01 April 2020

David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic III: New Briefings

This is the third video of David Wilcock’s I’ve transcribed in the past two weeks because I feel the information is so important.

One of my transcriptions was translated into French, which verified, for me, that people long to know what is actually going on since no one I know reads or watches mainstream media, knowing it to be mostly fiction, and lately, fear-mongering fiction.

David’s newest and essential information is this: There is a very strong likelihood that sometime in the next ten days we may have a 3-day blackout of internet and cell phones.

After several briefings with his sources, David was given permission to share this information with everyone, in order to allay any fears anyone might experience during the blackout.

David Wilcock is a writer, teacher, lecturer, filmmaker, and one of the foremost historians on the illuminati/cabal/Luciferians/deep state. His research, since 2009, has been extensive. He has published books, made films and conducted hundreds of interviews on the cabal both on and off-camera. (1.)

The video topics also include a factual discussion on the coronavirus and its soon demise, a brief history of the illuminati and the Alliance, Q, and the Nationalization of the Federal Reserve, which became, upon the signing of the $2.2 trillion dollar stimulus bill, part of the U.S. Treasury.

I telephoned a friend last night, to give her a head’s up about the possible 3-day internet and cell phone blackout, and briefly explained what I thought might be taking place during those days.

My friend said, “Interesting. For the past couple of weeks there have been planes flying low over my house at the exact same time every night.”

We both live in a small Southern California town that is situated near several Air Force and Naval bases. Each are about 60 miles or so away.

I asked her if this was new? Had the planes/jets flown at that hour at night before?

“No,“ she replied. “It’s new.”

We surmised that these planes might be part of the planned Military maneuvers taking place during the 3-day blackout. Given our proximity to the bases, we decided it would be prudent if we each remained inside our homes for the duration and let the Alliance get on with whatever they are going to do in what I call Operation-Freedom-Gaia.

I’m so grateful to David Wilcock for his superb, up-to-the-minute information.

Godspeed to the brave Alliance. Thank you for liberating the planet. Victory to the Light!


David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic III: New Briefings, Restitution and the Big Picture!


3 Days without Internet and cell-phones:
“Interesting moment in our Timeline. We have received new briefings and those briefings are very amazing.

2:00 We are going to get 3-days without internet and without telephone. You will be able to call 9-11 or emergency services. Basically it’s a shutdown of the phone and internet for 3-days. [We will have power, electricity, water, etc.]

The Timing on when is anywhere from today or tomorrow (March 29th or 30th) or before Good Friday. During those 3-days is going to be the arrests of the bad guys. This is a very wonderful thing.

3:16 Apparently it doesn’t matter if the bad guys hear this INTEL cuz there’s nowhere for them to go. What we heard, we got authorized to tell you this is going to happen.

5:00 The 3-days are very exciting if you understand what’s going on. I’ve been telling you for 11 years that you were going to need 2 weeks to a month of stored food and water, and you would need to stay inside… We knew that arrests would be taking place.

5:31 When the Mafia got arrested in the 1970’s they had to come up with a law in order to cross State lines and arrest a number of people at once… the RICO law—Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act… which meant that many people in various states could be arrested. And they create sealed indictments.

6:20 A sealed indictment is where a Grand Jury has been convened… (explanation of sealed indictments) County, State or Federal prosecutors present evidence to a citizens panel of jurors, to get the indictment…

7:40 We have a lot of sealed indictments, and during those 3-days many of these indictments will be unsealed and many of those people will be arrested and this is a very good thing… these people are Satanic… they created this virus… but they didn’t get it right.

8:30 The virus is not that bad… not a big deal… respect social distancing… it’s not the big deal the media is making it out to be…

9:30 If the fatality rate was 10% or 20% then you’d have a real disaster… that’s not happening. The Health Care system has been tested, people getting care they need… auxiliary hospitals being set up… USA is handling it… Italy is not cuz they’re too strapped…

11:00 We are authorized to leak that 3-day blackout INTEL. When you can’t get online or your phone doesn’t work, you gotta wait 3-days… when the lights come back on metaphorically… we’ve been told that every news channel, all the websites, all the tv shows are going to have this 8-hour chunk of information and play it 3-times a day… this is going to be information that tells you the planet was being run by a Satanic cult…. I know it sounds crazy… like a bad stupid horror movie.

12:00 There are people on this planet who have been here trying to plot against us for many many years and they have not succeeded they have lost decisively. If you really want to understand what’s going on I’m going to talk about some archetypes today.

12:30 One of the archetypes I’m going to talk to you about today is “the Father”…

I’m going to lay something on you about Trump… on an archetypal level Trump is dad… We end up bonding with politicians as family members… Trump is America’s dad… if Trump is dad, then a lot of people are having dad issues…. We all have projections of what we want heroes to be… I haven’t fit in with people’s projections… people say I’m too arrogant… I really do try very hard not to have an ego… or try to promote myself…
15:20 What is really going on? This has escalated to a Biblical scale… the scope of what’s going on in the news is really heavy…

16:12 A bill was signed into law where people get $1200. If you make $75k or less a year… a check from the US Treasury… one of those refund checks… as long as you paid your taxes… $3600 for your family…

17:00 China is 95% back up into production

19:00 Recap of the meeting of Billionaires, including Bill Gates, trying to figure out how to combat over-population?

