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16 January 2016

How to Fight Monsters and Win

Educate Yourself

A Guidebook to Defeating Human, Alien, and Demonic Oppressors

[Editor’s Note: This is an important tutorial on how to fight etheric attackers on their own turf ~ and win. There is an untold number of people around the world who are daily combating intense assault by negative alien beings, government/military psychics and remote viewers, black magicians, psionic technology, and demonic entities. They can all be defeated if you learn how to use your own inner connection to God and your heart chakra’s energy center to turn the tables on these craven bullies. The author is based in England and has been battling with these negative forces for some time-and winning- as he has armored himself to the point of becoming invulnerable to attack-and the Nazi intelligence agencies and the negative aliens know it (as his attackers have now become frightened of him). We are all capable of learning how to defend ourselves and turning the NWO and its etheric goons on their heads. Study this tutorial carefuly and and learn how to slay dragons-and all from the comfort of an easy chair. …Ken Adachi]

By Jack London
July 4, 2009

How to Fight Monsters and Win by Jack London (July 4, 2009)

The Basics

An often-used method of the Elite to control dissidents is to employ psychics and black magicians for long-distance attacks, saving on the manpower and time resources required to actually send a legbreaker round to your house without alerting the police. If you start doing anything interesting (like getting a chembuster to clear up atmospheric pollution) then you might well receive a visit from them. This will manifest in a variety of ways, usually a “sinking feeling” followed by vivid, waking hallucinations of figures trying to hurt you, or show you horrific images to traumatise you, or telling you upbeat life-affirming messages such as “We will kill you and everyone you love” or “You cannot win!”

If they really hate you, and are persistent, they can use these paranormal abilities to wear down your defences and shut down your brain or heart (heart is the most common way) and kill you while you sleep. Pretty scary stuff, all in all.

Except that it all rests on a single premise: that you don’t fight back.

This guide aims to change that. If you know the right techniques you can overcome psychic/magical attack and remain healthy and upbeat. I learnt these techniques myself. I didn’t get them from a book or a spiritual guru figure. I don’t have membership to any mystery schools. I’m not a freemason or an intelligence asset. I have, however, had some pretty interesting experiences, which taught me how to fight back and win.

In the first chapter I’m going to walk you through techniques useful to repel enemy psychics assaults and banish them from your space so you can recover.

It’s extremely important to be aware when you are actually being attacked. Passively accepting the attack and/or ignoring the attack will not resolve anything. I think a lot of people will pretend that “it’s just a nightmare” or that they’re hallucinating, or having mental health problems, when in reality someone in the real world is attacking them on the aetheric level and doing them harm. It’s up to you to cultivate discernment and figure out when it’s actually happening.


To be able to defend from psychic attack, the first key message is that you need to practise visualisation.

Close your eyes and “feel” a different eye or set of eyes opening inside your head. See in your minds eye (imagination) an indigo circle swirling clockwise. Just watch the circle as it spins and see it as clearly as you can. Gradually watch as the circle moves closer to you, then further away as if you were looking down a long dark tunnel.

When I write, “see” things, I don’t mean to “think” or strain with effort. It’s about just looking through your inner eyes and observing the things that actually happen. At first you’ll find yourself only seeing blackness. Think of how when you step into the dark, it takes a moment to be able to see, as your pupils dilate. Allow yourself time to adjust. You probably haven’t used your inner eye much before, so it will be weak, like an unused muscle.

The circle technique will let you get used to the idea of closing your eyes, opening your inner eye and looking around. The next step is to create a Safe Space for yourself on the aetheric. The aetheric is the frequency of reality you are seeing when you see with your inner eye. It’s a different plane of existence.

It’s extremely rare for anyone targeted for an aetheric assault to only get hit once, so you should be prepared to be hit in waves, spaced hours apart (usually each night). During the breaks (when the psychics go outside for a cigarette and a cup of tea to recharge) you should take time to practise visualising to improve your ability to defend yourself.

Close your eyes, open your inner eye and SEE yourself in a place that is peaceful and relaxing for you. This could be anything, depending on the individual. For example, you might see yourself on a tropical beach, in a peaceful forest clearing, or by a roaring fire at a campsite at night. Whatever you see, this place is your safe zone that you can return to and recover your energy from.

