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15 September 2015

Eugenics - Buttress of the Psychopathic Elite Mindset

by Zen Gardner 
September 04, 2015
from ZenGardner Website

Let's suppose the elitist scum working to ruin and control our lives and planet are in some fashion real people to some extent.

I know, a stretch, but let's try.


How can they perpetrate such horrors on humanity?

How could such madness be justified in the minds of men, however psychopathic?

Actually, it's easy. For self promotion, preservation and Machiavellian power. They've convinced themselves that what they are perpetrating is the right thing to do.

And what's their fundamental pseudo scientific tenet for mass murder? Eugenics. Eliminating unwanted humanity for some "good" that they perceive is right.

Everything they think and believe is a fabricated bastardization and reversal of any real Truth, but in their minds they've decided this inhuman illuminist takeover makes sense. Especially with their fat cheeks being firmly ensconced in the seats of power.

Oh, the vestiges of their human conscience may give some of them a nudge in some cases, but it's been shut down almost completely for almost all of them. It has to be. You can't have empathy and wreak such death dealing havoc on nature and humanity otherwise.

If you've ever known or observed a pathological liar, this cauterized mindset is their way of life. Politicians do it without the slightest compunction. To them it's part of the job description for ruling the unwashed masses.

How is it justified logically?

The old "necessary evil" ruse, the "greater good", as in the justification for 9/11 and a myriad of other dystopian death dealing manipulative actions over the centuries.

The even more repulsive aspect is that they smugly revel in this ugliness, thinking they're the "good guys".

Misanthropic comes to mind...

Convincing the Cattle to Die - Eugenics Justifies All

Think about it.

What a slam dunk for world domination to so twist perception to where humanity is the problem that needs to be curtailed by draconian controls while being systematically exterminated like a pest infestation.

Be it engineered wars, poverty and food shortages; drugging, corrupted food, and water; dumbed down information and media, or injecting toxins in our bodies, all is fair game to them.

Eugenics is the "tie that binds", the glue that holds all the other lies conveniently together. And it takes the sting out of outright mass murder. For them. It's a "cleansing" and "preparation" for their desired, sanitized world to come.

Just look at how Agenda 21 and other controls are perpetrated via things like climate change and CO2 fabrications. Sure, we're in the throes of massive climate extremes for many reasons, many of them geoengineered, but to blame it on cattle flatulence and even human breathing must be some kind of macabre inside joke.

Bottom line is they are planning a great "culling of the herd" and need our permission. We've read about it for decades in their elitist writings, and this is how they justify it and hope to convince us as much as possible of the same.

That's the alert...

And this upcoming UN "sustainability" conference is the capstone. This is why Obama is jumping through these Alaska "climate change" shenanigans, disgustingly promoted by mainstream media. It's a lead in.

Remember, not waking up and saying no is ultimately humanity's imprimatur that it agrees. That's where empowerment comes in. We can say no and reverse all this, just as we've done in many instances.

But the awakened shout out needs to be immediate and insistent.

A Little Background

As eugenics, called the "self-direction of human evolution", grew out of its inception in the 1800's, it was considered the,

"harmonious result of all branches of science".

The US was the first to implement eugenics programs as early as 1908 and it gained a lot of popularity and traction.

What stopped it in its tracks, at least in public opinion, was the Nazi implementation of eugenics during WW2 to the obvious horror of all, however it was clearly backed by American interests and exaggerated for Zionist propaganda usage.

This would later turn out to be an amazingly cunning pre-planned propaganda tool as we'll discuss below.

But now look how this eugenics campaign has been revived and is currently perpetrated. With innocuous sounding names like Planned Parenthood to the UN's dastardly Agenda 21, the mass hive mind sees these measures as "progress" while knowing little to nothing about the extensive anti-human, never mind anti-freedom, measures being foisted upon them.

And it's not just genetic culling, it's mass population reduction.

An elitist think tank called The Club of Rome helped set the stage for this last push to demonize humanity with the contrived invention of militant, invasive environmentalism. This appeared around the same time as the widely sensationalized "population bomb" concept.

While real ecology and conscious conservationism make common sense, this environmental agenda was created with the specific intention to foist massive controls over human activities. That we're now at the incredulous point of having to pay a literal carbon tax is a total giveaway as to their fraudulent intentions.

Yet few catch on.

And again, like the lie of human caused global warming, they foist such nonsense with the intent that we should feel guilty for being alive, to such an extent that even our breath is supposedly killing the planet.

Insane. Yet they keep pushing their agenda regardless of real scientific data to the contrary...


The Cauterized Mind of Dystopians

While humanity doesn't share the bestial mindset of the elites and their occult driven agenda, these pounding programs wear on people. Over time the continued onslaught of these nonsensical anti-truths start to wear a groove in the mass mind.

The psycho-trauma tool of choice? Cognitive dissonance.

Resistance subsides as seemingly contrary understandings - in this case,

"I'm a sovereign human being who deserves life and freedom" vs. "I'm a parasitic organism killing my host planet and need to be eradicated".

Screwy, but that's what it boils down to.

And what gets synthesized in the mind to reconcile the two?

"I guess they know what they're doing. Gee, we are bad and something needs to be done."

It doesn't really make sense so the overload causes a shutdown and back to the TV and ball game they go, acquiescing, and approving the agenda, by purely willing ignorant apathy.

Once again, the intended solution being foisted on society gains traction.

And those daring to oppose this new status quo? Resistance and criticism has now been cleverly engineered to be tantamount to terrorism, the ultimate behavioral catch-all.

Game. Set. Match… or so they think.

Zio-Kabbalism - An Identifiable Eugenically Based Virus Form

While the arrogant, intellectual roots of modern eugenics seem to escape mainstream consciousness, obvious forms of racism and genocidal extermination, as exposed in the repeated Gaza genocides, have been much more evident.

That the two are intrinsically connected takes one to the much deeper understanding of what's really going on on this planet - the elimination of more conscious and rooted indigenous forms of humanity and the subjugation of the remaining human race and its ultimate manipulation into a non-questioning subservient form actually loving its enslavement.

Yes, just like the predictive programming evidenced in literature and film making for centuries.

The Zionist mindset with its Kabbalistic occult sense of supremacism is a clear example of justified extermination of "lesser" beings.

An incredible "in your face" example that the world turns a blind eye to.

Instead, they fall for the big lie created by the engineered German holocaust that the perpetrators of this current extermination of their "inferiors" as manifested in the millions of killed and displaced Palestinians, is somehow because the killers are the potential victims.

