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31 August 2009

The Move to Depopulate the Planet

'You will see exactly how they have created the problem; caused a reaction so widespread it is really quite impressive how successful they have been; and offered a solution: A deadly solution.I ask that you please make an attempt to distribute this paper everywhere you possibly can. The time grows short and so many are going to be caught unawares. By getting the word out, you may be able to prevent someone from needless pain and suffering.'


IT IS ... WHAT IS ...

Unless people are honest and open enough to accept what is happening, how can they possibly do anything about it? ‘It is what it is’ does not mean giving in to a situation. It is the essential starting point to not giving in through denial and thus acquiescence.

If we don't face what is, the ‘what is’ doesn't change and goes on getting ever more extreme. How many people have died of a disease that could have been cured at an earlier stage, but they didn't want to face the possibility of what was wrong and so they did nothing about it?

‘It is what it is’ must go together with ‘so let’s deal with it’ if anything is to change for the better, either in our individual lives or collectively. Without recognising the first part, you never do the second.

People stay in tired, loveless, even abusive relationships, because they don’t want to face what is. I have heard women concoct the most amazing excuses for their partner knocking the crap out of them. ‘It was my fault, I made him mad at me’.

No, he’s a brutal bully. Face it. Get out of there. He is what he is. It is what it is.

If I have a rotting piece of pie on my plate I am not going to convince myself it is fresh out of the oven just to make me feel better. If I do, the pie will go on rotting and eventually stink the place out. Stick it in the bin and make another. We can do this once we accept what is.

Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Born in 1949, my lifespan corresponds to a massive social engineering campaign on the part of Satanic elites to destroy the institution of marriage and family.

This has been done by separating sex from both love and marriage ("sexual liberation,") and by teaching young women to seek careers instead of motherhood ("feminism.")

Why? To make us servile. The Elite first needs to destroy the four legs of human identity: family, race, God (religion,) and nation to change human nature.

How? They use the media to make people think self-destructive behavior is advanced and "cool."

Who? Illuminati bankers like the Rothschild are the mainspring of the "Elite" and control the mass media. They belong to the Sabbatean movement, a Satanic Jewish heresy of the 17th Century which many Jews opposed. The Sabbateans went underground and infiltrated Gentile society through fake conversion and intermarriage. They took over Freemasonry and used it to subvert all important social institutions and political movements, including Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Liberalism and Zionism. Their headquarters is the Bank of England and the City of London.


New York Liberal Jews like Norma Klein probably had no idea she was advancing the Satanic Sabbatean agenda in the 1970's and 1980's when she taught teenagers to have sex. The author of 30 books, she thought she was liberating young people from the chains of religious superstition. I'll bet she didn't know that the Sabbateans are a sex cult, and premarital sex, wife swapping and orgies are part of their dogma. Most Liberal Jews are unconscious of the Luciferian role they play by thumbing their nose at what is natural, healthy and decorous.

In a recent article, "Teen Shpilkes," [anxiety] Eryn Loeb revisited this seminal influence on her life and was struck, not by the soft core porn, or the vulgarity, but by the "pervasive Jewishness" of Klein's work. It focuses entirely on "secular Jews...often professors or writers, friendly progressive types who...all own The Joy of Sex and are happy to discuss its contents with their precocious, introspective offspring... There are affairs, divorces, abortions, ardent feminists, gay characters and lots of sex --all portrayed with Klein's distinctive casualness and honesty at a time when nearly all of these things were destined to stir up controversy."

For example, "Domestic Arrangements" (1981) finds 14-year-old Tatiana Engelberg nonchalantly detailing her sexual awakening: "Daddy takes everything very hard which is probably why he got so hysterical when he found Joshua and me fucking in the bathroom at four in the morning."

In "Beginner's Love" (1983) 17-year-old Leda Boroff gets pregnant and considers abortion versus adoption. "There aren't very many Jewish babies...I could probably sell it for a year's tuition at Yale."

Normal Klein grew up in New York among "extremely liberal left-wing Jews." Her father was a psychoanalyst and in her home "Freud had replaced God in whom [her] father had decided early on he didn't believe."

There it is in a nutshell. Liberal-Left Jews are going to build a heaven of their own design without God (and without considering anyone else.)

God would interfere with their ability to do whatever they like, especially regarding sex.

Liberal Jews are humanists, which means they make men like Freud their Gods and sex their holy sacrament. They are Luciferians and don't even know it.


Compare the above "Jewish" or secular position with Vic Biorseth's Catholic point of view.
Biorseth writes:

"In the received wisdom of Western civilization, throughout it's two thousand year history, the primary physical purpose for sex is procreation, and the primary social and spiritual purpose for sex is the foundation of the family. It is therefore reserved for the married state, in which sex has another purpose, that being, bonding of man and wife, the formation of the social "glue" that binds parents more strongly to each other to form the solid foundation of the family unit."

I don't agree with his opposition to contraception. However, it's clear to me that free sex is the ersatz religion of our time, one designed to undermine our social institutions and humanity.

