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22 April 2023

What They Meant by Essential and Nonessential


In all my thinking about the lockdown years, I’ve only had time now to think carefully about this strange distinction between essential and nonessential. What did it mean in practice and where did it come from? 

The edict to divide the workforce came from a previously unknown agency called the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency or CISA. The edict came down March 18, 2020, two days following the initial lockdown orders from Washington. 

Management and workers all over the country had to dig through regulations that came out of the blue to find out if they could go to work. The terms essential and nonessential were not used in the way one might initially intuit. It sharply demarcated the whole of the commercial world in ways that are inorganic to all of human experience. 

In the background was a very long history and cultural habit of using terms to identify professions and their interaction with difficult subjects like class. During the Middle Ages, we had lords, serfs, merchants, monks, and thieves. As capitalism dawned, these strict demarcations melted away and people got access to money despite accidents of birth. 

Today we speak of “white collar” meaning dressed up for a professional setting, even if literal white collars are not common. We speak of the “working classes,” an odd term that implies others are not working because they are members of the leisure class; this is clearly a holdover from 19th-century habits of the aristocracy. In the 20th century, we invented the term middle class to refer to everyone who is not actually poor. 

The Department of Labor has traditionally deferred to common usage, and speaks of “professional services,” “information services,” “retail,” and “hospitality,” while the tax authorities offer hundreds of professions into which you are supposed to fit yourself. 

The deployment of the terms essential and nonessential, however, has no precedent in our language. This is because of a view stemming from the democratic ethos and real-world commercial experience that everyone and everything is essential to everything else. 

When I worked as part of a department-store cleaning crew, I became profoundly aware of this. My job was not only to clean the restrooms – certainly essential – but also to pick tiny pins and needles from the carpets in the changing rooms. Missing one could end in terrible injury for customers. My job was as essential as the accountants or salespeople. 

What precisely did government in March 2020 mean by nonessential? It meant things like haircutters, make-up stylists, nail salons, gyms, bars, restaurants, small shops, bowling alleys, movie theaters, and churches. These are all activities that some bureaucrats in Washington, DC decided that we could do without. After months of no haircuts, however, things started to get desperate as people cut their own hair and called someone to sneak over to the house. 

I had a friend who heard through the grapevine that there was a warehouse in New Jersey that had a secret knock for the backdoor to a barber. He tried it and it worked. Not one word was spoken. The haircut took 7 minutes and he paid in cash, which is all the person would accept. He came and went and told no one. 

This is what it meant to be nonessential: a person or service that society could do without in a pinch. The lockdown order of March 16, 2020 (“indoor and outdoor venues where people congregate should be closed”) applied to them. But it did not apply to everyone and everything. 

What was essential? This is where matters got very complicated. Did one want to be essential? Maybe but it depends on the profession. Truck drivers were essential. Nurses and doctors were essential. The people who keep the lights on, the water running, and the buildings in good repair are essential.

These are not laptoppers and Zoomers. They had actually to be there. Those professions include what are considered “working class” jobs but not all of them. Bartenders and cooks and waiters were not essential. 

But also included here was government, of course. Can’t do without that. Additionally this included media, which turned out to be hugely important in the pandemic period. Education was essential even if it could be conducted online. Finance was essential because, you know, people have to make money in stock markets and banking. 

All in all, the category of essential included the “lowest” ranks of the social pecking order – garbage collectors and meat processors – and also the highest ranks of society from media professionals to permanent bureaucrats. 

It was an odd pairing, a complete bifurcation between highest and lowest. It was the served and the servers. The serfs and the lords. The ruling class and those who deliver food to their storesteps. When the New York Times said we should go medieval on the virus, they meant it. That’s exactly what happened. 

This even applied to surgery and medical services. “Elective surgeries,” meaning anything on a schedule including diagnostic check-ups, were forbidden while “emergency surgeries” were permitted. Why are there no real investigations into how this came to be?

Think of totalitarian societies like in The Hunger Games, with a District One and everyone else, or perhaps the old Soviet Union in which the party elites dined in luxury and everyone else stood in bread lines, or perhaps a scene from Oliver! in which the owners of the orphanage got fat while the kids in the workhouse lived on gruel until they could escape to live in the underground economy. 

It appears that the pandemic planners think of society the same way. When they had the chance to decide what was essential and nonessential, they chose a society massively segregated between the rulers and those who make their lives possible, while everyone else was dispensable. This is not an accident. This is how they see the world and perhaps how they want it to function in the future. 

This is not conspiracy theory. This really happened. They did it to us only 3 years ago, and that should tell us something. It is contrary to every democratic principle and flies in the face of everything we call civilization. But they did it anyway. This reality gives us a peak into a mindset that is deeply troubling and should truly alarm us all. 

So far as I know, none of the authors of this policy have been dragged before Congress to testify. They have never given testimony in court. A search of the New York Times turns up no news that this tiny agency, created only in 2018, blew apart the whole of the organic class markers that have charted our progress for the last 1,000 years. It was a shocking and brutal action and yet merits no comment at all from the ruling regime in government, media, or otherwise. 

Now that we know for sure who and what our rulers consider essential and nonessential, what are we going to do about it? Should someone be called to account for this? Or will we continue to allow our overlords to gradually make the reality of life under lockdowns our permanent condition?

Jeffrey A. Tucker is Founder and President of the Brownstone Institute. He is also Senior Economics Columnist for Epoch Times, author of 10 books, including Liberty or Lockdown, and thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press. He speaks widely on topics of economics, technology, social philosophy, and culture.

09 December 2022



The Final Wakeup Call - Transforming Planet Earth


Kali Yuga to Sathya Yuga


This is what will put an end to evil, and usher in a new world 

How can we see a new world emerge, where good reigns, instead of evil? Is it enough to arrest the wicked entities that currently rule humanity? Although that would make a big difference, the change we need is much greater.