21:00 A very secret meeting… because they don’t want to be seen as a global cabal… over-population was their priority… population growth would be tackled as a… threat. They think that humans are a disastrous threat to planet Earth…

23:00 These guys have wanted the planet to be where it is right now… everything shut down… but it won’t last very long… maybe to the end of April.. but when the phones and internet shut down that’s when EXCITING stuff is happening…

24:00 Right around the corner these people are going to get arrested… but they wanted to get rid of us with vaccines … each pledged a total of $46 Billion dollars to make vaccines… they designed Covid-19… they got it to be highly contagious but it is NOT highly lethal… nonetheless this thing is very contagious… this is not normal everyone would have to stay in the house… this is designed… not something Nature would do… cost them $46 billion dollars but have only killed 25,000 people… they spent $1.5 million dollars of their money per death…

27:32 I propose… how about you give a grant to 25,000 people who are up and coming, who have proven that they have a cool idea… something that could change the world, something positive… and you hand out grants for $1.5 million dollars… would the percentage of 25,000 people do something greater than whatever this thing is?

They’re just screwing with everybody’s heads… They’re screwing with our peace… they’re just trying to show one last time before they get defeated, that they’re masters of the universe… that they can keep everybody home… but it’s not that dangerous… not really killing that many people… as we’re going to see from Michael Levitt, biophysicist, the Jimi Hendrix of epidemiologists… who should be respected. (2.)

30:00 [Discussion of coronavirus] Coronavirus designer, Zaosong Zheng … arrested on December 9, 2019… trying to smuggle 21 vials of C-19 … into Wuhan, China…

33:00 China is in a war with the Deep State… [long discussion of vaccines, C-19, Bill Gates, Q Anon, etc.] David is verifying information on how it was created, who paid for it, what they intended, and how it ultimately failed…

40:00 Please understand that the Electoral process got hijacked… we didn’t get the results from Iowa and New Hampshire screwed up… it might have been Sanders, but all of a sudden it’s Biden?…

The Alliance and the illuminati explained:

41:00 In the last show I presented to you the history of something called the Alliance… in Russia it goes back 300 years they’ve been trying to defeat this so-called illuminati… here in the U.S. it’s been going on since The Korean War which is from 1950-1953… [very important explanation] American Generals realized the United Nations was actually killing off our soldiers and they’re supposed to be our Allies… this also wove in with Aerospace tycoon, Howard Hughes…

42:00 Howard Hughes hired some couriers… female sex workers actually, who were Intelligence agents, to have sex with other people in the Aerospace Industry… who were talking about this “illuminati”… women got them in bed… women got them talking after they’d have sex and they revealed that do they believe themselves to be the descendants of an extraterrestrial race going back to Atlantis… I know it sounds crazy… they really do believe this… they don’t think they’re humans they think that they’re something more… they think that they’re magical blood… very attentive to their bloodlines… to who is in the right of succession… who was the king… who was the queen… much of the people wo are now in the illuminati believe that they’re direct descendants of key families that you read about in the Old Testament… they believe that they’re Old Testament Royal bloodlines that are still around…

43:15 Howard Hughes gained a lot of information about this because he wanted to know why Hughes Aircraft was constantly being washed out by other companies that had inferior products and not as competitive prices for their bids… but they always got the bid… well because it was a good old boys network all working for one agenda… he learned a lot of this… and fed that information into The Alliance…

44 The war between the Alliance and the cabal… how long it’s been raging… at certain times the Alliance almost succeeded… Eisenhower tried to invade Area 51 and did get some information back… Kennedy was trying to defeat the Federal Reserve… he got assassinated… Watergate… Reagan getting shot when he wanted to tell the truth about UFO’s… Iran/Contra scandal 1987, where we found out the government was dealing cocaine and arming terrorists… Oklahoma City bombing, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building that was blown up actually had all the documents that were going to be used to arrest and destroy the illuminati… they were clever in stopping that from happening… then 9-11 where the Pentagon was hit was right in the office of the Naval Intelligence Operations with information that was going to be used to arrest the cabal again…

45:23 It’s been 19 years since 9-11 and there’s been this vicious war behind the scenes… which I first learned about in 2009… from Dr. Pete Peterson… he was telling me he was having meetings in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility rooms… SCIF rooms… you cannot get a cell phone call… radio waves don’t go in there… can’t listen to you with surveillance…

47:30 A lot going on here folks… it’s not easy to be the guy that tells you these things… I feel obligated to do it because I don’t want to see these people to succeed… The Alliance is a really cool things… in 2009 I started to find out about SCIF rooms… and the Military is discussing these Satanic group that’s trying to kill everybody on Earth and how can they defeat them… Pete Peterson was brought in on that… and I was getting briefings from him… there have been plans to try and get this mass arrest done since 2009… I’ve been talking about it for 11 years saying it was right around the corner…

48:53 During the Obama administration they were going to do this Military takeover… power goes off… a surprise… a lot of fear… at the last minute they pulled the plug on this plan… the Alliance doesn’t have a lot of money… the Alliance is actually a grass roots efforts… don’t have an enormous amount of resources to do what they’re doing… so they needed someone who could self-finance… they wanted an Alliance candidate to run for POTUS… weren’t very many choices… they needed somebody who could self-finance, who was not a Satanic pedophile blood drinker… needed somebody who could actually find out what was going on and be repulsed by it who wanted to do something about it… so they brought in Donald Trump…

Before he ever decided to run he was brought in by Military friends of his… he got briefings that lasted for two weeks… where they showed him really horrible horrible stuff… and he started talking about stuff that never was talked about before… what’s actually happening… remember it was supposed to be Jeb Bush vs. Hillary…?!? snore… Trump was the Wild Card… if you’re only paying attention to what the media is telling you you’re missing this huge thing that’s going on…

