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01 November 2014

Indira Gandhi and The Moles Of Henry Kissinger

Report by Shelley Kasli & G. Raja Sekhar, Post Graduate Research Scholar, Dept. of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University

Declassified documents ‘FOREIGN RELATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES, 1969–1976, VOLUME E–7, DOCUMENTS ON SOUTH ASIA, 1969–1972‘ contain a wealth of information on what the then American President Richard Nixon and his assistant for NSA Henry Kissinger thought of India, and provide a fascinating insight into how the duo sought to play the Russians and the Chinese in those crucial days of 1971.

Conversation Among President Nixon, the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger), and the President’s Chief of Staff (Haldeman), Washington, November 5, 1971, 8:15-9:00 a.m.

Nixon: This is just the point when she [Indira Gandhi] is a bitch.

Kissinger: Well, the Indians are bastards anyway. They are starting a war there. It’s—to them East Pakistan is no longer the issue. Now, I found it very interesting how she carried on to you yesterday about West Pakistan.

Nixon: We really slobbered over the old witch.

Kissinger: How you slobbered over her in things that did not matter, but in the things that did matter—

Nixon: Yeah.

Conversation Between President Nixon and his Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger), Washington, May 26, 1971, 10:38-10:44 a.m.

Nixon: Good. Go ahead.

Kissinger: —Embassy. Then you can take credit. You can tell the Indians to pipe down—

Nixon: Yeah.

Kissinger: And we’ll keep Yahya happy.

Nixon: The Indians need—what they need really is a—

Kissinger: They’re such bastards.

Nixon: A mass famine. But they aren’t going to get that. We’re going to feed them—a new kind of wheat. But if they’re not going to have a famine the last thing they need is another war. Let the goddamn Indians fight a war [unclear].

Kissinger: They are the most aggressive goddamn people around there.

Nixon: The Indians?

Kissinger: Yeah.

Nixon: Sure.
After becoming Prime Minister, Gandhi expressed the intention of nationalising the banks in a paper titled, “Stray thoughts on Bank Nationalisation” in order to alleviate poverty. The paper received the overwhelming support of the public. In 1969, Gandhi moved to nationalise fourteen major commercial banks. After the nationalisation of banks, the branches of the public sector banks in India rose to approximate 800 percent in deposits, and advances took a huge jump by 11,000 percent. The nationalization drive not only helped to increase household savings, but it also provided considerable investments in the informal sector, in small and medium-sized enterprises, and in agriculture, and contributed significantly to regional development and to the expansion of India’s industrial and agricultural base.

Having been re-elected in 1971 on a nationalisation platform, Gandhi proceeded to nationalise the coal, steel, copper, refining, cotton textiles, and insurance industries. Most of these nationalisations were made to protect employment and the interest of the organised labour. The remaining private sector industries were placed under strict regulatory control.

In 1971, Indira Gandhi intervened in the Pakistani Civil War in support of East Pakistan. India emerged victorious in the resulting conflict. India had signed a treaty with the Soviet Union promising mutual assistance in the case of war, while Pakistan received active support from the United States during the conflict. U.S. President Richard Nixon disliked Gandhi personally, referring to her as a “witch” and “clever fox” in his private communication with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Nixon later wrote of the war: “[Gandhi] suckered [America]. Suckered us…..this woman suckered us.”

The reason for their dislike of Indira Gandhi was because during the 1971 war, foreign-owned (Anglo American) private oil companies had refused to supply fuel to the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. In response, Indira Gandhi nationalised oil companies in 1973. After nationalisation the oil majors such as the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) and the Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) had to keep a minimum stock level of oil, to be supplied to the military when needed.

The Moles of Kissinger

Indira Gandhi sensed a parallel in the activities of her Indian political nemesis Morarji Desai and Jayewardene. Later it turned out, that Morarji Desai had received payments from CIA, while he served as a deputy prime minister under Indira Gandhi. “In his 1983 book, ”The Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House,” Mr. Hersh wrote that Mr. Desai, India’s Prime Minister from 1977 to 1979, received $20,000 a year from the C.I.A. during the Johnson and Nixon administrations in exchange for information on Indian foreign policy and domestic politics. Mr. Hersh based his claim on information supplied by six confidential sources.”

Seymour Hersh & Morarji Desai

In his book, Hersh, a Pulitzer-prize winner and former New York Times reporter, wrote that Desai first began taking money during the Johnson years and continued receiving payments through the Nixon era.

In exchange, Hersh wrote, Desai informed the CIA in 1971 that India was preparing to invade Pakistan, and about then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi`s efforts to seek closer relations with the Soviet Union.
Desai v. Hersh, 954 F.2d 1408 (1992), Circuit Judge

In his book, The Price of Power: Kissinger and Nixon in the White Housedefendant Seymour Hersh examines how former National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger conducted U.S. foreign policy during President Richard Nixon’s first term. Included in Hersh’s commentary is a chapter reviewing the U.S. foreign policy decisions concerning the 1971 India-Pakistan War, a crisis in which the United States adopted a controversial, hard-line policy against India and in favor of West Pakistan. According to Hersh, President Nixon and Dr. Kissinger justified this policy based largely on information received from a “reliable source” reporting from India through the Central Intelligence Agency. The identity of the source who furnished this information was never revealed by the National Security Council or the CIA.

During his testimony at trial, Hersh explained that he relied on six separate confidential sources to support his assertion that Desai was a CIA informant. Hersh testified that of the six sources, “two were out of government, one was in the CIA, one was in the world of the NSA, National Security Agency, which is the communications intelligence people, and two were working in the White House.” Two of these sources he characterized as “active sources” who “were telling me details, a lot of detail.” And, at one point during his direct testimony, Hersh stated that “I thought the most important thing was to know that the sources upon which I was relying were sources that I had the utmost confidence in, and that was the driving force of what I wrote.”

Kissinger Testifies At Hersh Trial
October 03, 1989

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger testified Monday in the federal libel suit of author Seymour Hersh that he doubted that former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai worked as a $20,000-a-year spy for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Kissinger was subpoenaed to testify by Desai`s attorneys last week in hopes of bolstering their contention that Desai was libeled by Hersh in his 1983 book, “The Price of Power: Henry Kissinger in the Nixon White House.“

Hersh wrote that Desai was a paid informant for the CIA and a valuable asset to the U.S. government during the Johnson and Nixon administrations.

Before a packed courtroom in front of U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle, Kissinger was asked by one of Desai`s attorneys, Cyriac Kappil, if he knew the names of CIA spy sources.

“No, I would not know the names of any sources,“ Kissinger replied.

“We did not want to be briefed as to names.“

Kissinger, national security adviser under President Richard Nixon and secretary of state under President Gerald Ford, said that although the sources were not named, some were categorized as “sensitive“ on the intelligence reports to show if their discovery would “provide embarrassment to the United States.“

Asked to describe the categories, Kissinger responded, “I think that would get me into classified areas.“

Asked by Kappil if information coming from Desai, a member of the Indian Parliament in 1971, would be considered “sensitive,“ Kissinger responded,

“I would have expected that, yes.“

In the book, Hersh wrote that Desai was considered by President Lyndon Johnson`s administration to have been a “star performer“ for the CIA. Asked if he thought that was true, Kissinger said, “I was not aware of that.“

“Do you have any reason to believe that Desai was paid by the CIA from 1969 to 1971?“ Kappil asked.