Visualise your safe zone and see it, then move around in it. Have a look around. Pick things up. You can interact with anything there and the overall idea is to get used to moving around and manipulating your environment while visualising such things.

It helps massively if you lie on your back, taking slow deep breaths while you do this. Breath through your nose.

When psychics attack you it’s best to pick a neutral ground to do so. A nice big empty room the size of a football pitch should do the trick.

There are ways to attack people, even hurt people, aetherically, but for now let us concentrate on a proactive defence. You need some kind of protection, to make yourself immune to whatever they throw at you. A simple trick is to visualise a sphere around yourself, like a bubble. This bubble will protect you because no matter what hits it, or flies around it, nothing can get at you within the bubble.


It’s a massive subject in itself, but the aetheric body interacts with the physical body at several key points. These are called chakras. You have seven main ones, three lower, three higher, and one in the middle called your heart chakra. This is located in the center of your chest and is the most powerful of all the chakras.

I don’t want to overload people with lots of side information, but suffice to say if you can harness the energy of your heart chakra then you’ll have nothing to worry about, as the power it gives you outclasses anything a black magician or government psychic could ever do to you. I will elaborate on why that is – and the precise aspects of all the chakras – at a later point.

Visualise a green sphere inside your chest, spinning clockwise. That’s clockwise from your perspective [as viewed from your back towards your front], not clockwise from the view of someone looking at you. This sphere is your visual signifier of the heart chakra. Allow yourself to focus on something positive. Find something that’s happened in your life – a memory, or a feeling – that was genuinely positive. Something that made you laugh, or cheer, or feel good. Not everyone has had an easy life, but I’m sure there has to be something truly positive you can draw upon. This purely positive vibe is the frequency you’re trying to harness.

You allow that feeling, that energy, to pool in your chest like warm water. To be stored up as energy inside your heart chakra. That’s your source of power, ok? Like an engine filled up with fuel.

Now, your protective bubble will be made out of this energy, this green heart glow. Visualise energy flowing out of your heart into a sphere which surrounds your entire body, a cartoon green-tinted bubble about six feet high and six feet across. As you breathe slowly in and out the sphere becomes “pumped up” with energy. After you’ve done this enough the sphere will “feel” (or rather you will sense it as) solid.

If you can do one thing in your defence against aetheric attack, do this. You will be invulnerable to any attack on that level. I cannot stress this enough: done properly, a heart chakra-boosted shield makes you invulnerable to all psychic/magical attack.

By continuing to breathe slowly and deeply, charging the shield, you can now calm down a bit and relax – since you’re invulnerable, there’s really no way you can lose unless you specifically choose to surrender or flail about panicking.

What the enemy will most likely do at this point is push its luck because the bad guys are stupid and arrogant and think that aetheric/psychic/magic stuff is about hierarchy and genetic lineage and twaddle like that, when it’s not, it’s about opening a connection between yourself and higher dimensional energy, thus having access to the power of God.

So: they’ll push their luck, by continuing to bang (fruitlessly) on the outside of your sphere, or summon scary images/emotions to make you surrender.

By scary images I mean they’ll do things like, for instance, show your loved ones/family being killed, your kids tortured, your partner being eaten alive, any insects/arachnids that you have a phobia of swarming around you, skull/blood/death imagery. You have to bear in mind this is all just like looking “at pictures in a book” (to quote The Shining). They can’t hurt you. It’s an illusion designed to throw you off balance and frighten you.

Keep focusing on your heart chakra. Keep breathing. Keep pooling the energy in your chest and sending it into the bubble.

You’ll end up in a situation where all these illusions are flying around outside your shield and you’re getting a bit bored and just want to go to bed or get on with watching television or whatever it was you were up to prior to getting attacked. At this point, you need to BANISH them from your personal space.

Up, Up and Away

Visualise another green bubble surrounding each of them, which due to its impervious nature, now has them trapped. Focus, concentrate on the second bubble and watch it float up into the air, so fast, so quick that in the space of a minute (or less) you can no longer see it. This harmlessly removes the threat. If there are multiple opponents, then simply imagine/visualise bubbles around them as well.