Sex without love is body without soul. It is a rejection of our true identity soul, which is our connection to God. We are "made in God's image." Our connection to God, and our obedience to God, (i.e. what is healthy and good) is what makes us human, and protects us from evil.

When there is love, there is commitment.

It's amazing how we are obsessed with healthy food, exercise and air but don't care about pervasive pornography, promiscuity, mayhem and satanism in the mass media. "Man does not live by bread alone."

Sex without love is a denial of God and our humanity. That's why Klein's book is called "It's OK If You Don't Love Me." We can still have sex.

Related- "Liberals Unwitting Shills for Communism, Satanism"

HIV = AIDS: Fact or Fraud?

29 August 2009

The UFO navigation interpreted as fluctuations within Quantum Vacuum – no wonder terrestrial science can never see extraterrestrial UFOs

This article explains why the traditional physicists resist the concept of any extraterrestrial UFOs. Our terrestrial physics is blind. It just cannot ‘see’ the navigation within higher spatial dimensions or in quantum vacuum. In this article, we explain why revision of our standard basic description of gravitational phenomena is necessary, either by the introduction of dark matter or energy, or by a modification of fundamental laws of mechanics or gravitation.

Forces induced by vacuum fluctuations do not raise any problem with respect to the principle of Special Relativity. The reaction of vacuum vanishes in the particular case of uniform velocity. This property is easily interpreted in the quantum formalism. The vacuum fluctuations appear exactly the same to an inertial observer and to an observer at rest. The principle of relativity of motion conforms to the standard model in vacuum under Lorentz transformations, so that, within the quantum framework, a precise relation is established between this principle and the symmetries of vacuum. More generally, vacuum forces also vanish for uniformly accelerated motions and this property corresponds to conformal symmetry of quantum vacuum. In this sense, vacuum fluctuations set a class of privileged reference frames for the definition of mechanical motions. But the existence of effects associated with non uniform motions in quantum vacuum challenges the principle of relativity of motion in its more general form of acceptance. Observable effects may be produced, like a reaction force against motion, although no reference for this motion other than vacuum fluctuations themselves may be available. This means in particular that the space in which motion takes place can no longer be considered as empty. This is because vacuum fluctuations are always present, and that may constitute a universal reference for determining dissipative motions.

The observations from classical astrophysics require a revision of our standard basic description of gravitational phenomena, either by the introduction of dark matter or dark energy, or by a modification of fundamental laws of mechanics or gravitation.

No wonder our terrestrial physics is blind. No wonder we still fight over the existence of UFOs. It is time for physicists to challenge the basic fundamental laws of mechanics and gravity.

India Daily Technology Team

27 August 2009


What happens in terms of creating wars is a mind-manipulation technique called "Problem-Reaction-Solution"... and it works like this: Let's say you want to centralize power into fewer and fewer hands through the UN or NATO.

If you did that openly and said,

"This is what we want to do", there'd be a reaction against that.

People would say,

"Hey, this is a fascist state you want to create. Were not having this."

But through this technique of Problem-Reaction-Solution, you can actually manipulate people to demand you do what you want to do anyway.

So it works like this: First of all you create the problem, but you get someone else to be blamed for it. You then report that problem through the media in the way you want it reported - because the media is owned by the same people who own the banks, etc.

You get the public to react to your problem by saying,

"Something must be done; this can't go on; what are THEY going to do about it?".

And at that point, THEY, who have covertly created the problem and blamed someone else, who gleaned that reaction of "Do Something", then offer the solution to the problems they have created.

So if you take the world wars for example - after the first world war, which the financial centers of London and Wall Street, etc, funded all sides, power on this planet was in fewer hands than ever before (via the League of Nations). After the second world war, it was even fewer hands on the wheels of power.

And as a result of the second world war, we had the creation of the United Nations and NATO; and we had this great centralization of global power.

-David Icke

This "Problem-Reaction-Solution" technique is not just used to create and control wars, it can also be applied to any situation where you want to produce a particular outcome.

For example, this technique is currently being used to centralize power in the financial world. It can also be used to introduce new laws that restrict our civil liberties.

So, whenever you see some big news story - whether it be an alleged terrorist attack, a run on a currency, the accidental loss of people's data, or an allegation that some poor country has developed nuclear weapons - the first question you need to ask yourself is this:

"Who benefits from me believing this information?"


