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24 September 2013

Hitler’s Finances and the Myth of Nazi Anti-Usury Activism

(The Emperor wears no moustache……)

by Anthony Migchels on September 16, 2013

There is the widespread notion that Hitler was fighting the Money Power and that he was a problem for the Bankers because he created a Usury free economy. But there was no Usury free Third Reich economy. The German taxpayer continued to pay interest over the substantial national debt and commercial banking received interest for its fractional reserve banking based loans, which to a large extent financed the war.
“Our greatest social task is the abolition of interest slavery. This responsibility to abolish interest slavery towers above all other issues of the day. It is the only solution to the greatest problem of our time. The breaking of interest slavery is the most important moral imperative in social terms, it rises in its general significance far beyond all questions of the day, it is the solution of social questions, it is the only way out of the terrible confusion of the time. The abolition of interest slavery will deliver us from ultra-capitalist domination while avoiding both Communist destruction of the human spirit and Capitalist degradation of labour. The abolition of interest slavery opens the way to a truly social economy, by liberating us from the overwhelming domination of money. It opens the way to a state based on creative work and genuine accomplishment.” – Gottfried Feder 1919.

Where does Hitler’s reputation for anti-Usury activism come from? It was more Nazi propaganda to get him to power than his actual policies after he did. It was not Hitler, but Gottfried Feder who was the anti-Usury man of the Nazi. Hitler in Mein Kampf: ” For the first time in my life I heard (through Feder, AM) a discussion which dealt with the principles of stock exchange capital and capital which was used for loan activities. After hearing the first lecture delivered by Feder, the idea immediately came into my head that I had found a way to one of the most essential prerequisites for the founding of a new party.

To my mind, Feder’s merit consisted in the ruthless and trenchant way in which he described the double character of the capital engaged in stock exchange and loan transactions, laying bare the fact that this capital is ever and always dependent on the payment of interest.”
“The struggle against international finance capital and loan capital has become one of the most important points in the program on which the German nation has based its fight for economic freedom and independence.”

Point 11 of the NSDAP 25 point program, a manifesto that officially (but not in practice) expressed Nazi policy:
“Abolition of unearned (work and labour) incomes. Breaking of debt (interest)-slavery.”

Hitler put it this way: “Our financial principle: Finance shall exist for the benefit of the state; the financial magnates shall not form a state within the state. Hence our aim to break the thralldom of interest. Relief of the state, and hence of the nation, from its indebtedness to the great financial houses, which lend on interest. Nationalization of the Reichsbank and the issuing houses, which lend on interest.”

But as we shall see, Hitler did not implement any serious monetary reform after he came to power. He did make finance completely subservient to the State and, more specifically, rearmament. But he did not nationalize any banks and the Reichsbank was already nationalized by the Weimar Republic by the time he came to power. He did not end interest payments to ‘the issuing houses’, who must have made an uncanny fortune throughout the war. He did nothing to decouple the Stock Exchange from the economy.

Feder was made Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, but was from day one sabotaged by Reichsbank President Hjalmar Schacht and replaced by him in August 1934. It was Schacht who was to manage the Nazi economy, not Feder.

Schacht’s and Hitler’s policies allowed full control of the economy, which was used to maximize production for the sake of war. But it did absolutely nothing to limit in any way massive war profiteering by the financial and industrial classes that brought him to power.

The Reichsmark

The Reichsmark was created 1924 after its predecessor, the Papiermark, had been inflated into oblivion. 1 Reichsmark was 1 Trillion Papiermark. The Reichsmark lasted until 1948, when it was replaced by the Deutsche Mark. So Hitler simply used the monetary system that he inherited from the Weimar Republic. The Reichsmark, like any other banking unit, was lent into circulation. It was a Gold backed unit until 1931, when the depression forced the Reichsbank (the Central Bank) to implement exchange controls, which effectively took Germany off the Gold Standard. A Gold peg remained in place. There were 1, 2 and 5 Reichsmark silver coins.