You might find it useful at this point to have a look around the Neutral Ground and “sense” for anything hostile. I mean by this that you feel on a “gut” or intuitive level that you are now safe, as opposed to being unsure or still scared.

If anything crops up, simply put a bubble around it and banish them too. When all is quiet, you might want to return to your “safe space” or power space to relax. Otherwise, open your eyes and carry on with your life.

You might be pretty freaked out to have just defeated an opponent on that level, so I’d recommend writing down the experience in a word document or in a journal so that you can “vent” your system a bit and have the notes to look back on. I’d also recommend having a good sense of humour.

Remember: use the heart chakra and visualise an impervious shield.


Fear vs. Love is a bit of a simplistic way to view the universe, but there’s a nugget of truth to it. I’m going to use an analogy of turning the dial on a radio (credit to David Icke for the next bit).

You’ve got a radio sat on a table in front of you. You turn the dial and tune into a specific radio station. This is you incarnating in a body prior to birth, locking into a specific frequency and experiencing life. You can tune the dial of a radio and leave one station and travel to a different station – either on a higher or lower frequency – and listen to something else but the previous station doesn’t cease to exist. It’s still there, it’s just that you can’t hear it anymore.

Physical reality is energy resonating at a certain frequency. You can interact with it because you’re resonating along with it. Your body is made of condensed energy, like a hologram, which is constantly buffed up by energy coming into it from sunlight, food, water etc.

Entities exist on different frequencies. Some are on a “higher” frequency and resonate faster than we do. Others are on lower frequencies. Lower dimensional (or lower frequency) entities are things like the Reptilians, who are bipedal humanoid lizards that feed on the lymphatic and spiritual energy of humans because to them, our energy is incredibly high frequency and gives them great strength when consumed.

Rather like a leech drinking in a bigger, stronger animal’s blood in order to take all the vitamins and nutrients from it, a Reptilian drinks blood (and eats your heart and pituitary gland and so on) because it’s rather like us humans enjoying a delicious, nutrient-packed salad nicoise. You can’t blame them really. Or rather, you can blame them for being a vicious bunch who want to enslave and eat humanity, BUT that would be like blaming the shark for eating a swimmer–who went swimming at night–and with a cut on his toe.

Ok, so maybe the analogy breaks down a bit there. Reptilians are still Bad News, especially with all the rape and torture and eating people alive and so on. I’m being flippant because that helps me process horrible truths; but this is how it is. They rape and eat people. You’re probably going to read that and not register it properly. That’ll happen a lot with this. I’ll say things to you multiple times and it won’t resonate properly because your brain is going to edit it out because it’s unpleasant information. Eventually you’ll have a tipping point where you suddenly realise it’s true (most likely when an actual Reptilian shows up) and your brain suddenly goes “Oh God, it’s all real!”. Remember to take a moment and calm down when that happens.

Anyway. So we have a scale of energy, as already stated. At the lower end of the scale you’ve got these lizard monsters and at the higher end you have more enlightened spiritual beings. Enlightened: – filled with light. Lifted. A lessening of weight. A lessening of the physical frequency.

You move up higher and higher up the scale and eventually the barriers between things collapse and you’ve just got one big incomprehensibly mass of energy vibrating at speeds beyond anything we can measure, existing outside of time and space (which are dimensions, and this energy is so high frequency, it exists outside of such restrictions). This energy is positive, infinite, all-knowing (because it’s outside of time so it’s everywhere at once and all things at once), all-seeing (because it’s outside of time so it has infinity to track and observe things happening and – huzzah – benevolent. Loving.

Why loving? Because it’s all things and all times. It doesn’t hate itself, it just wants to grow. But unfortunately, if you’re infinite and time doesn’t exist, you can’t experience anything as an individual. You have no arc; you can’t grow. You’re already everything.

So what do you do, being this infinite mass of infinite energy? Well, you fracture yourself and embed aspects of yourself, fractal chunks of yourself that contain everything within, but are isolated in moments of space and time. And you fire that into the physical realm and watch it grow planting seeds.