Bohemian Grover Toy Set

26 August 2009

ETC or Extraterrestrial Time Capsule

Nearly 27 years ago, mysterious artifacts were found that led to one of the most intriguing scientific and anthropological discoveries ever made. A secret, unacknowledged department of the NSA -- responsible for extraterrestrial contact and technology assimilation -- took the discovery into their laboratory for the purposes of their own agenda. This secret organization is known as the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) and has enjoyed complete anonymity until now.
The discovery -- referred to by the ACIO as the Ancient Arrow project -- consisted of 23 chambers and connecting tunnels hollowed out deep within a huge, natural rock structure in a remote canyon of northern New Mexico. Inside this massive and well-hidden structure were incredible artifacts of a culture that was of indeterminate origins. In each of the 23 chambers were found wall paintings, various alien technologies, and strange, encoded hieroglyphs. By most appearances, the discovery was like a natural history museum from an alien race. It became known among the researchers as ETC or Extraterrestrial Time Capsule.
Because of carbon-dating analyses, it was initially assumed that this time capsule was left behind by extraterrestrials that had visited earth in the 8th century AD. However, it wasn't until 1997 that the encoded language found within the site and its artifacts became accessible to the ACIO. It was then that it was determined that the time capsule was actually designed and built by a future version of humankind who were adept at interactive time travel. They called themselves, WingMakers.
One of the scientists from the ACIO involved in developing the translation tables for the Ancient Arrow project, defected in December 1997, and has disclosed this secret project to a journalist named Anne. Anne is the author of this web site, and, under agreement with the aforementioned scientist, has placed these materials on the Internet for the purpose of exposing the WingMakers' time capsule to all who want to see, hear, and read its poignant and provocative message.
There are hundreds of pages of philosophy, photographs, poetry, new physics, music, and artifacts inside this site, all derived from the WingMakers' time capsule. This discovery is being introduced in December 1998 to a worldwide audience through the Internet. Please treat these materials respectfully and view them with an open mind. It is highly recommended that you read the Interview Transcripts between Anne and the scientist before you judge the validity of this site and the materials therein. At the very least, read the Story. This will give you the background on this important discovery.
Additional content will be added to this site as time permits. Anne is very reclusive at this time due to potential issues involving the ACIO and NSA, so please be patient for updates and new materials. There is no email, address, or phone number to contact anyone affiliated with the development of this site. The administrative and technical contacts for the domain,, are not affiliated with this site or its content. Please respect their privacy. Thank you.
(Note from Anne: For those of you visiting this site for the first time, please be patient with the disclosure I've made related to the WingMakers and their time capsule. This is not an easy story to grasp or to tell. You'll need to be both persistent and patient in your review of these materials. It's taken me over six months to come to terms with the WingMakers and what their story is really all about. It's an enormous story, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. But it's worth the time and effort to investigate it, and if you do, don't be surprised if things in your life take on an entirely new perspective. That's what these materials can enable if you spend the time with them. I hope that you do.)
Special Note: The above is a copy of the introduction page to the original WingMakers website. Should you choose to explore the current WingMakers website at, please be aware that the it has changed in many ways from its original form. The WingMakers story there has been seriously distorted to the point of being disinformation. For further information on how the website has been changed and distorted, click here.