“I have no such reason to believe that,“ Kissinger answered.

Under cross-examination by one of Hersh`s attorneys, Bernard Nussbaum, Kissinger was pressed for details about the CIA sources. He was asked if the Nixon administration believed it had access to what Mrs. Gandhi was saying at Cabinet meetings.

“We believe we had access to Prime Minister Gandhi`s opinions from various sources,“ Kissinger replied. “I don`t want to get into sources.“

Nevermind Kissinger, his sources were recently revealed through diplomatic and intelligence records released by Wikileaks special project.

Wikileaks Special Project K
The Kissinger Cables

The Kissinger Cables comprise more than 1.7 million US diplomatic records for the period 1973 to 1976, including 205,901 records relating to former US Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger. Dating from January 1, 1973 to December 31, 1976 they cover a variety of diplomatic traffic including cables, intelligence reports and congressional correspondence. They include more than 1.3 million full diplomatic cables and 320,000 originally classified records. These include more than 227,000 cables classified as “CONFIDENTIAL” and 61,000 cables classified as “SECRET”. Perhaps more importantly, there are more than 12,000 documents with the sensitive handling restriction “NODIS” or ‘no distribution’, and more than 9,000 labelled “Eyes Only”.

At around 700 million words, the Kissinger Cables collection is approximately five times the size of WikiLeaks’ Cablegate. The raw PDF data is more than 380 Gigabytes in size and is the largest WikiLeaks publication to date.

Subramaniyan Swamy

In a recent revelation, WikiLeaks has released cables containing information about how the United States managed to scoop details about late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s election strategies and health details during the Emergency in 1977 from Subramanian Swamy.

The cables also gives details about how Swamy acted as the Indian source of information for US officials.

The report states that Indira Gandhi was ‘indisposed’ and wanted to set March as the election date to square things in her favour in light of her alleged bad health (according to the report, she was suffering from terminal cancer). 

Below is the full text of WikiLeaks report:


Several reports suggesting the prime minister may be in ill health have come to the department’s attention in recent days. It has been reported Jagjivan Ram wished her speedy recovery in his letter of resignation. An AFP report from Delhi February 2 cites an informed Indian source to effect she is in poor health. However those close to her are also reported by AFP as explaining that she is slightly indisposed. A further report from Delhi indicates she looked tired and drawn in responding to Jagjivan Ram’s announcement. Subramanian Swamy suggested to department officer ten days ago that he heard Mrs. Gandhi was prompted to set the March election date because she wanted to square things away in view of her failing health. Newsweek has a story she has terminal cancer and the surprise election call was a way to assure the quick succession of Sanjay in the next 60-90 days.

Complicity in Rajiv Gandhi Assassination

It should also be noted that the Jain Commission Report included startling depositions and intelligence intercepts that indicate that Dr Subramanian Swamy and former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar, had prior knowledge of a threat to Rajiv but did not react in a “timely manner”. Even the files containing intercepted messages from foreign intelligence agencies, said to be addressed to Chandraswami and Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy, were destroyed by senior officials in the PMO. Intelligence sources say one file contained intercepted messages as well as details of the movements of Subramanian Swamy and Chandraswami on assassination day.

However there were others also who had sought allegiance with CIA.
George Fernandes

In a sensational revelation, the WikiLeaks have alleged that firebrand socialist leader George Fernandes had sought funds from the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to overthrow Indira Gandhi’s government in the 1970s.

According to the cables, at the height of Emergency, the trade union leader sought funding from CIA and the French government to sustain his anti-government activities.

The US cables said Fernandes, made this request for funding during a meeting with the French Labour Attaché Manfred Turlach on or around November 1, 1975.

He asked Turlach for help from the French government. When this was refused, he asked Turlach if he could suggest CIA contacts, the WikiLeaks said.

During the meeting, Fernandes claimed there were 300 people with him engaged in sabotage activities and that they had “already blown up two railway bridges in the south and a bridge between Bombay and Pune”.

India – A Spies Paradise

David Alan Hume was a veteran British Spy Chief in India who studied intelligence reports of past 35 years literally 35000 documents filed by British officers all across India, Indian social settings, castes hierarchies and their abilities to fight their interrelationships. His recommendation was there should be an Indian intermediate agency (agencies) that can claim superior to all other Indians and handle the anger of Indian masses of BOTI. He recommended these agencies be filled with absolutely loyal English educated anglophile Indians who must be monitored by seasoned British intelligence officers (both British and Indian origin specially trained for this purpose) for not wavering from their goal.

Even if they waver these embedded spies will discredit them. The sole purpose of these agencies is to divert the attention and anger of population of Occupied Territories towards diversionary fratricidal ideologies promoted by the organizations set up by the chosen men of British Intelligence.

For this a careful selection and nurturing of candidates from young age was necessary. British used the schools set up for this purpose. First they erased the memory of cultural history of the young boys. Then they indoctrinated them that British and European systems were superior. Later they were instructed to save the heathen or the poor Indians suffering from the lack of enlightenment.

India & the Grand Blueprint for CIA’s Resurrection 

The CIA is expanding its operations in India. The CIA is sending Indian-origin and south Asian-origin officers to India so that they can merge better.

The basic approach [of the CIA] will be to befriend senior bureaucrats, senior military officials, politicians to find what our intentions are and what we are planning to do.

The spooks in the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, are tracking virtually everything from Parliament proceedings to political parties to arms deals to internal security issues.

CIA’s best men are secretly travelling through different states and are setting up networks to watch political developments and separatist movements. These networks will seek information about India’s nuclear arsenal and military modernisation. They will also keep their eyes peeled for terrorists who might prove dangerous to the US. Based on all this information, Langley will predict India’s strategy viz-a-viz Pakistan and China.

This process culminated by 1890 in creation of three organizations and dozens of movements. Indian National Congress directly under David Alan Hume, Hind MahaSabha, Indian Muslim League. Many movements like Brahmosamaj, AryaSamaj, Theosophical Society etc are also offshoot of this strategy. For most of these leaders it was a time pass in spare time to discuss about the plight of fellow Indians about whom they never know and find solutions with the British leaders in summer and Christmas parties. The intellectual void this generation experienced under British education made them neither to live with their own brothers Indians whom they thought inferior not let them live with British whom they held superior. This is the lost generation of India from 1890–1950 and unfortunately they led our fates for next six decades.

05 May 2014

India and the Grand Blueprint for CIA’s Resurrection

The following article was published in the March 2011 issue of The Week magazine, edited and with inputs from GreatGameIndia.
Copenhagen. December 7, 2009. United Nations Climate Change Conference. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh were hammering out India’s climate policy for the summit. Leader of the bloc of developing nations, India was not seeing eye-to-eye with the US. A worried White House quietly alerted CIA Director Leon E. Panetta to get cracking.