51:05 Because I’d been getting these briefings about what was Trump was really doing here… then I start to see these briefings come out on 4chan in the year 2017… through a source called Mega Anon… I published her on October 11th… I became friends with her… and she was talking about the idea that the reason why Trump got into office was to arrest these people and he was working with the Military and the International community to do that… after I publicized this on October 11th the Q-Anon stuff started October 28th… only 6 days after my second update after Mega Anon… started on 4chan then to 8chan and now 8chan is on the Dept. of Justice server… the Q post definitely appears to be coming from the President’s administration… Trump and Q will tweet things as close together… Trump will say something that Q already said… Trump talks about the 17th letter of the alphabet which is “Q”… the media has spent an enormous amount of time trying to debunk Q…

53: If you read the Q-Anon stuff it is literally like the full on conspiracy theory… a very very comprehensive body of information quite amazing in its scope and depth and it’s the truth…

54:07 What about what’s going on right now…. AVOID media fear-porn… the coronavirus numbers are all off… [Discussion of C-19]

1:00 Here’s the deal: 5X more likely to affect Asians… 80% likely to be men… that means that the numbers you’re getting from the MSM is wrong… most of the death rates in the countries I’m looking at is 0.003%… allay your fear… you’re not getting confident reporting of people telling you it’s OK… you’re getting fear-porn and I’m trying to fighting back…

1:01 Wall Street Journal gave us some honest facts… 1. Current Charts instill fear deliberately… charts aren’t relevant… 2. Cases per million are very SMALL… 3.Affected Countries are showing regular ongoing decline… 4. Virus follows a bell curve and it declines fast after it peaks… 6. Virus burns off in the Summer Heat… few cases of coronavirus in Africa, doesn’t like the heat…

1:05 The virus was man-made… traces back to Bill Gates and this over-population thing they wanted to do… the truth is awful… 8. Fatality rate declining quickly… Nobel Chemist Michael Levitt says this will end very soon…

1:08 This whole 18 month prediction is not true… they don’t have deaths in China at all… blames the media for causing unnecessary panic by focusing on the increase of cases of the virus…

11:10 We should get the country up and running…

1:12 The real story is the defeat of the Deep State… [aka cabal, illuminati]… description and history of it

1:13 …The illuminati… covert power and agenda… a sadistic Satanic cult led by the richest and most powerful people in the world… it is largely homosexual and pedophile, and practices animal sacrifice and ritual murder… works hand in glove with the with the CIA and Freemasonry. It is Aryan supremacist (German is spoken at the top) but welcomes Jewish apostates… there are Nazi’s at the top level….

1:14 In light of what [the illuminati] has done with the economy… you guys get shut down over 3-weeks… and you need these gigantic bailouts… we bailed you out in 2008… playing the same games you did before… … Federal Reserve was taking a $trillion dollars a day and were going to do that to the end of the month…. But that all changed.

1:15 But I want you to hear about what [the illuminati] were planning to do…

[Long explanation of who the illuminati are and what their plans were and what is NOT going to happen… keep in mind, the cabal is being defeated…]

1:17 They wanted to destroy the planet… they wanted to reveal that they are Luciferians… and if you don’t want to go along with it they’ll put you in a concentration camp… they’re as serious as a heart attack…

1:18 Q-Anon and Trump presidency is intended to STOP this thing and it’s working…

[David continues to tell you who the illuminati were and what they were planning. Too revolting to transcribe.]

1:24 This is being stopped. Thank God…

1:26 The illuminati have quietly and covertly fostered their takeover plan by their goals of the infiltration of:

1. The media

2. The banking system

3. The educational system

4. The government, local and federal

5. The sciences

6. The churches…

1:32 The illuminati plan has not worked…

The Alliance has successfully countered this plan… I’m very very happy to report this to you:

The Federal Reserve as of March 27th in the new $2.2 trillion dollar bill has been taken over by the United States of America. This was Kennedy’s dream and it has now happened. Kennedy was working so hard to defeat the cabal, in Executive Order 11100, when he stopped the Fed from selling off all of America’s silver because if we keep that silver we have collateral… Kennedy said he intends to expose the plot to enslave every man woman and child… and was assassinated… and shortly thereafter they stopped making our coins out of silver and they just tried to sell it all off… but now Kennedy’s dream is official… and the MSM is already portraying it in a very negative light…

1:33 The federal government is Nationalizing the Fed, the Treasury, not the Fed, is buying all these securities and backstopping of loans; the Fed is acting as a banker and providing financing… believe me they’re probably not doing it willingly except that the Alliance has forced them to… the Fed hired BlackRock Inc. to purchase these securities and handle the administration of the SPV’s on behalf of the owner which is the Treasury…

1:34 This is NOT something that they wanted to do… this is not the plan that the illuminati had… Remember, the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE corporation that took over the financial system as of 1913… and we’ve lost 99% of the value of the dollar since that happened due to inflation…They are not our friends. They are a Foreign Entity. They’re not even in the US…

They’re mostly British Bankers and they are part of the too big to fail banks… so the Federal Reserve is literally these wealthy British Billionaires controlling our currency… with the intent that at some point they would to reveal themselves and what their religious beliefs are, they have this weird cult… that they wanted to take over the planet… well that’s all gone away they’ve lost that power…

1:35:17 Trump has taken back the control of the Federal Reserve. It’s so amazing… the Nationalizing of the Federal Reserve that we’re going to get Treasury Notes not Federal Reserve notes… it actually happened because the Alliance’s plan is succeeding….and this is a big big part of it… if America is in control of its own currency that means that these guys are not… the Alliance is going to come out very soon, after the 3-days and tell you what’s really going on… and it’s very very AMAZING….