22 August 2009


IGC, the Intergalactic Council, has lawful jurisdiction over the physical universe. Its authority is part of a logical chain of command beginning with the System Originator, the SO-0.
The primary responsibility of IGC is to enforce the "Prime Directive" which basically states that positive Spiritual evolution shall not be blocked. Interference with positive Spiritual evolution violates the Prime Directive and justifies ICG intervention.
IGC is primarily concerned with planets capable of travel outside of their native solar system and/or planets which have developed the capability of travel in time.
Other than the single restriction of the Prime Directive, sovereign planets may select any code of social interaction they choose without any concern about IGC interference as long as they do not violate the Prime Directive or interfere with some other civilization in a manner which violates the Prime Directive.
The Planet known as Earth is under the jurisdiction of IGC even though most Homosapiens have never known of it. The Planet Earth is a special concern for IGC because, even though the general population remains completely unaware, the leaders of Earth have now developed both the capacity for interplanetary travel and time travel. Of grave concern is the fact that the leaders of Earth refuse to acknowledge the Prime Directive and violate it essentially continuously.
As a citizen of the Earth, therefore, it is felt appropriate, at this point in time, that you are made privy to some of the Council Notes from its deliberations concerning your planet.
Even though the Homosapien was manufactured from whatever genetic trash was easily available to the alien scientists who made them, they are technically Humanoids and are therefore capable of Spiritual development.
Therefore, in considering any intervention, we must observe the IGC Prime Directive [The Prime Directive, which is the basis of all IGC law, is the principle that all Spiritually capable life forms must be provided with an environment conducive to positive Spiritual progress. Attempts to interfere with positive Spiritual progress are considered to be Prime Directive violations].
In the past, the opportunity for Spiritual development has existed on the planet Earth and this fact has influenced prior council decisions.
However, it can now be successfully argued that Spiritual progress on the planet has halted and, if anything, the population is Spiritually devolving.
Let us consider the evidence:
The government has embarked on an ambitious program to effectively "weaponize" Spirituality. They are actively training military personnel to cultivate psychic talents and use them to gain military advantage over "the enemy". For example, the Vision Quest, used by many cultures in the past for positive purposes such as finding food and avoiding impending disasters, has now been renamed "Remote Viewing", classified "top secret" and is used for military intelligence.
Because the government considers Spiritual skills to be "secret military weapons", it has also embarked upon a program to prevent ordinary people from developing those skills by such means as radio frequency interference and chemical inhibitors added to processed food.
At the same time, it is working overtime to develop all varieties of so called "black magic" skills in its military operatives.
Religious groups, which may actually possess constructive Spiritual knowledge, do not share it with their followers but, instead, use whatever knowledge they have to control and scare those under their influence for the purpose of monetary profit.
Consequently, there is essentially no Spiritual progress occurring on the Earth.
The planet Earth poses no acute threat to galactic security. However, we dare not underestimate the latent threat to galactic security should these savages embark upon serious interplanetary travels.
If the Earth Homosapien should be allowed to gain a foothold in space, it would, in all likelihood, export its home grown system of deceit and desire for conquest to other susceptible worlds. We can safely predict, for example, that the Homosapien would likely go to some peaceful and unsuspecting planet, set up an underground nest like it has on the Earth, and then proceed to systematically destabilize the native society by such mechanisms as creating designer viruses and infiltrating the unsuspecting people with agent provocateurs with a goal of making the planet's inhabitants slaves of the Earth Homosapien.
Once such a process started, it could reach a point where it would be very difficult to reverse.
Therefore, it is recommended that this situation be "nipped in the bud" and that the Earth Homosapien be stopped now, before it causes serious and perhaps non reversible damage to other peace loving planets throughout the galaxy.
The planet commonly known as Earth is inhabited by a race known as Homosapien. Homosapien, which are technically related to the much larger class of beings known as Humanoid, were manufactured eons ago by genetic engineers from an advanced civilization for the specific purpose of slave labor [mining gold is the generally accepted excuse for creating them].
The genetic encoding of the Homosapien is crude and sloppy using the simplest viable method of double strand DNA [other civilizations are based on at least three and usually four or more strands of DNA].
By error or incompetence, the Homosapien has a genetic predisposition towards violence against essentially everything [the lower animals, etc. - and also against fellow Homosapien]. It does not appear that this error in the encoding can be reversed. This ineptness in the manufacture of the Homosapien can possibly be explained away by noting that the slave labor force was originally designed to be temporary and was to be destroyed when no longer needed. Indeed, attempts were made and recorded in ancient Earth books to do exactly this. However, they were not entirely successful and the Homosapien survived and repopulated the Earth.
Today, the original manufactures and warders are long gone and the Homosapien has been left to its own devises and inclinations which have resulted in a society based on deceit where various groups of Homosapien constantly try to take over the planet resulting in a state of never ending war. Also, on a lower level, individual and small groups of Homosapien spend their time scheming up ways to gain advantage over other Homosapiens in an effort to accumulate material goods.
There have been many contacts with Earth leaders, especially during the last 100 years, from benevolent advanced civilizations who have tried unsuccessfully to persuade Earth leaders to reform and seek a path which could allow it to join the society of advanced civilizations. Earth leaders have been offered a variety of advanced technologies which could be used to improve the lives of the population. In some cases, the offers were simply refused, Earth leaders preferring business as usual to any legitimate progress. In other cases, offers were accepted only to have the technology misused to further enslave and generally harm the masses of the Earth. We see no legitimate reason to continue to play with Earth leadership in the hope that they may someday decide to change their ways. There is ample evidence to support the argument that this will never happen and continuing interaction with Earth is a simply a fruitless waste of time and effort.
In the past, the Planet Earth has been treated as a curiosity by advanced civilizations, its bizarre activities being confined to its own solar system. Some souls from highly advanced civilizations have even chosen to incarnate into a Homosapien body to seek the thrill of a lifetime in a place where all civilized codes of human interaction had long ago been abandoned.
However, this passive approach is now impractical because the planet has developed the means to leave its solar system and such an event would pose a threat to the peace and security of the galaxy. Therefore, the point has now been reached where a final solution has become necessary.
In summary, we find ourselves faced with a planet run by genetically enhanced Orangutans whose creators have abandoned them and who have evolved into a race of violent, unpredictable warriors, developed space travel capabilities and, having trashed the Earth, now seek to exploit and dominate peaceful societies on other planets.
----Respectfully submitted to DDMC Command by WWSV, SOIC



Long ago, an abandoned planet designated as Ur.Antia was on a list of planets available to be used as a prison planet.

There was a man who was a Sub-System Administrator called "Prince Lucifer, Sovereign of Satania" who was in charge of 666 Star Systems. His immediate superiors in the administrative hierarchy were (are) Michael, Rafael and Gabriella (a female entity in reality she is usually called Gabriel by mistake). These three entities are usually referred to as "Archangels". Lucifer has a disagreement with these entities on procedural issues relative to human evolutionary progress. It appears that Lucifer advocated a liberal policy and the Controllers advocated a very conservative policy. Consequently, with respect to this internal issue between members of the Negative Hierarchy, Evil seems to translate to mean "Liberal" and "Good" seems to translate to mean "Conservative". As a result of this political disagreement, Lucifer was stripped of his rank and confined to planet Ur.Anita.


Humans came to the Ur.Antia planet - which they called "KI" - and were not aware that it was a prison planet. The planet became known as Earth eventually - based upon the name of the first human settlement which was called "ERIDU". Lucifer interacted with the humans in all ways. Cain, one of Eve's first twins was Lucifer's kid - Able was from Adam as a result of a "double pregnancy". God (this reference to God is really a reference to "the Controllers" Michael, Rafael and Gabriella) knew who was Lucifer's kid and so had "no regard" for Cain.