A former US Army intelligence officer and former chief of staff of president Bill Clinton, Panetta hustled top US scientists and spies to interpret all the intelligence gathered on India’s negotiating position and about individuals who were spearheading India’s climate change policy. Declassified CIA documents show that the agency had started gathering intelligence at least seven months before Copenhagen. Ahead of the summit, the CIA’s Office of the Chief Scientist ‘supported and funded’ an extensive study on “India -The impact of climate change to 2030: Geopolitical implications.”

India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (blue) and Indian Minister of Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh (behind) during a multilateral meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, Brazilian President Lula da Silva and South African President Jacob Zuma at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

 The study suggested that the US pre-negotiate with India about the climate change issues and find a common ground outside the public and international eye. The CIA also shared its massive archives of classified environmental data with scientists. WikiLeaks confirmed America’s covert campaign to target India at Copenhagen.

U.S. manipulated climate accord in Copenhagen: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks cables reveal how US manipulated climate accord

Small nations bullied at Copenhagen: WikiLeaks

All these plans are part of CIA-2015, Panetta’s grand blueprint for the CIA’s resurrection. Panetta wants the agency to recruit, train and retain a diverse workforce for more innovative deployments abroad.

You could read the entire report online here : Global Trends 2015 – A Dialogue about the Future with Non Governmental Experts

But India’s growing clout has persuaded the CIA to turn the spyglass on New Delhi.

The spooks in the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, are tracking virtually everything from Parliament proceedings to political parties to arms deals to internal security issues.

 For example, WikiLeaks leaked the cables on the cash-for-votes issue in Tamil Nadu. The sources quoted in the cable were highly-placed – Karti Chidambaram, son of Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram, and M. Patturajan, former mayor of Madurai and right-hand man of Union Fertilisers Minister M.K. Alagiri.

WikiLeaks: Indian politicians ‘bought votes with cash tucked inside newspapers’

Wikileaks Cable : 206688: Cash for votes in South India

A senior Indian intelligence officer who has been closely watching CIA-2015 confirmed the agency’s unprecedented interest in India. He said some of the CIA’s best men are secretly travelling through different states and are setting up networks to watch political developments and separatist movements. These networks will seek information about India’s nuclear arsenal and military modernisation. They will also keep their eyes peeled for terrorists who might prove dangerous to the US. Based on all this information, Langley will predict India’s strategy viz-a-viz Pakistan and China.

“The CIA is expanding its operations in India. The CIA is sending Indian-origin and south Asian-origin officers to India so that they can merge better,” said Jayadeva Ranade, former additional secretary, Research & Analysis Wing.

“The basic approach [of the CIA] will be to befriend senior bureaucrats, senior military officials, politicians to find what our intentions are and what we are planning to do.” An intelligence field operative with 35 years experience, Ranade also did a stint in Washington.

The home ministry confirmed that more than 3,500 Americans are illegally overstaying in India since 2006.

Neither the ministry nor the security agencies know their whereabouts. Home ministry spokesman, Onkar Kedia told THE WEEK that his office did not have details about how many illegal aliens from the US had been arrested and deported.

A senior serving intelligence officer said that the ‘missing Americans’ could be part of a ‘deep penetration itinerary’. “For example, an undercover CIA agent might be tasked to locate himself for a specific period somewhere near Mumbai or Kochi to collect some information about the movement of warships,” said the official. “Once the job is done, the agent is withdrawn.

There are instances of cooperation, too. In 1965, a covert CIA-Intelligence Bureau mission placed nuclear-powered sensors on Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot peaks to monitor China’s nuclear facilities. Captain M.S. Kohli of the Indian Navy was part of the team, thanks to his formidable mountaineering skills. He said he was never approached by the CIA after the joint mission.

Kohli said that even in the mid-sixties, the CIA was capable of deploying a team quickly and inconspicuously. “And they [CIA operatives] are unremarkable in their daily activities, such as walking to buy a newspaper in a drizzle” said Kohli. “They know their organisation is always around them with a support and rescue plan.”

But, of course, there are instances when the CIA could not protect its own. The Memorial Wall at Langley, flanked by the CIA flag and the US flag, has 102 stars in memory of slain operatives. The CIA’s Book of Honor, a ‘black book bound with Moroccan goatskin’, lists the years of death and names of the operatives. But 40 stars are unnamed. Even the dead keep their secrets.

As the Americans pay dearly for collecting classified information, they use it primarily to defend their interests. For example, within 48 hours of the 26/11 attacks, then CIA director Michael V. Hayden contacted Hussain Haqqani, the Pakistani ambassador to the US, to possibly update him regarding information from India. The next day Hayden summoned ISI chief Lt-General Ahmed Shuja Pasha for a briefing.

After these two meetings, Washington started arm-twisting New Delhi to share information with Islamabad. According to a cable leaked by WikiLeaks (185722: confidential), New Delhi refused to share information with Islamabad. Washington continued arm-twisting and soon the US embassy in Delhi cabled Washington that India had agreed to share ‘some restricted information’ with Pakistan. THE CIA fixed a meeting between top intelligence officials of India and Pakistan on 26/11 in the US on July 6, 2009. It is not known for certain if the meeting was held.

India, U.S. faced off on sharing 26/11 information with Pakistan

However, from our research we already know many of the terrorists were fair skinned, white foreigners but no such information was given by CIA to Indian Intelligence even long after 26/11 nor any mention of the role of diamonds in various terrorist attacks in India including 26/11 which is confirmed very recently by by a Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in their published report titled Money laundering and Terrorist financing through trade in Diamonds 

From one of our research article on 26/11 What really happened at Nariman House of Confusion 


From the Guardian of UK

“One police officer who encountered the gunmen as they entered the Jewish centre told the Guardian the attackers were “white””

“I went into the building late last night,” he said. “I got a shock because they were white. I was expecting them to look like us. They fired three shots. I fired 10 back.”

Indian commandos storm Mumbai hotels

Now, Indians know fair skinned Indians and Pakistanis. They meet them every day, especially in Mumbai, where all the upper class Indians congregate. Indians know foreigners and they call Americans and Europeans “foreigners” or “white”. It is easy for an Indian to tell the difference between a fair skinned Indian or Pakistani and a “foreigner”

Other eyewitnesses at other locations also describe the terrorists as “foreign” or fair skinned.

From the BBC

Then, the “foreign looking, fair skinned” men, as Mr Mishra remembers them, simply carried on killing.

“They did not look Indian, they looked foreign. One of them, I thought, had blonde hair. The other had a punkish hairstyle. They were neatly dressed,” says Mr Amir.

Mumbai attackers create ‘killing zone’

One of them was even blonde.

The CIA has also been snooping about India’s nuclear and military facilities. India regularly figures in the CIA’s annual report on ballistic missile threats. The CIA had detected a shipment of beryllium bound for India from West Germany. As beryllium shells are used to house plutonium cores of thermonuclear devices, it was quite clear as to what India was up to.