Hitler inherited the official Weimar 4,5% maximum interest rate. He ruled by decree, but never changed this. In fact, after the Nazi economy began to boom due to heavy spending on rearmament, it seems interest rates were raised to combat inflation. I’ve been unable to find any data on real interest rates during the Nazi era.

Who was Hjalmar Schacht?

Schacht was born in 1877 as the son of an aristocratic family. He joined Dresdner Bank in 1903 and already in 1905 was meeting people like JP Morgan and Theodore Roosevelt. He studied Hebrew to advance his career. In 1908 he joined Freemasonry. He oversaw the financing of Belgian/German trade during WW1 and used his former employer Dresdner Bank for this. This blatant conflict of interest led to his dismissal, but the revolving door was not invented recently and he was taken back by Dresdner Bank after this.

In 1923 he joined the Reichsbank and played a key role in ending the hyperinflation of the day. A little later he was made President of the Reichsbank and remained in this post until 1930. Since at least 1923 he was actively resisting the war reparations that were destroying the German economy and called for resurrection of German power. In 1926 he became involved with the NSDAP and supported their rise to power, although he never became a member.

He oversaw the formation of I.G. Farben in the twenties.

Schacht was a member of the Keppler Circle, a small group of businessmen that were at the heart of the Nazi movement and which financed Hitler’s rise to power. Wall Street was very influential in this group and contrary to what many Hitler apologists claim, played a heavy role in both financing him and war profiteering.

Shortly after Hitler came to power he was reinstated as President of the Reichsbank and when he replaced Feder as Reichscommissar for the Economy, he basically gained full control over the economy. This lasted until he was fired in 1939, when the German economy was overheating and Schacht wanted to limit spending on rearmament and was accused of ‘mutiny’ by Hitler.

Banking in Nazi Germany before the war

After becoming President of the Reichsbank, Schacht immediately started implementing policies aiming at giving the State full control of financial markets. This was known as ‘the New Plan’:

“(1) restriction of the demand for such foreign exchange as would be used for purposes unrelated to the conspirators’ rearmament program; (2) increase of the supply of foreign exchange, as a means of paying for essential imports which could not otherwise be acquired; and (3) clearing agreements and other devices obviating the need for foreign exchange. Under the “New Plan”, economic transactions between Germany and the outside world were no longer governed by the autonomous price mechanism; they were determined by a number of Government agencies whose primary aim was to satisfy the needs of the Nazi’s military economy.”

Foreign exchange controls were implemented to manage shortages in foreign currencies. Rules for credit creation by the Reichsbank were cancelled, aimed at potentially limitless credit creation to provide the economy with the liquidity it needed to get back at full employment.

All policies were aimed at 1) making sure the Government was basically the only borrower at domestic capital markets and 2) to make sure there was always enough credit available.

Price and wage controls and indeed rising interest rates were used to combat rising prices that would have resulted from these inflating policies.

Between 31 December and 30 June 1938, the national debt of the Reich rose from 10.4 billion Marks to 19 billion Marks.

There was no nationalization of banks. In fact: some banks that the Weimar republic had nationalized during the early days of the depression, were again privatized. Private banks played a crucial role in financing the rearmament effort. They were put under close Reichsbank control to make sure their lending was what the State wanted, but nothing was done to limit their profitability.

The Stock Exchange

While railing against this typical exploitative instrument of finance during his rise to power, Hitler did nothing to limit the stock exchange’s scope and operations once he had the chance. The stock exchange system in the Reich was superficially reformed: a number of its outlets were merged and the number of exchanges declined from 25 to 9 as a result. But volume of trading was never threatened and during the early Hitler years it saw annual double digit rises until 1937, when the Reich’s economy started faltering and the stock exchange lost about 10% of its capitalization between 1937 and 1939. After the war broke out the stock market saw a massive boom, rising 50% between the falls 1939 and 1941.