Lots of dramatic events have happened on / to the Earth. In one ancient war, exotic energy weapons [scientists are only now re-learning the technology] were used to "slice the Earth in half" - like a butcher knife chopping a tomato. One half disintegrated and became the Asteroid belt and the other half stayed together - gradually resumed a round shape - and is the present day "Earth".


Lucifer, bored with eternal confinement, began to organize humans into secret groups and teach them "occult knowledge". In exchange, they had to pledge allegiance to Lucifer as their god.

One such group was called the Knight's Templars which today is known as the Masons.


The real estate that is today called the United States was known to Europeans long ago. Records left in stone writings in the United States show that it was heavily traveled and explored as early as the year 600 AD. The fairy tale of "Columbus" is just that.

A Luciferian group known as the ILLUMINATI decided to develop the real estate which is now the United States for their purposes and so a group of Masons came to this land and set up "The United States of America". It is a designer country - deliberately planned to suit the needs of Lucifer. When other world leaders call the United States "the Great Satin" they are absolutely correct because Satin [Lucifer] dictated the blueprints that were used to make this place and he personally and physically controls it today.


The people in the present generation have lived their lives under the influence of an intense created illusion and have been shaped and molded by pressures and forces that are simply not real.

The two world wars that we have had were pre-planned and orchestrated events agreed upon in advance by the participating nations. The Vietnam War was a medical experiment in war and was designed so as to keep a perpetual "controlled war" going at all times so that researchers who needed a "war set" for experiments could have one ready and working.

In the case of the Japanese attack upon the United States, there was lots of advance warning of this and the politicians deliberately let it happen because they wanted war. There are also persistent reports that the United States met secretly with Japan and "asked them to please attack".


The Communist Conspiracy never existed. The Soviet Union has always been secretly financed from within the United States of America. The revolution that created the Soviet Union was directed and financed from an office building in New York City. We created Russia and all of its revolutions. We financed it. There was never any threat of global nuclear war and all those "SAC Planes" that used to fly to "fail safe" points supposedly to be able to bomb Russia did not even have real armed nuclear bombs on board - it was just a hoax - just a theatrical show.

The purpose of all this was to create an intense pressure to motivate the masses to work harder both in the United States and Russia. They both effectively used the story that "the other guy was coming to get them". It was never true and at the highest and most secret levels of the United States and Russia there was/is a common directorate - that is, the the United States and Russia are essentially the same country.


There has been for some time a shared database and a shared "private club of rulership" among all of the industrialized nations of the world. At the "Top Secret" level these governments all come together and have a common leadership. Whenever events take place that suggest a conflict between these Governments, it is a contrived scam for some covert purpose such as to stimulate the economy.


In fulfillment of the Bible Prophesy, a "recovery team" has been sent to Earth to try to take Lucifer away for the promised thousand years. Administrative entities such as Lucifer are basically formless structures of intelligent energy or force. When necessary to communicate with humans, they may project some form (like a face) but their natural state is not a specific form. For convenience we give them names like Kal and Brahm; however they are not people that you can walk up and talk to because their power is much too great to remain within the confines of a specific form.

Lucifer - here on Earth - is supposed to be "spread over" 144,000 people. The recovery team has orders to locate these people and take them somewhere where they can be physically killed so as to release Lucifer so that he can be taken away. To make this sound good to the people affected, it is referred to as THE RAPTURE and the people involved are told that they are "special" and will be "raptured away".


In an ordinary farm, the farmer makes a place for his animals so that they will feel at home and comfortable. There are fences, in case they get uncomfortable and decide to leave. There is food, protection from extreme elements, a maintained "defense system" for predators, sex when the farmer deems it appropriate, and so on. The animals might think they were born in heaven - not having to search for food (at least until the slaughterhouse wagon comes !).

YOU ALSO LIVE IN SUCH A PLACE. We call it a "People Farm". You are comfy - there are government programs if you're short on cash or food. The place is "defended".

However, everything in it is FAKE. Your money is worthless paper and has no value except that which you give to it by "believing that it has value". The information stream consisting of TV, newspapers, magazines, and the like is specifically constructed and coordinated to brainwash you into the desired mode of thinking and acting. Your "valuable possessions" such as TV, VCR and Computer are obsolete by many years [compared to the stuff available to the elite] and are always breaking.

YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT AN EMPTY DREAM - a dream that can END anytime that the Government, which maintains the dream, decides to stop maintaining it.

Get Real !

Secret Groups


The MASONS is a group based on Babylonian Mythology. The MASONS worship LUCIFER as their GOD. Their argument for worshipping Lucifer is: "In the Garden of Eden, GOD (the for real GOD) wanted to keep people stupid and that's why he forbid them to eat the fruit from the tree of Knowledge. But Lucifer SAVED MAN from this goodie goodie life by encouraging him to eat the forbidden fruit." Therefore, Lucifer is their god because he gave them knowledge - and with knowledge they developed cunning skills which have allowed them to control others and take over the Earth.

