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28 February 2009

Communism is the mirror image of Western imperialism

Che! The West's Fatal Embrace

February 27, 2009

che.jpg by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Americans cannot expect to avoid destruction as long as they continue to embrace Communism in all its myriad disguises.

Symptomatic of the problem is a four hr. 17 min biopic of Soviet Comintern agent and terrorist Che Guevara. Rather than make movies about genuine American heroes, Hollywood is celebrating people dedicated to the destruction of Western Civilization.

Movie critic Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle cannot understand why Director Steven Soderbergh made the movie:

"If Soderbergh made as idol-worshiping an epic about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln - actual heroes with tangible, positive legacies - people would gag at the naive treatment.. Instead of making the case for Guevara as a hero, Soderbergh just assumes we all agree. The movie is the communist guerrilla version of the Stations of the Cross, in which we see Guevara at various stages, enduring various hardships. The invitation is not to think but to admire, and maybe to worship."

This is not the first time Hollywood has presented this ruthless killer as a saint. In 1969, Omar Sharif played "the most controversial rebel of our time" with Jack Palance as Castro. Then, there was "The Motorcycle Diaries" in 2004 and at least a half dozen made-for-TV films.

Communists always present their demented drive for world domination in terms of serving the common people. Surprisingly, plenty of suckers are ready to swallow this bait. But, why do these dupes include the US corporate media establishment?


The US mass media and most of its corporations are controlled by the central banking cartel, i.e. the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers etc. These are the same people who sponsor Communism.

The guiding principle behind all world events is their plan to translate their monopoly over government credit into a world monopoly of power, wealth, culture and religion.

potkettle.jpgThese bankers use a Hegelian dialectic to achieve their end. They created both Capitalism and Communism as thesis and antithesis. Their aim is a synthesis, combining the political and cultural tyranny of Communism with the appearance of Capitalist free markets. China or even Cuba may be the end model for the New World Order.

In 1953, Ford Foundation President, H. Rowan Gaither told Congressional Investigator Norman Dodd that his instructions were to use "our grant-making power so to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

This is why the Communist Party term "political correctness" has become part of our everyday lexicon. Why the elite media and foundations promote feminism, homosexuality, pornography and promiscuity to destabilize society. Why they sponsor "diversity" to undermine American identity. Why the education system is devoted to indoctrination; conservatives and patriots driven out. Why the culture industries are dedicated to sex, violence, alienation, deviance and the occult. We'll never know what we have missed in terms of cultural works that boost our sense of who we are and where we should be going.

Eustace Mullins relates this story: Early in his career, a NY publisher (who are all banker controlled) told his agent that it's too bad Mullins had decided to go against them. Look at the success they arranged for such "high school" talents as Hemingway, Steinbeck and
Faulkner. Unfortunately, Mullins would be consigned to the wilderness.

Such anecdotes confirm that we have been dispossessed and prepared for servitude. Our culture, most of our assumptions about the world, are controlled by the central bankers.


Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba only because of the covert help of New World orderlies in the US State Dept. and mass media. They cut off arm sales to Batista while at the same time allowing Castro to be supplied, partly by Russian submarines. This told the Cuban military which way the wind was blowing and they quietly defected.

This is the conclusion of Nataniel Weyl in "Red Star Over Cuba" (1962.) Weyl was a Communist in the 1930's and knew the top leaders of the Cuban Communist Party. He actually worked for the central bankers at one time, as Latin American research chief for the Federal Reserve System. He is one of many Jews who recognized Communism as a dangerous ruse and devoted his life to exposing Comintern subversion in Latin America.

Weyl says that both Ernesto Guevera and Fidel Castro were cultivated and trained as Soviet agents as teenagers. Guevara, an Argentine, was liaison between the Soviet espionage network and the Castro forces who masqueraded as an indigenous force. In fact, they were large bankrolled and supplied by the Soviet Union.

"Fidel's secret weapon was money---incredible millions of dollars, with which he bought "victories." He bought entired regiments from Batista's officers and, on one occasion, purchased for $650,000 cash an entired armored train, with tanks, guns, ammunition, jeeps and 500 men." (p.141)

According to Humberto Fantova's "Che! Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant", Guevara was involved in the execution of 10,000 Cubans after the revolution: He was "a bloodthirsty executioner, a military bumbler, a coward, and a hypocrite. This biographical account proves it's no exaggeration to state that Che... was the godfather of modern terrorism. And yet Che's followers naively swallow Castro's historical revisionism. They are classic "useful idiots." the name Stalin gave to foolish Westerners who parroted his lies about communism's successes."

Nat Hentoff met Che at the United Nations and asked "this idealist" -- "Can you conceive -- however far into the future -- a time when there will be free elections in Cuba?"

"Not waiting for his interpreter, Guevara broke into laughter at my naively ignorant question. He made it clear that I had no understanding of a true people's revolution, firmly guided by Maximum Leader Castro."

If the Cuban Communists were sponsored by the central bankers, how do I account for the CIA's Bay of Pigs invasion? This probably was designed to fail to enhance Castro's image and reinforce the Hegelian dialectic. If the US could go to Vietnam "for the sake of democracy," it could certainty have invaded Cuba officially. This opened the door for the missile crisis and the assassination of Kennedy, both part of the agenda.

How do I account for the CIA's killing of Guevara? He had served his purpose and was worth more as a martyr.


The Rothschilds and Rockefellers must be laughing up their sleeves at the young rebels who look to Che Guevera as a symbol of equality. In fact, Communism is the mirror image of Western imperialism, benefiting the same people.

Communism is about the total concentration of all wealth in the hands of the central bankers. In theory, wealth is "public" but in fact, they own and control the State.

Guevara helped establish a Communist regime in Cuba that may be a harbinger for Obama's America. Yes, the people are all equal -- dirt poor. Yes, they get free education and health care but education is indoctrination and people cannot toil for nothing if they are sick. The MD's get $20 a month.

Essentially, you have a prosperous island (oil, nickel, tobacco, coffee) with a large labor force that works for a pittance. All the wealth seems to flow to the Communists and their sponsors. Secret police are everywhere and no one can say a word against the regime.

This is where we are heading when we tolerate a government full of New World Orderlies (Communists) and mass media that venerate their ruthless agents.

Obama's "Change" is code for the Communist NWO. Leftists want to "change the world" but they are not told it will be much worse. They are "change agents" in a world they barely understand.

27 February 2009


The three dimensional world is a hologramic projection created by innumerable overlapping fields, which produce a virtual image of and by their interactions. These fields are generated in a number of dimensions. As several dimensions can be shown to coexist and overlap at the nexus point of our reality frame, then all objects and beings in three-dimensional reality must also exist in several dimensions.