And then you get a bit annoyed that these Reptilians (which are aspects of the totality, after all, but are isolated and have free will just like anything sentient) are tearing things up on the physical with wars and mind control and so on, trying to stop the aspects (condensed energy with form and size and ego) growing up. But it’s ok, because they can’t fight the infinite and win. It’s all just a ride, a process to allow the infinite to grow and learn and have fun.

So we live and die and incarnate over multiple lives growing and learning and playing on this planet and others. And every time we do something positive it moves us forward towards the tipping point of… flowering.

That’s pretty much what God and the meaning of life is. In case you wondered.

So no, it’s not a puppet-show of a Cernunnos rip-off called Satan who wants to drag you to Hell versus a bearded white man on a cloud. And it’s not about being a monkey on a rock, in a void, who lives and dies and it’s meaningless. It’s not about endless suffering, desperately trying to find the true death of nirvana. God is not separate. There is not a hierarchy. We are one-thing learning about our collective self and the infinite. You don’t have to pray for forgiveness, ok? It’s cool. You’re here for a reason. We all are.

“So where’s my connection to God, then?” you’re probably wondering.

Well, it’s inside. Where do you speak to God? In a temple. Where are your temples? On either side of your head. Yeah, I know, Jordan Maxwell did that one first, but it’s a good one.

But it’s not quite right because we speak to the higher dimensional consciousness of infinity (or God for short) through our hearts. Specifically, our heart chakras, which are like internal stargates to this energy wavelength. All the “gut instincts” and “intuition” we know and love? That’s your heart chakra. Think of it as a compass while you’re lost on the high seas, or a radio communicator back to NASA while you’re waddling across the moon.

As Bill Hicks liked to scream at his audience: “There is a living God and it will talk directly to you!” So bear that in mind if you need a compass. That said, you don’t have to talk to God or do anything that anyone else wants you to do. You are free, right? That includes the right to defy every authority.
Fear and Love.

Fear is what they use. That’s their bread and butter. They’ll use fear to wrap you up in layers of control, subtle and clever until you’ve forgotten who you are and what you stand for. The whole system runs on fear. Be afraid, America! Terrorists are after you! Be afraid, white man! That black guy is looking at your girlfriend funny! Be afraid, Christian! There’s a girl at the back of the class with black lipstick and a skull on her handbag. She’s clearly a threat to everything you hold dear.

And it’s hate too. That flows from fear, ultimately. You take a person, make them ignorant and scared and then make them angry, push their buttons. Simmer for thirty minutes and – ping! – you get hate. This is a very effective way to make people forget their true path and do stupid things that leads to genocide and rape and whatnot. There are boiling waves of hate on this planet with all the stupidity and ignorance and fear swirling around making people tear each others throats out just because their priest or scientist or politician or army officer told them to do it. But if you cut out the fear and get a bit of knowledge, then that hate evaporates like morning dew.

Love binds things together. Fear breaks things apart. We’re all one thing, seeing itself from new angles. If you can get your head around that, you can start to relax. Things are under control. We aren’t going to be taken over by a lizard-worshipping cult. We definitely don’t need to fear being killed by psychics. We can stop this, individually or collectively.

You are not weak. You think you’re weak. You are not vulnerable to them. You are accepting of the idea that you are vulnerable.

Stop it. It’s ridiculous. You’re invulnerable and strong. You always have had, and always will have, the potential to be that. It’s up to you choosing it.

As a final point for this chapter, when it all gets a bit much and you’re not feeling cosmically entwined because it’s 4 a.m. and you’re exhausted and the enemies are swarming around the house wanting to get in:


So don’t give up.


More Here>>

11 January 2013

Death of the Occult

by Stuart Wilde
January 9, 2013

Metaphysics deals with the perception of subtle energies. It starts with ESP, and then one sees the etheric field around people and trees (aura), and eventually one sees visions that teach one about the inner world dimensions, which are usually seen in trance, but later one sees them with ‘eyes open’ in the waking day. 