The word "mason" - which suggests some physical craftsman - is interpreted at its higher octave and means a person who, by the use of magic and psychic power is able to mold physical reality to his specifications. Masons aspire to reach the Causal or Force plane as their highest level of advancement. This is as high as they can possibly go because a student cannot exceed the rating of his Master and Lucifer is a Master of the third level (causal) of spirit.

It should be noted that ALL of the founding fathers of the United States were MASONS and that, therefore, when the word "god" is used in the originating documents for the United States such as the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States, it is a reference to LUCIFER and not to the true GOD.



This is the girls' organization for the MASONS which is a male only club. In occult nomenclature the "morning star" or the "eastern star" is the accepted symbol for LUCIFER or SATIN. Therefore, these are the "daughters of STAIN".


The KNIGHT'S TEMPALRS are simply the ELITE of the MASONS.


The Knights of Malta are the secret guard for the POPE. They all carry diplomatic passports from MALTA and are therefore above the law wherever they go. They are supposed to keep a low profile and "spring into action" if the POPE is in danger for any reason or if he decides to activate them in his quest to complete the unfinished work of the Roman Empire [which went undercover as the Catholic Church] and try again to take over the world.


These people are an occult school teaching MIND CONTROL. The boss is called "THE IMPERATOR". The school is divided into work on the Right and Left hand paths. So, there are "good" and "bad" Rosicrucians.


The CIA has traditionally been dominated by MASONS. However, recently they have shown a tendency to "go off on their own" and perhaps develop some new philosophy. Such a philosophy would likely retain many masonic principles, however.


THE ILLUMINATI are the MASTER SECRET GROUP. At one time, the various secret occult groups worked independently of one another. However, they have all now joined together- secretly, of course,- under the single banner of the Illuminati.

With this consolidation, came the hope that the "Great Work" of "Externalization of the Hierarchy" or "New World Order" could be achieved soon. All these terms mean the same thing which is the making of the Planet Earth into a single absolute dictatorship consisting of two Castes or Classes - the MASTERS [overlords] and the Slaves. And, of course, Illuminati members would be the overlords.

The scheduled completion date for "THE PLAN" is the dawn of the new century.

However, things may not be quite on schedule because a key point in the plan, the DESTRUCTION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS, has not yet been achieved. Some estimates put the plan as much as ten years behind schedule. But, unless the "average american" awakens from his dreamy sleep [which seems unlikely], the plan will eventually be put in effect.

The New World is to be a world of total peace and it will be because anyone who is not peaceful will be quickly killed by the secret police.

The Central Headquarters for the Directorate for the Control of the Planet Earth is supposedly located in a huge secret city in Central Africa which is shielded and defended by every conceivable high-tech gadget that has ever been invented. In the new world order, the nation-states will be replaced by "zones" and the central zone in Africa will regulate all the other zones.

Does the search for experience lead to reality?

Experience nearly always forms a hardened centre in the mind, as the self, which is a deteriorating factor. Most of us are seeking experience. We may be tired of the worldly experiences of fame, notoriety, wealth, sex, and so on, but we all want greater, wider experience of some kind, especially those of us who are attempting to reach a so-called spiritual state. Being tired of worldly things, we want a more extensive, a wider, deeper experience; and to arrive at such an experience, we suppress, we control, we dominate ourselves, hoping thereby to achieve a full realization of God, or what you will.
We think the pursuit of experience is the right way of life in order to attain greater vision, and I question whether that is so. Does this search for experience, which is really a demand for greater, fuller sensation, lead to reality? Or is it a factor which cripples the mind?


(The Collected Works, Vol. X - 16)

21 August 2009

Global Warming Swindle

British influential Lord Christopher Monckton said in a June 2 interview with 21st Century Science & Technology (far below report) that the cabal’s intentions in promoting the global warming fraud, was never about the climate but was always about setting up world government.

Lord Monckton also reiterated his view that the motive for promotion of the triple frauds of,
  • global warming
  • biofuels
  • the DDT scare, the genocidal reduction of the world population, especially in Third World nations.
Lord Monckton has special authority in stating this.
His grandfather played a key role in arranging the 1936 abdication of that chief symbol of Britain’s Nazi-loving aristocracy, King Edward VIII, as part of the effort by anti-fascists to crush the Hitler project in Britain.
Monckton said that the global warming cabal will use the Copenhagen Climate Summit, scheduled for December 2009, to turn the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change into an enforcement body for world government.
“They are not frankly particularly worried about whether they get a deal on who should cut global emissions by how much,” Monckton said. “It is not, and never was, about that.”
Monckton also restated his view that the global warming scare is the third genocide being committed against the world’s population. He said people are already dying, all over the world, of starvation caused by the biofuels scam, which came out the global warming scare.
The other two genocides that Monckton speaks about are:
  1. The banning of DDT which has so far caused the deaths of 40 million, and has left millions more, mostly children, still infected with 21st CENTURY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY malaria
  2. The failure to properly respond to the AIDS pandemic, by use of well-established public health measures, including universal testing, and isolation and treatment of the carriers
This intentional genocidal policy has led to 25 million deaths worldwide, and at least 40 million inflected. Monckton’s horrifying estimate of the number of persons infected with the HIV virus is only a published estimate by the World Health Organization.
The extent of the HIV infection in the world population is not known since there is still to this day resistance to a policy of universal testing for the HIV virus in the general population.