Humanity as a whole has to change, in order to make sure that once these evil rulers are removed, they will not simply be replaced by the next generation of wicked entities.

In other words: if mankind doesn't learn critical lessons, nothing will ever change. It's like mopping the floor with the tap wide open. The water you absorb, is replaced by new floods of water. We need to shut off the valve altogether. Put an end to the flow of evil into this world.

If we don't shut the gates of hell, demons will keep entering our world, for all eternity.

Billions of people have been led to believe that this wil happen by a sovereign supernatural intervention from heaven, more specifically when Christ will return to earth. I used to believe that to, as it is basic doctrine in most Churches today. However, fifteen years of in depth research revealed to me that this is a dangerous misconception, strategically injected into the religions of the world, to prevent the true answer from becoming reality.

When the good people are told to wait for a supernatural salvation, they will never rise up to cast out evil, and make this world a better place.

We are not here to wait to escape the world. The true message is that we are all called to return wholeheartedly to the Giver of Life, and from that restored connection we can rise in power, love, wisdom and courage to expel the forces of darkness and restore this world to a place where children are safe, marriages flourish, sickness is eradicated, and abundance flows freely to all.

We are called to turn back to our loving Creator, and be world changers who heal the wounded, put an end to injustice, cast out demonic entities, and bring the dimension of heaven everywhere we go.

That requires a far greater transformation that demanding the immediate arrest of a few super villains. It means removing all evil from our own lives, by turning to the One who is pure life, love and truth, and learn to bring that dimension into this world. Just like the wicked serve the dark realm, and transmit that dimension in our world.

We can't remain neutral in this war. We can't use the silly excuse that we "don't do religion". This has nothing whatsoever to do with any kind of religion. This is the very essence of our existence: do we serve the dark realm, or do we serve what is good?

The entities that suppress humanity are deeply spiritual, and are involved in dark practices, in order to become empowered by that realm, to execute their nefarious works on earth.

We are not dealing with agnostics here. These are entities - both human and from other dimensions - who know very well there is a glorious, good, loving Creator, but who have chosen to rebel against Him, and who wholeheartedly serve the opposite realm.

They sacrifice children, in return for supernatural power that enables them to rule this world. This is thoroughly documented by this evidence report.

A vision of the future

I have a vision in my heart for the future. What I see is countless people worldwide who no longer serve the dark realm. They don't watch the filthy movies, they don't feed their mind with the perversion from Hollywood. They love something entirely different and they have set their soul to become a carrier of heaven.

They don't live for their own profit, but their hearts are burning with a passion to see humanity, and all of creation flourish. They have a burning fire inside to reclaim every aspect of human existence, and establish truthful news media, truly caring health care, righteous judiciary, wholesome agriculture, honest business, truthful politics, and so on.

They don't suppress the weak and vulnerable for their own gain, but like true knights they protect the broken, and lift up the fallen.

These are the children of the Light. Not the selfish, proud, rebellious imitators who claim to present the Light, but who live for themselves. I am talking about those whose hearts have been broken by the compassion of the One who gave His very own life for all of us. They have a passion to see humanity be restored to its glorious destiny. And they are willing to suffer for this purpose.

Once this happens, this world will truly become a better place. Because once the sons and daughters of heaven arise, there is nothing the trolls from hell can do.

If you doubt whether a Creator of life actually exists, this post can help you find clarity. Give it some quality time, as this is a profound question that deserves our attention.

David Sorensen

PS: the idea that there is no Origin of life has been pushed into our world by the cabal, who themselves are deeply spiritual. Because of the severely brainwashed state of humanity concerning this topic, it is tricky to share this, and will no doubt cause many of our sponsors to drop us. If you appreciate me taking this risk, and losing donations by speaking the full truth, then please support us. Go here to support us as a family, and the mission of

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Although seeing the darkness at work in our world, compels us to cry out for justice and deliverance, we have to understand that the true answer to this crisis, lies deeper. It is found inside of you and me.

17 May 2021

We're Satanically Possessed by Cabalists

We've gone from a Christian dispensation which lifts the individual to God; to a Masonic Jewish one which seeks to dispossess and treat him like chattel.

by Henry Makow PhD

Long before Facebook and Twitter banned conservatives, Cabalist Jews and Freemasons  banished the Creator from Creation.

They have replaced him (with themselves.)

The word "God" cannot be uttered in polite company. 

Our minds have been trained to shut down at the mention. This is Communism.

Like the goyim, most Jews are dupes. We need to focus our attention on the puppeteers, the central bankers who control the media, education, business and government. Unless nations regain control over their credit, nothing will ever change and mankind is doomed.


Creation was designed by God. 

God is the inherent moral and natural order. 

To be happy, we only need to obey that design. This is the essence of a true religion.

But our would-be masters wish to sever our connection to God so they can domesticate us.

We are miserable because we flout "the instructions." We have been brainwashed to believe that there is no inherent design. 

Satanism is all about abrogating and inverting the universal design

For example, this morning I read that a university student is being investigated for saying women have vaginas.  Lifesite, an anti-abortion website has been banned by Cabalist- controlled YouTube and Facebook.

Humanity has been totally bamboozled. A Liberal arts education is mostly a crock. All it teaches is mental servility. (Why they call it "liberal.") 

Explaining human life without reference to God is like a deaf man tuning a piano. 

Everything that is deemed "progressive" and "modern" is in fact satanic. Humanism and secularism replace God with man. 

Man without God is headless and lost, an empty shell. God is our personal GPS.

Humans were sent from heaven to colonize the earth; to turn the earth into heaven according to the Divine Plan. We are agents of God.

The Divine Plan was outlined in Christ's Gospel of Love. Everyone should have a chance to fulfill himself. Mankind is a family. Do unto others as...