1:36 “In other words,” it says in this article, “the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets. The Fed is providing the money to do it. BlackRock will be doing the trades. This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.”… the media can’t stand it… there’s a lot more going on here…

1:36:45 There’s a very strong likelihood that mass arrests are about to happen… “On March 3, 2020, the U.S. sent 20,000 troops to Europe… the 20,000 soldiers beginning to arrive from the U.S. in European ports and airports for the Defender Europe 20 exercise is the largest U.S. troop deployment in Europe in the last 25 years. Including those already present, about 30,000 U.S. troops will participate in April and May, flanked by 7,000 troops from 17 NATO member and partner countries, including Italy.”… this is a HUGE 18 country effort to save the world… [discussion of the Military equipment]

1:38:27 I was thinking that the arrests were already happening with that exercise… that was not true… we got briefings on that… they are in position but they’re not doing the final stages yet… what we now know is that there will be a shutdown of Phone and Internet… and it’s going to be 3-days…. We’re calling this the 3 days of darkness… remember Q said it would be Biblical?

1:39 I never thought I’d be able to talk about this briefing… the final stage involves about 3-days without Regular phone or internet… you can make emergency calls 9-11… and they want you to know about this so you don’t freak out… there will be the Emergency Broadcast System…

1:40 During these 3 days they believe they will be getting everybody… they’ve got it all planned out… probably will get it done in 3 days…

From Corey Good text: “With the Virus scenario they may not need to take comm’s down or shut down electricity in regions… we are not hearing they will turn off electricity and that’s very important… this virus, the cabal’s last ditch effort… may be the perfect screen to do the arrests… I am also hearing that there are very strange troop movements, Nat Guard but also elite Marine units that specialize in breaching compounds have been seen moving about in a frantic manner on their base (Can’t rem which one.)…”

1:41:33 Here’s another thing… these Military Units have been planning to do these arrests for YEARS… and they have been in warehouses where they have lines of tape and they’ve taped out… how to get in, how to get out… how to get the people out alive and safely… they don’t want to kill people… they want these people to be on trial… this is not a mass murder… this is an arrest… and apparently there’s nothing that these guys can to do run so it doesn’t hurt anything for me to be leaking this intel… so this is very exciting…


5-different sources who independently said the same thing to Corey Good… 5 different sources have said there will be 3-days with no phone or internet other utilities will be on… your phone will do that loud buzz on the Emergency Broadcast System… they’ll say something like “please remain calm. Stay inside your house.”

… They’re not going to tell you this is the Mass Arrests… so some people are going to have a serious dark night of the soul when we go through these 3 days… they’re worried this is the end… this is Martial law… that it’s a government takeover… that’s not what it is… the real takeover was going to happen if the illuminati had not been opposed by this amazing group of Military and Intelligence officials not just from the U.S. but all over the world that are working to make sure these plans don’t succeed…

1:44:26 After only 3 days what we’re hearing is everybody’s going to get the truth… there’s these 8-hour chunks of data… they’re going to run 3 X a day… you gotta watch the whole 8-hours to get the data and once you’ve done that and you’ll be aware of what’s really going on…who these people are… what they were trying to do… how they were stopped… I cannot begin to tell you guys how f’in excited I am about this…


[more explanations]


We have to re-wire and re-boot the internet that’s why it’s gotta go down for 3 days… because there are major nodes, major choke points that all the traffic is flowing through… these nodes are very dark… and they must be removed… after those choke points are taken out of the internet, cutting the cords, rewiring everything… then they turn it back on so that now all these very evil and dark places that the cabal was using for censorship for surveillance… all those tools are being taken away from the cabal now…. We get a new internet doesn’t have the bad guys being able to watch you through your camera phone anymore…

1:49 The Alliance does not want you to be afraid during these 3 days they want you to be excited… this is not Martial law… don’t go running out side with a gun… stay inside and be happy that we’re going to get this thing… after it’s over we get the truth coming at us from everywhere…

1:50 New briefing on Saturday March 28th…

We have no idea IF or WHEN this happens…

1:53 Many sources say: 3-days darkness, no phone or internet, after 3-days you get the truth… A text from one of David’s sources: “I heard something about a media shutdown between April 1-10, when a lot of indictments will be unsealed, ending on Good Friday. I’m hopeful.”…

The Alliance wants to reduce panic… the Alliance has authorized David and many to release this info so no one will freak out when we go into the phone internet lockdown part…

[Lots of stuff about The Law of One and Ascension]

1:59 What is happening to us as we are going through this Covid shutdown… I’m very sensitive to the idea that you may feel that you are screwed for life, your business is screwed, your finances are screwed, you have no hope you have no future… but they’re already going to be paying everybody $1200… and they’ve said they’re going to do more if they need to…

and when we get out of this we’re going to have a Global Financial Reset which will have much greater prosperity… there’s literally trillions of dollars that the cabal stole that the Alliance has frozen… and that money will be released… this is actually in alcoholic terminology “we are hitting the bottom” and we don’t have to go lower than this as a planet…

[More stuff about The Law of One and Ascension and Angelics]

2:46 I believe we can get through this thing without major Earth changes…

3:23 I hope that now I have greatly allayed your fears…

2:57 Group meditation with Tibetan Bowls – beautiful –

When the phone goes down, don’t freak out

Pray for the Alliance, pray that all goes well

When the internet goes down or the phone goes down, don’t panic.

Don’t worry.

All is well.

Stay home and let the Forces of Light do their very important work.

Meditate, contemplate and seek the Creator.

Once the 3-days are done, massive arrests will have taken place all over the globe, the internet will have been completely re-wired, the spy-ware completely removed, and then, 8-hour videos have already been prepared that will let everyone on Earth know what the Truth is. Those 8-hour videos will be played repeatedly so everyone will be able to see it and receive the information.

This is the passage from the old systems that were imbalanced and did not work for the planet, her kingdoms and humanity — into a lighter world, without all the darkness.”