Chief of the Army Staff General V.K. Singh told THE WEEK that adequate safety measures were taken in light of the increased activity of the western intelligence agencies. A senior Army officer said that retired officers who work for foreign defence and security companies were being closely watched as part of a counter-intelligence programme.

But the focus of the CIA is not limited to nuclear and military assets. Two chromite mines in Orissa and Karnataka and a pharmaceutical factory in Gujarat were listed among critical global infrastructure sites whose loss could ‘critically impact’ the public health or security of the US. The factory manufactures chemotherapy drugs for a US firm; the list was compiled by the US State Department. Surprisingly, India’s output is only 18 per cent of the world’s annual chromite production.

The CIA has also dedicated resources in India to gather and analyse data that is freely available, like research articles, religious books and web sites. As part of this programme, the CIA allegedly commissioned a 20-state survey on Indian Muslims. Reportedly, US-based Princeton Survey Research Associates International were the main contractors. Allegedly, they sub-contracted it to TNS, a Delhi-based market research agency.

In Kerala’s capital of Thiruvananthapuram, TNS staff visited Karimadom colony, a predominantly Muslim area. The questionnaire was bizarre: Do you consider yourselves Indians first or Muslims first? Your views on imposing Islamic law in India? Do you like Osama bin Laden? Will you give him refuge if he comes to Kerala? Police nabbed four TNS staff after Karimadom residents complained.

The Kerala Muslim Jamaat Council (KMJC), the apex body of mahallu (parish) committees in southern Kerala, took strong exception to the survey. KMJC general secretary A. Pookunj said: “Many people speak of a growing radicalisation among Kerala Muslims. But how can a foreign agency come and ask us whether we will give shelter to Osama? What do we have to do with Osama? I wonder why the state has not taken any action against them [surveyors].” TNS representative Pradeep Saxena declined to comment on the issue as it is sub judice.

Lisa Curtis, a former CIA analyst and diplomat, said that while the US shares a strategic partnership with India, the CIA’s covert operations in India have fuelled unease and mistrust within Indian intelligence agencies. Said Curtis: “The defection of a senior Indian intelligence official to the US in 2004 and revelations of unauthorised meetings between a senior Indian intelligence official and an American intelligence official in New Delhi in 1997 have raised red flags in India. [There is] concern that the US will exploit these links for its own purposes.” Curtis was referring to the defection of Rabinder Singh, joint director of RAW.
In early 1980s, K.V. Unnikrishnan, a 1962 batch IPS officer, who was posted at R&AW station in Colombo was honeytrapped by CIA. Between 1985–87 when he was deputed as the station chief at Chennai, co-ordinating Sri Lanka operations, he gave away information to his handler on training and arming Tamil groups including LTTE and the Indian government’s negotiating positions on the peace accord with Sri Lanka. He was caught by IB counter-intelligence in 1987, spent a year in Tihar jail and was dismissed from IPS cadre.

Unnikrishnan’s betrayal was well before Rajiv Gandhi assassination in 1991. He was led into a honey trap when he was posted in Colombo in the early 1980s. But his handlers, in typical intelligence operations protocol, waited until he was important for them. They then revived contact when he was put in charge of LTTE operations in Chennai in 1985-86.

The bare essentials of this honey-pot episode was provided in our research article Sex for Secrets : RAW Agent Honey-trapped by CIA before Rajiv Gandhi Assassination.

For all the bonhomie between agencies, mention the name Omar Sheikh and everyone clams up and you will be shown the door. On January 22, 2002, two motorcycle-borne terrorists attacked the American Centre in Kolkata, a favourite base of the CIA. The attack was masterminded by Omar Sheikh, a UK-born militant of Pakistani descent, who had links to al Qaeda. He was one of the militants released in 1999 to save the lives of the passengers on board the hijacked IC-814 flight.

But no one really knows who Omar Sheikh is. And those in the know will not speak. An FIR, No 658/94, at Connaught Place police station is still open and he is now is prison in Pakistan. In his memoirs, former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf called him an MI6 agent. Many in Afghanistan believe Omar was a CIA agent.

A tribal leader in Kandahar told THE WEEK that Omar visited Kandahar and Paktia provinces in mid-1990s where Kashmiris, Afghans and Arabs were trained together by the ISI. “We always believed that he is close to the CIA,” said the tribal leader. The CIA and the FBI nabbed Fahim Ansari, another suspect in the Kolkata attack, from Dubai. Ansari was eventually handed over to India, but the agency stills remains mum on Omar.

Every relationship has its ups and downs. If India has benefited from its partnership with the CIA (or have we), what are we complaining about? M.K. Dhar, former joint director, Intelligence Bureau, puts it crisply: “The CIA has legitimate interests in India. But our problem with the CIA has been that it has targeted the sensitive segments of Indian panorama.”

He recalled how the CIA had developed a mole inside Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao’s office in 1993.

“The plot was exposed when we noticed a peon from the PMO frequently visiting a photostat shop in Khan Market in Delhi. He was smuggling files from the PMO.” The peon was arrested and his American handler was asked to leave the country. The court closed the case last year.

 Many within India’s intelligence establishment say that the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan has prompted the CIA to look closely at India. In 2010, a suicide bomber killed eight CIA officers in Khost, eastern Afghanistan. The worsening situation is making it difficult for the agency to freely move around and meet its agents in Pakistan and Afghanistan. So, New Delhi could be the new debriefing centre.

Robert Grenier insists that the CIA’s covert operations are subject to layers of oversight. He said that before an agency paramilitary team can be launched, the President must sign an intelligence finding that broadly outlines the operation to be performed. “That finding, along with a more detailed description of the mission, is sent to the congressional intelligence committees. If they object to an operation, they can cut off its funds the next time the agency’s budget comes up,” said Robert Grenier. After approving a covert operation, President Obama leaves the details of when and how to Leon Panetta. After all, according to the US Constitution, he is the real boss of the agency. In theory, the CIA Director’s mission is to tell the president the truth, so as to provide the president with a basis for making important decisions.

Leon Panetta, amiable and widely respected within the Obama administration, who choose India as his first foreign destination after he took over as the director of the CIA in 2009, knows that India is a strategic ally, a relationship President Obama cherishes. That makes his job more challenging to confirm his country’s hopes and fears about an emerging and in many ways an unpredictable power like India. “In the spying business you don’t operative just to harm other. You want to confirm and establishment things to help your political establishment to make better decisions,” explain Jayadeva Ranade, as he ran his hand across his hair. “But one thing is clear if the President tells the CIA to take care of a mission or of a country. They wouldn’t care less about the consequences.

India had been sucked into the spiral of this Cultural Cold War since a long time. However with the US economy already bust and the EU falling like dominos; it is again the East where the West would anchor it’s sinking ship of so called Exceptionalismthat fuels the Western Civilization. The game on the Indian side is very well crafted and carried out through CIA’s Trojan Horse which has entered into the heart of Indian Politics – Delhi.(March 27 2011, THE WEEK)

09 July 2013

Promoting Secessionist Movements in India

In parallel with its covert operations in the Balkans and the former Soviet Union, Pakistan’s ISI has provided, since the 1980s, support to several secessionist Islamic insurgencies in India’s Kashmir.