That's how they work. Manipulate history and pound the manipulated message home via propaganda. It's that simple - as long as you have a complicit media and engorging codependent governments.

Behold the birth of the Zionist parasite called Israel. A perfect example of the sick fruits of eugenically driven, ravenous psychotic behavior.

When people wake up to that mechanism blood will run hot and heavy and they'll get their due. They always have and always will. Evil dies from its own corrupted aberration.

As in the human body, the protective immune system of the Universe will eventually disable and recycle these invaders.

The Interdimensional Connection

In a Universe of boundless life and energy we know entities of all types exist, which even so-called modern scientists affirm.

Dimensions abound beyond ours, here and now interacting with our world. One look at the real intentions of CERN and you'll see where so-called science meets the occult.

This reality must play heavily into our personal understanding of our interdimensional cosmos. We're a world under siege, and we need to know our enemies as well as our friends.

That such forces of darkness can mount such a profoundly coordinated attack on a planet of mainly meek, loving inhabitants reeks of opportunity for an aggressive force. I don't know exactly what's going on but I hope this helps present the case for what we're potentially up against.

Inter-dimensional war, manifesting in a very real way.

I would be remiss without pointing out these otherworldly influences on our three dimensional experience. There is much more than meets the physical eye as we well know. People are driven by many influences, and spiritual ones are the most profound.

Religions dutifully categorize such concepts as good and bad influences under their clever hierarchical frameworks, while metaphysics dissects these various aspects with intrigue.

Psychic, transcendental and near death testimonies also abound to affirm these phenomena.

So please don't tell me there's nothing more than this observable world...

The Antidote - Disengage and Live in Truth and Love

Never give in mentally or spiritually to this onslaught.

While we need to stay active in exposing their perfidy, we cannot be part of their ensnaring mindset.

That's why turning off all forms of mainstream media is so important. That's also why immersion in positive influences, nature, and loving people in order to counter these types of realities is imperative.

Anyone in their right mind knows this kind of plan cannot succeed in the long run. We happen to be at a time in history where these negative, barbaric influences are peaking at a similar rate to the hyperbolic acceleration of hijacked technologies.

This too shall pass. But we should be vigilant and prepare as best we can, without fear. It's a time to grow in consciousness and communication with each other so we can share our combined knowledge, insights and loving support as we counter this barrage with true information.

We should also prepare for whatever these insane entities may unleash at any given time.

But never fear. The fact that we know what's going on tells the tale - we are alive, while they are dead and dying in their furious vain attempts to dominate nature.

Therein is life, one day at a time. As it always is.

28 May 2015

The Real Reason America Dropped The Atomic Bomb. It Was Not To End The War

May 9, 2015
by Arjun Walia

On August 6, 1945, the world (unfortunately) entered the atomic age. Without warning, a single nuclear bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima killed about 90,000 people instantly and injured many others – who then died from radiation sickness. Three days later, a second atomic strike on the city of Nagasaki killed some 37,000 people and injured another 43,000. Together the two bombs eventually killed an estimated 200,000 Japanese civilians.

“The Library of Congress adds roughly 60 million pages to its holdings each year, a huge cache of information for the public. However, also each year, the U.S. Government classifies nearly ten times that amount – an estimated 560 million pages of documents. For scholars engaged in political, historical, scientific, or any other archival work, the grim reality is that most of their government’s activities are secret.” – Richard Dolan, historian, author (source

(you can read more about what is known as the “black budget” here)

A very important point made above, how can we really know anything about American history if a significant portion of it remains classified? That being said, how can we really know anything about American history when we have so many examples of dishonesty and misinformation? What will the history books say about 9/11? We will have to wait and see, but what our history books tell us about the atomic bomb and why it was dropped seems to be a complete lie, according to what are some very credible sources.

We are often taught that yes, use of the atomic bomb was necessary to end the war with Japan at the earliest possible moment, but judging by the statements of many high ranking political and military personnel this is simply not the case.

Here’s what General/President Dwight Eisenhower had to say about it in his 1963 memoir, The White House Years: Mandate for Change, 1953-1956 (pp. 312-313):

“Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and secondly, our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives. It was my belief that Japan was, at that very moment, seeking some way to surrender with a minimum loss of “face.” (source)

“The Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing… I hated to see our country be the first to use such a weapon.” (source)

Given what I mentioned at the start of this article, I think it’s also important to note that Eisenhower also said (in his farewell address) that:

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for a disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry, can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense, with our peaceful message and goals.” (source)

Did this “misplaced power” influence the decision to drop the atomic bomb? It’s impossible to say for sure, but it seems absurd to not consider the possibility.

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson, from his book entitled The New Freedom (1913).

Another great example comes from General Douglas MacArthur, who sent a 40-page memorandum to President Roosevelt that clearly outlines five different surrender overtures from high ranking Japanese officials. This memo was also revealed on the front page of the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Times on August 19th, 1945.

Again, the memo unequivocally states that the Japanese were offering to surrender. What is even more eye opening is the fact that the surrender terms were practically identical to what was ultimately accepted by the Americans after the bomb had dropped. The memo (source) stated these terms:
-Complete surrender of all Japanese forces and arms, at home, on island possessions, and in occupied countries.
-Occupation of Japan and its possessions by Allied troops under American direction.
-Japanese relinquishment of all territory seized during the war, as well as Manchuria, Korea, and Taiwan.
-Regulation of Japanese industry to halt production of any weapons and other tools of war.
-Release of all prisoners of war and internees.
-Surrender of designated war criminals

Japan also made multiple attempts to end the war through Sweden and Portugal, who were neutral at the time. They also approached Soviet Russia’s leaders “with a view of terminating the war if possible by September.” (source)

Here is a quote from Deputy Director of the Office of Naval Intelligence, Ellis Zacharias:

“Just when the Japanese were ready to capitulate, we went ahead and introduced to the world the most devastating weapon it had ever seen and, in effect, gave the go-ahead to Russia to swarm over Eastern Asia. Washington decided that Japan had been given its chance and now it was time to use the A-bomb. I submit that it was the wrong decision. It was wrong on strategic grounds. And it was wrong on humanitarian grounds.” (source)

Similarly, Admiral Leahy, Chief of Staff to presidents Roosevelt and Truman, later commented:

“It is my opinion that the use of the barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan… The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional weapons… My own feeling was that in being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages. I was not taught to make war in that fashion, and wars cannot be won by destroying women and children.” (source)

There have also been some disturbing remarks like this one:

On September 9, 1945, Admiral William F. Halsey, commander of the Third Fleet, was publicly quoted extensively as stating that the atomic bomb was used because the scientists had a “toy and they wanted to try it out…” He further stated, “The first atomic bomb was an unnecessary experiment… It was a mistake to ever drop it.” (source)

He said this despite the fact that most prominent scientists were completely against it. The scientists involved with the Manhattan project even wrote to the Secretary of Defense to try and encourage him not to drop the bomb.