Our connection to God is the soul. The soul is the part of us that "hears" the thoughts. The thoughts are conditioned by satanist society and need to be policed by the soul constantly.  

However this connection to God conflicts with the Satanist (Cabalist Jewish) vision which usurps God's place. 

They have taken over our culture and communication to "destroy every collective force except our own."  These sources of unity are race, religion (God), nation and family (gender)  --Protocols of Zion 16-4

Social Destruction is the real purpose of feminism, gender dysphoria, migration, miscegenation, sexual liberation and the covid scam. 

We have gone from a Christian dispensation which raises the individual to God; to a Masonic Jewish (Communist) one which seeks to dispossess and treat him like chattel. 

If we were not satanically possessed, our attention would be on discerning and following God's Will, and celebrating His creation.

(This is known as Pascal's Wager)

It would be focused on preparing for our Eternal Life in the spirit, in Heaven. How can we go to heaven if we don't believe in it? 

Instead our attention is focused on money and sex and saving our skin.

This template is critical to understanding the covid hoax. Whether they relax the restrictions or not, the ultimate purpose is to depopulate and enslave mankind. 

We need to mortify ourselves and die to the world before it's too late to live. We need to live according to our inner light. 

Life is an ineffable Miracle.  Let's celebrate it every day.

23 August 2013

Hindutva Is Nazism

Hiren K Bose

It happened in 1993, when Bharatiya Janata Party leader L K Advani's rath yatra was straddling across the country that a journalist colleague abandoned his Leftist leanings and hitched his future to Hindutva. It may have been just a matter of color--from red to saffron--a small leap forward for him but it surprised us all. For it was during his days in IIT (Kharagpur) that he came under the influence of CPI(M)'s ideology and eventually became an active member of Student Federation of India, it's student wing. Having graduated; and several years later he came to Mumbai and got a job as a reporter in R K Karanjia's city tabloid. While holding the job he continued his activism-championing the cause of proletariat, namely mill workers, dalits, adivasis etc. through his writings. He didn't miss the dharnas and morchas, and whenever issues surfaced could be found distributing handbills. Like activists, he felt he could change the world! Then came the rath yatra, a defining moment in his life. Taken in by the talk of 'Hindu resurgence' and the 'ushering of Ram Rajya' which Advani and other BJP leaders promised, he became a saffronite. And as BJP gained power in the Centre, thanks to his IIT background and journalism background, he found himself working in the PMO. Some say he is Atal Behari Vajpayee's speechwriter! Many like him, even plain, unlettered Indians who have joined the ranks of VHP, Bajrang Dal and BJP really believe that the 'modern Hindu identity' or Hindutva gives voice to the long suppressed anxieties. The demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhaya in 1992 and the killings of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 has in fact, unmasked the 'real' face of Hindutva.

What differentiates Hindutva from Sanatan Hindu dharma?
Who better to quote, then the foremost 20th century philosopher? This is what Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan says in The Hindu View of Life: "Hinduism is more a way of life than form of thought, while it gives absolute liberty in the world of thought; it enjoins a strict code of practice. The theist and atheist, the skeptic and the agnostic may all be Hindus… Hinduism insists on a moral life and draws into fellowship all who feel themselves bound to the claims which the moral law or dharma makes upon them."

And Hindutva?

It was with Veer Sarvarkar's book "Hindutva: Who are the Hindus" that the word Hindutva was coined and its concept put forward. Thinkers, like Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Ramakrishna Parmahansa and Swami Vivekenanda succinctly described what Hindu religion was all about while for Savarkar religiosity was never an important issue. In fact, he was far from being a religious person-for unlike others he did not perform funeral rites of his wife and had even insisted that on his death he be cremated in an electric crematorium. Having developed the concept of Hindutva Savarkar changed Hindu nationalism into a community. He strongly believed that until the Hindus were not united against Muslims, Christian and other external influences a strong society would not take birth. Consider this with what he wrote in "India's first freedom struggle: 1857". Published in Marathi in 1907, he equated India's unity to Hindu-Muslim unity and went further stating that by shedding their blood both Hindus and Muslims had given birth to a kind of nationality.

Interestingly, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh since its inception has been stressing that their Hindutva doesn't share its concern with Savarkar's Hindutva but their Hindutva is that of Swami Vivekanananda, Ramkrishna Parmahansa and Dayanand Saraswati! Surprisingly, these Hindu reformist leaders have neither spoken about Hindutva, nor Hindu nation, nor equaled Hindutva to nationalism unlike Savarkar's. Moreover, unlike the Hindu reformists of the past, the Sangh Parivar has never raised any issues relating to the essence of Hinduism or made attempts to bring in any reforms in the Hindu society, attacked the caste system etc.

The fact is that by terming Hindu rashtra as cultural nationalism, the BJP and the Sangh want to operate within the lakshman rekha of Indian constitution. Cunning as they are, for instance L K Advani differentiates between a Hindu state and Hindu nation! For BJP leaders are aware that if they declare their allegiance to Savarkar's Hindutva they would also have to press for awarding secondary citizenship to Muslims and Christians--an act tantamount to the Indian constitution and people's opinion at large. According to veteran journalist and author of 'Hindu Hone ka dharam" Hindutva as a concept is the offspring of a revolutionary mind (reference to Savarkar) who led the latter part of life, thanks to the pardon granted by the British rulers, whose helplessness found strength in Nazism's racist ideas. Savarkar was unlike Bhagat Singh--another equally great revolutionary, who sought sustenance in communism and became a martyr for the cause of India's freedom.