All dimensions familiar to our 3D life experiences are measurable on a scale beginning at a hypothetical centre, and spreading outward from a central point of perspective - height, depth, length and (as discussed in Infinity & Beyond) time and gravity. All these dimensions and others combine at and from any given point of perspective to produce a series of overlapping allusions - the human view of ‘reality’. Being n-dimensional fields they intrude virtually and simultaneously at all points within our apparent 3-space. Each potential location is accessible to and from each and every other location in a hologramic series of infinite regressions - the multiverse.

Holograms can be produced by any wavelength and frequency of energy; note that all the energy/matter of our material universe are standing waves produced by the interactions of innumerable fields and wavelengths. In hologram theory an infinite amount of code can be located in an infinitely small space - each unit or grain of resolution of a hologram contains all the information within the whole image. In an ideal hologram each point contains all the information present in the whole. Various frames of reference can be accessed using different phases and angles of rotation. At every scale, any section of a hologram contains the information that makes up the entire image.

Each point in the universe (and infinite multiverse) is accessible to and from literally anywhere and everywhen. Each discrete particle and body is, in turn, part of larger systems and bodies. Each component object and being in the universe has a centre and a semi-amorphous periphery; each contains an inner universe corresponding fractally with the entire macrocosm. All the information in all universes is apprehensible as a series of overlaid, interpenetrating holograms, and all the information in the macrocosm is actually contained in each hologramic component.

The decrease in signal-to-noise ratio exhibited when holograms are reduced in scale is an artefact of decryption. All the information produced in the original hologram is still there; as ‘photons’ retain the same apparent size, the information is less accessible using the same resolution of light ‘beam’ as that which produced a simulacrum of it. When reduced in size a hologram will still retain all the data encoded within it, theoretically compressible to an infinitesimally small point. All the data is still there, and using different tools to unfold the information is the key to accessing it. Heisenberg’s famous principle is not violated, as the information incorporated and derived from a hologram is all phase-encoded; coded information does not violate the Uncertainty Principle when it comes to determine its delineaments with precision.

Aspects of the whole are stored and accessed at any point by rotation. Similarly, all particles contain the universe of which they are a subset.
The human being- and brain and mind - are holograms within a myriad of holograms, as the multiverse is continually engaged in actualising potential by its very nature. The human mind is continually accessing multiple views of 'reality' as it dreams Life, and energy is constantly appearing from the infinite sea of quantum foam that forms the matrix of our world.

As the core tenet of the Hermetic doctrine reveals, “As above, so below.”

Our world may be a giant hologram

DRIVING through the countryside south of Hanover, it would be easy to miss the GEO600 experiment. From the outside, it doesn't look much: in the corner of a field stands an assortment of boxy temporary buildings, from which two long trenches emerge, at a right angle to each other, covered with corrugated iron. Underneath the metal sheets, however, lies a detector that stretches for 600 metres.

For the past seven years, this German set-up has been looking for gravitational waves - ripples in space-time thrown off by super-dense astronomical objects such as neutron stars and black holes. GEO600 has not detected any gravitational waves so far, but it might inadvertently have made the most important discovery in physics for half a century.

For many months, the GEO600 team-members had been scratching their heads over inexplicable noise that is plaguing their giant detector. Then, out of the blue, a researcher approached them with an explanation. In fact, he had even predicted the noise before he knew they were detecting it. According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, GEO600 has stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time - the point where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described and instead dissolves into "grains", just as a newspaper photograph dissolves into dots as you zoom in. "It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time," says Hogan.

If this doesn't blow your socks off, then Hogan, who has just been appointed director of Fermilab's Center for Particle Astrophysics, has an even bigger shock in store: "If the GEO600 result is what I suspect it is, then we are all living in a giant cosmic hologram."

The idea that we live in a hologram probably sounds absurd, but it is a natural extension of our best understanding of black holes, and something with a pretty firm theoretical footing. It has also been surprisingly helpful for physicists wrestling with theories of how the universe works at its most fundamental level.

The holograms you find on credit cards and banknotes are etched on two-dimensional plastic films. When light bounces off them, it recreates the appearance of a 3D image. In the 1990s physicists Leonard Susskind and Nobel prizewinner Gerard 't Hooft suggested that the same principle might apply to the universe as a whole. Our everyday experience might itself be a holographic projection of physical processes that take place on a distant, 2D surface.

The "holographic principle" challenges our sensibilities. It seems hard to believe that you woke up, brushed your teeth and are reading this article because of something happening on the boundary of the universe. No one knows what it would mean for us if we really do live in a hologram, yet theorists have good reasons to believe that many aspects of the holographic principle are true.

Susskind and 't Hooft's remarkable idea was motivated by ground-breaking work on black holes by Jacob Bekenstein of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel and Stephen Hawking at the University of Cambridge. In the mid-1970s, Hawking showed that black holes are in fact not entirely "black" but instead slowly emit radiation, which causes them to evaporate and eventually disappear. This poses a puzzle, because Hawking radiation does not convey any information about the interior of a black hole. When the black hole has gone, all the information about the star that collapsed to form the black hole has vanished, which contradicts the widely affirmed principle that information cannot be destroyed. This is known as the black hole information paradox.

Bekenstein's work provided an important clue in resolving the paradox. He discovered that a black hole's entropy - which is synonymous with its information content - is proportional to the surface area of its event horizon. This is the theoretical surface that cloaks the black hole and marks the point of no return for infalling matter or light. Theorists have since shown that microscopic quantum ripples at the event horizon can encode the information inside the black hole, so there is no mysterious information loss as the black hole evaporates.

Crucially, this provides a deep physical insight: the 3D information about a precursor star can be completely encoded in the 2D horizon of the subsequent black hole - not unlike the 3D image of an object being encoded in a 2D hologram. Susskind and 't Hooft extended the insight to the universe as a whole on the basis that the cosmos has a horizon too - the boundary from beyond which light has not had time to reach us in the 13.7-billion-year lifespan of the universe. What's more, work by several string theorists, most notably Juan Maldacena at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, has confirmed that the idea is on the right track. He showed that the physics inside a hypothetical universe with five dimensions and shaped like a Pringle is the same as the physics taking place on the four-dimensional boundary.

According to Hogan, the holographic principle radically changes our picture of space-time. Theoretical physicists have long believed that quantum effects will cause space-time to convulse wildly on the tiniest scales. At this magnification, the fabric of space-time becomes grainy and is ultimately made of tiny units rather like pixels, but a hundred billion billion times smaller than a proton. This distance is known as the Planck length, a mere 10-35 metres. The Planck length is far beyond the reach of any conceivable experiment, so nobody dared dream that the graininess of space-time might be discernable.