In a presentation to the Third International Conference on Climate Change, hosted in Washington, D.C. by the Heartland Institute June 2, Monckton pointed out that the key to the victory over the cabal pushing world governance lies in the United States.
Monckton said:
“In the end, it will be here, in the United States, that the truth will first emerge... Not in Europe, for we are no longer free... It is here, in this great nation founded upon liberty, that the battle for the world’s freedom will be won."

Freemasonry Unmasked (4 of 4)

Freemasonry Unmasked (3 of 4)

Freemasonry Unmasked (2 of 4)

Freemasonry Unmasked (1 of 4)

Freemasonry's Hidden Homosexual Agenda

By "Heterosexuals for a Moral Environment"

(I didn't write this article but it inspired a "eureka" moment. Of course! This explains why so many politicians are gay, and why homosexuality is being foisted on us. I edited a little. -Henry Makow)

The esoteric all-male group known as Freemasonry (or Masonry) has been controversial for many years, and has been connected to homosexuality by a number of researchers. "Why?" you may ask.

Albert Pike was Sovereign Grand Commander of the (Masonic) Scottish Rite's Southern Jurisdiction from 1859-1891. He published a book called Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871, of which there were several subsequent editions. Citations from Pike's magnum opus will be featured here.

Like other esoteric groups and some fraternities, the Masons have secret doctrines and initiations. Now, as Pike mysteriously put it, Freemasonry "conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it."1

Instead of Masons explicitly spelling out their secrets, they only obliquely impart them. Pike states: "What the Chiefs of the Order really believed and taught, is indicated to the Adepts by the hints contained in the high degrees of Free-masonry."2 Pike again: "The symbols and ceremonies of Masonry have more than one meaning. They rather conceal than disclose the Truth. They hint it only."3 More: "We have hints, and not details,"4 "hints of the true objects and purposes of the Mysteries."5 (The "Mysteries" are secret Masonic "Truths" and secret initiatory rituals.)

Pike is wont to speaking in enigmas because he can only hint at Masonic secrets. Masons take oaths not to reveal the group's secrets.

Upper-level Masons even keep secrets from lower-level Masons. According to Pike, a lower-level Mason "is intentionally misled by false interpretations [of Masonic symbols]. It is not intended that he shall understand them [the symbols]; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry."6 Lower-level Masons are just dupes being used by the upper-level ones, the so-called "Princes of Masonry."

Now, to direct our attention to the connection between Masonry and homosexuality: Are Masons using their power and influence to try to spread homosexual "values"? In the following enigmatic words, Pike seems to be saying that Mason [adepts] engage in homosexual oral sex.

He states that an initiate "commemorates in sacramental observance this mysterious passion; and while partaking of the raw flesh of the victim, seems to be invigorated by a fresh draught from the fountain of universal life....Hence the significance of the phallus."7 As is his wont, Pike does not explain these words. For example, he does not spell out what he means by "this mysterious passion." But elsewhere in the book he twice notes that phallic worship is a part of their "Ancient Mysteries."8

Not only does homosexual sex apparently play a role in Masonry, but homosexual orgies evidently do too.

Pike, speaking in general of a newly initiated member, says: "he mingles with the crowd of Initiates, and, crowned with flowers, celebrates with them the holy orgies."9 Needless to say, Pike does not define "holy orgy." In at least two other locations in his book he mentions that orgies are associated with Masonic initiations.10 [Pike has a reputation for indulging in debaucheries as well as Satanic butchery. HM]

A noteworthy characteristic shared by Masonry and homosexuaity which points to a possible connection between the two, is the prevalence of sexist attitudes amongst the members of both groups.

(It is understandable that homosexuals can develop negative feelings for the opposite sex because every time a, say, male homosexual sees a woman he is reminded of his abnormality, of his impotency with women, of his heterophobia. Moreover, if, say, a male homosexual lets himself have warm feelings for a woman he may begin to wonder about his sexual identity. [One homosexual author, Dennis Altman, admits: "Undoubtedly for many homosexuals there is something threatening in the idea of intimacy with the other sex."11] Also, homosexuals clearly have little use for the opposite sex, generally speaking.

Various lesbian and male homosexual authors have drawn attention to that sexism: e.g., lesbian authors Virginia E. Vida,12 Molly McGarry,13, and Lillian Faderman,14 plus male homosexual authors Simon LeVay,15 Martin Duberman,16 Dennis Altman,17 and Eric Marcus.18

In 1997, two lesbian groups got so fed up with the sexist behavior of male homosexuals that they boycotted the North Side Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade in Chicago "because they say gay men among the spectators harassed them verbally and physically in the past,"19 as reported by a Chicago Sun-Times journalist, Ernest Tucker, in his article "Girlcott hits sexism at gay parade."