So ask yourself, why did they really drop the bomb? A number of theories have been purposed; outlines how it could have been dropped to demonstrate a new weapon of mass destruction to the Soviets. In 2005, new scientist alluded to the same thing, claiming that it was done to kick start the Cold War.

“The conventional wisdom that the atomic bomb saved a million lives is so widespread that… most Americans haven’t paused to ponder something rather striking to anyone seriously concerned with the issue: Not only did most top U.S. military leaders think the bombings were unnecessary and unjustified, many were morally offended by what they regarded as the unnecessary destruction of Japanese cities and what were essentially noncombat populations. Moreover, they spoke about it quite openly and publicly.” Gar Alperovitz, University of Maryland professor of political economy – and former Legislative Director in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and Special Assistant in the Department of State (source)

What’s My Point?

What I am trying to do here is get readers to think. If it was clearly unceccessary to drop the bomb, if it didn’t have to be done, then what is the justification? Despite the fierce opposition from various military and political leaders, and the fact that Japan was ready to surrender, it was still dropped.

War is completely unnecessary, and there are always those who seem to thrive off of creating conflict. 9/11 is a perfect example, a supposed “terrorist” attack used to justify the infiltration of the Middle East.

There are more oddities, like the information suggesting that both sides of the war were funded by the same group. You can read more about that here.

Have we learned from our mistake? The fact that nuclear weapons even exist is a discouraging fact, and I am ashamed to be a part of a race who has developed so many of them. It would be great if we could use our brilliant minds/science to advance ourselves as a civilization, not destroy it.

We need to learn from our history, not accept textbook explanations that paint a false picture of it. That being said, we have come a long way since 1945; it’s clear that the majority of people on this planet prefer to live in a peaceful world, so why are there so many obstacles in place preventing us from doing so?

Related CE Article:

Why Are UFOs Shutting Down Nuclear Missles


05 May 2015

Is America scheduled to become the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s next Hellstorm?

by Preston James, Ph.D on May 3, 2015

During the last two years as more and more the of the secret Worldwide structure and mission of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) has been discovered.

These newly discovered facts which were never intended to be revealed. We know this because of the long term efforts to wipe them from the libraries and history, have been shared publicly on Veterans Today and other Alternative Media Publications.

We can now state that it has become unequivocally clear that the RKM is an incredibly evil, inhuman parasite that feeds of the enslavement of humanity using their two-faced criminally insane sociopathy to keep their limitless evil hidden from recognition by their victims and future victims-to-be.

We now know for certain that the markedly anti-human secret, but age-old Agenda of the RKM is based on the ancient Babylonian Talmudic cult some experts now call Frankism, Sabbatteanism, Bolshevism, NeoBolshevism, or most commonly Rothschild World Zionism (historically called “Sionism” before the Bauers appeared on the scene).

These Evil RKM Bloodlines go way back to ancient Babylonia and Babylonian Talmudism, Black-Magic and Baal Worship and child and mass-human sacrifice to (Baal aka Satan).

We now know for certain that all of the RKM top players are genetically related and continue an evil bloodline going all the way back to ancient Babylonia where members of these family lines learned and mastered what is called the “Black Arts”, Black-Magick, Babylonian Money-Magick, secret “disguised” assassinations as a main way of attaining or maintaining power, which is the art of manufacturing Counterfeit money and distributing it fraudulently to extract everybody else’s real wealth and the fruits of their labor.

We know that these core family RKM groups from which these RKM leaders emerge specialize in the ability to be two-faced, that is, able to project a fake people-oriented, caring, sensitive appearance on the outside (thus making them great confidence-men), while on the inside they are vicious anti-human snakes, parasites on humanity and perpetrators of child-sacrifice and major wars to kill of millions of humans as painfully as possible, while making huge profits from doing so and gaining more and more centralized consolidated power.

Other experts refer the top Chieftains of the RKM group of powerful, two-faced anti-humans as the “Synagogue of Satan”, Baal or Moloch Worshippers or “the Children of Cain”, or the Kenite Bloodline, which they have alleged is a “fallen angel” or hybrid bloodline with deeply inbred desires to enact incessant evil; this is a main characteristic of its genetic code, to be individuals with no human soul and with a complete inability for any human compassion toward humans.

Despite their incredible apparent Satanic Power, the RKM is going to be ganged up on by the whole World and eventually eradicated, because they are soon reaching the point where their top real leadership no longer needs them.

And despite all the incredible power they have because they now control all western nations and their internal Secret Police, Governments and officials, the RKM top leadership’s Kingpins and Cutouts believe they are untouchable.

However these Kingpins and Cutouts do not understand the power of the Internet, the World Populism it is producing and the fact that soon they will become a liability to the NWO Globalist Agenda and will no longer be needed. When this turning point is reached, much to their surprise, they will be sacrificed as the whole world is induced to gang up against them and eradicate them by numerous means.

Certainly the RKM Kingpins and Cutouts cannot survive if the whole world wakes up and comes after them no matter what the cost. They think this just can’t happen. They do not understand the power of the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, which is breeding a new and powerful Populism all over the World that soon cannot be contained.

The true NWO Globalist Agenda is actually unknown to the Top RKM Chieftains and their lieutenants the RKM Kingpins and Cutouts and if they were told, they would not be able to believe it anyway because they are far too criminally insane.

At the final point where a NWO “good guy” impersonator is empowered to take over (if it ever reaches that point), he will sacrifice all of his top RKM Chieftains and will pretend he is the Savior of the World, when his intention will be to unleash a final Hellstorm destroying all of mankind and the whole world, probably by instigating a final nuclear WW3 that will make the earth uninhabitable by any humans.

Here’s what we know for certain about the secret Agenda of the RKM. Their plan is to dominate and decimate the whole World step by step by creating successive Hellstorms, using each one to set up the conditions that will foster the next one.

What exactly is a Hellstorm?