In 1934 heavy taxes were levied on dividend payments higher than 6%, but the aim of this was not to limit profiteering, but to enhance self-financing of publicly traded corporations. They were expected to recycle more of their profits into their own operations, to make them independent of capital markets, which the State intended and managed to completely dominate for its own financing needs. There were loopholes to evade this measure and shareholders were not damaged, as it implied deferment of dividend payments and not real limitations.

The Reich’s policies also made sure the common man did not enter the stock market, as they were expected to lend to the Government and not to speculate. But still, the amount of funds being diverted to the stock market were not invested in the war and “It was then (1942, AM) that the government stepped in and destroyed the last relatively free market in the economy. Loans for the purchase of stocks were prohibited. Shareholders had to file a declaration with the government of all shares purchased since the outbreak of war if their market value exceeded 100,000 Reichsmark. The government could, at any time, request that any of these shares be delivered to it for cash and that the proceeds be invested in securities to be specified by the government. (Nathan)”


While every effort was made to assure the State’s domination of capital markets, there was simply not enough liquidity in the economy to create full employment and unlock the German Folk’s full productive capacity for rearmament. This could have been solved by having the State go massively into debt, in typical Keynesian fashion. But this would have created both political and economic problems and, equally important, would have shown the full extent of rearmament to the Reich’s enemies.

Instead, Hitler, right after coming to power, fired Reichsbank President Hans Luther and reinstated Hjalmar Schacht, who was willing to build on Luther’s Oeffa’s: Government promissory notes aimed at creating employment that would create the extra liquidity needed to finance Hitler’s plans.

Schacht created a special purpose vehicle (SPV, a dummy corporation) called MEtallurgische FOrschungsgesellschaft (MEFO), which was used to accept bills of exchange drawn by German weapons manufacturers and received by all German banks for possible re-discounting by the Reichsbank. The bills were guaranteed by the Reich for five years and were thus (indirectly) convertible to Reichsmark.

MEFO bills of exchange were a pure bookkeeping operation and there were no actual paper certificates. They circulated between MEFO, the Reichsbank, commercial banks and manufacturers, not in the wider economy. At its peak there were about 12 billion worth in circulation. Key was that they were kept off the Reich’s books as all transactions were logged at the MEFO SPV. Because of this, nobody really knew the extent of spending on weaponry.

While they solved the depression and allowed for the Nazi war machine, they also created fairly serious inflationary pressures. And while this kind of construct may sound ‘innovative’ to the uninitiated, they would have been a no brainer for an experienced banker like Schacht. As said, they were based on certificates (called Oeffa) that the Weimar Republic was already circulating and national treasuries had been circulating their own certificates routinely, when pressing political issues forced them to increase their financial clout. The US Treasury had its Treasury notes before the Civil War. The UK printed ‘Bradbury Pounds’ (debt free notes) to finance WW1. The Canadian Treasury printed its own debt free money as of 1935 and during the twenties and thirties advanced monetary reform programs were widely discussed throughout the West.


Hitler was heavily indebted to Feder’s anti-Usury stance in coming to power. But early on during his reign he got rid of Feder and relied on Schacht for the financing of his war plans. Unlike Schacht, Feder was not heavily involved with the top bankers and industrialists of the age. The German economy was directed completely to rearmament. Consumption levels were kept low through taxation and wage controls. Imports and production of luxuries were severely restricted.

Schacht made sure the financial industry was focused solely on war preparation and in effect allowed only the State to borrow on the domestic capital markets. International trade was primarily reliant on (scarce) foreign currencies and while there was some international bartering, it was far from dominant. The Reich’s financial industry did not decouple entirely from international finance, although foreign exchange controls were strict. For instance: the Bank of International Settlements continued dealings with the Reich.

There was no usury free economy. The common man or small business actually would have next to no access to credit at all. Even manufacturers were forced to become self financing, so the State could monopolize borrowing on the capital markets. The stock market boomed like never before.