That is, not until Hogan realised that the holographic principle changes everything. If space-time is a grainy hologram, then you can think of the universe as a sphere whose outer surface is papered in Planck length-sized squares, each containing one bit of information. The holographic principle says that the amount of information papering the outside must match the number of bits contained inside the volume of the universe.

Since the volume of the spherical universe is much bigger than its outer surface, how could this be true? Hogan realised that in order to have the same number of bits inside the universe as on the boundary, the world inside must be made up of grains bigger than the Planck length. "Or, to put it another way, a holographic universe is blurry," says Hogan.

This is good news for anyone trying to probe the smallest unit of space-time. "Contrary to all expectations, it brings its microscopic quantum structure within reach of current experiments," says Hogan. So while the Planck length is too small for experiments to detect, the holographic "projection" of that graininess could be much, much larger, at around 10-16 metres. "If you lived inside a hologram, you could tell by measuring the blurring," he says.

When Hogan first realised this, he wondered if any experiment might be able to detect the holographic blurriness of space-time. That's where GEO600 comes in.

Gravitational wave detectors like GEO600 are essentially fantastically sensitive rulers. The idea is that if a gravitational wave passes through GEO600, it will alternately stretch space in one direction and squeeze it in another. To measure this, the GEO600 team fires a single laser through a half-silvered mirror called a beam splitter. This divides the light into two beams, which pass down the instrument's 600-metre perpendicular arms and bounce back again. The returning light beams merge together at the beam splitter and create an interference pattern of light and dark regions where the light waves either cancel out or reinforce each other. Any shift in the position of those regions tells you that the relative lengths of the arms has changed.

"The key thing is that such experiments are sensitive to changes in the length of the rulers that are far smaller than the diameter of a proton," says Hogan.

So would they be able to detect a holographic projection of grainy space-time? Of the five gravitational wave detectors around the world, Hogan realised that the Anglo-German GEO600 experiment ought to be the most sensitive to what he had in mind. He predicted that if the experiment's beam splitter is buffeted by the quantum convulsions of space-time, this will show up in its measurements (Physical Review D, vol 77, p 104031). "This random jitter would cause noise in the laser light signal," says Hogan.

In June he sent his prediction to the GEO600 team. "Incredibly, I discovered that the experiment was picking up unexpected noise," says Hogan. GEO600's principal investigator Karsten Danzmann of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Potsdam, Germany, and also the University of Hanover, admits that the excess noise, with frequencies of between 300 and 1500 hertz, had been bothering the team for a long time. He replied to Hogan and sent him a plot of the noise. "It looked exactly the same as my prediction," says Hogan. "It was as if the beam splitter had an extra sideways jitter."

Incredibly, the experiment was picking up unexpected noise - as if quantum convulsions were causing an extra sideways jitter

No one - including Hogan - is yet claiming that GEO600 has found evidence that we live in a holographic universe. It is far too soon to say. "There could still be a mundane source of the noise," Hogan admits.

Gravitational-wave detectors are extremely sensitive, so those who operate them have to work harder than most to rule out noise. They have to take into account passing clouds, distant traffic, seismological rumbles and many, many other sources that could mask a real signal. "The daily business of improving the sensitivity of these experiments always throws up some excess noise," says Danzmann. "We work to identify its cause, get rid of it and tackle the next source of excess noise." At present there are no clear candidate sources for the noise GEO600 is experiencing. "In this respect I would consider the present situation unpleasant, but not really worrying."

For a while, the GEO600 team thought the noise Hogan was interested in was caused by fluctuations in temperature across the beam splitter. However, the team worked out that this could account for only one-third of the noise at most.

Danzmann says several planned upgrades should improve the sensitivity of GEO600 and eliminate some possible experimental sources of excess noise. "If the noise remains where it is now after these measures, then we have to think again," he says.

If GEO600 really has discovered holographic noise from quantum convulsions of space-time, then it presents a double-edged sword for gravitational wave researchers. One on hand, the noise will handicap their attempts to detect gravitational waves. On the other, it could represent an even more fundamental discovery.

Such a situation would not be unprecedented in physics. Giant detectors built to look for a hypothetical form of radioactivity in which protons decay never found such a thing. Instead, they discovered that neutrinos can change from one type into another - arguably more important because it could tell us how the universe came to be filled with matter and not antimatter (New Scientist, 12 April 2008, p 26).

It would be ironic if an instrument built to detect something as vast as astrophysical sources of gravitational waves inadvertently detected the minuscule graininess of space-time. "Speaking as a fundamental physicist, I see discovering holographic noise as far more interesting," says Hogan.

Small price to pay

Despite the fact that if Hogan is right, and holographic noise will spoil GEO600's ability to detect gravitational waves, Danzmann is upbeat. "Even if it limits GEO600's sensitivity in some frequency range, it would be a price we would be happy to pay in return for the first detection of the graininess of space-time." he says. "You bet we would be pleased. It would be one of the most remarkable discoveries in a long time."

However Danzmann is cautious about Hogan's proposal and believes more theoretical work needs to be done. "It's intriguing," he says. "But it's not really a theory yet, more just an idea." Like many others, Danzmann agrees it is too early to make any definitive claims. "Let's wait and see," he says. "We think it's at least a year too early to get excited."

The longer the puzzle remains, however, the stronger the motivation becomes to build a dedicated instrument to probe holographic noise. John Cramer of the University of Washington in Seattle agrees. It was a "lucky accident" that Hogan's predictions could be connected to the GEO600 experiment, he says. "It seems clear that much better experimental investigations could be mounted if they were focused specifically on the measurement and characterisation of holographic noise and related phenomena."

One possibility, according to Hogan, would be to use a device called an atom interferometer. These operate using the same principle as laser-based detectors but use beams made of ultracold atoms rather than laser light. Because atoms can behave as waves with a much smaller wavelength than light, atom interferometers are significantly smaller and therefore cheaper to build than their gravitational-wave-detector counterparts.

So what would it mean it if holographic noise has been found? Cramer likens it to the discovery of unexpected noise by an antenna at Bell Labs in New Jersey in 1964. That noise turned out to be the cosmic microwave background, the afterglow of the big bang fireball. "Not only did it earn Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson a Nobel prize, but it confirmed the big bang and opened up a whole field of cosmology," says Cramer.

Hogan is more specific. "Forget Quantum of Solace, we would have directly observed the quantum of time," says Hogan. "It's the smallest possible interval of time - the Planck length divided by the speed of light."

More importantly, confirming the holographic principle would be a big help to researchers trying to unite quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory of gravity. Today the most popular approach to quantum gravity is string theory, which researchers hope could describe happenings in the universe at the most fundamental level. But it is not the only show in town. "Holographic space-time is used in certain approaches to quantising gravity that have a strong connection to string theory," says Cramer. "Consequently, some quantum gravity theories might be falsified and others reinforced."