A Hellstorm is what the RKM’s occult invocation and raising of what they believe to be the “fires and destruction of Hell” on Planet Earth in order to consume as many humans as possible, as a large mass-blood-sacrifice to Satan (Lucifer). The top Babylonian Talmudic leaders of the RKM believe that if they do this they will be greatly anointed to run the whole World, own all its riches, and have the controls of all power and status. They also believe they must engage in periodic Satanic Child-sacrifice Rituals to maintain their special power, wealth, positions and status or otherwise they will be stripped of it all.

They also believe that if they stop this process of raising Hell on Earth by creating successive Hellstorms, they will quickly lose their power and will never be allowed to become “Eternal Gods of Mount Olympus.” Hows that for a criminally insane delusion, one that has killed hundreds of millions of innocent humans with incredibly painful, needless pre-engineered deaths?

Here is a a listing of the actual Hellstorms this criminally insane notably anti-human (probably non-human too) Satanic Cult the RKM has produced that we can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt:

1. They did it in Armenia and raped, tortured and mass-murdered about 1 and 1/2 million innocents Christian Armenians.

2. They did it in Russia in 1917 raping, torturing and mass-murdering about 22 millions innocent Orthodox Christians the first two years and then proceed to enslave and murder about another 80 million we know of.

3. They did it in Germany at the end of WW2 and raped, tortured and mass-murdered millions of innocent German Civilians and surrendered German Army troops, and violated numerous international treaties. We now know for certain that General Eisenhauer (his real Judiac name), Churchill another crypto Judaic and Stalin (also Judaic) created some of the World greatest crimes against humanity in how they handled the last two years of WW2 and starved so many innocent Germans. This of course has all been covered up until now and you will learn about it in the excellent video below called Hellstorm. Their reason, a deep malignant Judaic Triablsim based hatred of German Goyim they believed were essentially Christian.

4. They did it in Korea after WW2.

5. They did it in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia after the Korean war.

6. They did it in the first Iraq war.

7. They did it in the second Iraq war.

8. They did it in the war in Afghanistan which was staged to get the massive opium crop and use deployed American troops to guard it so it could be transported into America using frequent Global Hawk remote control operated pilot-less flights.

9. They have been trying desperately to do it again with a pre-engineered stage war against Syria and Iran, but so far President Obama has resisted. This should be an omen for the top RKM Chieftains of the major lane-change that is coming with the whole World turning against them. More on that at the end of this article.

10. Their fall back and final plan is to do it again by bringing a total Hellstorm to America like they did to East Germany after WW2, after using their attack on America of 9-11-10 and their Samson Option Nuclear Blackmail to transform America into GAZA II, the World’s largest open-air prison camp with all Americans, even their Judiac supporters included.

The RKM’s usual means of pre-engineering Hellstorms in nations of the World is to foment Color Revolutions; bust out the economies; deploy various forms of induced de-stabilizations covert ops; place incredibly abusive fascist dictator puppets in power that breed counter revolutions, racial strife, and police brutality; to stage Gladio-style False-flag attacks in order to produce synthetic terrorism which can then be used to convince the populace it is real terrorism and not RKM Organized Crime.

All these RKM induced problems are used to justify the acquisition of more and more RKM power supposedly to be used to solve these problems when instead they are used to add gasoline on them.

As more and more of the World learns this truth about this secret, hidden RKM Agenda to turn the whole World into a Hellstorm nation by nation, the whole World will organize against the RKM and eventually attack it from all directions.

As more and more Judaics are waking up to how they have been mind-kontrolled, conned and used by the RKM, an interesting new conflict is arising within the Judaic communities all over the World.

It has been a breeze for the RKM Chieftains to mind-kontrol and con mainstream Judaics. Why? Because the RKM Chieftains control all the “money” and can print or issue as much as they need. These Chieftains have acquired control over the University System, the Major Mass Media, the American Medical System, the Legal Profession, the Judiciary and most large International Corporations. This places them in the driver’s seat and they can pass out these rewards to “fellow Judaics” like giving candy to a baby.

This makes many Judaics very desirous of all the power, money and status that these RKM Chieftains have and motivates them to serve these Chieftains and do everythin possible to become like them and gain their favors. The result? Mainstream Judaics who have thus attained high levels of success in the RKM System, stick together and are completely committed to their malignant Judaic Tribalism which unfortunately includes believing the sick, twisted paranoid group Judaic racial delusion based on imagined racial persecution that all Goyim are their enemies and want to eradicate them.

This extreme racial delusion produces fear and hatred of Goyim and justifies pre-emptive aggression toward them including staged wars, gladio-style False-flag attacks like 9-11-01, and engineered economic collapse, plagues and diseases. Over time the abuse toward Goyim that this Judaic group racial paranoia produces become a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and Goyim begin to see that these malignant Judaic Tribalists are trying to asset strip them, destroy their society and mass-murder them.

Obviously at some point the Goyim become so provoked they will act against these malignant Judaic Tribalists. This will soon likely occur because the whole World is now ganging up to attack the criminal Apartheid State of Israel for all its staged wars, mass-murder, war crimes, theft of Palestinian Lands, Apartheid against Palestinians and for attacking America with nukes on 9-11-01. Believe you me as the World finally connects all these dots, payback against Israel and these RKM Chieftains is going to be a real bitch, far more extreme than most could imagine.

Many Judaics who now suffer from a group psychological disorder, best called RKM induced malignant Judaic Tribalism are waking up. They are beginning to realize that they have been mind-kontrolled to carry incorrect beliefs that have induced them to have a serious group mental disorder which makes them dangerous to humanity and the whole World.

This notable and dangerous group mental disorder is best characterized by a notable paranoid racial persecution delusion that has been and is now being used to justify hatred, abuse, asset stripping, oppression, tyranny, massive land-theft and mass-murder of what they define as “Goyim.”

This is what they have been doing to Palestinians and by creating an Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians and by attacking America on 9-11-01, they have actually sealed their own fate which will result in their eradication unless they immediately wake up and reject all these incorrect beliefs instilled by their RKM Overlords who have suckered them beyond belief to do their dirty work in exchange for money, high positions, status and power.

Can you handle the real truth about the end of WW2 and why General Patton’s assassination was ordered by President Truman. In the Nazi forced labor camps about 290,000 died from cholera and starvation, induced by the Allies by needlessly extending the war and bombing the supply lines, official red Cross figure show about 200,000 of these were Judaics. Compare this to the now estimated 55 million innocent civilians mass-murdered during WW2 and now described as merely “collateral damage” from the Allied Air War.