Instead, all policies were directed at securing sufficient funds for rearmament, not at minimizing financial exploitation by the parasitical class that Hitler so vehemently attacked with his rhetoric. Finance was a matter of volume, not cost. Schacht’s MEFO bills have been wrongly jumped upon to claim Hitler was an anti banker man, while Schacht himself has the typical bio of a high level Money Power operative. He was a life long friend of BoE chief Montague Norman and was acquitted at Neurenberg, where the Soviets wanted a conviction while the British made sure he was released.

The myth of Nazi anti-Usury activism is damaging, not only because of its mythological character, but because it allows the Money Power to defame anti-Usury activism through ‘guilt by association’. In fact, many Austrians and Mainstreamers, call usury-free monetary reform programs ‘fascist’. Fascism itself is being rehabilitated because of its supposed stance against finance capitalism. But as we have learned from Bolton’s ‘The Banking Swindle’, the twenties and thirties saw many monetary reform programs throughout the West, far from all associated with fascism. After the war they were relegated to a memory hole because of this false association with fascism.

War profiteering by the industrial and financial class was in no way restricted. As a result, they profited immensely from the war. This was indeed the main reason for them to enable Hitler’s rise to power and their loyal support of his policies during the rearmament and the war. Even today, the main culprits like the Thyssen family, Krupp and the Goebbels step-children owning BMW are among the richest people in Germany. The same banks that financed the Reich’s war are now among the biggest in the world.

(with special thanks to Niels Verduijn and Ad Broere)

Afterthought 1 Let me be the first to admit I, until recently, believed much of what was said about Hitler’s ‘usury-free’ economy and have inadvertently contributed to the harnessing of this meme.

Afterthought 2 I agree with much of revisionist history. Post war historiography is just wartime propaganda. The Holocaust needs serious revaluation. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill were psychopaths who committed horrible crimes, against the Japanese, their own people, the people the colonized and against the Germans.

I do feel that at this point many in the Alternative Media go overboard, making Hitler a hero. This is unwarranted. The current article shows, in spite of what many believe, he was far from a renegade in a financial sense. There is also the Hunger Plan: Hitler and the Wehrmacht High Command intended to have the Wehrmacht live of the Russian land they were to occupy by robbing the farmers of their harvests. They cynically calculated this would starve 30 million Russians. Thankfully they never had the chance to fully implement this, but still millions of Russians starved because of the Wehrmacht taking their supplies.

The fact is that Hitler always wanted to invade Russia and his explanation that it was to save the world of Marxism, which he well analyzed to be a Jewish front, is irreconcilable with his take that Britain was a nation of Aryan brothers and the British Empire ‘necessary’ and a great civilizing force in the world: even at that time it was well known that the British Aristocracy had merged with Jewish Money and that the City of London was the Money Power’s capital.
Hitler was an imperialist who wanted to conquer Russia for the third Reich and intended to kill untold millions of Russians to take their land. His rise and fall gave the Money Power everything it wanted, including the war itself, the Zionist Entity in Palestine, the EU, Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, the destruction of the British Empire, the UN and the Cold War.

We will probably never know whether he was a useful idiot or willing stooge, but while he may have been no worse than his antagonists, he certainly also was no better.


23 September 2013

Muslim Brotherhood And Its Secret Societies: An Illuminati Tool

I have repeatedly asserted that Muslim terrorism has its roots in Illuminist western intelligence agencies. This book provides some of the history behind it. (emphasis mine)
David Livingstone: Terrorism And The Illuminati. A Three Thousand Year History! 