Hindutva, in fact, is nothing but a reflection of a feeling of defeat and reaction against faiths, namely Islam and Christianity. The ideology of Hindutva seems to declare that there is but one God, called Rama, who is the symbol of both Hinduism and Indian nationalism. Hindutva's core message is aggression and destruction of enemies, real or imagined. By their act, the Hindutva brigade has tarnished the popular image of Lord Rama, the maryada purushottam and the embodiment of all Aryan virtues. The one who is symbol of extreme dedication towards his duty, respect for elders, affection towards juniors and compassionate to all beings. Anger rarely touched him and one who was unwilling to attack anybody unless absolutely necessary. For Rama's idols have traditionally been portrayed in abhaya mudra-his right hand raised in a gesture of blessing the believer and with a beatific smile on his face. Traditionally, Rama like Krishna, is never worshipped alone but always with his consort unlike the Rama of Hindutva who stands alone with bow held aloft, ready for aggression.

Hindutva no way represents Hindu dharma's ethos or its magnanimity. For Hindu society is open, self-strong and has remained independent for over 2,000 years and will continue to be so unlike other faiths. Hinduism is difficult to explain-for it doesn't have a Book, a prophet or a common creed. Unlike Semitic religions Hinduism has had no beginning. Its uniqueness lay in its extreme liberalness, tolerance and vision of one Divine Reality residing in all.

The Hindu tradition of co-existence with other faiths is much more ancient, richer and stronger than it has been in Europe. The Hindu faith neither does have a beginning nor an end. Unlike other faiths it doesn't have a Jesus Christ or a prophet. Despite the invasion of brigands, like Changez Khan, Mohammed Ghori, Mahmud Ghaznavi Nadir Shah and others who ransacked the temples and looted the riches, the Hindu society did not close it ranks forcing its co-believers to be bound by communal orthodoxy.

Even the communal riots of 1946-47 could not change it. Like the Muslims the Hindu community too reacted in anger. The Partition affected Indians too but India did not become an orthodox religious State though Savarkar and the RSS would very much like it to become. We opted to become a secular state on our own will. Not because a Hindu is weak, meek but because a Hindu considers his religion, spiritual and social strength invincible, for a country is made by its people and is made and unmade by its belief.

Being born a Hindu one is neither formally baptized in the faith nor can he/she leave it. One is a Hindu because it gives the freedom no other faith can promise. Aware of its weakness and shortcomings, one can fight against them being part and parcel of it. No God can judge me or uplift me. A Hindu is responsible for his/her actions and cannot become free or seek escape from its consequences. This is the only faith, which doesn't claim to be the ultimate and the best, and can lead one to the path to salvation. Though remaining in its fold one is free and responsible for his/her deeds.

Now, Hindus are being told that you need to be scared of Christians and Muslims otherwise they would be outnumbered and even lose their faith--this to followers of a faith, which has prospered since prehistoric times. Though it may not be apt, to quote evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins the champions of Hindutva are like "anarchic viruses, the one that make us sneeze, are the ones that don't agree with each other. They don't care if we die. All they want to do is make us sneeze, or in the case of the rabies virus, make the dog salivate and bite."

By trying to project Hinduism as a self assertive, aggressive, and strictly monotheistic religion, Hindutva is likely to destroy what Hinduism stands for. For Hindutva's lifeblood is in the hatred of the minorities. Their credo: if you are a Hindu, then you need to hate the minorities. This coming from believers of a faith that says that all living and non-living are same, ditto the soul and God.

Hindutva's main plank is to consolidate the Hindu society as a vote bank and its tool--hatred of the minorities. Meghnad Desai, member of the Britain's House of Lords and professor in London School of Economics wrote in article titled Gujarat and its Bhasmita (Seminar May 2002) "In democracy the equation of minority and majority does go on. India has 82 crore Hindus but an organization which supposedly represents it they are perpetually scared of minority complex."

But the Hindutva followers continue to harp on the theme that "though we are Hindus and in a majority in this country, we are under threat". Hate is a powerful weapon, history has taught us. Hitler used it to unite the Germans against the Jews. In recent years the American media has used similar sentiments to rationalize President George Bush's attack in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta, a professor at the Center for Philosophy at Delhi's JNU tries to put the issue into the right perspective when he says, "Hindus seem to be suffering from insecurity. It's linked to the crisis of self-esteem about India. A crisis connected to India's well-being and place in the world. There is a feeling that we have been left behind and lost out in the globalized world. So, they look for scapegoats and the convenient one is the Muslim."

The truth is that a group of fundamentalists have hijacked the Hindu agenda leaving out the mainstream Hindus, who by their ambivalent silence acquiesce to the overt politicization of religious symbols and spread of myths.

Remember the "Hum paanch, unke panchees" slogan of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, which talked of polygamy among Muslims. In fact, it is far from the truth. A recent survey in eight block of a Muslim majority area in Ahmedabad revealed that only two people had four wives, two other people had three wives and 279 people had two wives. As opposed to this there were 20,950 cases of "maitri karar" (friendship agreement) registered by Hindus with the Collector in a single district. This a term specific to Gujarat and is essentially a method to bypass the stringent provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act and enter into an "undeclared second marriage."

In 1971 Hindus comprised 82.7 per cent of the population whereas Muslims were 11.2 per cent and the figures reached 82.6 per cent and 11.4 per cent, respectively in the year 1991. A comparison of growth rates reveals that while the population of Hindus increased from 23.71 to 24.42 during the year 1961-71 and 1971-81 the respective figures for Muslims were 30.85 and 30.20 respectively, according to Anil Chamadia and Subhash Gatade in Poison Myths (November 18, 2003 The Indian Express). Which means that population of Muslims actually decreased as compared to Hindus. Interestingly, a report published by the Baroda -based Operations Research Group in 1981 found that the rates of contraceptive use between Hindus and Muslims were comparable.

Similarly, Hindutva's saffron agenda in education is to erase one central truth about Indian culture and civilization for 2,000 years-namely its pluralistic, multi-ethnic, multi-religious character. As Amartya Sen says: It is futile to try to understand Indian art, literature, music, food or politics without seeing the extensive interactions across barriers of religious communities. These include Hindis and Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Parsees, Christians… Jews.. and atheists and agnostics. Sanskrit has larger atheistic literature than exists in any other classical language."