Aleister Crowley--Occult Nerd (1875-1947)

Students of the occult, like those that follow the work of black magician Aleister Crowley, seek to use perception to evoke dark energies with incantations, and blood ceremonies, which they use to conjure up evil spirits that might grant them power over others. Black magic is linked to specialness, what I call the Cult of the Chosen One. A person who is so delusional, he or she tells themself they are superior, beyond the destiny of mankind.

We are gripped today in an occult takeover of the world.

It brings war, torture, and disinformation. A feature of occult evil is supremacy, and it is racist by its very nature, so it’s the religion on the Nazis. My friend Trevor Ravenscoft, who wrote of the occult practices of the Nazis in his book, The Spear of Destiny, talked to me for many hours about Hitler and the Thule group, an occult society at the top of the Nazi military machine.

Trevor Ravenscroft said they would hold séances where a medium would eject ectoplasm from her vagina, and it would form into an amorphous human head hovering in the room that would speak to the sitters.

The central tenant of the occult, is a feigned elitism and the desire to legislate over others or control them. It’s a violence, sometimes it’s vengeance, when the world won’t acknowledge the occultist as special. Occultists cast spells and make incantations. They cast a form of demonic possession, a psychic imprisonment, over others, using fear and the manipulative power of the inner world ghouls to force humans into slavery, usually sex slavery. Or, it’s the power to order people to go to war and die in support of the ego-flimsy ideals of the elite.

Occult means secret and of course an occultist doesn’t want people knowing she or he evokes the Devil, kills babies and drinks their blood. But the occult’s deepest secrecy comes from their ghoul-world allies, evil beings in a parallel dimension that don’t want the world to know or believe that they exist.

They rule the rulers, men and women that have the same sentiments as the ghouls, humans who are Devil worshipers, in the sense they are enamored in their obsession with self. ‘The narcissism of the demented’, I call it. The ghouls drip feed evil thoughts, instruction and subtle feelings into our leaders and drive them ever more to mayhem.

After the year 2000, myself and others started to be able to see the devil worlds in trance, and then tens of thousands of people saw them, and bit-by-bit the occult wasn’t as hidden as before. We started to fight, firing a purple dot from our fingers that destroyed the ghouls at a distance.

What we learned from that, was the occult domination of the world and the corrupt politicians and the black magic practioners will all be destroyed. First, they will fight each other for ultimate control, then their money will be taken from them, and finally they lose mobility (no oil ) and they become sitting ducks.

I’ve spent 4500 hours in the hell worlds fighting, I know it well. The first thing that happens to a human spirit when they arrive in the hell worlds, is that they lose their arms and legs. They become just an upper body with a head. Their mobility goes, they can move their upper body by the force of will, but it can’t travel far and it moves very slowly. The only armament they have, is that they can spit a pulse at you, but it is quite slow and you soon become expert at sidestepping it.

The ghoul’s lack of agility or speed was why we could kill them in their millions. But there are semi-human beings in the hells worlds that can move like the flying reptiles that are in the Vatican, see the P.S. at the end.

Anyway, after 3 1/2 years of fighting six hours a day, I was ordered to stop. My hands needed to be clean for my next task, the hands-on healings.

The occultists are dying because their ghoul protection is being stripped from them, there are vast celestial armies moving against the hell world beings, once the protection of the occultists goes, they fall to their own emotional violence and slime coming back to them. It’s like the twang of a rubber band hitting your fingers. The fascist White House that looks so scary and dangerous is nothing more that a flimsy occult empire, there is woodworm eating the flag pole from inside. Sadly, the occult edifices of the world will have to go to war and rub each other out, that has been pre-planned in the sense that one arrogance and narcissism with fight with another. That came as a surprise to me when I was shown it in visions.

And Gaia kills some of them through earth changes etc, so those that are left standing after their ego-wars and the citizens revolts that are coming, fall in the end. And the Light Beings come in and alter their digital fractal signal, so the demonic humans start to die and as they die the ghouls die, because the ghouls rely on the heat of the people they possess.

A hell-world being (a ghoul) cannot live outside the human body for long, it either has to make it back to the hell worlds, or it evaporates (dies). In the end they all freeze to death, or it is more accurate to say they become inert like microbes in a frozen Petri dish.