About the Book

Contrary to myth being fabricated, Islam does not pose a threat to the West. Rather, Islamic “terrorist” organizations have been created to serve Western imperialistic objectives. These groups are intertwined with Western power through a network of occult secret societies. This relationship dates back to sixth century BC, and the birth of the Kabbalah, in Babylon; a plot to seek world domination through the use of magic and deception.
Herod the Great incepted a series of cooperative dynastic relationships. Their first conspiracy: to corrupt the emerging Christian movement, imposed upon the Roman Empire as Catholicism, with which they would struggle ever since for supremacy over Western civilization.
During the Crusades, these dynastic families associated with their counterparts in the East, members of the heretical Ismaili Muslims of Egypt, known as the Assassins. Templars were believed to have “rescued” a number of these “Eastern Mystics”, and brought them to Scotland, being the basis Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The legend also led to the formation of the “Asiatic Brethren”, founded by followers of the infamous Jewish false-messiah, Shebbetae Zevi. The Asiatic Brethren then became the successors of the Illuminati, and became involved in the development of Egyptian Rite Freemasonry.
With Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt, Freemasons in his army reconnected with their brethren in Egypt, sparking a relationship that was pivotal to the development of the Occult Revival of the late nineteenth century.
These associations were part of a grand strategy, as outlined by Albert Pike, who originally devised a plot for three world wars, culminating in a third against the Muslim world. However, because the Islamic world had been successfully dismantled, both through the instigations of the West, and by way of their own corruption, they were incapable of mobilizing any kind of threat. It therefore had to be contrived.
This was the agenda of the Oxford Movement, to spread Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Middle East, headed by Lord Palmerston, Benjamin Disraeli and Edward Bullwer-Lytton, a leading occult figure, as head of the SRIA, or English Rosicrucians, which evolved directly from the Asiatic Brethren.
The agent of this strategy was a notorious impostor by the name of Jamal ud Din al Afghani, who became the founder of what is called the Salafi “reform” movement of Islam. According to K. Paul Johnson, it was Afghani, as head of the occult Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, or HB of L, who was responsible for teaching Helena Blavatsky her central doctrines. Helena P. Blavatsky, the famous medium and mystic, was the godmother of the New Age movement, whose books are considered the “bibles” of Freemasonry. Numerous other leading occultists affiliated with the English Rosicrucians and Egyptian Rite Freemasonry travelled to Egypt at the time, and on their return, established branches of the HB of L, out of which emerged the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the most notorious member of which was Aleister Crowley.
The Nazis were the result of a merging of the O.T.O of Crowley and the Thule Gesselschaft of Germany. It is presumably for this reason that Hitler, when he wished to create an arm of German Intelligence in Egypt, contacted a leading Salafi and Freemason, named Hasan al Banna. With the demise of the Nazis following WWII, control of the organization was transferred to the CIA. It was its eventual head, Allen Dulles who spearheaded the move to hire ex-Nazis to train the terrorists.
In 1954, after it was discovered that the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for an attack on his life, President Gamal Nasser of Egypt ordered a crackdown. Fleeing members of the Muslim Brotherhood were then shuttled to the CIA’s ally, Saudi Arabia.
The Salafi movement has since come to be spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, and identified as one and the same as the heresy of Wahhabism. Wahhabism was created by the British, in the eighteenth century to undermine the Ottoman Empire, and to achieve Western control of the world’s primary oil resource. Today, the promotion of Wahhabism is part of a larger Western agenda, involving the CIA, to denigrate Islam. According to William Engdahl, it was Henry Kissinger who orchestrated the Oil Crisis of 1973. The subsequent wealth achieved by Saudi Arabia then served as a hidden slush fund for CIA covert operations.
When John Loftus, a Justice Department official in the eighties, was permitted to peruse classified government documents, he discovered that the British Secret Service convinced American intelligence that the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood would be indispensable as “freedom fighters” in preparation for the next major war, which was anticipated against the Soviet Union.
And so, when the Americans wished to lure the Soviets into their own version of Vietnam, they did so by funding factions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan. Financed and coordinated through the assistance of the Pakistani secret service, the ISI, it became the largest CIA covert operation in history.
It was all part of the larger the Iran-Contra Operation. Through the devious activities of the Aspen Institute and the Club of Rome, in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood, British agent the Ayatollah Khomeini was installed in Iran. The Americans then began illegally trading arms with the country, proceeds of which were used to fund the right-wing Contra thugs of Nicargua, in return for cocaine which sparked America’s crack epidemic. These funds, in addition to growing heroin trade in Afghanistan, were used to fund the US’s covert war in Afghanistan.
Through this strategy, not only did the Americans succeed in bankrupting the Soviet Union, but they also managed to create a budding network of Islamic terrorists, brainwashed in the radical ideologies of Wahhabism and Salafism, who dispersed across the world, and who were then blamed as responsible for the great false flag operation known as 9/11, which allowed its hidden planners to embark on their War on Terror, Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations”, or the beginnings of Pike’s WWIII.
See also:
Dr. Dennis Cuddy: The Power Elite And The Muslim Brotherhood !  
Dr. Dennis Cuddy: The Power Elite And The Muslim Brotherhood – The Masonic Origins of The Muslim Brotherhood !