Hogan agrees that if the holographic principle is confirmed, it rules out all approaches to quantum gravity that do not incorporate the holographic principle. Conversely, it would be a boost for those that do - including some derived from string theory and something called matrix theory. "Ultimately, we may have our first indication of how space-time emerges out of quantum theory." As serendipitous discoveries go, it's hard to get more ground-breaking than that.

Check out other weird cosmology features from New Scientist

Marcus Chown is the author of Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You (Faber, 2008)

26 February 2009


"What we must realize is that we cannot see everything.
We do not know
More important, we must understand that
it is impossible for us to
control anything.
The process of life is a spiritual one, governed by
intangible spiritual laws and principles."
(Iyanla Vanzant)

24 February 2009

A Family Curse

By Paul Levy

A number of years ago, a father brought to me his adult son who had suffered, due to an overwhelming psychological trauma a few years before, a psychotic break. As I worked with the son, I noticed that there were two distinct parts of him. On the one hand, due to his inability to metabolize the trauma, he had dissociated and developed a fantasy-based identity which had little relation to what we would call day-to-day reality. As I got to know the son, however, I realized that another part of him was perfectly reasonable, very awake, aware and healthy. Like putting on a suit of clothes, sometimes he would inhabit a persona which was maladapted to consensus reality, while other times he stepped into being perfectly healthy and whole. These two aspects seemed to have no connection with each other, as if they were unrelated and hadn’t met.
One of my spiritual teachers, a highly accomplished Tibetan lama, was coming to town, and I thought it might be helpful for the son to connect with my teacher, who was a genuinely compassionate and enlightened person. I set up a meeting between them, with both the father and myself available for joining the meeting if it seemed helpful. At a certain point, all four of us were together, and what unfolded was most revealing. After a little while, the lama began suggesting to the son that his father was getting older, and it would be a great thing if he could be more supportive and be of help to his aging father. I realized that my teacher, though seeing the “crazy” part of the son, was choosing to not give it much attention, and instead was choosing to relate to the part of him which was healthy. The lama so fully embodied and entertained the viewpoint of the son being healthy that he was opening up a doorway, making available the very point of view he was embodying. He was inviting and holding space right in that moment for the son to step into his intrinsic wholeness.
After a little while, the father and I left the meeting, leaving the lama alone to talk with the son. Much to my surprise, the father was very upset, saying to me that my teacher didn’t realize how sick his son was, that he had gotten entranced by his son’s charisma and ability to fool people by appearing to be sane. I found the father’s response most illuminating, as it gave me a deeper insight into the unconscious dynamics of the family shadow between the father and the son.
After this meeting with my teacher, the father never called me again to see his son. Sadly, I never saw the father or son again.
The son wasn’t the only one who had two (or more) distinct parts of himself; the father had multiple parts of himself, too, as do we all. On the one hand, the father had the part of himself that genuinely wanted his son to get well; this was a healthy aspect with which he consciously identified and presented to the world. There was another part of the father which he was unconsciously acting out, however, and this was the part of him that received a certain benefit in believing in and thereby helping to unwittingly perpetuate his son’s illness. I imagine that this unconscious part, if pointed out to the father, would be denied and resisted at all costs. It was clear that for some reason there was a part of the father which was very invested in his son’s identity as being sick.
The father and son were co-dependently entangled in a dysfunctional relationship in which the father was unwittingly colluding in his son’s illness. Because of his rank and position of power and authority, the father’s concretized perception of his son’s mental illness, certified by the “authority” of the psychiatric system, actually helped to invoke his son’s illness, as this was the aspect of the son he was amplifying, calling forth and relating to by viewing him as ill. Once the mentally ill part of the son manifested, this just served to further confirm the father’s solidified viewpoint of his son’s madness as “objectively” existing i.e., being a concrete fact. This process was a nonlinear, self-generating feedback loop which had the nature of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The result of this crazy-making dynamic didn’t ultimately serve either the father or son - the son had become disabled and unable to take care of himself, the father felt not only burdened in having to take care of the son, but felt resentful and victimized by the circumstance he found himself in, a situation he himself unwittingly helped to create. A truly crazy situation which was a “lose/lose” for everyone concerned.
It was as if there was an ancestral, family “curse” which was materializing itself and taking form as it was incarnating through the relationship between father and son. Not merely a personal process, the father and son were en-acting an archetypal dynamic which had literally been passed down and transmitted through the ages. This particular father and son were the current re-presentations of a deeper mythic process which has en-acted itself in human relationships all throughout history. This deeper, archetypal process was patterning, in-forming and animating the father and son’s mutual interactions, as if it was using them as its instruments of both expressing and revealing itself.
Seen symbolically, the father and son’s inter-play was a full-bodied revelation of a transpersonal process in which we are all actively participating, whether we consciously know it or not. Encoded in the process they were en-acting is a revelatory insight into how we are all creatively “dreaming up” our experience of life moment by moment. The family curse was at the same time its own potential revelation, and how it manifests – as a blessing or curse – depends upon if we recognize what it is revealing to us.
Sometimes, or maybe even every moment, vignettes en-act themselves in our personal lives that are like acts in a play or scenes in a dream, allegorical revelations in time of a timeless, archetypal process which exists within the soul of humanity. These seemingly ordinary scenarios, playing out in our day-to-day lives are like crystallizations in-formed by a deeper intelligence whose origin is the collective unconscious itself. An underlying, fundamental psychological dynamic is both literally and symbolically materializing itself and becoming visible through the seemingly mundane dramas we enact in our intimate relationships. This particular father and son was but one prototypical example of a relationship dynamic that plays itself out in innumerable families, be they our families of origin, or the greater human family.
We aren’t able to understand the son’s madness separate from his relationship to the father, as they are both expressions of the underlying family system in which they are contained. The father and son’s madness collaboratively feeds into and off of each other, in that their madness reciprocally co-activates and co-arises together in a way that mutually reinforces each other, which is to say they are interconnected aspects of a greater, unified field. The two roles don’t, and can’t, exist in isolation from each other, but rather, only exist in dynamic co-relation to each other.