Remarking on the NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training) concerted effort to rewrite history as evident in the history books published by the same, columnist Praful Bidwai says: (it) will make whole generation ignorant. They will breed hatred and hubris-as Hitler did with Master Race myth. Under the BJP's "leadership", India seems headed that way-and at least towards the destruction of secularism and pluralism. Nothing could be more dangerous."

Interestingly, the threat to Hindu Sanatan Dharma has an external face too, the NRI's. As political psychologist Ashis Nandy recently stated in an interview that the uprooted NRI is more troubled by India than the average Indian here. "Fanatic torchbearers of Hindutva are more numerous in America than in India. Just as there is more fanatic Muslims in America than in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. … 90 per cent of NRIs abroad are religious zealots. They support extremist parties here (India) in an effort to hold on to their identity by electronic means. The real ideologues are VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders. Their constituency: 'modern' Indians and well-to-do technocrats in the USA-the IT professional who lives in America, makes decent money, sees himself being McDonalidised and does soul searching on Sundays. To atone for their sons marrying young Christian women, producing Eurasian children they look for an ideological package. This package is simplified by the VHP and Bajrang Dal who tell them to continue to make their dollars, join yoga, listen to bhajans and sermons on hi-fi systems and contribute $100 monthly to these organizations to reinforce their Indian roots."

For the RSS not only the Hindutva intellectual inspiration comes from the West but also the financial help. It is funded by charitable trusts of American MNCs. Britain's Channel 4 had reported in December 12, 2002 that Indian religious organizations Sewa International, a branch of RSS was misusing the funds. On the initiative of In November 2002 secular and partisan Indian residing in Europe and US report, The Foreign Exchange of Hate: IDRF and the American funding of Hindutva" had bared the ways and means of how the Sangh Parivar was collecting funds in America. India Development and Relief Fund registered in 1989 have been using its funds to terrorize minorities. For instance in 1999 IT giant CISCO had contributed $70,000 to IRDF. In fact, CISCO was among the top five donating money to them. It would be natural to mention that Nobel-winning organization Doctors without Borders received $2,500 in the same year, IRDF received thrice that amount.

In fact, IRDF floated by Indians having sympathies with Sangh Parivar donates nearly 82 per cent of its raised funds to different Sangh related organizations, namely Seva Bharati, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, or Sri Vivekananda Rural Development Society while the rest goes to other Hindu organizations not related to Sangh. In fact, funds received by VHP are routed through Bharat Kalyan Pratisthan. In fact, both VHP and BKP share the same office address in India.

Necessarily it is a matter of concern that sympathizers to the Hindutva cause is raising its heads in America and Europe. Ultimately, one needs to understand as to why a community considered to be tolerant and secular is metamorphosing into something different.

It may be stated that those residing away from their country but supporting fundamentalists is not limited to Hindutva forces but has been observed even among Jews and Muslims too. For it was Yasser Arafat who once said that he "can handle the Israeli Jews but the real problem is the American Jews."

In the beginning of 80s Benedict Anderson in his book 'Imagined Communities' had shed light on long distance nationalism and had concluded that how immigrants were so caught up with their attraction and love for their homeland. Recent history is testimony that NRIs and Sangh sympathizers residing in Europe and America do get attracted to religious and terrorist organizations. Remember the support to the Sikh cause in the 80's among Sikh NRIs living in America and Europe. It's natural that living in an alien culture they feel alienated and are attracted to traditional culture, which in fact, is narrow and governed by psuedo religious relations. For this exclusionary behavior leads them to support terrorist and fundamentalist outfits.

Since the nineties, the influence of Hindutva brigade has increased in Indian politics and found similar expression in NRIs too. For instance, Bajrang Dal's parallel organization Hindu Unity openly talks about violence against minorities and has even prepared a 'hit list' of its opponents and regularly undertakes smear campaigns. Since 90s the influence of VHP's American student branch, Hindu Student Council has increased and it has presence in Harvard, MIT, Columbia University, Boston University, Carnegie Melon and Princeton. Hindu Student Council branches are run by second generation NRIs who have links with VHP America.

Can we leave custody of the Hindu society in the hands of Singhal, Togadia, Katiyar and Ritambaras who are guided by the mission to make it more orthodox? Should we go the Muslim way? Not give the freedom of opinion to its co-religionists. Should we allow the same to happen to Hindu society what Islamic fundamentalists have done to the Muslim society and Sikh terrorists did to the Sikh society in the recent past? If we do, the Hindutva brigade will not sit contended by what they did in Ayodhaya they would again raise their heads in places, like Baba Budangiri mosque (Bangalore) or Krishnajanambhomi (Mathura) or Haji Malang (Kalyan). Rather than seek strength from VHPs slogan "Garv se kaho hum Hindu hain" we need to be a true Hindu: tolerant and respectful of other faiths.

13 May 2013

The Mass Psychology of Fascism

Book Review:
The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1946), by Wilhelm Reich

© 2007 L.L. Williams  

We have defeated communism but have we defeated fascism? Examining the transformation to fascist dictatorship experienced by Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, one finds no reason that it could not happen again. Sure, Hitler was crazy, but how did he recruit millions of accomplices?  

One plausible idea that does not presume millions of people are "evil" is to try to understand humanity in terms of elemental forces that transcend the boundaries of their everyday, individualistic, rational levels of being. 

A simple example is the herd and flocking instincts seen in many animal species. Each individual feels an elemental force to conform to a single group. Out of their multitudes a single agglomeration appears whose motions may not perfectly overlap with the interests of its individuals. 