Although officially condemned by Washington, these covert ISI operations were undertaken with the tacit approval of the U.S. government. Coinciding with the 1989 Geneva Peace Agreement and the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, the ISI was instrumental in the creation of the militant Jammu and Kashmir Hizbul Mujahideen (JKHM). (See K. Subrahmanyam, “Pakistan is Pursuing Asian Goals”, India Abroad, 3 November 1950).

In the immediate wake of 9/11, the December 2001 terrorist attacks on the Indian Parliament — which contributed to pushing India and Pakistan to the brink of war — were conducted by two Pakistan-based rebel groups, Lashkar-e-Taiba, (Army of the Pure) and Jaish-e-Muhammad (Army of Mohammed), both of which are covertly supported by Pakistan’s ISI. (Council on Foreign Relations, “Terrorism: Questions and Answers, Harakat ul-Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad”,, Washington 2002.Note: This report is no longer available on the CFR website.)

The timely attack on the Indian Parliament, followed by the ethnic riots in Gujarat in early 2002, were the culmination of a process initiated in the 1980s, financed by drug money and abetted by Pakistan’s military intelligence.

 Needless to say, these ISI-supported terrorist attacks serve the geopolitical interests of the U.S. The powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which plays a behind-the-scenes role in the formulation of U.S. foreign policy, confirms that the Lashkar and Jaish rebel groups are supported by the ISI.

Through its Inter-Service Intelligence Agency (ISI), Pakistan has provided funding, arms, training facilities, and aid in crossing borders to Lashkar and Jaish. This assistance — an attempt to replicate in Kashmir the international Islamist brigade’s “holy war” against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan — helped introduce radical Islam into the long-standing conflict over the fate of Kashmir. …

Have these groups received funding from sources other than the Pakistani government?

Yes. Members of the Pakistani and Kashmiri communities in England send millions of dollars a year, and Wahabi sympathizers in the Persian Gulf also provide support.

Do Islamist terrorists in Kashmir have ties to Al-Qaeda?

Yes. In 1998, the leader of Harakat, Farooq Kashmiri Khalil, signed Osama bin Laden’s declaration calling for attacks on Americans, including civilians, and their allies. Bin Laden is also suspected of funding Jaish, according to U.S. and Indian officials. And Maulana Massoud Azhar, who founded Jaish, travelled to Afghanistan several times to meet bin Laden.

Where were these Islamist militants trained?

Many were given ideological training in the same madrasahs, or Muslim seminaries, that taught the Taliban and foreign fighters in Afghanistan. They received military training at camps in Afghanistan or in villages in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. Extremist groups have recently opened several new madrasas in Azad Kashmir.

(Council on Foreign Relations, “Terrorism: Questions and Answers, Harakat ul-Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad”,,

Washington 2002. This text was removed from the CFR website in 2006)

What the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) fails to acknowledge are the links between the ISI and the CIA and the fact that the “international Islamic brigades” were a creation of the CIA.

U.S.-Sponsored Insurgencies in China

Also of significance in understanding America’s “War on Terrorism” is the existence of ISI-supported Islamic insurgencies on China’s Western border with Afghanistan and Pakistan. In fact, several of the Islamic movements in the Muslim republics of the former Soviet Union are integrated with the Turkestan and Uigur movements in China’s Xinjiang-Uigur autonomous region.

These separatist groups — which include the East Turkestan Terrorist Force, the Islamic Reformist Party, the East Turkestan National Unity Alliance, the Uigur Liberation Organization and the Central Asian Uigur Jihad Party — have all received support and training from Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. (According to official Chinese sources quoted in UPI, 20 November 2001.). The declared objective of these Chinese-based Islamic insurgencies is the “establishment of an Islamic caliphate in the region”. (Defence and Security, May 30, 2001).

The caliphate would integrate Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan (West Turkestan) and the Uigur autonomous region of China (East Turkestan) into a single political entity.

The “caliphate project” encroaches upon Chinese territorial sovereignty. Supported by various Wahabi “foundations” from the Gulf States, secessionism on China’s Western frontier is, once again, consistent with U.S. strategic interests in Central Asia. Meanwhile, a powerful U.S.-based lobby is channelling support to separatist forces in Tibet.

By tacitly promoting the secession of the Xinjiang-Uigur region (using Pakistan’s ISI as a “go-between”), Washington is attempting to trigger a broader process of political destabilization and fracturing of the People’s Republic of China. In addition to these various covert operations, the U.S. has established military bases in Afghanistan and in several of the former Soviet republics, directly on China’s Western border.

The militarization of the South China Sea and of the Taiwan Straits is also an integral part of this strategy.

Al Qaeda and the “War on Terrorism”

17 January 2013

Why was Gandhi against the Zionists?

Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian nationalist leader, is one of the towering figures of moral authority in the world. He was not in favor of the State of Israel or the Zionists who produced it. Why not?

Gandhi, as a young lawyer, assumed leadership of protest campaigns against apartheid in South Africa and gradually developed his program of nonviolent resistance. His satyagraha (literally, "steadfastness in truth") teaches that you must struggle against injustice, but in a way that does not harm your opponents. Through non-cooperation and civil disobedience India eventually gained independence from the British. Gandhi's ideas and tactics were adopted by others around the world including the American civil rights movement.

In a letter titled "The Jews in Palestine 1938". Gandhi set forth his ideas about the Jews and Arabs in Palestine, then under the British Mandate government. Although he starts off with "My sympathies are all with the Jews", his analysis mostly favors the Arab cause. In the letter he says, among other things:
... my sympathy does not blind me to the requirements of justice. The cry for the national home for the Jews does not make much appeal to me. ... Why should they not, like other peoples of the earth, make that country their home where they are born and where they earn their livelihood?

... if [the Jews in Palestine] must look to the Palestine of geography as their national home, it is wrong to enter it under the shadow of the British gun. A religious act cannot be performed with the aid of the bayonet or the bomb.

I am not defending the Arab excesses. I wish they had chosen the way of non-violence in resisting what they rightly regarded as an unwarrantable encroachment upon their country. But according to the accepted canons of right and wrong, nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds.

If I were a Jew and were born in Germany and earned my livelihood there, I would claim Germany as my home even as the tallest gentile German might... I would refuse to be expelled or to submit to discriminating treatment

Gandhi's attitudes toward Zionism were based on his own experiences with the British, a far more civilized opponent than the Jews faced in Germany or ultimately in Palestine/Israel. He also saw the situation in 1938 as British imperialist might being used against the Arabs and in favor of the Jews. Gandhi had first hand experience facing British troops and the British colonialist attitude in Africa and India, but by 1938 his experience was out of date. In the British Mandate for Palestine, British strategic interests in oil, the Suez Canal, and protecting India and their other colonies far outweighed any committment to Zionism. The British had turned decidedly against the Jews with arbitrary limits on immigration, limits on land sales and refusal of the British authorities to "interfere" in the increasing Arab violence against the Jews.