As compared to the father, my teacher, on the other hand, picked up a viewpoint which was outside this closed system. He wasn’t being seduced by or buying into the fixed point of view that the son was inherently and substantially sick. The lama’s seeing and relating to the healthy aspect of the son was actually threatening to the father, as it ultimately reflected back to the father his own complicity in his son’s mental illness, which is to say, his own madness. In an attempt to avoid acquaintance with his own questionable sanity, the father projected his own insanity outside of himself, onto the son. Just as we hang a coat on a coat hook, the son had any number of “hooks” to carry the father’s projections. Insanely, the father was willing to “sacrifice” his only son to protect his own narcissism, all in the name of “love.”
The father, through his avoidance of intimate relationship with a part of himself, had created a counterincentive in himself for his son to get well. A part of him was invested in his son staying sick so as to not blow his “gig” - for if his son got well, he would no longer be carrying his father’s shadow, which would then fall back upon the father to deal with in himself alone. The last thing in the world the father wanted to do was look at and deal directly with his own darkness. Jung, commenting on the role that the figure of the father can play in burdening their children with the weight of their own un-illumined shadow projections, simply said, “’They know not what they do.’ Unconsciousness is the original sin.”
If the son were to definitively step out of his role in the family of being the one who is sick, it would reconfigure the dynamics and change the homeostatic equilibrium of the entire family system. Once the greater collective field changes, this would potentially demand the father to come to terms with his own unconscious madness, the very thing of which he is most afraid. In projecting his shadow onto the son, the father was evading responsibility for his own darkness while simultaneously oppressing his son with it. When a parent identifies with a one-sidedly virtuous role and projects out their dis-owned shadow onto the children, the shadow is cast over the children like a spell or falls over them like an enchanted garment of an evil witch, as is portrayed in various myths and fairy tales world-wide from time immemorial. The children then feel themselves unconsciously tied and bound to the parent in a way which limits their freedom. They are then compulsively driven, without knowing why, to fatefully act out in their lives the parent’s unconscious, repressed shadow. It should be noted that this dynamic is not causal, in that the parent projecting the shadow is not “causing” the child to act out the shadow, but simply increases the probability of this happening.
Though immaterial and unquantifiable, projections have their own subtle body, possessing a reality in and of themselves, in the sense that they have palpable effects upon the recipient. To quote Jung, “a projection is a very tangible thing, a sort of semi-substantial thing which forms a load as if it had real weight.” Projecting the shadow is the essence of the darker, spell-casting magical arts, such as voodoo, sorcery or witchcraft. Strong negative projections thrown our way are like projectiles that can potentially bewitch us and literally make us sick, especially when we are in a weakened and suggestible state. The father’s diagnostic, pathologizing viewpoint, particularly when wielded in the name of the objective truth and backed by those with power and authority, is, to quote Noel Cobb, author of Archetypal Imagination, ”no less destructive to the landscape of the soul than chain saws and bulldozers are to the Amazonian rainforests.”
Of course, this dynamic between the father and son reminded me of my relationship with my own father years ago. I, too, had become the “identified patient” of my family system, carrying the family’s unwanted unconscious shadow and mad parts, a process which ultimately propelled me, for the sake of my own sanity, to step out of the (crazy-making) system itself.
Synchronistically, this particular father and son were re-playing and re-presenting the very process of shadow projection which had played out between me and my father, a dynamic which had left a definite impression in my psyche. Seen symbolically, the father and son were an externalized, embodied reflection, in seemingly objective form, co-responding to a psychological process existing within myself. It was as if I had “dreamed up” the father and son into my life in the form of a living symbol so as to “out-picture” and see “out there” my inner, psychological process in literal form so as to be more free of its enchantment within and over myself.
Quantum physics points out that the universe is not made of solid matter at all but is more like a wave function of infinite potentiality which, just like a dream, recreates itself anew as it pulsates in and out of the “radiant emptiness” – the formless void which is the source of all manifestation and is not empty but full - every nanosecond. How we view, observe, or “dream up,” the infinite universal wave function, of which everyone, including ourselves is an expression, in the present moment collapses the wave function into a particularized manifestation whose definite and finite-seeming appearance contains within itself all the evidence we need to en-trance ourselves into thinking that it inherently exists in an objective way, separate from our act of observation. Applying this quantum principle known as the “observer effect” to the domain of human psychology brings into sharp focus the all important principle that the apparent condition of the seemingly “objective world” outside ourselves is always being unconsciously influenced by the condition of the subject, which is us. In essence, to the extent we aren’t aware of how the frame through which we are looking at the world affects the world we are looking at is the extent to which we bewitch ourselves by the power of our own active but not fully consciously engaged creative genius.
What my teacher was naturally em-bodying was the fact that where we place our attention, which is a function of our intention, has the power to influence the way the world shows up. My teacher didn’t marginalize the son’s craziness, he just didn’t focus on it. By relating to the healthy aspect of the son - the part who could switch roles and take care of his father instead of having his father take care of him - my teacher was actually evoking, calling forth, welcoming and potentially dreaming up this healthy part of the son into manifestation. It was as if the lama was a “spiritual midwife,” potentially assisting in the birth of consciousness in and through the son. The amazing thing is that this profound act involved something as seemingly invisible and subtle as a shift of where we place our attention.
This reminds me of my own initial experiences with this very same teacher. When I first met him years ago, I was in deep emotional pain and suffering. Every time I would see him I would share with him all of my problems, how screwed up I felt, and how much pain I was in. He would always listen, but after a while I began to feel that he wasn’t getting hooked by my story that there was something the matter with me. He was honoring my experience, but he wasn’t validating it, making it real nor reinforcing it. In his eyes, I was a perfectly healthy and whole human being, and this was the Paul he was relating to. Of course, he was only able to see the healthy, whole and awake part of me because he was so in touch with this part of himself.
As our relationship deepened, the healthy and whole part of myself began to emerge, as if my teacher had created a bridge and helped me to step into myself. This is truly what a “blessing” is, and it’s not just an enlightened lama who can do this. We can all do this for each other.
Paul Levy is a visionary artist and a spiritually-informed political activist. A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, he is a healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dream-like nature of reality. He is the author of The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis,which is available on his website (See the first chapter, The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis). Please feel free to pass this article along to a friend if you feel so inspired. You can contact Paul at; he looks forward to your reflections. © Copyright 2009