18 September 2013

The Approaching Timeline Split

by Chautauqua
August 20, 2013
from Augureye Website
Eight months ago as the end date of the Mayan calendar arrived there was much speculation as to whether this was a harbinger of doom for mankind and life as we know it.
I think it's still too early to determine that with any certainty, however a great case can now be made for the idea that things have certainly taken a sharp departure from what once passed as normal.
We left normal in the rear view mirror when we quietly moved out of third dimensional density vibration, into the fourth. Now there are several differing schools of thought as to exactly when we made this crossing over into the fourth dimension; and I would submit that it doesn't make much difference when it happened, what really matters now is that we understand what this means for us individually, and collectively.
As discussed previously, we are but briefly passing thru this chaotic fourth dimensional timespace, on our way to Fifth dimensional density vibration.*

As the changing landscape around us suggests, we have collectively entered into a timespace which is increasingly negative and chaotic, as those in "authority" continue to have us see this as just the new normal... perpetual, permanent warfare!
Not only are we besieged with wars and rumors of wars, but it seems an almost daily occurrence nowadays that some new horrible threat to freedom and privacy is made public.
There is a reason for that:
the powers that be very much need to keep our attention focused on the negative and chaotic things they create, in order to better control us.
It's really as simple as that.
Fear and faith have a very hard time co-existing within the human heart, it is something we each need to cultivate for ourselves, or somebody else is likely to do it for you.

Timeline Splitting

Yes, it's a constant battle to remain in a high vibrational, positive space; especially when our sensibilities are under constant attack. But when we understand exactly what is at stake, it becomes well worth the effort!
The reason this is more important than ever before is because we are fast approaching the splitting of the timeline, an event which will determine who remains here in this dystopian nightmare world, and who makes the transition into fifth dimensional timespace. Just as with so many issues these days, there seems a wide range of thinking on this splitting of the timelines.
Some say it will happen, some say it won't, and some contend it has already begun.
To me it just seems a logical progression of thought; If indeed the earth is splitting into two, one which remains in 3D, and one which transitions into 5D, then it naturally follows that the timeline will also split, allowing for two divergent and nearly opposite realities to exist.
If all of this is true for us in this current reality, then it must certainly also be true for all earths, in all possible, and probable realities; as discussed in the many worlds theory- but for now let us just be content with dealing with the reality we inhabit.
The key element in this current situation brings us right back to something I've written about a lot, the universal law that energy follows thought. It is key, because we create our reality with our thoughts, and the resonance causation behind them.
This energy which follows our every thought does not discriminate between positive and negative orientation, or level of dignity, it simply follows our thoughts, to exteriorize them into manifesting into our reality.
This then, is where we get the ancient wisdom,
"Be careful what you wish for."
As I said, if you aren't busy taking control of your intent and focus, somebody else probably is, and they'll be doing it with the ages old motivator known as fear.
If your focus is grabbed and held by the media with its ever present fear and loathing propaganda extravaganza, you are much easier to control than if you were to ignore all that noise and focus upon your spiritual connections. This is the cosmic variation of the "gawker slowdown" during the evening commute.
We are all on our way home now, spiritually speaking, and as on any terrestrial freeway, we must watch what we are doing, and where we are going. These days the carnage alongside the road is more appealing than ever, and we find it difficult to not take a quick look; yet when we do we risk it sucking us into it even deeper.
Energy follows thought, so if your thoughts are focused upon wars and rumors of wars, and the world they thrive in, that is where your destiny will unfold! You cannot safely make your exit on the freeway if your eyes are glued on the latest smashup.
In the same way, you cannot expect to end up safely on the 5D exit ramp if your attention has been hijacked by weapons of mass distraction.