This Hellstorm was created and run by the RKM secret Crypto Judaics Churchill, FDR and Stalin. General George Patton knew the truth and was going to tell all America about it upon his return since he couldn’t get any where trying to convince the American High Military Command who were all run by the RKM. By the way, when was the last time you ever heard any Malignant Judaic Tribalists ever mention his real Holocaust, the Armenian Slaughter or the Babylonian Talmudism behind the Bolshevik slaughter in Russia in 1917? The answer is NEVER because if they ever studied the facts it would forever break the spell of their RKM Mind-kontrol.

Note: Popular Author and renown Artist Jim Kirwan must be credited with some of the important content of this article. He has been on the forefront of many of the discoveries about the Rothschild World Zionists which I refer to as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). The actual term Khazarian Mafia was coined by Veterans Today Financial Editor and “Short End of the Stick” talk show host Mike Harris, and in my opinion is by far the very best description of this criminally insane inhuman group of enemies of the whole World and all of mankind.

How tragic for the World that these powerful individuals that create money from nothing and charge pernicious usury to folks to use what should be their own money have been able to operate in abject secrecy so long. And how dehumanizing for the RKM to secretly refer to humans as their Goyim, that is their cattle to use, abuse, asset strip and slaughter as human sacrifice to their evil god Lucifer (Satan, also known as Baal or Moloch).
 The following performance is by the artist Joe Bonamassa, now recognized world’s top Guitarist and the hardest working, best performing musician on tour anywhere in the world right now.

14 January 2014

The Psyche of Hindu Fascism

October 2007
 Does the suppression of sexuality make men more open to the promises of fascist thinking?

The large-scale massacre of Muslims in February-March 2002 in Gujarat was a watershed in the history of independent India. So, too, was what followed. While investigating violations in situations of severe state repression, from Bastar to Kashmir, human-rights teams in India had never before been afraid of the masses. But the hostility of the ‘ordinary people’ that met investigators in Gujarat was palpable, particularly in villages such as Sanjeli and Anjanwa. These were agents of neither the ubiquitous state nor of villainous industrialists: these were ‘common people’, suddenly on the brink of attacking human-rights teams perceived as ‘minority appeasers’.
Given the collaboration of the state machinery in the killings in Gujarat, Muslims fled to areas where they came to make up sizable sections of the population. But there proved to be no safety, even in numbers. Sanjeli, for instance, in Dahod District, had 500 Muslim households, constituting about 40 percent of the population. After the 27 February 2002 burning at Godhra railway station of two train compartments carrying kar sevaks (volunteers) returning from Ayodhya, Sanjeli was attacked by a mob of more than 25,000 people – a horde that, for the first time, included the large-scale participation of Adivasis. The rallying cries were: Muslims despoil our women! and One hundred Bhil women violated in Sanjeli alone!
The massacres of Muslims in residential colonies such as Naroda-Patiya and Gulbarg Society in Ahmedabad were undertaken by mobs likewise numbering between 20,000 and 25,000, largely with the approval of the state’s Hindu community. This support likewise manifested itself in the subsequent assembly elections, and the “peoples’ verdict” of returning the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government to power. This victory was subsequently used as a sledgehammer with which to silence critics. In such a situation, it becomes impossible to refuse to see the participation of a sizable section of the common people in a fascist agenda.

The agenda is undoubtedly fascist, not merely fundamentalist. Within any religion, ‘fundamentalism’ literally connotes the strict maintenance of orthodox beliefs and fundamental doctrines. Christian fundamentalism would thus require a literal reading of the Bible, including a belief in the ‘virgin birth’ and the second coming of Christ. Islamic fundamentalism would look to a return to the principles and practices of early Islam, as patterned on the 7th-century community established by Mohammad at Medina. Similarly, Hindu fundamentalism could be a revitalisation of sorts – through the return to an imaginary ram rajya, or a golden age during the reign of Lord Ram.

Yet, ‘fundamentalism’ no longer refers to a mere return to fundamentalist doctrines, and has come to represent the aggressive promotion of a doctrinaire, rigid and centralised religion, increasingly intolerant not only of other faiths, but also of any deviant strand within its own. It also denotes an acceptance of the use of violent means in pursuit of furthering or protecting the faith. The Hindutva ideology represents a dogmatic Hinduism, which shows evidence not only of fundamentalism, but also of fascism.

Although there is no coherent body of political doctrine associated with fascism, the shared common features of fascist movements have been: aggressive and unquestioning nationalism; belief in the supremacy of one national, ethnic or religious group over others; disrespect for democratic and liberal institutions, which does not preclude using them to attain power; a profound hatred for socialism; insistence on obedience to a powerful and absolute leader; and a strong association with militarism and a demagogic approach, that appeals to and whips up the basest emotions in a mob, making it suggestible, hasty in judgement, easily swayed and carried away by the consciousness of its own force. It is these features of the movement, spearheaded by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), that urge comparisons with the Partito Nazionale Fascista (PNF) founded by Benito Mussolini, Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts in Britain, the Iron Guard in Romania, the Croix de Feu in France and the Nazi Party in Germany.

Since its formation in 1925, it has been the RSS’s agenda to transform a relatively tolerant and pluralistic Hinduism into an aggressive Hindutva, attacking minorities. Christians have also been targeted, but special virulence is reserved for Muslims. The Sangh has a rigidly hierarchical structure, with leaders appointed rather than elected. Though the Sangh is open to married men, the grihastha (householder) is considered on a lower footing than the brahmachari, the virile but celibate son of Bharat Mata embodied in the pracharak (preacher). The Sangh accepts no women members, although a separate all-woman Rashtriya Sevika Samiti was founded back in 1936 by K B Hedgevar and Lakshmibai Kelkar.
After the Allied victory, the West projected fascism as a national characteristic unique to the Germans and Japanese. In reality, fascism enjoyed a sizable following in all countries, including the United States, during the era preceding World War II. A number of industrial houses supported fascism, and were subsequently able to prosper both during the war and since.

Unfortunately, the left has offered little insight into the phenomenon of the mobilisation of people for a fascist agenda. Marxism defines fascism as “the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinist and most imperialist elements of finance capital”. Even the German Communist Party – other than using terms such as “fear psychosis”, or stating that fascism had “corrupted” and “hypnotised” the masses – had little to offer by way of explanation as to why the German economic crisis of the 1930s had not led the masses to turn to the revolutionary, rather than the fascist, forces. The left in India suffers from the same flaw, offering little more than rhetoric in the analysis of fascism evident in Hindutva. Indeed, the Indian left appears to be in no position to devise strategies to counter the menacing shadow of fascism in the country.