23 February 2009

Transcending the Matrix of Duality

We live in a world of illusion, quite literally. Imagine being able to copy your favorite programs, make your own changes to it, then isolate that program so that those who created it remain unaware that you’ve absconded with their “creation”. Then, you sell your versions and make trillions of dollars. The Matrix Trilogy is the closest representation to our shared reality to date. Our entire galaxy, our universe, filled with mystery and black holes and things yet to be known, is a duplicate on multidimensional levels, all the way back ALMOST to Source, but “not quite”. How is this possible? We have those answers within us, as each spark of the Divine is fully informed about this “rogue creation”. This is not the REAL world, and that explains why there is so much darkness, control and manipulation from higher densities than ours. There has always been a limited presence of higher density light, but the higher percentage of negative polarity has been able to confiscate and use it; until now. It doesn’t matter what the negative polarity creates here during these final few years; the incoming “pillars of light” which effect inscension for ALL who carry the divine blueprint, awake or not, is on its way and cannot be stopped.

This is a “false creation”, a distortion duplicated from the higher hierarchies to the lowest realms from the One Reality in which it resides, similar to the theory of fractals. All hierarchies have been “copied” up to around the 11th and 12th density. All-That-Is resides beyond 12th density, and has “allowed” this distortion to play out. Creation beyond 12th density has attempted numerous cosmic “rescues”, which comprise all the ancient myths based upon truths. The true “cosmic story” goes far beyond normal, run of the mill “conspiracy theories”. What we need to focus on is that we exist within (and without) the Matrix, as David Icke has been exposing. It is by opening ourselves up to “containing” or holding the vastness of light and dark within, that expansion of consciousness results. Many science fiction movies were seeded here to tell us in pictures, the real story of the many galactic wars and battles, fought “in the heavens”, made manifest on earth. This is a Reader’s Digest Highly Condensed version loosely highlighting the salient points. Here is one version of the story:

As a collective, we chose, millennia ago, to give over part of our power in higher densities within a duplicate cosmos to other aspects of ourselves, referred to as “Creator Gods“, who had chosen to go “renegade”. Originally, before the first deviation from Source, “the fall”, there was full consciousness and connection between all that is. Creation was “copied” in its entirety by scientists far beyond our comprehension in a bold move which those in the higher densities allowed. There were so many safeguards from any rogue creation from returning UP the stream and transcending the Founders; at the time there were concerns, but none from those densities could imagine any aspect of themselves, manifesting in a lower density creation, figuring out how to subvert the entire process and “overwrite” those in higher densities. And yet, this is what happened, not just once but many times; and each “new“ distortion was more disturbing and further removed from the original source blueprint, than all previous creations. Oh, it may have taken several aeons of creation, many odd alliances, but it happened. We see evidence in the form of the destroyed planet Marduk, now an asteroid belt, the melted sands in Egypt, the result of many atomic blasts, and the “great flood” which was yet another attempt to fix things.

The Gnostics wrote in detail about the “false creation”, through metaphors about the birth of an “abnormality”, a distorted creator god, that did not fully know about the larger creation. That which thought of itself as a god split itself off from the original creation; in Atlantis they were called Sons of Belial. We, the “children of the law of one” (angelic humans) are returning “en masse“ to assist with lifting the fragments of ourselves which are currently “stuck“ in recurring incarnations at lower densities. This world of illusion is contained like an infinite “multiple parallel creation” within the larger true creation, which exists without missing harmonics and frequencies. Most who incarnate on this planet have been held in a frequency containment center (prison), and many of us who are angelic indigo humans, from the original divine blueprint, have incarnated from various other densities, realities and galactic federations, to effect the shifts which are going to return the deviated, yet brilliant “false creation” into alignment with the original blueprint. Those creator gods who cannot choose to align with Source, may be returned to “conscious space dust“, to start anew from the beginning of creation.

Those creator gods who could have reset the game many times, didn’t want to lose their sovereignty and superiority, which takes many trillions of years to achieve. And those higher aspects of these gods, out of love and compassion, continued to attempt various “rescue plans” for their fragmented family.

Eventually, one transcends the lower realms to become an “ascended master”, a group of entities, and one joins the larger and grander plan. Maybe boredom set in, maybe things just got “out of hand”, or both and more. But the True Creator, which resides outside and inside this creation, probably wanted to see how this would play out, knowing in advance the infinite fields of possibility. And what came about was QUITE impressive! However, to bend light and duplicate the original, it became necessary to use the life-force from an original creation. Further, those from beyond 12th density had to continue to choose what percentage of their own energies could be sent back into these false creations in order to effect a “rescue”.

Various “councils” had attempted this to no avail, yet when another group suggested sending in a larger percentage of itself, they shrugged their shoulders and said, “Okay. You guys can try it, and see if you have any more success than we did, when WE attempted this, many creations ago.” And so they did.

Murphy’s Law seems to work in ALL cosmoses, and the attempt not only failed, but those higher dimensional energies were also distorted and taken for use in creating yet another renegade creation, even more powerful. This turned into an “angelic war”. Some realms wanted to simply destroy the original renegades, which had already effected many space wars throughout the various galaxies and dimensions. They too became embroiled in the “battle between light and dark”, creating the many myths from all religions. Over millennia, many conscious beings from higher densities have incarnated through fragmentation, in order to pull these “alternate creations” back up from fragmentation into wholeness. We see their works and efforts in all ages. But the warring, manipulating distortions, who had taken control, overpowered the conscious beings who incarnated here. Due to free will and Allowance, all-that-is continued to observe. Densities beyond 12.5 became alarmed as wormholes and star gates were artificially created in order to make “connections” for the aberrant renegades in several of these cosmoses, which just happen to run through our own. The movie Star gate depicts the essence of this quite well.

At various “intervals” in these grand cosmic octaves, there were moments when the higher densities had an opportunity to impulse their own frequencies into these now expanding creations, and restore the original divine blueprint. That would have required breaking down the distortions, which themselves were “creator gods”, into conscious space dust, to return as part of the Creator, starting again without full consciousness. Those in the higher councils, whose parts had been “sent in” to make these corrections or “salvations of those divine sparks of themselves”, to return to Chrystalline (Christos) consciousness, out of love for all aspects of themselves, continued to attempt further “grand plans” to save their asses. Literally. The assholes had gotten out of the zoo, had coerced other Avatar energies to join, and hence we end up with tales of Zeus, the Gods, Niburu, Annunaki, the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Atlantians, Lemurians, Grays, Blondes and most importantly, the Reptilians and Dragonis groups, which had become commingled with various angelic realms, all fighting for the “angelic human coding”, which has access to the original star gates that will be opening during “the shift“. Many interbreeding and genetic upgrades were attempted. Most of the people around today are the result; human masks on the outside, hybrids within.

In order for these “gods” to live, each duplicate creation, since it was no longer sourced BY source, yet was within it, trying to transcend and overtake it, had to draw ENERGY from the original creations, which sent aspects of itself in to “rescue the entire creation”. It’s easy to imagine what a mess can be made in infinite time, space and eternity! Many of the space wars occurred here. One of these creations, based upon Metatron, scientifically altered the duplicate, by altering physics into cube creations, which incorporated living and non living materials. Another movie was seeded in our unconscious collective, about this: the Borg. There were far more “bizarre” creations, similar to the bar in Star Wars. Those who had chosen immortality, rather than “eternal life” connected to source, could not perceive starting over, and continued the battle to dominate all creation as ultimate gods by closing off their aberrant creations permanently. This is getting very close now. We, the angelic human incarnate, are the living sparks of the original Creator, holding the frequency of the original divine blueprint. Those who seek us need the codes contained within to open the star gates with advanced technology to leap over those who hold the safeguards over errant creations and make their control “final”.