(1.) “About David Wilcock,”

(2.) “Coronavirus turning point in US will be earlier than predicted, Nobel laureate says,” 3-24-20

"Why This Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: ‘We’re going to be fine,"

19 March 2020

Dragon Update on Pandemic and Geopolitics

Mar 18, 2020

The GoldFish Report No 463 – “Dragon Update on Pandemic and Geopolitics” (with Benjamin
Fulford) (aka, “Get prepared to meet ‘the Coronials'”)

On The GoldFish Report No. 463, Louisa and co-host Steve, welcome back the Red and White Dragon Family representatives to discuss the changing Geopolitics and Pandemic humanity is facing,

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09 February 2020

The killing of General Qasem Soleimani reveals the secret war

3 February 2020

We have all seen the accepted script and narrative regarding the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, the missile launch and the downed passenger aircraft all taking place in January of this year.

Though the headline makes presumption we are dealing more with a question, is there another and hidden play that we must become aware of?

Timeline :

-03 Jan 2020 : U.S. kills iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

-07 Jan : Iran launches 22 missiles on U.S forces in Iraq between 22.15-22.45pm UTC. the attack was over by 00.30am.

-08 Jan 02.20am earthquake close to nuclear reactor in Iran 4.9 magnitude.

-08 Jan 02.45am Flight 752 Boeing 737-800 shot down by Iranian missiles.

-08 Jan 03.19am earthquake again close to reactor in Iran 4.5 magnitude.

It would appear in response to the 22 missiles launched by Iran the U.S sent a scalar attack as an earthquake close to the nuclear reactor as a warning, they then used the back doors into all Boeings software to take control of flight 752 to make it look like the plane was acting suspiciously and possibly about to attack Iran, Iran shot it down. Iran knowing they had been fooled prompted the U.S., to prevent an escalation of the excitement and sent another scalar attack at 03.19 am again close to the reactor.

Trump told Iran not to escalate… Iran stood down and admitted they had shot down the passenger plane.

There was an earthquake around the same nuclear reactor in Iran back on 27 December 2019, the hidden narrative to that event offers further support to this hidden warfare being used to force the will of nations via bankrupt governments, to the demands of the hidden royalty. [1]

As terrible as the Middle East wars are and remain to bet it would appear that the real third world war is going on in an arena most do not even recognise as a reality, and it has been going on for a long time. That the conventional warfare we see blazoned across the TV and media is about one thing, Israel expanding its territory across the Middle East to become the centre of the global technological nightmare due to the fact, they control the processors inside all modern day software.

If we consider that this tech, while in many nations, is each only a part of one system, and that the system is controlled by a global cabal, then all nations made up of each population are basically captive in a web of technology the results of which can only be seen as natural events due to climate change.

Known countries which have scalar weapons are :
South Africa

We also gain another possible insight in the real agenda playing out on Antarctica, with so many international treaties in place I suggest we are looking at the appointed neutral landmass on which all the elites of the globe will take residence while they play chess with nations, and, with a technology straight out of Harry Potter.

If this is indeed how this game is going then eugenics and the money to be made off of it, just perfected itself. Concentration camps anyone???

Refer back to headline….

Reference : Keith Hunter, Occult Physics
Screen Shot images taken from an interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and Keith Hunter

[1] Earthquake destroys MEK camp in Albania 26 November 2019, claimed to be an attack by Iran :

The Balkans Post article continues :

Further Study

Sonic Wave Warfare

Kim Jong Un Ends Missile Test Moratoriums, Threatens To Use New Weapon Soon

Russia Moves Strange Islamic Find To Antarctica

Scalar And Psychoenergetics

Psychotronic Technology Investigator Found Strangled

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Cloud Based Internet System Is Backdoored By Israel

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27 September 2019

First Responders Urge Congress to Reopen 9/11 Investigation

The Facts: On September 11th of this year, Franklin Square Fire Commissioner and 9/11 first responder Christopher Gioia and others held a press conference urging conference to open up a new 9/11 investigation as there are still many questions unanswered.

Reflect On: Why has the US government continually ignored the evidence and requests by people to open up a new investigation. Why are people like Gioia constantly ignored and censored from the mainstream?

If 9/11 was a controlled demolition, it would have huge implications. We’ve seen many ‘false flag’ terrorist attacks, especially over the past few decades. The chemical gas attacks in Syria were a great example. Never before in the history of false flag attacks has there been so much evidence to support that conclusion. False flag attacks occur when one group creates, funds and plans an attack, while blaming that attack on another group. It’s used for a number of reasons, mainly to justify the infiltration and invasion of another country in the name of ‘fighting terrorism’ when in reality, it’s for ulterior motives. This is why current presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard introduced the Stop Arming Terrorist Act a few years ago, stating that, “The legislation would prohibit the U.S. government from using American taxpayer dollars to provide funding, weapons, training, and intelligence support to groups like the Levant Front, Fursan al Ha and other allies of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, al-Qaeda and ISIS, or to countries who are providing direct or indirect support to those same groups.” Gabbard was also quoted saying that the “CIA has also been funneling weapons and money through Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and others who provide direct and indirect support to groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. This support has allowed al-Qaeda and their fellow terrorist organizations to establish strongholds throughout Syria, including in Aleppo.” There is a lot of evidence for this as well, which is why she introduced the bill in the first place.

Did we see the same type of false flag terrorism during 9/11? Evidence suggests that we did, and the US government, or those who puppet it, has refused to acknowledge the plethora of evidence suggesting that 9/11 was actually a controlled demolition and that planes alone did not bring down the three towers on that tragic day.

Calls for the preservation of evidence by numerous New York City officials went unheard as officials removed and destroyed nearly all of the debris after the attack. This prevented a proper forensic investigation from ever taking place. As a result, WTC 7 become the first steel framed high rise to collapse solely as a result of a normal office fire.