Gandhi either did not know or did not acknowledge the history of the Jews, who never left the land since Biblical times and who came to settle the unproductive, lightly populated land in the 19th century. He writes as if large numbers of Jews were of late pushing aside the long-settled native Arab population, aided by British force, a highly inaccurate and unjust portrayal as is amply documented elsewhere.

And he seems to think that the Jews had the alternative of merely staying where they were, in the countries of Europe. But Zionism arose in the first place as a reaction to the uncomfortable and dangerous position of the Jews in Europe who faced endless centuries of abuse and death under regimes of all stripes in all countries. And the worst was yet to come.

Gandhi asks, why can't the Jews, "make that country their home where they are born and where they earn their livelihood?". Perhaps it was not totally clear to Gandhi in 1938, but by 1945 nearly every Jew to whom that question could be directed in 1938 was dead, Jews who had been living in Germany, Austria, Poland, and a long list of other countries, a well-known total of about six million. German Jews whose ancestors were living on the Rhine long before the Germanic tribes arrived were dead. Jews in France, Poland, and elsewhere were gleefully handed over to the Nazis even when it was not required by the Germans. So it is not unnatural for many Jews to conclude that maybe those Zionist zealots were right, after all, and the Jews better have their own country where they make the rules.

Gandhi's non-violent methods of protest worked for him in India against the relatively civilized British, but would similar methods have turned the tide of the Holocaust? If anything, Jews now believe that violent resistence, started early on might have made a difference.

Gandhi says, in a quote beloved by supporters of the Palestinian Arabs:
Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs... Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home.

Unfortunately for the logic of the conclusion, the first sentence could be truthfully written "Palestine belongs to the Jews in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French." Regardless of Gandhi's opinion, the Jews have a well-documented stronger claim to the land of "Palestine" than the Arabs, based on both ancient heritage and modern history. So why not conclude that it would be wrong to forbid the return of Jews to join their brethern in their ancient homeland? Gandhi could have said, with better factual support:
Surely it would be a crime against humanity to prohibit the Jews so that Palestine can be underutilized by a small number of modern Arab immigrants?

Gandhi's remarks about Zionists entering Palestine "under the shadow of the British gun" come straight from Gandhi's own struggle in the British colonies. But his facts are out of date. By the late 1930's British policy had reversed and was holding Jewish immigration to intolerably small numbers given developments in Europe. It was British insistance on keeping Jewish refugees out of Palestine as they tried to flee the Nazis, and later British internment of DP refugees after the war in British camps as filthy and disgusting as the Nazi concentration camps, that turned a small minority of the Jews toward terrorism. So the point should be that the Arabs could have tried to "amicably settle the issues between the two parties" instead of using "the help of the British bayonet."

Paul Power, Gandhi biographer, says four factors influenced Gandhi's position on Zionism:
He was sensitive about the ideas of Muslim Indians who were anti-Zionists because of their sympathy for Muslim Middle Eastern Arabs opposed to the Jewish National Home

He objected to any Zionist methods inconsistent with his way of non-violence

He found Zionism contrary to his pluralistic nationalism, which excludes the establishment of any State based solely or mainly on one religion

He apparently believed it imprudent to complicate his relations with the British, who held the mandate in Palestine

Martin Buber, the Jewish philosopher, questioned Gandhi on Arab "ownership" of Palestine:
By what means did the Arabs attain to the right of ownership in Palestine? Surely by conquest and, in fact, a conquest followed by settlement. . . . Settlement by force of conquest justifies for you a right of ownership of Palestine; whereas a settlement such as the Jewish one [at the time of writing, by peaceful means] . . . does not justify, in your opinion, any participation in this right of possession. Such logic necessarily justifies possession based on conquest-settlement after a number of generations, and we are reminded that the Jews’ ancestors originally took the land by conquest and settlement too; also that they were forcibly expelled from it.

In other words, by Gandhi's own criteria the Jews have a superior claim to the land, a claim obscured by the Jews' forcible expulsion in the past, an event now held against them. But even if the entire history before 1850 is ignored, Gandhi does not recognize that Palestine is not India and the Zionists are not the British. In the mid-19th century Palestine was a lightly populated, backwater province of the Ottoman Empire with both Arabs and Jews as long-time residents. European Jews came slowly, bought land for development and built a modern state. Arabs at first benefited from the modernization brought by the Zionists, but eventually turned against them and used violence in the name of pan-Arabism and later the newly minted idea of a Palestinian Arab state. Gandhi's analysis does not grapple with this narrative but rather tries to fit Gandhi's life experience in other countries to the facts in Palestine.

After gaining independence, India adopted an ambiguous policy towards Israel; deciding on a half-hearted delayed recognition of the Jewish state but refusing to establish full diplomatic relations. The unfinished agenda of Kashmir, Nehru's dream of leading a non-aligned bloc and the existence of a post-partition traumatised Muslim minority in India caused Delhi to view any positive gesture towards Israel as harmful to its vital interests, despite the failure of the Arabs to reciprocate during India's wars with China (1962) and Pakistan (1965 and 1971), growing public dissension, and the formation of the pro-Israel Janata government. If the price for making the Arabs happy was to refuse establishing full diplomatic relations with Jerusalem and criticise Israel at various international forums, the Indian leadership showed no hesitation to pay it.

With the change in the international balance of power after the 1991 Gulf War and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, India gradually began to identify Indian political and economic interests with the West. In this changed atmosphere, India and Israel finally found the opportunity to normalize their relations. Today, there is a strong partnership between the countries on many levels including important technological, trade, and educational developments of significance to both countries.


09 December 2012

Shadow Secrets

Compiled and edited by The Dossier, this film looks at the origins and history of the Afghan Mujahedin & al-Qaeda, and their associations with various intelligence agencies including the CIA, FBI, MI6 and those of Saudi Arabia & Pakistan.

"9/11 was not an intelligence failure; 9/11 was an intelligence success - it was supposed to happen. The US government could have prevented the attacks, but instead, held the door open and allowed them to happen"

03 May 2012


On 9 April 2012, we learn that India is becoming more friendly with both China and Pakistan.

India's leader Manmohan Singh has been meeting Pakistan's leader Asif Ali Zardari, in Delhi.

Both Zardari and Singh point out that economic ties between China and India have been increasing, in spite of border disputes.

They intend economic ties between Pakistan and India to increase, in spite of border disputes (Kashmir).

Pakistan finds Sino-India trade template attractive

Pakistan has now granted India the Most Favoured Nation status.

India-China trade ties are already worth over $70 billion.

Many believe that the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, organised by 'CIA agent' David Headley, were designed to get India into a war with Pakistan.

Fortunately the 'CIA' plot failed to achieve that end.

Mumbai, the Hoax Phone Call, La Belle Disco

18 April 2012

The Myth of India's Independence

The first Indian Prime Minister Pandit Nehru (1889-1964) was a Freemason and Illuminati shill. He was in bed, in more ways than one, with Lord Mountbatten and his wife Edwina.  

by "H"
(, reprised from 2004)

As we know, the biggest Illuminati project of the 20th century was Communism. The Illuminati fostered the growth of the Indian National Congress through its operatives, A.O Hume and William Wederburn. The idea was to create an independent India which would be a proxy for the Soviets.