This is why those with an original divine spark, the angelic humans, have been scattered or “concealed” all over the earth, and why so many “indigos” and others have been incarnating “en masse”. This is also why we are kept “ignorant” to ourselves. Until now, it’s been far too dangerous for us to be “taken”. Barbara Marciniak’s works speak of the “Pleiadian Renegades”, who have been infiltrating these distortions as “systems busters”. They had a hand in rebelling and aligning with the creator gods who think they own this place, having taken it by force, and their higher aspects are now helping us. The “learning” for the higher densities, and for Creator, has been dark, yes. Brilliant, quite so, just like “he who can’t be named” in the Harry Potter films. That is another metaphor for what’s happening within the UK as a main hub or star gate. Worse, there are many “others” here who do not contain the spark of life from source. They have no conscience whatsoever, no light and definitely no heart, and many of those are presently in control of this world. These are made by the creator gods who are attempting a final “coup d’etat”. But, like James Bond, in the final moment of battle, tongue in cheek, humor intact, wisdom exponentially expanded, we of the human angelic realms, will connect in higher matrices of crystalline energies, and those aspects which are drawing “life” or energy from chaos, destruction and control, through many world wars and constant battling, could end up returned to source without consciousness of all that WAS. Game Reset.

And this is what they fear the most, as it’s the “second death”, though there is no such thing as death. It’s merely the loss of their supremacy, accumulated distortions and power. This is why they create fear for the true creation, which has successfully infiltrated the “nether realms” of lower densities, and all higher harmonics will be restored, rather than missing, and all will be known. Why can this information be shared now? Because we must begin to RE-MEMBER our SELVES. WE are from the divine blueprint for the angelic-indigo-human, soon to be “Christalline” or Christ-conscious”. We are guardians for the star gates, and our lack of conscious awareness has saved us from being absorbed into the unconsciousness of those without the divine spark. We see how many of our true family is still sleeping; yet, so are some of the negative polarity who do not know who they are. Cleverly hidden in our innermost recesses in plain view, as Sherlock Holmes suggested as the best hiding place, we have successfully begun our long, tedious and sometimes quite fun journey… HOME. Each of us can now tap into our own unique versions of the Galactic Family Story, and tell our OWN tales of our journeys, as we reunite together as One. It’s a grand celebration, and it’s soon to manifest in glorious Cinematic Vision with surround sound!

Now, in order to keep this from being taken as truth, or setting off alarm bells somewhere and drawing attention to us prematurely, this is just a story. It’s not necessarily true. On top of that, it’s channeled. Those who do not resonate or are not ready to awaken will not “see” or “hear”. It’s important for those who know who they are, deep in their hearts, to begin to recognize the energy vampires from the angelic humans, along with the MANY ET races that all wear a human mask. A lot of negative polarity work is done through crowds, control, frequency band manipulation, and this is what HAARP and chemtrails are about; the weaving of an increasingly tight fence which the creator gods believe will finally wrap things up here and allow full control of all the star gates, and the re-write of the higher densities with their own distorted lens. It’s vital that we remain true to our Selves, and that we continue to “act Abby Normal” and not spill the beans. So, fellow systems busters and family, hang tight. Know that we have vast realms from the highest densities assisting, and that assistance must continue to be “discreet”, and our covers not blown… yet. We are getting very close to the Final Countdown, so go within, follow your own intuition, and be alert!

On the Shift: Many have spoken of this throughout the ages; Robert Cox’ Pillar of Celestial Fire describes the process in great detail. This is the “ascension” or purification by fire. That which does not contain the divine spark, all artificial or man made materials, probably our own flesh, will be washed away in the massive cosmic influx referred to as “Purification by Fire”. It is not WE who will disappear, but will be left to “remain standing”, transformed back into our pure forms, united with our Higher Selves as a collective and yet retaining our unique flavor, able to traverse up and down the densities by thought. We created the many stone monuments on this, and other planets, as a reminder, a “warning”, as the only way we could think of to keep the pure information hidden esoterically, yet right out in the open. The Illuminati at one time was part of the positive polarity, but it “turned” to the negative polarity, and joined the creator gods in attempting this last subversion of their vast cosmic plan. What we see today on earth is the “final battle” taking place in the higher densities, where we reside safely connected and deeply loved. All creation is equally loved, and this is why the negative polarity has had so many opportunities to be pulled back up from complete fragmentation and disconnect to wholeness and unity. This is the “reset”. Game Over. New life beginning in the MultiVerse, for all creation. It’s said that there is a “moment” when the Source “blinks out”, and not even the highest densities know the outcome.

And doesn’t that make for an even more exciting game? Price of entry: childlike innocence, full awareness like a hawk, and an open heart in service to all, which is inclusive of our Selves.

Zany Mystic

Out of this awareness there comes a clarity that is not induced . . .

If you sit on the bank of a river after a storm, you see the stream going by, carrying a great deal of debris. Similarly, you have to watch the movement of yourself - following every thought, every feeling, every intention, every motive - just watch it. That watching is also listening; it is being aware with your eyes, with your ears, with your insight, of all the values that human beings have created, and by which you are conditioned, and it is only this state of total awareness that will end all seeking.

Please do listen to this. Most of us think that awareness is a mysterious something to be practiced, and that we should get together day after day to talk about awareness. Now, you don't come to awareness that way at all. But if you are aware of outward things - the curve of a road, the shape of a tree, the color of another's dress, the outline of the mountains against a blue sky, the delicacy of a flower, the pain on the face of a passerby, the ignorance, the envy, the jealousy of others, the beauty of the earth - then, seeing all these outward things without condemnation, without choice, you can ride on the tide of inner awareness. Then you will become aware of your own reactions, of your own pettiness, of your own jealousies. From the outward awareness you come to the inward, but if you are not aware of the outer you cannot possibly come to the inner.

When there is inward awareness of every activity of your mind and your body, when you are aware of your thoughts, of your feelings, both secret and open, conscious and unconscious, then out of this awareness there comes a clarity that is not induced, not put together by the mind. And without that clarity you may do what you will, you may search the heavens and the earth and the deeps, but you will never find out what is true.


Collected Works, Vol. XV - 242

Extortion! The Real Reason for War and Depression

February 21, 2009

kertzer1.jpg by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness"... Isaiah 5:20

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover

At the end of the 19th Century, the Catholic church organized massive resistance to Illuminati Jewish domination of national life. The Illuminati instigated World War One partly to crush and punish a recalcitrant Europe.

Lenin defined "peace" as the end of all forms of resistance to Communist (i.e. Illuminati Jewish) despotism.

After WWI and WWII, the League of Nations and the UN both promised world government to prevent war. Indeed, Illuminati globalists always promise this--but we don't realize they are blackmailing us. They start the wars in the first place.

The Elders of Zion vowed to harass the nations with corruption and strife until they accepted their "Superstate" (i.e. world government tyranny.)