Some of the latest news comes from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where professor and Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Leroy Hulsey, released a new study proving “definitively,” according to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth founder Richard Gage, that fire did not cause the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11.

On September 3rd, Architects & Engineers released this statement:

Today, we at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth are pleased to partner with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) in releasing the draft report of a four-year computer modeling study of WTC 7’s collapse conducted by researchers in the university’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The UAF WTC 7 report concludes that the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11 was caused not by fire but rather by the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.'


24 July 2019

IT BEGINS: Epstein Indicted, Black-Ops Mega-Base Destroyed!

July 7, 2019

IT’S TRUE: Jeffrey Epstein has actually been arrested. Indictments have been unsealed. This is the case that will bring down the House of Cards.

Everything we just prognosticated in DECLAS is coming true. Big Tech knew this was coming, and has grossly restricted freedom of speech online as a result.

What independent YouTube creator WOULDN’T want to talk about the biggest story of the year, which may soon become the story of the millennium?

Get ready for a TORRENT of new information coming out that none of us could possibly have foreseen. This is it. DECLAS is happening!

The California Independence Day earthquakes may have been strikes intended to take out the Deep State’s last, best chemtrail-attack facilities, as we will see.

The Deep State may have intended to usese the facilities in a final attempt to destroy America right before the indictments unseal.

Mass censorship won’t stop this Truth Avalanche from falling. We are just now seeing the first pebbles… and we probably won’t need to wait very long.

[UPDATED Next Day and Second Day, Explosion of New Q Posts, Highly Suspicious DC Mega-Flooding, Q Crop Circles]


Once I got our epic, 53,000-word DECLAS Ebook done, I immediately plunged into finishing Awakening in the Dream, for its imminent release this December 3rd.

And I have to say, I am having a fantastic time with this creative process. A true spiritual renaissance. The best I’ve felt in many years!

Awakening has gone much better than I could have even hoped, and will probably be seen as my most important and noteworthy book of all.

We are going FAR deeper into the spiritual arena than any of the previous volumes, blending science, philosophy, synchronicity, prophecy, the Law of One, Ascension, Secret Space Program, Disclosure, the Solar Flash, etc… but alas, I digress.

We need to clear about a thousand more to make it likely that we will hit the list, unless we get suppressed… so this is a great way to help us out. And it will be well worth it!

On 9/11, my father refused to go home until he had finished the article he was writing, regardless of what disasters may have been happening to New York State and the United States right outside his door.

In a mode like this, where I have cleared 100 percent of my time to write and am on a very strict deadline and solo retreat, any breaking news would have to be God-damned amazing for me to cover it.

This is that breaking news, my friend.

Texts, emails and you name it came slamming in. This is real. This is happening. This is NOW.


07 February 2019

AWAKENING 5D HEALING: “Energy Update — Angels and Demons in the 4D Matrix”

“The tipping point has been reached. No more seed sowing, humanity is reaping what has been sown. When in doubt stand back and observe. Truth is being exposed, camouflage rooted in the matrix no longer works. It’s biblical out there. Satanic dark or Christ light? Narcissist or empath? Destroyer or builder? Demon or angel? War or peace? Chaos or calm? We decide.” ~Morag O’Brien

2019 is the Year of the Warrior Healer. Stealth shamans able to manipulate their realities for love and peace. The Great Clearing has begun. Phase 4. Celestial portals have accelerated our awakening. We are experiencing profound downloads, some of us are levelling up. Where we were at the close of 2018 is a million light miles from where we are going. Gaia’s beauty, resources and gifts will continue to be destroyed. The forces that run this reality have no intention of surrender. Their hosts, the humans who have greed in their core, enjoy the fascist fabric of our society. Their desires are fed. Those of black hearts, dark attachments, evil entities and fear in their hearts will continue to hunt, traumatise, use and abuse those whose inner light shines. Healer Warriors hear me, we are the hunted no more. We are now the hunters. Our weapon is love, our shield joy, our battle plan ascension. The tipping point has been reached. No more seed sowing, humanity is reaping what has been sown. When in doubt stand back and observe. Truth is being exposed, camouflage rooted in the matrix no longer works. It’s biblical out there. Satanic dark or Christ light? Narcissist or empath? Destroyer or builder? Demon or angel? War or peace? Chaos or calm? We decide.

Polarity is defining our future. To ascend as a whole requires we eliminate negative energies from our society. We rise above ‘us and them’. We witness the chaos of a world being torn apart. The cabal rulers are using their astral armies to sabotage all that is light. Those who choose hate, depraved desires and superiority over others, are breathing life into their lower vibration futures. This will further manifest the hell dimension we are in. Hosts whose soul is black, trolls, spout vitriolic hatred at all light filled people. Narcissists have no empathy, their point of reference is exclusively their own needs. They are the architects of their own future, just as we all are. Their denial of love and light and committment to hate and division sustains them through their selfish endeavours. They are the people who feel good when others feel bad. Their survival has been anchored in their use and abuse of kinder or vulnerable souls. Their short sighted greed will burn up all that is good in their world. The scorpion’s nature is to sting it’s saviour. The empaths continued offers of love and support despite being mistreated, infuriates the narcissist. The insinuation always being that light is the better way. The empath will get bored and move on. The narcissist will lack remorse or regret and refuse reflection or redirection of their energy. These poor souls are so determined to stay in dark wavelengths, their spirits remain mired in the swamp. What do predators do when there is no prey left?