Now to return to Masonry---which, we should keep in mind---is an all-male group, Pike provides serious evidence of organizational sexism in Masonry via these words: "The love of woman cannot die out; and it has a terrible and uncontrollable fate."20 As usual, he does not explain what he means by this startling statement (but the heterophobic meaning seems obvious enough).

Elsewhere he stated that "Christianity...gave to woman her proper rank and influence; it regulated domestic life."21

In some circles it is a common opinion, misguided or not, that Christianity, especially Catholicism, places women at a lower rank than men because women cannot become priests or bishops or cardinals or popes and because wives are supposed to be submissive or subordinate to their husbands, generally speaking.

In sum, while Pike does not explicitly declare that women are inferior to men, or that they are unworthy of love, he does seem to strongly hint at that, just like he strongly hints at other things.

Freemasonry is still a force in America and the world. The fact that this group is evidently biased against women (who cannot join the group) and biased in favor of homosexual relationships should not go unmentioned, and neither should the very real possibility that this group is using its influence to try to impose pro-homosexual "values" on the public.

We'll end this short essay with a quote from Masonic author Carl H. Claudy: "The real secrets of Masonry are never told, not even mouth to ear. For the real secret of Masonry is spoken to your heart, and from it to that of your brother [Mason]. Never the language made for tongue may speak it; it is uttered only in the language of the eye, in those manifestations of that love which a man has for his friend, which passeth all other loves, even that of woman."22 Note those last four words.


Originally" "Freemasonry's Connection to the Homosexual Movement" (source and Footnotes)

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and Freemasonry Unmasked (Youtube)

20 August 2009

Witchcraft in the White House

The Obama White House is abuzz with talk of witchcraft by first grandmother, 72-year-old Marian Robinson, who lives in the White House residence. A close friend of Michelle Obama says the president is furious at his mother-in-law after learning that she was practicing Santeria, an African spirit cult, in the White House.

"The president is quite upset about this on two different levels. First, he is a committed Christian, no matter what his critics say about Reverend Wright. He is adamant that Sasha and Malia be raised with Christian influences. He does not want them to be involved with African voodoo. And secondly, he is worried about the political fallout if his enemies get wind of this. Rev. Wright was bad enough, but this would be political suicide," a close friend of Michelle’s confided.

Religion took center stage during the campaign last year when videos showed the Rev. Jeremiah Wright shouting "God damn America." Obama was forced to distance himself from the since-retired pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, where he worshiped for 20 years. Many people were shocked by the videos and questioned Obama’s fitness to be president. Since taking office, Obama has avoided worshiping in public and now prefers the chapel at the presidential retreat at Camp David.

This is how it happened. Marian Robinson became increasingly frustrated as her husband, Fraser Robinson, was hobbled by multiple sclerosis in the late 1980s. The family pastor prayed with her and counseled her, but "she turned to Santeria in a desperate hope," Michelle’s friend said. "Michelle put her foot down when she heard that her mother took her dad to ceremonies where they did spells and trances, and sacrificed animals, chickens and goats I think. But Marian was desperate and kept going anyway, even when her husband was to sick to go with her. I don’t think the president knew anything about this earlier because it was before they met. Michelle and Craig (her brother) wanted to close the book on this and never talked about it again after their father died in 1991."

The first grandma appears to be worried about her health now, even though doctors pronounce her in good shape. "Marian invited an old friend from Chicago to visit her at the White House, and she performed a Santeria ceremony in the residence. When Michelle saw this woman, a voodoo priestess she recognized her from when her father was sick, she had a fit. When she told the president about it, he blew up and said, ‘No voodoo in the White House. Absolutely. I don’t care what you call it.’ As far as I know, it only happened once," the friend said.

The president was "totally in favor" when his mother-in-law moved into the White House as a live-in babysitter for 11-year-old Malia and 8-year-old Sasha. Obama reportedly told Michelle that her mother will have to go back to Chicago if she does not "stop this witchcraft mumbo-jumbo immediately" and ordered the Secret Service to not allow Marian’s friend to return to the White House.

Global War and Dying Democracy: The Revolution of the Elites

'Global trends in political economy suggest that “democracy” as we know it, is a fading concept, where even Western industrialized nations are retreating from the system. Arguably, through party politics and financial-corporate interests, democracy is something of a fa├žade as it is. However, we are entering into an era in which even the institutions and image of democracy are in retreat, and the slide into totalitarianism seems inevitable.'


A WARNING to the One-World Elite (Part 2 of 2)

A WARNING to the One-World Elite (Part 1 of 2)

Are We Really Cattle

'Have we really become “We the sheeple,” or are we still human beings? The planet is dying under the thrall of a small minority of men who think of the rest of the human race as “cattle,” livestock for them to buy and sell.The ruling class behaves much like a spoiled child, if they don’t get to have everything their way all of the time, they throw this massive temper tantrum and threaten to upset the whole game.

They have gotten their way in everything for so long that they have fallen under the spell of their own propaganda. They believe that we are sub-human animals, who should be herded into the best outcome possible. But, have the rest of us begun to accept this as well?'