The biggest lacuna of Marxist thought has been its failure to explore the role played by impulses that do not originate in the conscious mind. The appeal and growth of fascism cannot be understood without dipping into the well of the unconscious. Marx was a sociologist, not a psychologist. In any case, scientific psychology did not exist at the time, and the so-called subjective factor of history, in Marx’s sense, remained un-investigated. It was not until a half-century later that Freud’s articulation of the ‘unconscious’ – the path-breaking postulation that consciousness is only a small part of the psychic life; the dissociation of sexuality from procreation; and the recognition of repression of childhood sexuality – finally created analytical tools with which to explore the irrational in human beings.

The success of Joseph Goebbels-like propaganda is not based on appeal to the rational mind, the establishment of facts through scientific data. There is little factual reality, for instance, behind the successful implanting in a sizable section of the Hindu community such beliefs as ‘Hindus are being persecuted in their own country’, ‘Muslims have four wives and 64 children’ or ‘Hindus will soon be a minority in India’. In the face of data (including that officially compiled by the government of India), one particular erroneous conviction held by the majority Hindus played a crucial role in the post-carnage 2002 Gujarat elections: the certainty that, in all prior riots in the state, most of the victims had been Hindus. This explains the encomiums – such as lauh purush (Iron Man) – that have subsequently been showered on Narendra Modi, as the first chief minister to have ensured that, in the 2002 riots, more Muslims were killed than Hindus.
Repression and oppression
The work of Wilhelm Reich, based on the experience of the rise of fascism in Germany during the 1930s, offers a possible way in which to comprehend the appeal of the Hindutva brand of fascism for a sizable section of people in India. Taking psychoanalytical tools beyond the confines of individual clinical psychology, and building upon the sociological groundwork of Marx, Reich explored the sociological reasons for the suppression of sexuality by society, and the concomitant repression by the individual. He postulated that the suppression of sexuality could have a crippling effect on both rebellious impulses and critical faculties, and could eventually lead to the development of a docile and obedient personality, one that is attracted to authoritarian order. Such a theory could provide a pointer as to the phenomenon of Hindutva fascism in India.

Along with suppression of sexuality, there is valorisation in Hindu society of brahmacharya, which emphasises mental and physical restraint, including celibacy. Hindu scriptures are replete with aphorisms extolling the virtues of brahmacharya. But the belief that a drop of semen is the equivalent of thousands of drops of blood is not confined to Hindus alone; rather, it is a deeply embedded cultural belief shared by many in the Subcontinent. The sheer number of flourishing roadside practitioners of various forms of medicine geared to treating weakness in men bears testimony to the widespread prevalence of this belief. Allopathic medical practitioners testify that, confronted with patients who feel ‘weak’ after their wedding, the only options are either to give a placebo or to advise against having sex for an extended period of time.

In general, India’s arid education system; worries about employment; family pressures to marry, produce children and fulfil duties towards parents – all of these together leave little space for the development of an autonomous, well-rounded personality. The personality of the Indian boy/man is a far cry from the existential man of Sartre and Camus, who deals with the world’s many complexities and ambiguities, makes choices and takes responsibility for his actions. The decisions that are considered ‘major’ and ‘individual’ in the Western worldview – those of job, the times and partners for marriage and children – in Indian society are all taken predominantly by elders.
 The end result is a non-assertive, amorphous personality – one that can take the shape of the obedient son, but who can also get pushed around in the workplace. This personality also has a converse, authoritarian side, most often manifested in the role of the ‘strict father’ and ‘master-husband’, who keeps his wife and children under rigorous control and sees to it that they serve his parents well. Fascism enmeshes with and appeals to both aspects of this personality. It offers a simple ‘good-bad’ binary that is well suited for this personality. This binary removes the individual from the burdens of independent thinking, the usage of critical faculties, the formation of personal opinions and the exercise of choices that would bring with them responsibilities towards action. Instead of anxiety-causing complexity and uncertainty, there is simplicity and certainty. Ambiguities are replaced with comforting moral clarities: Muslims are bad, Hindus are good or Muslims are good, Hindus are bad or Christians are believers, Muslims are infidels. The burden of making choices and taking personal responsibility is also lifted, as the father-fuehrer-leader offers absolution:Kill the dirty Muslims/Hindus/Jews. We will take responsibility. The authoritarian aspects likewise receive fulfilment in the degradation and humiliation of the opposing community.

The manifestation of the good-bad binary can also be seen in the goddess-whore paradigm, which retains a strong grip on the Indian psyche. The Sati Savitris are always in sharp contrast to Surpanakhas, the sister of Ravan who sought to entice Lakshman (and therefore deserved to get her nose chopped off), or the ubiquitous non-Hindu ‘Lily’ and ‘Mona’ vamps of Indian cinema, who likewise get their comeuppance in the end. This deeply embedded binary construct plays a crucial role in mobilisation for a fascist agenda.

‘Saving’ women
Conservative Indian society, whether in the Hindi heartland, peninsular India or elsewhere, offers little space for any expression of sexuality, or for interaction between boys and girls. At the same time, the reverence for brahmacharya among males, along with beliefs about loss of semen leading to weakness of the body, mind and spirit, acts as a block to healthy masturbation. Even when ‘indulged’ in, the act comes ridden with anxiety and fears about the consequences. Sexual fantasies, half-remembered dreams, nebulous near-incestuous memories involving the ‘pure’ mother and ‘virgin’ sister engender feelings of guilt and perversion. Such anxiety-provoking feelings are also inevitably suppressed from the consciousness, leading to further repression in the psyche. In turn, such frustrations can more easily be projected onto the ‘other’, who becomes the repository of all that is ‘impure’, ‘sexual’ and ‘evil’. Under the right circumstances, this projection will become violent.

It is no coincidence that riding the Hindutva chariot is primarily a male phenomenon, barring a couple of notable Sadhvis. This machismo seems to tap directly into the large masses of sexually deprived and repressed young men – their energies, it would seem, effectively channelled towards the larger Hindutva project. The connection between repressed sexuality and the whipping-up of violent reaction against other communities was never more apparent than in the spring of 2002 in Gujarat. Long before any killing began, symbolism over women’s bodies was being used to polarise the Hindu and Muslim communities. Muslim men were demonised as ‘marauding aliens’ lusting over Hindu women. Leaders of the Hindutva brigade in Gujarat would systematically stir fears about Muslim men carrying away Hindu women to add to their harems. Over the past decade, public meetings, speeches, pamphlets, schools, cultural groups, ashrams, philanthropic institutions, babas, sants and maharajs have all been used by the Sangh Parivar to spread venom against Muslims. This tendency was ratcheted up to a fever pitch following the Godhra train burning, with rumours about Hindu women being abducted, raped and mutilated playing a crucial role in the subsequent mobilisation.