In human political groups, the leaders may undertake policies which are detrimental to the individual interests. For example, a "conservative" political party may use the powers of government to benefit a very powerful few at the expense of the multitudes. Yet the same party maintains popular support among the people most hurt by its policies. As Wilhelm Reich confirms, the means by which leaders maintain power in the light of such contradiction is the psychology of fascism. 

The Mass Psychology of Fascism (MPF) starts by posing that very question: why do individuals lend their support to groups that hurt them? MPF is full of great insights and also a few screwy things I am not so sure about. To appreciate Reich's book, one must make allowance for how the world was when it was published, 60 years ago.

 At the end of World War II, it was realized that a fascist dictatorship (Nazi Germany) had almost pulverized the communist revolution (Russia). Reich sought to understand in general how a significant fraction of the working peoples of the world (Germany) turn away from the communist propaganda which was geared toward the common man. Reich calls this disconnect between self interest and party loyalty "the cleavage." 

Reich balances the scales in this case of irrational self-interest by invoking mysticism as a party policy. He ascribes mysticism as much a force in the motion of the people as is their self-interest. Reich says this is where the Marxists failed: they did not speak to the soul of the people, only their self-interest. The mysticism of the Nazis triumphed over Marxist economic theory. Reich would say that ideology is a material force.

 To pose the question of why impoverished masses could become nationalistic, Reich considers the inexorable logic that would pertain in the absence of mysticism:
"The basic Marxist conception grasped the facts that labor was exploited as a commodity, that capital was concentrated in the hands of the few, and that the latter entailed the progressive pauperization of the majority of working humanity. It was from this process that Marx arrived at the necessity of "expropriating the expropriators." 

According to this conception, the forces of production of capitalist society transcend the limits of the modes of production. The contradiction between social production and private appropriation of the products of capital can only be cleared up by the balancing of the modes of production with the level of the forces of production. Social production must be complemented by the social appropriation of the products. The first act of this assimilation is social revolution; this is the basic economic principle of Marxism. This assimilation can take place, it is said, only if the pauperized majority establishes the `dictatorship of the proletariat' as the dictatorship of the working majority over the minority of the now expropriated owners of the means of production."[p8] 

Of course, the dictatorship of the proletariat became the dictatorship of the few anyway. But in 1946, as now, the social question about devotion to a cause which is counter to material self interest still remains. 

With idealogy or mysticism admitted as a material, economic force, Reich makes the self-evidently simple statement that "every social order produces in the masses of its members that structure which it needs to achieve its main aims... In every epoch the ideas of the ruling class are the ruling ideas...The class which has the means of material production at its disposal also has the means of `ideological production' at its disposal. 

Reich contends that "the contradictions of the economic structure of a society are also embedded in the psychological structure of the subjugated masses." Reich calls it "the mainstay of the state apparatus."

As he probes the roots of this psychological cleavage, Reich attributes much to Freudian sex-oriented psychology and a concept of sex economy. Evidently, sex economy is based on control through sexual repression and suppression. Reich finds a strong link between sexual suppression and economic exploitation. 

Reich sees the roots of authoritarianism in the authoritarian family: "Man's authoritarian structure is ... produced by the embedding of sexual inhibitions and fear in the living substance of sexual impulses." Somehow sexual repression makes people submissive and impotent. The resulting conservatism and fear of freedom is what Reich calls "reactionary thinking." 

Sexual repression, according to Reich, leads to substitute gratifications and the distortion of natural aggression into brutal sadism, which itself is part of a mass-psychological basis for imperial wars. Reich maintains that sexual repression can lead a man to act, feel, and think contrary to his own material interests. The sexual repression and its attendant effects is evidently achieved through ideology and mysticism. 

Reich claims honor and duty are substitute gratifications for the sexual repression, and their ecstasy is genuine. Evidently Reich feels the sexual repression leads to mysticism, and that these feelings of honor and duty are part of mysticism. "All the elements of the reactionary man's structure are developed in this struggle [to resist the temptation to masturbate]." "Every form of mysticism derives its most active energy ... from this compulsory suppression of sexuality." Reich goes on and on about sexual repression, sexuality, and exploitation. 

The authoritarian state is reflected in every family in the father. The family is an instrument of power of the state. As father is to family, fuhrer is to nation. "In their subjective emotional core the notions of homeland and nation are notions of mother and family." Although Reich tend to view the patriarchal family as more of a tool of authoritarianism than the matriarchal family. 

"How it comes about that the psychic structures of the supporting strata of a society are so constructed that they fit the economic framework and serve the purposes of the ruling powers as precisely as the parts of a precision machine will long remain an unsolved riddle...What we describe as the structural reproductionn of a society's economic system in the psychology of the masses is the basic mechanism in the process of the formation of political ideas."[p54] 

The Nazis characterized themselves as "an elementary movement, it cannot be gotten at with `arguments'." Their rally speeches were conspicuous for operating upon the emotions of the masses and avoiding relevant arguments as much as possible. Hitler claimed that true mass psychological tactics dispense with argumentation and keep the masses' attention fixed on the `great final goal' at all times. 

Reich gives some discussion to the importance of the middle class to Nazism, and their role in the subjugation of the lower classes. He characterizes them with an "army sergeant" psychology. They are dependent on the upper class and on governmental authority for their position. Such a person begins to take on the attitudes of the ruling class and a corresponding cleavage between his economic situation and his ideology.

 There is a tie between national and familial ties in the lower middle classes. The fuhrer arouses emotional family ties in the masses, and this makes him an authoritarian father figure. He attracts all the emotional attitudes that were meant at one time for the father. The masses had need for protection and were allowing the dictator to manage their needs. 

The more helpless the mass-individual becomes, the more pronounced his identification with the fuhrer, and the childish need for protection is disguised in the form of feeling at one with the fuhrer. It is basically the self-confidence one may derive from greatness of the nation [Ed: or today, I would say sports teams]. 