Ghosts in the machine, hosts whose souls have splintered due to induced trauma are zombies, locked down into matrix avatars. The astral and AI work together to drag Gaia and humanity down further into hell dimensions. The matrix relies on numbers to solidify it. Fake people are just that, fake. Some call them the extras, others the sheeple, clones, drones, low vibe people who appear to sleep walk through life, steeped in negativity. The invisible child. The neighbours we never see. The hordes of suits marching to their desks, money on their mind. These are the cogs in the matrix wheel. Those of us with souls intact have struggled to accept their great lies, despite intimidation, mockery and hostility. We are not overpopulated. We do not have a lack of resources. We are not as technologically primitive as our rulers would have us believe. We are not the only intelligent species in the multi verse. We are not alone. Slavery relies on enforced ignorance. Expansion of consciousness is breaking the chains of the matrix and reaching for the stars.

Black magic rituals are woven into the fabric of our mainstream lives. The fourth realm has different algorithms. Satanic worship will become increasingly open, aggressive in its indoctrination and sinister in its agenda. The worship of the demon, the spider, shows us he is going nowhere. His response to Gaia’s ascension is to further anchor his dark energies to the material plane, to call all his worshippers to do the same. The necessary voodoo, witchcraft and herbal know how of women and communities plundered by the cabal recognises the influence of the Dark astral on our lives. White magic has long been the spiritual toolkit for women and people enslaved by the white elite. A necessary weapon to balance physical, economic and spiritual vulnerability. We bare witness to the battle dark is fighting, his hatred of the light is infinite and boundless. And so our surrender to love, to peace and joy must also be infinite and boundless.

Astral dimensions interact and influence our perceived reality. If you feel battered by darkness don’t be afraid to use white, love magic to protect yourself. We can bind our abuser by reflecting their feelings towards us back at them. Dark magic for material or physical gain has been practised for thousands of years. Light warriors we can use light magic to bring some beating love vibrations back into this world. We can light candles, sit in spheres of sacred light, ask ascended beings of light for help. We can wrap ourselves in light, put a mirror between us and those who hunt us. The hunter will receive their emotions to us, back. Their negativity will bounce off the mirror of light and sail back to them, we remain protected behind the mirror. We are in Phase 4, Activation of the Light Warrior. The game has changed people.

This is a world of many frequencies, dimensional realities existing simultaneously, low to high. We may already be operating on separating frequencies as a global population. We may already have several realities anchored into Gaia’s wavelengths, dark and light operating on the material plane. Those experiencing violence, aggression, hate and threats, know – it’s not personal, although it will feel it. The spider has instructed his astral army to come for anyone in the light. His worshippers are well versed in energy, they see us the way Agents see anomalies in the Matrix. Clear as day. We must wise up fast. The packaging is just that, an avatar. Its the energy that holds truth. The gloves are off. Satanism will soon be mainstream, out the closet, truth exposed. Christ light held in the hearts of so many innocent humans will save them. Core love will ensure a personal reality of peace and calm for many. Core hate will ensure a reality of war and chaos for others. Micro to macro.

Those just awakening will quantum leap to the next stage, exposure, revelation and disclosure. Uncomfortable truths close to home will be exposed prompting reevaluation of our lives. Disclosure of intergalactic presence, aliens, and the dark underbelly of our global society will ground many into higher vibrations as they assimilate awakening. Others are experiencing giant leaps in their telepathy, energy reading skills and understanding of manifestation. They are going deeper into themselves, rabbit holes being explored. Those resonating with these words are deep in karmic excavation, rearranging the furniture of their lives to accommodate their emerging spiritual path. Changing habits, reassessing priorities, how their time is spent. Identifying where the energy leaks, drains, thieves are and blocking their path. Where stress comes from and how to minimise it. Stepping outside their lives and looking in. Dealing with childhood and ancestral karma is innate to the whole process of ascension. A never ending bittersweet onion of karmic layers to be pulled back, exposed and healed. Everything needs recognition to release.

A smaller number have been catapulted into a new existence. Transdimensional humans walking the earth. A modern tribe learning to master a new skill set. Telepathy is the language of guides and higher self, of ascended beings and intergalactic allies. We are learning to identify who is with us at any given time, in any given situation. Different guides fulfil different roles on our new transdimensional reality. Able to navigate different vibratory fields, we are learning that dream state is another dimensional reality we can consciously navigate. Able to jump from the matrix to higher dimensional frequencies quickly and with ease is our challenge. We are all suffering symptoms similar to the bends. Jumping dimensional frequencies requires huge amounts of energy, this will ease off the more adept we get. We anchor our light to the material plane to open portals with our higher realm guides. We connect with guides and ascended beings to heal, clear and release astral entities, spirits and possessions. We are the stealth shamans, Jedi knights who will consciously heal the astral plane from the material plane. Trinity portals are created with guides, light work can be done across dimensions. This is necessary. We are in training, trying out our new transdimensional skill set.

Several factors have been identified as hampering this process. This is feedback from those of us on the ground. Financial constraints have been underestimated, the system on earth promotes the narcissist and doormats the empath. Demons at mahogany desks and angels in the gutter. This is changing. The need for deep cover stealth mode to survive the matrix is evaporating. Light warriors are being connected on the material plane. The time has come for us to come out of the shadows, to take back the seat of power. For thousands of years selfish, ruthless, cold character traits have ensured success in a slave system. Kindness makes us weak and vulnerable here. Survival of the fittest became be selfish or fail. Women, children, non white people are believed to be inferior, resources to be used for personal gain or satisfaction. We exist in a hell dimension cleverly camouflaged by Gaia’s beauty. The angels are spreading their wings, breathing light air and taking their sovereignty back. Resistance has long infiltrated dark organisations just as the light has been infiltrated. AI and astral agents can jump in and out of weakened human hosts. Be cautious, careful, stick to normal routines, be joyful whenever you can. Laugh and enjoy life. Feel sad for the trolls, hackers, possessed hosts and conscious haters, their lives are indescribably dark, fearful, paranoid, painful places. Trust only your intuition now, everything is energy. Know the universe has our back, we should feel that in 2019.