The time has arrived to disengage from consensus reality, because the only place it can take us now is deeper into the matrix, deeper into the reality of,
Of course, there will be a great many who are not yet spiritually ready to depart from such a reality, and so, it shall continue to exist for them, and anyone else who cannot, or will not free their mind of these negative addictions.
For those who tire of this mundane wasteland controlled by psychopaths, the way out is clearly marked. All you need do is to raise your vibration and keep it there, and to do that will require the dissolving of your attachments to this place.
One of the first attachments we need to dump is the need to be right.
This "need" has been programmed into us relentlessly since early childhood, and if it ever served a positive purpose, that time is now over. The need to be right is connected to our desire to be accepted within our community, and our inherent fear of being seen as inferior, thru being wrong.
This is why so many people react emotionally and negatively when something they say is challenged by another: they take it as a personal affront or attack, and react accordingly, which seldom does anything to further the case for truth.
Following the herd might have worked well enough for a lot of folks up to this point; but when it can plainly be seen that the herd is now being driven into the stockyard holding pens, the time to go maverick is at hand.
Finding a better way really isn't all that difficult if the new normal isn't to your liking; pretty much head off in the opposite direction of the things that sicken your soul. Gravitate to the higher frequencies of compassion, gratitude and unconditional love, and there you will find the access road to 5D reality.
You will soon enough discover that proximity to these frequencies isn't enough, one must become them, to truly grasp enlightenment and spiritual evolution.
Once these higher frequencies are part of your standing wave resonance you will loose all interest in the ongoing chaos and roadside carnage, you will have outgrown the need for it, and just as you did with Sesame Street, you just won't choose that channel any more.

The Destiny Formula

This universal law that energy follows thought comes from something called the destiny formula, and it is exactly how we create our own reality, and manifest things, people and events into our lives.
Everything is energy,
Energy follows thought,
Thought becomes belief,
Belief determines your reality,
Reality shapes your destiny!
Our destiny is not something we are born into, it is something we create either consciously or unconsciously; with our thoughts, beliefs and intent.
Nobody can tell you what your destiny is, because it's for you to determine, based on your spiritual development.
There are no shortcuts to finding your destiny, but perhaps the best description of it is found in the dictionary, because when you look for it there, it's always between destination and destitute. If the road visible to you up ahead doesn't look like the destiny you have in mind, now would be a most excellent time to make some course corrections.
The universe rearranges things to accommodate our individual picture of reality... it has to, it has no choice in the matter. Therefore, if you don't like the feedback you're getting, change the input!

If your intent is to traverse 4D reality and arrive in 5D timespace, and if your thoughts and beliefs are in harmony with that intent, there is simply no way you can fail to arrive... but it is up to you to hold that focus upon the desired destination, and not the paradigm you are leaving behind.
This is why developing discernment and discipline are so important, they end up making it easier to hold our focus upon what we want. Because your mental attention is such a valuable commodity to the powers that be, you must fight to protect it from them. Deny them your attention first, then deprive them of your fear.
If you are still following the herd at this late date, there may not be much time left in which to enter those course corrections.
This is one train you don't want to be chasing down the tracks, because it will leave you smack in the middle of the 4D paradigm!
Along with dissolving your attachments and addictions to this place, you will probably want to travel light, which means also ditching that box full of bad memories you've been hauling around all these years.
You only keep them because you're addicted to your own sadness; so once you overcome that, the box full of bad memories won't be necessary at all.
Once you decide to take responsibility for creating the life you have it becomes so much easier to drop all the scenarios of blame and whose fault stuff is; you'd be amazed how much that can lighten your load. When we graduated from high school, we took the lessons learned and moved on with our lives. We stopped worrying about the myriad little things so important to school children, we left them back there in the schoolyard, never again to take prominence in our life.
That is exactly what we now need to do with this whole earth school paradigm... leave it behind us, it has no bearing on our destination; but what we learned here does!