Politicians cast spells that hurt people and frighten them and restrict them, milking them of energy (money), in some way, the spells are called “laws”. There is never much need for any of them, they are not real, they are conjured up by wizards and witches. There are millions of them in every country on earth. Legislation is a form of black magic. The citizens are the victims.

Kabala, a system of magical words and incantations and spells, is very popular in Hollywood, where there are vast numbers of black magic practitioners. There is a Kabala spell that dates back to Prague in the 1500s that conjures up Gollums, they are linked to driving people to suicide; firing Gollums at people to kill them off is definitely black magic.

I’ve had a few fights with the Colombian black magicians, if you try to punch one in the chest say, in the Aluna Mirror World you wouldn’t get far, as their bombast pumps them up so they have extruding chests. So what you do, is grab them at the bottom of the spine at the coccyx, then pull sharply down and they fall backwards. Their intrinsic weakness is their bombast and arrogance, as it is all show, it’s not real, intrinsically they are cowards that prey on weak people.

They do come back a second or even third time, but they always come back weaker than before. After a few months, the ones that were troubling me faded away, I never saw them again, that was about five years ago. So the fight between light and dark continues, in the end all the fascists/supremacists get rubbed out, because they can’t see the celestial force that has come against their cruelty and violence against children and innocent civilians.

The occult must die or we’ll never have peace. To that end there are special codes we can fire from a distance, that we have been taught, but I can’t duke it out with the black magicians as it is forbidden because of my hands. But there are others I can send who are very capable. I’m waiting for one well known person to fall, then it’s “chocks off” ready for take off.

So there you have it, all the slime has to come for us to observe it, then the world will get wiped clean and decency is restored.

P.S. There are semi-human ghouls that can move like the Orcs, the Greys, the Gollums and flying entities that have claws, imagine a flying reptile. Many like the Greys are manufactured drones, they have no mind of their own, in there are mechanical cities in the hell worlds where these beings are manufactured. There are over 900 levels to the hell dimensions, the reptiles are at the bottom. 

05 March 2012

Reality and the Extended Mind

PART-1 PART-2 This non-profit documentary explores the validity of psi research. It represents one aspect of an exciting and evolving thesis about the nature of reality. As an increasing number of academics acknowledge the findings erupting from psi research, quantum mechanics and many other areas of science, thinkers are coalescing on a new description of reality. This new description of reality signals paradigm shifts in several scientific fields, most notably the necessity for a new model of consciousness. My book, Reality and the Origins of Consciousness dives into these mysterious new waters, attempting to give a lucid account of these ideas, following a skeptical, open-minded and secular approach. The insights awaiting us will be profound, corresponding with dramatic shifts in the way we see and interact with the world. You can now read the first chapter of this book online at Adrian Nelson

16 December 2010

The KGB Psychic Files

Video of the KGB's bizarre psychic experiments, KGB ghost hunters and more with original KGB footage and interviews.

09 December 2010

Master Remote Viewing

In order to Master Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, an individual must operate at a state of mind where he/she will show electrical brain wave traces where Theta brain waves vibrating between 4hz to 5hz or cycles per second will predominate. Psychophysiologists refer this the "Deep Theta State" of the mind.

17 June 2010

12 May 2010

Psychotropic Space Weapons

Member of the Russian Federation of Space Exploration Scientific and Technical Council, Anatoliy Ptushenko describes spaced-based energy systems ...that are "capable of driving millions of people crazy".

The first articles an in-depth account written by a member of the Russian Federation of Space Exploration Scientific and Technical Council, Anatoliy Ptushenko. He discussed "for the first time in our press in Rabochaya Tribuna ...about psychotropic weapons...spaced-based energy systems ...that are "capable of driving millions of people crazy.... which started to be developed in the sixties--" The article continues with a discussion of space-based energy systems and the need for the world community to establish an apriori permanent, preventive monitoring of the development and deployment of space-based energy systems. He then described the demonstrators on the streets of Moscow "with banners saying "stop developing psychotronic weapons."