For this purpose, Indian Freemasonry worked overtime to groom local Indian Mason operatives.

According to this official Masonic website, "Swami Vivekananda (initiated in 1884 under the name of Bro. Narendra Nath Dutt in Lodge Anchor & Hope, Calcutta). Motilal Nehru - Lodge Harmony, Kanpur (Father of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and grand father of Indhira Gandhi), C. Rajagopalachary (Governor General of India), Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyer (Divan of Travancore), Dr. P V Cheriy (Governor of Maharashtra), and Fakruddin Ali Ahmed (President of India)."

Since this Illuminati project of delivering an "independent India" to the Soviet sphere of influence required top priority, Illuminati operative Helena Blavatsky founded The Theosophical Society in India. The purpose was two-fold. First, Blavatsky would dig up the swastika and Aryan theory for the Nazis who were created to attack Russia, which would result in the entire Eastern Europe and Germany being transferred to Communists.

Secondly, The Theosophical Society would coordinate the Indian Independence movement through the Indian National Congress. Even back then, rumors began circulating about Blavatsky and the "Russians".

A key theosophist activist was Mrs. Annie Besant who despite acting against the British, managed to mysteriously escape being punished by them. If one analyzes the Indian independence movement, we notice the British building a crescendo of antagonizing the Indian National Congress and then caving in to their demands....whereas transfer of power to the INC was predetermined.

Realizing that Indian National Congress leaders were phoney in every respect, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a British educated lawyer managed to get a mandate for an all Muslim Pakistan without shedding a drop of blood or going to jail.

The last Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten was associated with the Rothschilds. He realized the threat Pakistan would pose to Soviet-proxy India. He assured that independent India got more than its share of landmass, including islands in the Indian Ocean, many border districts initially marked for Pakistan (which resulted in the Muslims being massacred), and 95% Muslim Kashmir which should have gone to Pakistan.

The moment India was liberated coincides with a little known private ceremony known as "Hour of the British Empire" which is held in London.

Further, the Rothschild-owned British Petroleum was granted unlimited rights to all offshore Indian oil, which is valid to this day. There is reason to believe that the internationalists were behind the death/disappearance of Indian freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose who had become a popular rival to Theosophist groomed Nehru after independence.

Unlike Nehru, Bose was on the front lines using Indian POW's captured by the Japanese to fight back against the British. His death remains a mystery and it was conducted by the illuminati to ensure Nehru had control over all India.

The Congress party consisted of numerous Freemasons and Theosophists who ensured that India with its strategic landmass was always a total ally of the Soviet Union.

Later, many Communist countries including India became part of the "non aligned movement" which enabled them to remain allied to the Soviet Union and yet receive major aid from internationalists and their tax free foundations in America, including components for atomic weapons. Even Canadian Deuterium made its way into Soviet proxy India. All of Indian military hardware consisted of Russian technology and despite the cold war, the Illuminati was very reluctant to back Pakistan in any way.

Limited amounts of American small arms made it to Afghanistan through Pakistan but it is important to note that the American ambassador supervising it and the Pakistani President, General Zia were killed in the same plane crash!

India had major stakes in the Soviet Union, including a possible obliteration of Pakistan if the Soviets made it across Afghanistan. It is interesting to note that the UN turned a blind eye to the illegal Indian invasion and annexation of Goa. This proves that the UN was created to foster Illuminati plans.

Of course, the farce of Indian independence will never be known to the casual observer, who is subjected to whitewash such as the BBC movie, "Gandhi" and Larry Collin's (Of Illuminati Collins bloodline) "Freedom at Midnight". As for Indians, despite their population of around 1 billion, they seem to be too hungry, hate obsessed and materialistic to ever figure it out. And again, greeting the powerful of the world with folded hands is never looked down upon in India. Rather, it represents a 1000 year old tradition.

It is interesting to note that the Indian government crushed the real peasant classes who became genuine Communists without the Communist International batting an eye; and Soviet aid to India was never paused.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Illuminati switched horses; abandoning the Congress party for the Hindu fascist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Though never in control of this party, this was the closest the Illuminati could get to exercising influence. The UN and world media would turn a blind eye to the burning alive of 5000+ Muslim civilians by Hindu hoodlums.

Israel would become intimately involved with India, to the extent of Israeli fighter planes being detected in the process of launching preemptive strikes on Pakistani nuclear reactors after India conducted its recent nuclear tests.

The coming to light of this event enraged the Chinese allies of Pakistan to such an extent that they gifted Pakistan a complete fleet of fighter planes.

The recent resurgence of the Congress has upset Illuminati plans. The creation of a one world government under the Illuminati UN will require not just horrendous wars in the Middle East but the rest of the world as well.

In Asia, we may see a war with Pakistan, North Korea and China against India, Taiwan and South Korea. If it happens to be a nuclear war, the carnage will help pave way for a UN one-world government. For that purpose, the Illuminati is working to get the recently dethroned Hindu fascist BJP party back on its feet.

31 March 2012


"IT IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAIN that 9-11 was a Mossad operation - period."
---Alan Sabrosky [Chief of the False flag operators. Zionist secret police.]

Eitan, Rafi
Isser Harel
A Comprehensive History of Zionist Crimes

[2012 March] African ping pong: US plays both sides in Uganda By Richard Cottrell The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rampaging around Uganda is nothing more than a US and Mossad-backed guerilla force. Its task is to destabilize wide areas of Africa rich in minerals like Uganda, ex-French and Belgian Congo, and Sudan. Joseph Kony.....the new US terrorist poster boy, has been on the CIA’s books for years. The LRA’s mass abductions, industrial scale rape and pillage, and kidnapping of children who are turned into monster killers, bear every sign of a CIA MK-Ultra derived programmer to create robotic “no questions asked” terrorists. Hundreds if not thousands of these ghastly indoctrinated children, trained to kill and maim without pity, have been sent north to stiffen anti-government guerilla forces in Sudan and Somalia.....He provides the perfect excuse to invade Uganda on the pretext of inciting another humanitarian mission.

[2012 Feb] Mossad practicing its motto in bomb plots By Wayne Madsen

[2012 Feb] Indian RAW cracks down on Mossad operations in India By Wayne Madsen

[2012 Jan] Israeli Agents, Phony Credentials, Terrorist Recruiters? by Gordon Duff Israel, among other states, has supplied and trained Taliban and led attacks against American forces in Afghanistan and to a greater degree Iraq. The US military is aware of it but considers itself powerless to complain because of the power of the AIPAC/Israeli lobby in Washington...........Thus, we have an ally killing American troops and getting away with it just as they had in 1967 with the USS Liberty? Never heard of it? Look it up............The most obvious is that war and terrorism are a business, always has been, always will be. Hiding behind “poor Israel” and holocaust stories, the Mossad and other groups tied to Israel are involved in terror networks around the world, now very publicly “outed” for pretending to be the CIA. They also claim to be the FBI and Homeland Security. They carry FBI credentials and, in some cases, are backed up when caught. There may actually be no real Department of Homeland Security. It is said, by reliable sources, to be entirely under foreign control and working directly against the United States in a tireless manner. For those of you working for this organization, remember this when you receive your next assignment
.....The majority of terror organizations in the world are intelligence agencies.