Lost souls are desperate for escape to lighter realms as fear floods the astral plane. The demons are coming for light warriors. The illusions, smoke and mirrors of the matrix are dissolving. Stay in love vibration. Don’t let fear win. Pick your battles wisely. Astral trapped souls can look very frightening. See their fear not their faces. Many are seeking liberation, they are looking for the latent shamans, now activated, whose light transcends the material plane to the astral. Expect dreams of fighting demons with love. Send everything of darkness that comes our way, to the light. They can harm us physically, yet they will avoid this as they know we are their way out. Take precautions, stealth shamans, follow instincts unwaveringly, when engaging in warrior healing. Coaxing, reassuring, recognising their plight will be more effective than going to war as that is what they want. Reason with them, meet all their demonic desperation with calm, protected sacred light. Be honest, kind and absolutely firm, going to the light is redemption, freedom and peace. The astral plane is a terrifying place to be for all lost souls, traumatised and demonic. Resurrection of their hosts sovereignty is paramount for the healing of all. The evacuation of the astral, Phase 4 has begun.

We have shifted into the fourth dimension as an embedded planetary frequency. This changes the rules. The spider is wide awake, his web snaps, crackles and sizzles as light warriors cause havoc with their love vibrations. His soldiers are out on the attack, fire fighting, trying to repair the broken spaces. The matrix is glitching like never before. The cabal inserted Consciousness Amnesia Loops into humanities DNA. AI and black magic used to enslave us in perpetual loops of amnesia, preventing us from connecting the dots, seeing the bigger picture. The elite are gaslighting openly now. Accusing reiki and energy healers of doing the devil’s work. This is a dangerous admission on their part. They risk exposure that they are the ones doing the devil’s work as soon as psychology of projection is applied. It shows how desperate they are becoming. It also reflects the lessening need for lies and deceit as the veils lift and each of us declare our hand.

The penny is slowly dropping for many, many people that they have been lied to by their churches, their leaders and their televisions. Truths have always been hidden in plain sight. Television, film, advertising are programming tools for the human psyche. Alcohol is described as spirits because that’s what comes attached, desperate, addicted, parasitic spirits. We go to the sea to blow the cobwebs away. Gaia clears our energy of matrix spiders spinning webs, energy wizardry, to cloud our vision, zombify us, dumb us down. All around us the truth is hidden in plain sight. Old wives tales warn of the astral world and it’s evil interaction with ours, the women always knew. The elite tell us everything they are doing in such a way as we either don’t believe it or laugh it off as the amnesia loops kick in. There will be less hidden, more just in plain sight.

Transdimensional light warriors are witnessing the Loss of Memory Loops in those around them. Lightworkers and others locked down in memory lapses preventing their ascension to higher frequencies. Unable or unwilling to connect with the light, these deeply embedded programmes create intense resistance to higher consciousness states. People get stuck in an energetic rut. Travellers hyper present, finely tuned to their energetic environment are no longer subject to the dark arts used to keep humanity asleep. We bare witness to the mental, physical and spiritual enslavement of humanity. Watching it play out in those around us is trying. We know, remember, watch, witness and wait for those we love to break the chains, connect the dots and raise their vibration. Our role is no longer seed sower, our mission has changed. Each is on their own path to enlightenment now. We step back, respect others sovereignty and prioritise our own vibratory maintenance.

To carry out the transdimensional work we are already doing we have to remain in high frequency spaces. To participate in the mass astral evacuations we must prioritise lightbody health. Moving quickly between dimensional frequencies, going from deep meditation to the shops, can cause symptoms similar to Decompression Sickness. To avoid the bends making us too sick to function we change our lifestyles. More yoga for core balance and agility. Healthy food, water and nature for optimum energy nourishment. Our bodies are our temples of light, we can lessen nausea, dizziness, heavy limbs by being healthy, flexible, and agile. Recognising the energetic toll just existing is having as we try to embed frequencies in higher realms. Our hyper sensitivity to people, crowds, synthetics, strobe lighting, and junk foods is increasing. We may feel compelled to spend time alone, downloading, recalibrating, reflecting, assessing, communicating with guides, exercising and meditating. High vibration people will expand our consciousness, low vibe people will depress and frustrate us. Energy maintenance in hostile territory is our goal for now. Transdimensional work from the material plane is a tricky and exhilarating business. Listen to guides, name them, get to know them. They are our intuition and will teach us how to manage transdimensional existence. Being levelled up requires we make space to develop our new skillset. Stealth shamans, warrior healers, our time has come.

The coming war of dark and light will be quicker than we imagine. It will be an experience of profound release, love and light. The rush of freedom, of redemption, of Christ light will be out of this world. To anchor ourselves to the material plane and hold our end of the Trinity light portals we stay fit, fabulous and fierce in our light warrior power. It’s all happening as it should. Work at embedding in higher vibrations friends. Avoid contact, confrontation and contamination with toxic people, they can only save themselves now and we must focus on the many who are eager for healing. Mindfulness, gratitude and meditation are the keys that unlock the gates of 5d goodness. Stealth mode is the order of the day. Trying out our new skills from the downloads is the game we are in. Protect our energy and our light, we need both in bucket loads where we are going! 2019 is resilience, action, self belief and independence. Own all the different versions of you, integrate them as a whole. This is the year of the Light Warrior. Time to let those stinking out the swamp know who they’re up against. Freedom is redemption, the light will always offer that, no matter what. Love and light beautiful cosmic surfers.

~via Awakening