Moscow Rabochaya Truibuna 11-26-94. "But people at the time were most interested in microwave systems. ...However, the most important thing was deemed to be the psychotropic effect created by these systems under certain conditions. That was why they were officially called psychotropic rather than psychotronic weapons. It turned out that it was all a matter of frequency... Generally speaking, most readers are probably familiar with superhigh frequency radiation: Few people with a head cold or a sprain have not sat in a clinic
between the two black plates of a "UHF generator." There are frequencies that are beneficial to people. But naturally there are also those which are hazardous. At certain frequencies (I think that only professionals are interested in knowing precisely which ones) microwave radiation creates that very same psychotropic effect. That is, it has a direct physical effect on the human brain."

"So a microwave system can easily be tuned into a psychotropic weapon--formidable in that it has a direct effect on the human brain...just by retuning the generator." Ptushenko stated, "The terrible danger of psychotropic weapons is the possibility of their simultaneously and unequivocally affecting large masses of people over huge areas." He writes "Moskovskiye Novosti, the Komsomolka, Golos, Moskovskiy,
Komsomolets, and many other papers have been frantic to tell us all about "psychotronic" weapons (as if they had conspired!). " ...they are talking about something completely different: about hypnosis, "verbal zombification," the effect of ultrasound signals on the human subconscious (on the lines of Ilona Davydova). The subject of the articles is always associated with an acoustic address system. Involving suggestions, for instance i.e. verbal (oral) pressure on a person--albeit using inaudible ultrasonic frequencies."

Ptushenko then mentions Dr. Smirnov, the Russian psychiatrist who is famous for his mind control equipment, see 20+ section. "Smirnov has it that 'psychotronics" are easily blocked-...But these childish tricks will not work with psychotropic weapons. It resembles the effect of a psychotropic drug, which is why the weapons were called psychotropic: An imbalance occurs, a fundamental change in a person's psyche, he loses self-control and becomes easily led, and his mind moves from the real world to a world of hallucination."

Ptushenko then distinguishes psychotropic drugs from psychotropic weapons.

"But there are fundamental differences between them. All pharmaceutical psychotropics are temporary-acting. While microwave radiation is variable: It can affect a person (or an Army) temporarily or possibly forever. It is all determined by the mix of frequency and the power of the radiation. These systems were called "psychotropic weapons" in official secret documents 30 years ago. It was these systems that we began to appreciate in the sixties."

Ptusenko ends the article with a warning.

"They may quite well have actually been tested. It was not for nothing that at that time some graduates of the Moscow State University Biology Faculty were sent to Ministry of Radioeelctronics Research Institutes... So let us leave the notorious science of psychotronics to the conscience of psychiatrists, psychics, and hypnotists. Nevertheless, faced with such a terrible danger as psychotropic weapons (and other kinds of space-based weapons), it is our duty to ensure that the development and operation of space based solar energy system receive popular and above all mass media scrutiny."

The above article describes the tremendous amount of information on psychotronics in Russian newspapers and agrees with the concerns of Lopatin and Tsygankov and the need to control these weapons. Ptushenko questions the psychotronic weapons school of thought and whether hypnosis will work on unwilling subjects. Hypnosis does work on unwilling subjects, see Dr. Scheflin's book "Mind Manipulators", 1978 and Dr. Colin Ross, "Bluebird", 2000. Both books document government involvement in hypnosis research and disinformation surrounding this issue. Ptushenko too questions the information available on psychotropic weapons claims concerning "hypnosis, 'verbal zombification', the effect of ultrasound signals on the human subconscious..." Ptushenko states emphatically that psychotropic weapons,

"do not enable the individual human mind to be controlled in a precise and purposeful way. They simply "jam" any internal connections responsible for a person's self-control, and he becomes easily controllable "according to mob law" in line with commands form a space-based station. He can be controlled either from earth or from a command center lost in space."

These are considerable statements coming from a prominent space expert. Ptushenko has obviously given the matter serious consideration and believes that there are terrible dangers from psychotropic weapons and public debate is necessary. Further research is needed.