Fascism is a problem of the masses, not of Hitler as a person or of the politics of the Nazi party. This is perhaps the main conclusion. Reich discusses symbology and racism, and provides more depth on the tie between sexual repression and mysticism, other aspects of sex economy. 

Authoritarian society reproduces itself in the individual structures of the masses with the help of the authoritarian family. Therefore the authoritarian family is defended as the basis of the state. This propaganda mines deep emotional forces. Reich seems to think a sexual revolution would shatter authoritarianism when he says "sexually awakened women ... would mean the complete collapse of the authoritarian ideology." There may be a kernel of truth to this in the sexual revolution of the 1960s. 

"The man reared under and bound by authority has no knowledge of the natural law of self-regulation; he has no confidence in himself." 

There is a "dictator's soil of mass psychology" which constitutes fascism's strength. 

Mysticism diverts attention from daily misery, to prevent a revolt against the real causes of misery. To fight the mystical thinking on which fascism is built is a way to fight fascism. Education tends to eradicate mystical thinking. 

"The reactionary man (fascist) assumes an intimate relation between family, nation, and religion." 

"It is in the nature of a political party that it does not orient itself in terms of truth, but in terms of illusions, which usually correspond to the irrational structure of the masses." 

"The word fascism is not a word of abuse any more than the word capitalism is. It is a concept denoting a very definite kind of mass leadership and mass influence: authoritarian, one-party system, hence totalitarianism, a system in which power takes priority over objective interests, and facts are distorted for political purposes." 

Reich feels that the Russian revolution started as democracy, that Lenin and Marx were both bourgeois property owners advocating a new form of democracy, but that under Stalin it became nationalism. Reich correlates the deterioration into totalitarianism to the fact that the sexual revolution was suppressed. The failure of the Russian revolution was due to the irrationality of the masses, whereas the revolution appealed only to economic rationality. Marx never mentioned the state as a goal. "...the founders of the Russian revolution had no inkling of the biopathic nature of the masses." "As Lenin conceived it, the dictatorship of the proletariat was to become the authority that had to be created to abolish every kind of authority." Engels viewed the state, in fact, as a mere tool of oppression of the weaker class by the economically dominant class. Reich goes on with a compelling analysis of the failure of the Russian Revolution. 

Contrary to the view that masses will always eventually liberate themselves, Reich feels they are doomed to enslavement. Instead, they can be shaped and molded to suit any ends. They are in fact incapable of freedom. The points in history where a new stage is reached, such as the American and Russian revolutions, are somewhat accidental coincidences of events. Yet Reich found room for hope. People can become capable of freedom. Since the incapability of freedom is rooted in "social suppression of gential sexuality", freedom could be realized if suppression were removed. 

Reich differs with the analysis of Fromm, who tied totalitarianism to fear of freedom and craving of authority. The core reason of sexual suppression is "inaccessible to rational understanding." Social revolutions based on purely economic considerations could not compete. In modern times, Reich would say "its not just the economy, stupid." 

Reich goes on to a detailed consideration of how the state and bureaucracy becomes instruments of oppression and totalitarianism. 

In summary:
  • the masses are irrational
  • their mass organization will reflect this irrationality
  • irrationality is as big a motive factor as any economic or rational consideration
  • sexual suppression is a tool of oppression
  • totalitarianism is a problem of the masses, not of the leaders
  • freedom is a capability of the masses, not of the leaders

12 May 2013

Who Is Who, And To Whom They Sold Their Souls

(Compiled By: Louis Turner) 

George Bush - Skull and Bones, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, Illuminati
Bill Clinton - Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission, CFR
Saddam Hussein - 33rd degree Freemason
King Hussein - 33rd degree Freemason
Tony Blair - 33rd degree Freemason
Gerhard Schroeder - 33rd degree Freemason
Benjamin Netanyahu - 33rd degree Freemason
Yasser Arafat - 33rd degree Freemason
Ronald Reagan - 33rd degree Freemason (on sight), Knights of Malta, Rosicrucian Order
Michail Gorbachev - 33rd degree Freemason
Helmut Kohl - Committee of 300
Shimon Peres - 33rd degree Freemason
Francois Mitterand - 33rd degree Freemason (Grand Orient Lodge)
Yitzak Rabin - 33rd degree Freemason
Willy Brandt - Committee of 300
Gerald Ford (frm President USA) - 33rd degree Freemason
Karl Marx - (Grand Orient Lodge)
Frederick Engels - (Grand Orient Lodge)
Franklin D. Roosevelt - (32nd or 33rd degree Freemason)
Sir Winston Churchill - 33rd degree Freemason (but Resigned from the English Lodge!) Member of the Druid Order
Harry S. Truman - 33rd degree Freemason
Neville Chamberlain - (Committee of 300)
Vladimir Lenin - Illuminati (Grand Orient Lodge)
Joseph Stalin - Illuminati (Grand Orient Lodge)
Leon Trotsky - (Grand Orient Lodge)
Henry Kissinger - (Committee of 300, P2 Freemasonry, Knights of Malta, Bilderberger)
J. Edgar Hoover - 33rd degree Freemason
Cecil Rhodes - 33rd degree Freemason
Aleister Crowley - Grandmaster Ordo Templi Orientis
Walt Disney - 330 Freemason
Olof Palme - Committee of 300, Bilderberger
Al Gore - 33rd degree Freemason
Tony Blair - 33rd degree Freemason, Bilderberger
Josef Mengele (Dr. Green) - Illuminati Implanter
Robert McNamara - 33rd degree Freemason (at least)
Pehr G. Gyllenhammar (frm Volvo) - Committee of 300
Percy Barnevik (ABB Sweden) - Committee of 300
Col. James "Bo" Gritz - 33rd degree Freemason
Billy Graham - 33rd degree Freemason
John Glenn (33rd degree Freemason)
Buzz Aldrin (330 Freemason)
Virgil I. Grissom (Freemason)
Edgar D. Mitchell (Freemason)
Plato (Illuminati)
Francis Bacon (Freemason, Rosicrucian Grand Master)
Lord David Owen - (Royal Institute of Int. Affairs, Committee of 300)
Lord Peter Carrington - (Committee of 300, Bilderberger)
Richard Holbrooke - (33rd degree Freemason, Committee of 300)
Jimmy Carter - (Tril. Comm., CFR)
Carl Bildt - (Bilderberger)
David Rockefeller - Czar of the Illuminati
Edmund de Rothschild - Illuminati
Alan Greenspan - Federal reserve Bank (Committe of 300)
Peter Wallenberg - S-E Bank of Sweden (Committee of 300)
Queen Elisabeth II - Queen of the Committee of 300
Prince Phillip - 33rd degree Freemason, Committee of 300
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands - Committee of 300 (Bilderberger)
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands - Committee of 300 (Bilderberger)
King Carl XVI Gustaf - (Bilderberger)
Prince Bertil - (Grande Orient Lodge of Freemasonry) 