....So, what can we know for sure. If the FBI comes to your door, it is like as not an Israeli agent or member of the ADL or some other group, unless you happen to be a real criminal. If you are an activist or member of the press, chances are you have a phony to deal with. They are quite brazen......If approached by the “CIA” or “FBI” or “Homeland Security” at any facility other than an office in a Federal Building, don’t believe them. I am not saying don’t help the government but never talk to a law enforcement official without bringing an attorney and without a promise of immunity.......99.99% of terror threats against the United States are groups recruited by phony FBI or CIA officials who are employees of a foreign power, that country we have been discussing. If you play along, you are likely to wake up in hotel room with a rifle, one round fired and a dead federal judge, senator or even a president to answer for.

....Iraq? The almost daily explosions there are not being done by rival factions. Kurdistan invited Israel in to help them break away from Baghdad. Israel sees this as a way of flanking Turkey, this and their secret alliance with Syria......When you hear of 50 or 60 dead in Iraq, the plot started in Tel Aviv. Ever note that you never get an real explanation for anything just “rival faction” baloney? I don’t respect any news organization that doesn’t at least try to make up a decent lie. They owe us that...........

Pakistan? Pakistan is slated for destruction. India is the primary enemy along with Afghanistan, the United States and Israel. Why does Pakistan allow this? Think “totally corrupt civil government.” This is an understatement.

India? Last week a child was sacrificed to the “crops god” so a good harvest would be guaranteed. India, with its space program and nuclear submarines has the lowest standard of living in the world. The British set the whole thing up in 1947, and earlier on in 1903, eternal war between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Britain calls it “the great game.” America (under Israeli guidance) is now responsible for stirring the pot.

...I would predict that there are Israeli organizations carrying CIA credentials operating in 15 countries. I also imagine that 1 in 4 FBI agents is a phony. As for US Attorney’s and Federal Judges, no worries there. The real ones were bought long ago.

[2011 Nov] Did Mossad Murder Hilda Murrall? By T. Stokes

[2011 Jan] Mossad ran 9/11 Arab "hijacker" terrorist operation By Wayne Madsen

[2011 July] After Oslo: Time to Crack Down On Mossad Terrorism by WAYNE MADSEN The fingerprints of Israeli intelligence are all over the 9/11 attacks on the United States, the 3/22 train bombings in Madrid, the 7/7 transit bombings in London, and, now, the 7/22 attacks in Norway

Did Mossad sabotage Russian plane?

Mossad in Sri Lanka

[2011 July 25] Multiple Terrorist Bombings In Oslo, Norway — Signature Of Mossad False Flag Al-Qaeda Terror Attack this is a false flag terror attack and the likely suspect for carrying out the operation would be the Israeli Mossad as an act of revenge for supporting Palestine.

Yosef A. Maiman PTECH

[2010 Oct] Wikileaks Scam: A Mossad PsyOps Aimed at Iran? by Gordon Duff

[2010 March 2] The Murderous Mossad and 9-11 by Christopher Bollyn

[2010 Jan] General Ivashov: “International terrorism does not exist” Only secret services and their current chiefs – or those retired but still having influence inside the state organizations – have the ability to plan, organize and conduct an operation of such magnitude. Generally, secret services create, finance and control extremist organizations. Without the support of secret services, these organizations cannot exist – let alone carry out operations of such magnitude inside countries so well protected. Planning and carrying out an operation on this scale is extremely complex. Osama bin Laden and “Al Qaeda” cannot be the organizers nor the performers of the September 11 attacks. They do not have the necessary organization, resources or leaders. Thus, a team of professionals had to be created and the Arab kamikazes are just extras to mask the operation.

[2010 Feb] Israel is accused of waging covert war across the Middle East

[2010 Jan] Mossad Linked to Christmas Fake 'Underwear Bomber' by VICTOR THORN (AMERICAN FREE PRESS)

[2010] Israel trains PKK militants in Iraq'

[2009 Nov] Mossad in Germany and 9-11 Disinformation by Christopher Bollyn

Did Israel deliberately allow 241 American Marines to die ?

[2008 Jan 7] Bollyn Responds to Voxeo by Christopher Bollyn

[2008] Mossad Black Ops and False Flags

[2008] How Mossad Controls Our Political Parties by Christopher Bollyn

[2007] ITALIAN SAYS 9-11 SOLVED Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. “All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe…know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.”

[2007] Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD : Mumbai based group of intellectuals and human rights activists

[2007 Oct 5] Mayor Giuliani, Senator D'Amato & Israeli Intelligence by Christopher Bollyn

[2003] Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 ...

[2002] Mossad - The World's Most Efficient Killing Machine By Gordon Thomas

[2002] Mossad Exposed in Phony `Palestinian Al-Qaeda' Caper by Michele Steinberg and Hussein Askary

[2002] Israeli Roots of Hamas are being exposed by Dean Andromidas [2002] Hamas is a Creation of Mossad by Hassane Zerouky

[2001] Interview with General Gul The attacks on New York and Washington were an Israeli-engineered attempt at a coup against the government of the United States

[1998] Report: Mossad behind destroying London Israeli embassy in 1994

[1995 Interview] Ex-Mossad agent speaks out

The Israeli Terrorist State and its Mossad Assassins by Dr. Israel Shahak

CIA-Mossad Mercenaries Stage 'Al-Qaeda' Beheadings by JOHN KAMINSKI

Libby a Long-Time Mossad Agent

Mossad Creates and Controls Islamic Extremist Groups and Uses Them As Patsies

Mossad´s Record

[2012] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie The truth is that the attacks on 9-11 were perpetrated by Israel, aided and abetted by high officials in the U.S. Government...He makes an irrefutable case that Mossad organized and executed the 9-11 attack. Senior members of the Bush administration were active collaborators.

[pdf] “By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy

[1995] Final Judgment. The missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper Israel's Central Role in JFK Assassination. The evidence suggests that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was yet another "false flag" conspiracy by Israel's Mossad and its collaborators in the American CIA.

[1990] By Way of Deception: A Devastating Insider's Portrait of the Mossad by Victor Ostrovsky

See: Entebbe False flag Hamas
See: MI6 MI5 CIA NSA FBI Ministry of Truth

'Abu Nidal the Terrorist' was really Mossad

Mossad suspected in Afghan bomb that killed 48

Yemen disbands 'Mossad-sponsored cell' - USS Cole

Who was the mystery man who sat next to the Mossad assassin on Flight 11

Mossad spy tied to 9/11 - 80 sec video

'Mossad spy' tied to Mughniyeh hit

Concerned citizens confront Mossad Sayanims at rural mall - 2 min video

Israel and Mossad