What we have here are two worlds, one being born, and one dying.
The dying world is right before our eyes everywhere we look, and its death throes enthrall and entice us in the most primeval of ways; and this blinds us to the emergence of the world being born. The world being born is a resonance of spiritual evolution which is more easily felt than seen often times.
It is a sense of remembering who we are and where we came from, combined with the knowledge that we are homeward bound.
We have been away from home a goodly while, and most have picked up beliefs and habits which are the kinds of souvenirs not suitable for taking home, and so we must leave them behind as we seek to take our place in this new world full of new possibilities.
It comes down to a choice, between the dying world, and the one being born.
On the surface it may seem like a simple enough thing, until we consider how we have been conditioned thru fear to abdicate our choice making, and thinking to others. Now that perhaps the most important choice we'll ever make looms on the horizon, it is time to take our power, and our choice back from those who cheated us out of them.
Just as we have been taught to distrust our own counsel in favor of the party line, we have also been taught to fear the unknown, instead of investigating it.
Through intimidation, ridicule, and the sin of not fitting in, we have been kept within the boundaries of the herd mentality and consensus reality, to the exclusion of all other realities.
These are important things to remember because when it comes to shifting realities and splitting timelines, there is no abdicating or abstaining from making a choice:
in other words you don't have the luxury of not choosing, because to not choose in this instance, is to deny your very spiritual sovereignty, and accept your fate as a slave.
Not choosing is still a choice; just not a very good one!
The powers that be are very adept at convincing folks there is no reality other than "the official" one; and that those who disagree are nutters.
This is an amazingly effective tactic because it preys upon our aforementioned need to fit in as a regular, normal member of society; and keeps us forever within the hive mentality... unless we break free and reclaim our minds, that is!
The thing is, we don't have a lot of time here, things are moving faster with each passing day, and playing the waiting game is no longer among our options. Currently, humanity most resembles the proverbial deer in the headlights; frozen into inactivity as a gruesome fate quickly approaches.
He who hesitates is lost... in a 3D quagmire of dystopian dysfunction.
I think an awful lot of folks out there are so convinced its just this one perversely sick reality that they are terrified to release it in hopes of discovering a much better one... talk about salesmanship!!

A lot of folks are feeling the approaching timeline split, just as we felt the approach of the age of Aquarius at the end of the Mayan calendar - it's a tangible thing floating out there amid all the electronic soup from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and RFID technology.
Once you start eliminating all that toxic clutter, it becomes much easier to pick up on the more spiritual vibrations coming in stronger every day. Just as someone else once programmed us to abdicate critical thought, we can now overcome that, and lay in some much better programming of our own, again, it all hinges upon your intent.
I believe that if our intent is powerful enough (and it is) we can disengage from one paradigm, and engage a different one as easily as changing TV channels.
It's all about frequency and vibration, just like Nikola Tesla once said.
Many are wondering what this brave new world will look like, and how they will know it when they see it. Remember how I said the universe rearranges itself to accommodate our individual picture of reality?
Well, I think that applies to this as well.
In other words perhaps everybody will see and experience something slightly different... or maybe a whole lot different, depending. Trying to quantify it into a 'one size fits all' unitization is part of what's wrong with the dying world paradigm, perhaps we should instead just simply allow it to be whatever it is, whatever form we decide it should manifest as.
Will you recognize this world of the fifth sun when it does manifest, how will you know? Again, it's something that will likely be different for each of us.
As for me, I will know I am home again when I smell moms fresh baked apple pies cooling on the windowsill.