The following article written by Russian military experts discuss information warfare Lopatin extensively discussed the threat of information warfare in his book. In the U.S., the Learning Channel TV program "War 2020"" produced by Beyond Productions in 1998 is a good representation of information warfare. The program included Dr. Persinger of Canada's Laurentian University and his discussion on magnetic signals and how signals could be beamed from television, microwave and telephone towers and systems to targeted populations for
mind control purposes. The program narrator stated, "The ultimate weapon in the info war would be the human brain. ...Mind control will be the ultimate nonlethal weapon ." Mind control weapons are categorized as information and nonlethal weapons, according to these sources.

This article describes space weapons, including targeting of populations anywhere in the world with behavior control.

The article supplies details to prove that behavior control weapons are feasible, that the U.S. is concentrating research in this area and warns about possible American information and space warfare.

From: Moscow Armeyskiy Sbornik in Russian, Oct 96 No 10, pp 88-90, Article by Major General Valeriy Menshikov, doctor of technical sciences, and Colonel Boris Rodionov, "Along with ordinary wars, states have waged "information wars" since time immemorial, and are doing so now. But while previously they were given only an auxiliary role, lately their significance has grown immeasurably, and new technologies are "guilty" of this. Armeyskiy Sbornik regularly publishes articles on this topic. Today leading specialists of the RF Armed
Forces tell about achievements in this area."

"The Teledesic Advanced low-altitude global satellite communications system is of special interest. It will have 15 times more satellites than Iridium--840. With other conditions being equal, the low orbit of small, lightweight craft (no more than 700 km) permits increasing the power of their radio emission on the Earth's surface 2,500 times or more and performing a wide range of military missions. It is unprecedented: the
numerical size of the Iridium orbital grouping enables as a minimum simultaneously irradiating any point on Earth from two spacecraft. This provides double redundancy and increased reliability of communications, as for military systems. The band of radio-frequency emissions (20-30 GHz) also has not been used previously in commercial communications."

"An analysis of the enumerated features indicates that the Teledesic system can be used for irradiating ground, sea and airborne facilities with high-power modulated emissions, which in various automated control systems permits initiating computer viruses such as "sleepers," triggered by a special signal. This can become a real threat to security for countries whose command and control systems are oriented on foreign equipment."

"A psychophysical effect on people also is possible for the purpose of altering their behavior and even controlling the social aims of regional or even global societies. Fantasy? But the fact is that today the United States is spending as much money on developing psychophysical weapons as on the most complex space programs, and such a correlation cannot be accidental. The Americans began such research back
in the prewar period and continued it after the war within the scope of programs known as MC-Ultra mind control, MC-Delta--remote alteration of human behavior, and also Bluebeard and Artichoke. Such an effect also is possible via the mass media by creating special audio signals in music hits, key video images in television programs and so on. The Teledesic space system also can be used for this same purpose. Suffice it to recall numerous statements to courts by U.S. citizens that cellular communications is the cause of various ailments, including brain cancer. U.S. scientists from the National Cancer Institute and the Food and Drug Administration recommended limiting use of such communications systems. Similar effects also are possible from the new systems. True, for this the output of its satellites has to be increased a thousand times more that what was announced, but technically it is fully feasible."

"Thus, the new space systems are potentially dangerous from the aspect of unfolding a wide-scale "information war" and even creating a global systems for controlling people's behavior in any region, city or locality, including one's own. A country possessing them will gain an enormous advantage."

22 March 2010

The Real Story of the Men Who Stare at Goats

'At first glance, the goat shed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina could be anywhere in the world. Thirty goats were happily munching on their hay and staring at the blank concrete walls of the stable. Every few minutes one of the goats would stop chewing, begin gasping for breath, and then nonchalantly carry on eating as if nothing had happened.
In an equally non-descript room next to the shed, a young sergeant in combat fatigues was staring at the goats through a window fitted with one way glass. Two soldiers and a general were anxiously watching the sergeant. Every so often, the general would shake his head slightly and a worried look would cross his face.
The sergeant took another swig of coffee and then something extraordinary happened. Goat Number 17 let out a silent bleat, keeled over, and died.
"My God," said the general. "It works."