imitators who cannot produce anything original, yet they arrogantly claim they can. The Lord Archon is called antimimon pneuma, "counterfeit spirit." (Apoc John III, 36:17. The term occurs several times in different texts.)
The cosmos he produces is described by the Coptic term hal, "simulation." The vast planetary system of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern.
Typically, the Archontic framework of the planetary system has been depicted by "armillary bands" that surround the Earth. Taken in many esoteric systems (Hermetics and Rosicrucianism) as the preeminent image of cosmic harmony, the model of the planetary spheres reflects a mindless imitation of divine design, not the living reality of the cosmos.

Yaldabaoth, the presumed all-mighty creator God, really creates nothing; instead, he copies from "archetypal" patterns in the Pleroma.

The planetary stereoma of his making is like a plastic copy of an abalone shell. Only someone who does not know the reality of the abalone shell, and what living miracle of nature is required to produce it, would accept the plastic substitution. Here again, the cosmic-noetic parallel applies: Archons simulate in the cosmos at large, and they also simulate in the human mind.

This is a key indication of their effect, a clue to their subtle intrusion tactics.
Alex Collier further alleges that over 100 billion human beings exist in separated region of thought-time-space, that our own Earth has been separated from, under the predatory manipulation of regressive aliens, with alleged support from Nazi stargate architects.

Dr. Michael Salla documents alleged attempts by some of these human looking beings from a different time-space-continuum, as also visiting Earth as representatives of a "celestial peace corps", under the watchful eye of what Gnostics referred to as "Archons", with their human allies.

Gnostics further observed that the Archons' frustration with lacking the creative capabilities of a "divine soul", has led them to pursue genetic experiments that seek to assimilate organic life into their purely ego-driven cyborg-like mechanical consciousness.

The main cosmological texts in the NHL (Nag Hammadi Library), On the Origin of the World, The Hypostasis of the Archons, and The Apocryphon of John, are consistent in describing how the solar system arises as an inorganic simulation of the living pattern of the eternal Aeons.

Here is further insight into "the generation of error." One might be excused (but just barely) for mistaking plastic for pearl, but it would be terrible ignorance indeed to be unaware that it takes an entire ocean and a living, symbiotic biosphere to produce a pearl. Yet such is the ignorance of the Archons that they cannot comprehend the living miracle of divine order, rooted in the Pleroma, even when they are imitating it.

The "stereoma" of the Archons is truly a grandiose accomplishment, rather like the many-roomed Venetian palace of a Mafia don afflicted with religious grandiosity and a militaristic sense of the command chain:
Now the prime parent (archigenetor), the master breeder of the Archons, since he commanded vast orbiting worlds, produced heavens for each of his offspring... beautiful dwellings, and in each heaven Yaldabaoth produced glorious decor, seven times excellent: thrones and mansions and temples, and also chariots and celestial virgins... consigning to each one its own heaven-like realm, and providing them with mighty armies of gods and commanders and messengers and overseers, in countless myriads, so that they might all serve and be served.
Readers familiar with the archetypal psychology of C. G. Jung will recognize in this passage all the elements of the heaven archetype common to the mainstream religions:
  • heavenly mansions
  • celestial armies
  • cloud chariots
  • virgins on order
  • choirs of angels arranged with military precision
The stereoma is loaded with spiritual kitsch. If anyone needs evidence of how the Archons can infect human imagination, here it is, seven times excellent.
It may come as a shock that so much of what human beings have imagined as heaven is an Archontic fantasy, or would be so regarded by Gnostics. It is rather as if our idea of heaven (the realm of the Afterlife) were based on a Disney theme park. There is indeed something Disneyesque about the Archons, and there is in turn something distinctly Archontic about the Disneyfication of our world.

There is at least one pivotal implication of this time-space continuum having been allegedly created through Nazi "stargate" intervention that sought the support of regressive time-traveling aliens in a joint bid to create a "New World Order" fantasy in their own image for prospective control, and conquest.

Our current time-space as a broadly scripted continuum, is "doomed", unless humanity wakes itself up to a complex reality, which apparently includes sought contact with us, by both Manipulative, and by allegedly Ethical Extraterrestrials.

Gnostics had sought to inspire a higher consciousness among humanity, which would then enable humanity to build defenses in the human psyche, against alien intrusion. In the process, Gnostics sought to affirm human free will, that would enable humanity to fulfill its destiny in the universe, freed from being trapped in the simulated reality of Archons.
This includes humanity freeing itself from the technological Disneyfication of our world, that operates away from a higher organic consciousness.

A manipulative alien inspired Nazi agenda has apparently sought to re-create human history, to support parasitism and also the creation of an alternative reality to achieve dystopia [the opposite of a utopia] driven by a combined clique of human and allied regressive alien megalomania.
If this is what has occurred, it is perhaps understandable that such an originally human instigated alteration of time-space in an "alternative 1931" would affect many different worlds across the universe and dimensions, and will attract various alien spacecraft, with aliens of varying hostile or of benevolent agendas and would generate UFO sightings that have been witnessed by Earthbound humans.

The apparent prevailing insane direction of courses of social injustice and of environmental destruction appear indeed to be reinforced by the presence of a demonic consciousness of the sort that was observed by scholars like Dr. David Ray Griffin and Dr. Kevin Barrett, in the article titled "Twilight of the Psychopaths".

It is apparent that Earthbound humans need to critically wake up to the reality which confronts them, which is undermining free will under an apparent elite agenda.
Lash and Collier imply that humans need to re-inspire their vital organic consciousness of empathy for each other and for nature, while also seeking to critically affirm their rights and freedoms as a sentient species, against an oppressive inorganic technocracy alien to human origins. Humans need to begin to repair their collective consciousness that may have very well been socially engineered by regressive aliens with the support of alleged human ego-driven cliques, Gnostics has warned us about.
Otherwise, humanity in the current alleged "New World" of an altered time-space continuum, will allegedly become fully assimilated and conquered by a demonic transdimensional agenda.