Between 28 February and 1 March, leading Gujarati dailies such as Sandesh and Gujarat Samachar carried incendiary and fabricated news such as: “10-15 Hindu women were dragged away by a fanatic mob from the railway compartment”, “Wicked villains of this mob kidnapped some ten behno [sisters] whose whereabouts are not yet known”, “Helpless women were struggling to escape from the grip of saitans [devils]”, “Out of kidnapped young ladies from Sabarmati Express, dead bodies of two women recovered – breasts of women were cut off”. As they were meant to do, such headlines inevitably inflamed communal tensions, feeding into righteous indignation and moral outrage, and providing an apparent justification for the massacre of Muslims that followed.

As with the construction of the black male in white-supremacist discourse, in the Hindutva agenda the Muslim male is projected as an over-sexed, beast-like creature, lusting after (and, thus, threatening) Hindu women. The stereotyping of individual women into the categories of ‘whore ‘ and ‘goddess’ likewise contributes to women of other communities (Muslim and Christian) being considered amoral – enjoying sex, unlike ‘dutiful’ Hindu women. Sexual violence against Muslim girls and women thus becomes a righteous moral act to save the ‘honour’ of ‘our’ mothers and sisters; at the same time, it also emasculates the rapacious Muslim males, ‘dishonouring’ the entire community.

Not that women have not been actively utilised by Hindutva militancy, but overt participation of women in riots and killings is still a relatively new phenomenon. Maya Kodnani, a female MLA in the Gujarat Assembly, played a leading role in the 2002 massacres in Ahmedabad. There were several instances of rapists being supported or even actively instigated by women in the carnage against Muslims in Gujarat. Growing evidence points out that militant Hindu nationalism often offers greater independence and autonomy for women than is permissible in the general model of domestic femininity. Hinduism’s many references to non-demure goddesses slaying enemies provides space for training in armed combat, as well as travelling across the country in the cause of the Hindu nation – ultimately presenting a life significantly less controlled by family and society.

Motherland lust
As the goddess-whore binary alludes, Hindutva fascism does not focus on women’s sexuality alone. The idea of ‘woman as mother’ also plays a crucial role in the shaping of the male psyche, and fits snugly into fascist ideology. Given the particularly intense and intimate mother-son relationship in India, the impact of the mother may be even more significant than in other societies. It also contributes to evoking particularly strong feelings with respect to perceived threats to the mother.
The emotional core of the feelings towards both the mother and the motherland has been used to great effect in the mobilisation for the Hindutva agenda. The existence of Babri Masjid as a phallic symbol – which colonises Mother India and emasculates the virile sons who failed to protect her – was forcefully played upon by BJP leader L K Advani in order to spread hate during the Ramjanmabhoomi Rath Yatra. The speeches by various leaders throughout the yatra, as well as at Ayodhya, went along the following lines: the Invader Babar the Cruel raped our mothers and sisters, and destroyed the original Ram temple; the Babri Masjid baitha (a sexually charged ‘astride’) Bharat Mata is an insult and humiliation to Hindu virility and manhood. In the vernacular, these words and phrases sounded even cruder, and likewise had an even greater emotional impact.

Starting the yatra from Somnath on the Gujarat coast, invoking the plunder of the temple (the looting and destruction of which had nothing to do with Indian Muslims), and ending it at Babri Masjid, was a masterful exercise in invoking past traumas as though they were occurring in the immediate present. RSS leaders repeatedly emphasised to their cadre that the existence of the standing, ‘erect’ Babri Masjid proclaimed to the world the defiling of Hindu women by Muslims and the rape of the ‘motherland’ by Babar – and that the demolition of the mosque would restore both Hindu male virility and symbolic Hindu feminine purity. The conflation of contemporary stories with those of historical Muslim rulers (Taimur, Genghis Khan, Babar) invading Mother India and violating ‘pure’ Hindu girls and women inevitably led to an intensification of anti-Muslim anger – as attested to by the killings of Muslims in towns and cities along the yatra’s route.

It is no coincidence that Hindutva is currently being propagated as “cultural nationalism”, a not-too-distant cousin of the National Socialism of the Nazi Party. The attempts to demonise the Muslim community sound astoundingly similar to Goebbels’s propaganda against the Jews: “If someone cracks a whip across your mother’s face, would you say to him, ‘Thank you! He is a man too!’ One who does such a thing is not a man – he is a brute! How many worse things has the Jew inflicted upon our mother Germany, and still inflicts upon her! He has debauched our race, sapped our energy, undermined our customs and broken our strength!” Almost a century after the rise of the right in Europe, the left the world over remains closed to the discipline of psychoanalysis, looking at it solely as a bourgeois pseudo-science. It is equally unfortunate that psychoanalysis remains largely confined to the individual psyche and the therapist-patient paradigm. 
Perhaps it is time to pull down the walls, take psychoanalysis out of the closet, and recognise that the irrational in the human psyche influences not only individual behaviour, but also impacts mass psychology and the broader canvas of events. It is a little-known but curious fact that Mohandas Gandhi, in his anguished search for a resolution to the vexed Hindu-Muslim problem, attended the 1925 meeting of the Indian Psychoanalytical Society in Calcutta. Most of us have the anxieties, insecurities, feelings of rage and anger that are part of human existence. At the other end of the spectrum, however, remain positive feelings: those of belonging to a community, of love for the earth and for fellow human beings. It is the interface of politics and psychoanalysis that can unravel the processes through which both negative and positive feelings in the psyche become mobilised for a fascist agenda. 
~ Rakesh Shukla is a Delhi-based Supreme Court lawyer and student of Psychoanalysis

11 August 2013

The End of Mankind as We Know it - According to NASA's Future Warfare Document 2013

The End of Mankind as We Know it
- According to NASA’s Future Warfare Document 

 - 26 June 2013
from ADG-UK Website

Deborah Tavares explores some of the ways depopulation may occur and everyday things we are exposed to may be used as weapons against the people. If Depopulation is the objective these may be the tools to do just that.

People need to be informed at least given the chance to see this information and make the decision themselves to believe and act on it or not.