Illuminati Members:
John Jacob Astor
McGeorge Bundy
Andrew Carnegie
Walter Freeman
W. Averell Harriman
Ted Kennedy
John D. Rockefeller Sr.
David Rockefeller
Lee Teng-hui
Baron Guy de Rothschild
Hillary Clinton - (60 Grand Dame)
Albert Pike - (co-founder of Ku Klux Klan)
Sam & Edgar Bronfman Jr. - (Seagram Whiskey)

David, Nelson, Winthrop, Laurence, John D. III
Lord J. Rothschild
Bertrand Russell (scientist)
Otto of Habsburg
George W. Bush Jr. - Illuminati , Skull & Bones
Irenee du Pont, Illuminati
Adam Weishaupt Founder of the Bavarian Illuminati


Pathocracy - Tyranny at The Hand of Psychopaths

by Jack Mullen
January 25, 2011
from ActivistPost Website

Were people consciously aware something was about to change in a very bad way just before Lenin and Trotsky appeared on the scene in Petrograd in the spring of 1917?

Did the German people realize accepting the 'hope' of Hitler would result in something so hideous and evil that tens of millions of people would die and a permanent bloodstain would appear on the history of Germany?

What was life like months or years before the Armenians suffered genocide at the hands of the Turks, did they know that government imposed gun control was really disarmament before extermination?

How about the Chinese before the tyrant Mao, or the North Koreans before the Kim Jung il family infestation?

Did these people know what was coming, but didn't know what they could do?

Most of written history is written on pages of blood.

I think today, right now, is another one of those moments just before something very bad is about to happen. And, this time, we have the written historical records of bad news to learn potentially lifesaving, culture-rescuing information before we slip into another example of blood and carnage insanity. 

Although Sigmund Freud introduced the world to the word psychopath in his book Psychopathology of Everyday Life, published in 1901, it wouldn't be until forty years later that a true definition of psychopathology was developed to include the personality type of psychopath: a scientific understanding that sheds light on past and current events.

One of the first researchers to study and document the nature of personality types called psychopaths was Hervey Cleckley, MD, in his book The Mask of Sanity, published in 1941.

In this classic work, Cleckley spent considerable time with prison inmates in Georgia; prisoners that,
"little agreement was found as to what was actually the matter with them."

And, according to Cleckley,
"[the prisoners] continued, however, to constitute a most grave and a constant problem to the hospital and to the community."

In addition to Cleckley, others in the time since 1941 have contributed significantly to our understanding of the psychopathic personality type.

One such heroic researcher was Andrew M. Lobaczewski, born 1921 in Poland.

After suffering Nazi occupation during WWII, and Russian occupation after Germany's defeat, Lobaczewski entered college to be trained as a psychologist, and soon thereafter began research into the nature of the psychopath. Lobaczewski and his colleagues risked severe penalties, including death, for documenting their research and experimentation.

Many decades would pass trying to get the work published (and many attempts were made by groups to destroy it). But, finally, in 1998, circumventing attempts of Zbigniew Brzezinski to stop the publication, Lobaczewski's book Political Ponerology - A science on the nature of evil for political purposes was published.

The book begins with an examination of prisoners, much like Cleckley's work covers, but this time scientists correlated the behavior of psychopaths with the depravity of massively oppressive political regimes; the results of which culminated in a new science he called Ponerology, the study of evil in man. Political Ponerology, then, is the nature of evil in politics.

According to Lobaczewski, organizations can become infested with psychopathic personality types who, if given the proper amount of time and growing conditions, will busily fill all positions of power within it.

In the case of governments, what emerges is defined as a pathocracy:
tyranny at the hand of psychopaths.

Lobaczewski defined governance by a pathocracy as a macrosocial disease, something unhealthy and brutally deadly if untreated. 

The book Political Ponerology provides a scary explanation for periodic times of brutal insanity in the history of the world. It is a light to scientifically expose a particular personality type within populations - a type, if left alone, will infest positions of power, pushing out normal personalities until they dominate the power structure.

From a position of total domination, psychopaths will aggressively and brutally protect the power they have gained. In the case of government, that means taking steps to eradicate any perceived opposition to their control and authority.

Since true psychopaths are emotionally dead, and work empathy-free (see Dr. Robert Hare's book Without Conscience; The Disturbing World of Psychopaths), the task of cleaning house to prevent loss of control can quickly evolve into the 20-million-plus killed in the Russian Holocaust, the 60-million-plus killed in the Chinese Holocaust, or the extermination camps of the Jewish Holocaust.

Although not on the same scale, recent mass murders such as the Waco Texas massacre, the Oklahoma City bombings, or the 9-11 false flag terror-murders should sound the warning alarms. Psychopaths are afoot.