"The recognition of our despot may also come ...when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence - a matter which we shall arrange for - of their rulers, will clamor: "Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders - frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts - who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives." (emphasis mine, Protocols of Zion, 10-18)

Of course, this also applies to the current economic depression. Right on cue, Henry Kissinger, CEO of the NWO, tells us: "the alternative to a new international order is chaos." The "E" in CEO stands for Extortion. "Please Mr. Kissinger, give back our prosperity. We'll agree to anything."

We are in the eighth inning of a long term conspiracy and must shake off our complacency. This is not another recession; it is a final life-and-death power grab. A satanic cult, the Illuminati, has subverted all nations and religions and now is moving to consolidate its power. Our "leaders" (including Obama) belong to this cult. From their past record (in Russia & China), it is possible to predict the future: Conditions will deteriorate. There will be civil unrest. An assassination or some other contrived terror will result in war or martial law. Anyone who has expressed opposition to their agenda, -- patriots, Christians, "anti Semites" -- will be put into concentration camps and possibly murdered. The war and suffering will be such that the masses will accept the Illuminati's sugar coated tyranny. I hope I am wrong.

The Illuminati were founded by Cabalistic Jewish bankers like the Rothschilds who used "anti Semitism" to brainwash and empower other Jews as their agents. But, as we have seen, they will sacrifice these Jews to achieve their aims.

They are Freemasons --both Jews and non-Jews-- who want to hog all the world's wealth, cull the human race, enslave it mentally and spiritually, if not physically. They have been conspiring for thousands of years and we have the honor of seeing their final victory. They are a hydra headed monster-operating under many facades but today the main ones are socialism, communism, liberalism, feminism, zionism and neo conservatism.


For centuries, until after World War Two, the Catholic Church was the bastion of Western civilization and main obstacle to Illuminati world control.

Recently, the Vatican opened their secret archives and revealed their centuries-long struggle to arrest the Illuminati (i.e. Masonic) Jewish stranglehold on European politics and culture. Jewish historian David Kertzer documents this struggle in his book "Popes Against the Jews"
(2001) which of course he spins as the church's role in creating anti Semitism. Nevertheless the book is a treasure trove of valuable information including a graphic account of the 1840 "Damascus Affair," the most famous instance of satanic Jewish human ritual sacrifice. (pp.86 ff.)

The salient points are 1. a prominent Italian Capuchin monk, father Tommaso was ritually slaughtered (and blood drained) by prominent cabalist Jews. 2. They confessed and led authorities to his identifiable remains and clothing. 3. The Rothschilds sent a delegation of prominent English Jews to Damascus and pressured all concerned to say the confessions were extracted by torture. 4. The Pope, Gregory XVI, had reliable intelligence and refused to knuckle under. Nor did any future Pope. They also had the testimony of a Moldavian priest, a former Jewish rabbi, who described and explained all the rituals, including the use of Christian blood in Passover matzoh. (92)

When a new ritual murder was reported in Hungary in 1899, the official Vatican newspaper L'Observatore Romano issued this warning "not to all Jews but to certain Jews in particular: Don't throw oil on the fire...Content yourself with the Christian's money, but stop shedding and sucking their blood." (163)

Obviously these instances of human ritual sacrifice are relatively rare. The masses of Jews are not satanic and genuinely want assimilation. Only satanists among them engage in this practice. Nonetheless, all Jews are implicated by denials and cries of "blood libel." Satanists --Jewish or not--engage in human ritual sacrifice. The Illuminati do it regularly. In addition, they have been doing it to the human race for centuries by virtue of war.

While Jews are not satanists, their leadership, the Illuminati bankers are. In 1913, Illuminati bankers went to great length to whitewash the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in Atlanta Georgia by Leo Frank, the head of the local B'nai Brith lodge. They even bribed the jury and the governor. (See the account in Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, p. 707-729)

For these Illuminati Jews, lying and deception are the norm, what they call "magic." They have convinced their fellow Jews that anti Semitism is a sickness of the gentile mind, a delusion, when in fact it is resistance to the satanic Illuminati agenda. Ordinary Jews will be sacrificed when the going gets tough unless they take a stand against their "leaders."

The naivete of Jewish intellectuals is well illustrated by Kertzer himself. He portrays Vatican opposition to Masonic Jewish control as an old reflex born of prejudice, envy and fear of change. Yet, he relates that both Bismark and Metternick, the Austrian Chancellor, were in the Rothschilds' pocket. Metternick depended on them for loans to keep his government afloat as well as "when members of his own family needed financial help." (80)

Kertzer quotes voluminously from Catholic newspapers: "The Jews will be Satan's preferred nation and his preferred instrument...The Jew Freemasons govern the Prussia of 642 bankers, 550 are Jews and in Germany, in Austria and in some parts of the Orient, the word invasion is no exaggeration to express their number, their audacity and their near-irresistible power." (172-3)

Wherever they live "the Jews form a state within a state," an Italian monk wrote in 1825. Unless Christians act quickly, the Jews will finally succeed in reducing the Christians to be their slaves. Woe to us if we close out eyes! The Jews' domination will be hard, inflexible, tyrannical..." (65)

In 1865 the editor of Civilta Cattolica warned of secular Jews joining Masonic secret societies
"which threaten the ruin and extermination of all Christian society." Such sects "express that anger, that vendetta, and that satanic hate that the Jew harbors against those who--unjustly he believes--deprive him of that absolute dominion over the entire universe that he Jewishly believes God gave him." (139)

In 1922, the Vienna correspondent for Civilta Cattolica wrote that if present trends continue, "Vienna will be nothing but a Judaic city; property and houses will all be theirs, the Jews will be the bosses and gentlemen and the Christians will be their servants." (273)


Like most Jewish intellectuals, Kertzer is incapable of seeing the viewpoint of people his masters wish to despoil. He treats Catholic grievances as delusions and naively argues that Freemasonry was just a way of "providing satisfying social interaction." (p.174) His book was partly sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Americans eventually will figure out that the Rothschilds and their agents are responsible for the Depression and Obama is their creation and puppet. They will discover that the Illuminati has waged war on humanity for centuries and the US media and education system are a farce. They will recognize the out sized role played by Jews in enacting this diabolical agenda.
That's when Illuminati Jews may again turn ordinary Jews, loyal American citizens, into their scapegoats.

Hopefully, people will also see the huge role played by non-Jewish satanists. For example, the Illuminati Skull and Bones was founded at Yale in 1832 but didn't admit Jews until the 1950's. Their members undermined American life from inception.

Now is the time for people to decide where they stand, with the Illuminati and the "peace" of slaves, or with their fellow citizens and freedom.

As Leonard Cohen wrote in his song, "The Future"--"I've seen the future baby and it is murder."

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