Download the NASA pdf.

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16 July 2012

Signs Point to Olympics False Flag?

Cabalists believe that in order to create the NWO, they must destroy the Old.

"The five main individuals in the crowd are wearing clothes with all the colors of the Olympic rings in them."

The London Olympics open July 27. The Internet is buzzing with speculation that a false flag will be used as a pretext for war.

(Editor's Note: We present this information for discussion purposes only. We do not endorse it or the work of this author in general.)

By: Salman An-Noor Hossain
Part I - Mega Massacre Planned

Friday July the 13th --- I am predicting that there will be a massive event in London during the Olympics.

The Illuminati Mafia, headquartered in the City of London, are planning to murder tens or hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions.

The plans have already been in place. Explosives have most probably been planted already with very little need for modifications. The "Illuminati" card game by Steve Jackson in 1995 reveals a lot of information to us.

In the pack of 330 cards, there is one main one that stands out from the rest. That is the "Combined Disasters" card which shows a lot of smoke with a crowd running.

The five main individuals in the crowd are wearing clothes with all the colors of the Olympic rings in them. Big Ben is shown as being blown up and toppled.

There will be at least two or more sets of combined disasters. They will include acts of staged terrorism, artificially constructed "natural" disasters, and either a possible air raid by a foreign fighter jet (from another Muslim country that needs to be destroyed?!?!) penetrating England's Air Defense and dropping what seems to be an earthquake bomb (T-12) onto the Olympic stadium or any other venues where there will be a massive gathering of spectators.

Straight from the horse's mouth - Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Protocols 9, Point 13, it states the following:

13. You may say that the GOYIM will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a maneuver of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail - the undergrounds, metropolitans, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air with all their organizations and archives.

The most probable targets are as follows -

• Big Ben (100% likelihood)
• 6 major locations in the London underground subways (100 % likelihood)
• Olympic Stadium - possible air raid and bomb dropped from the sky on crowds(100% likelihood)
• London Bridge and Tunnels underneath the Thames River but made to look like it's natural or due to a faulty and collapsed undersea and subterranean path (95% likelihood.) Perhaps it will be make to look like an earthquake has struck which resulted in the flood by the ejection of the tunnels! Let us not forget that Anubis, the God of Death was paraded on the Thames river on October 3rd 2007, a few months after the "Zion 2012" logo was revealed to the public!

Another manufactured environmental terrorist attack was attempted underneath the Thames river before on July 6th 2007, shortly before the London bombings were executed by Mi-5 and Mossad in a joint operation.

• Trafalgar Square (80% likelihood - British intelligence agent Tom Cain nee David Thomas hinted it out!!!)
• Buses and Bus/Subway Terminals (75% likelihood)
• Bio-chemical agents and/or viruses will be released into public venues thereby spreading artificially created pandemics and epidemics, resulting in mass casualties.
• Various Olympic venues where spectators will gather and any other popular public facilities (60-70% likelihood)
• Random car bombs may go off in public venues (50% likelihood). If you see isolated black/white cars, black/white vans (away from other vehicles) in public locations near crowded areas - then there is a possibility that these are Mossad car bombs.

There are expected to be seven bombs in all. Six regular bombs built with military grade explosives (RDX?!?) and one mega or nuclear bomb. One of the main locations and transportation terminal is Stratford, underneath which a massive bomb has already been placed.

On June 6th (6-6) 2012, the underground in that terminal was closed citing security concerns and exploding pipes as an excuse. Were they rigging the underground with explosives that day?

Israeli agents are providing "security" during the games in conjunction with American, German, and British Special Forces. Up to 25,000 foreign and private mercenaries have been hired to guard the games. They are mostly American or German troops that have been brought in to squash or quell any revolts.

The Illuminati cabal with the help of local and/or foreign Shabbos goyim, are planning on destroying major areas within the city and then begin another reconstruction project in order to build their "New Jerusalem" or "New Zion".

This is similar to what Jewish mobsters from Las Vegas, Nevada did when the Levees were blown up in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina on September 2005. In this case, they decided to build casinos and business centers which they could run.


A whistle blower by the name Rik Clay who exposed the Zion 2012 Olympics had been murdered in late 2008 after exposing the Olympic site as one which had been designed in the same format as a staging ground for a massive pagan ritual sacrifice.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had been denied entry to the United Kingdom in order to show support and solidarity with Iranian athletes who are going to be performing there. Ms. Gillard of Australia has said she will not be showing up. Other important heads of states, especially from Western countries are avoiding the Olympics.

Another whistle blower by the name of Ben Fellows has had threats made to his life after infiltrating, investigating, and exposing the London Olympics for the security failures that they had.

He also mentioned G4S, a foreign company with links to Israeli intelligence, as providing security personnel during the Olympics. 200 thousand linen caskets capable of holding up to a million dead bodies had been brought into London. All metal and explosive detectors had been turned off or were malfunctioning and it would be very easy for spies and terrorists to stage massacres. His emails to authorities were totally downplayed as being of no significant concern - suggesting that important individuals with life-saving decision making capabilities are engaging in purposeful criminal negligence. An example of one such individual is Andy Davies - Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent.

The City of London, which is located on an artificial longitudinal line known as the Greenwich Mean Time, symbolically, also represents the middle of the earth's time zone. Time Zero as it is called. The Greenwich Mean Time divides the earth into the eastern and western hemispheres.

The city of London was once the capital of not only the United Kingdom, but much of the British Empire as well. To understand why the Illuminati would want to destroy London, one can only assume and speculate that it is due to the fact the city has possibly become of no use to them.


Peres will not attend Olympics. Can't observe Sabbath. Since when do satanists observe Sabbath?

Larry Silverstein will not be attending either...

From K:

Here's a few valuable links on this topic.


Video links:



And regarding their past ritual sacrifices, and Olympic ritual celebrations:

Regarding another satanic false flag ritual sacrifice:

Diana's Murder - Occult Meaning

Whatever venues they hit, we need to notice the "security companies", who owns or has insurance policies at said venues, strange sudden short selling activities, etc, Thanks for reporting the odd closing of the tunnels. Very suspicious! Just like the strange activity around 911 in the WTC buildings and how Jeb Bush declared Florida in state of Martial Law four entire days prior to the event. In the UK what organization is like FEMA? Lets never forget how they were in place also on Sept 10th in NYC.
One thing about these satanics is they do not change their M.O. Their arrogance and pathology blinds them to how profoundly they betray themselves.