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05 February 2023

Out of the Blue: The Definitive Investigation on UFOs

Out of the Blue: The Definitive Investigation on UFOs

Narrated by Peter Coyote, Out of The Blue is widely considered the best documentary ever made about UFOs. Through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, this award-winning film supports the theory that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.
The UNIDENTIFIED YouTube channel offers official movie trailers and free full films online. Come here for UFO sightings, alien abductions, ghost stories, Bigfoot encounters and more! 
Check out our playlists of science fiction films and paranormal-based horror movies, too. 

01 September 2016

There are other ways to meditate besides those that are currently popular

How To Meditate: Tips From Lama Surya Das, The 'Buddha From Brooklyn'

June 8, 2015

(RNS) Lama Surya Das, the “Buddha from Brooklyn,” is one of the handful of Westerners who have been teaching meditation for decades. And yet, he says we’re doing it wrong.

“So many people seem to be moving narcissistically — conditioned by our culture, doubtless — into self-centered happiness-seeking and quietism, not to mention the use of mindfulness for mere effectiveness,” he said. True meditation, he said, generates wisdom and compassion, which may be very disquieting, at least in the short term.

Born Jeffrey Miller, Surya Das has had a spiritual journey that is remarkable in its breadth. He was given the name “Surya Das” by the Indian guru Neem Karoli Baba, made famous by Ram Dass more than 40 years ago. But Surya Das shifted gears in the early 1970s to Tibetan Buddhism, subsequently completing two three-year silent meditation retreats and becoming one of the first Westerners to be authorized as a Tibetan lama.

At the time, meditation was still considered pretty weird: foreign, exotic, hippie-ish. Now it’s everywhere. Meditation — especially mindfulness, which trains the mind to observe nonjudgmentally and attentively — has gone mainstream. In secular forms, it’s now widespread in health care, education, the corporate world, even the military. Each year, 1 million Americans take up the practice for the first time.

Jay Michaelson
Religion News Service

06 May 2016

Harvard Studies Proves The Afterlife Exists

Harvard trained brain neurosurgeon of 25 years, Dr. Eben Alexander, encountered an unfortunate incident which sent him into a coma for 7 days. Fortunately, he woke up but brought along a narrative of his experience while he was under a coma and he claims that the afterlife truly exists.

Read on to know more on what he found out about the afterlife and how he defended his surreal claim to the public. This is one compelling read that’s sure to make you a believer.

Dr. Alexander changed his mind after he was in a coma for seven days caused by severe bacterial meningitis. During his coma he experienced a vivid journey into what he knew to be the afterlife, visiting both heavenly and not so heavenly realms.

After returning to his body and experiencing a miraculous healing against all odds, and went on to write the NY Times #1 best selling book “Proof of Heaven.” What Dr. Alexander confirms is that our life here is just a test help our souls evolve and grow, and that the way we succeed in doing so is to proceed with love and compassion. Here are just a few other notable points he made:

– The experience of the afterlife was so “real” and expansive that the experience of living as a human on Earth seemed like an artificial dream by comparison

– The fabric of the afterlife was pure LOVE. Love dominated the afterlife to such a huge degree that the overall presence of evil was infinitesimally small. If you wish to know the Universe, know Love.

– In the afterlife, all communication was telepathic. There was no need for spoken words, nor even any separation between the self and everything else happening around you. All the questions you asked in your mind were immediately answered to you telepathically as well.

When asked what he wants everyone to know about the spiritual realm, he always answers saying that you are precious and infinitely loved more than you can possibly imagine. You are always safe. You are never alone. The unconditional and perfect Love of God neglects not one soul.

“Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything. Not some abstract, hard-to-fathom kind of love but the day-to-day kind that everyone knows-the kind of love we feel when we look at our spouse and our children, or even our animals. In its purest and most powerful form, this love is not jealous or selfish, but unconditional.

This is the reality of realities, the incomprehensibly glorious truth of truths that lives and breathes at the core of everything that exists or will ever exist, and no remotely accurate understanding of who and what we are can be achieved by anyone who does not know it, and embody it in all of their actions.”

Now let’s talk credibility for a minute. What makes this experience so much more significant than another NDE account? Eben’s neocortex was completely nonfunctional during the time of his coma do to his severe bacterial meningitis, so there is no scientific account for why he experienced this. In fact, he gives refutations to 9 different possible scientific explanations for his experience in his book.

Exploring Naturalistic Explanations

Let’s take a look at 5 potential explanations he outlines in Appendix B of “Proof of Heaven”. Some are of his explanations would make no sense to us as laymen untrained in neuroscientific terminology, so here are the most common explanations he refutes, all of which are taken verbatim from his book:

1. A primitive brainstem program to ease terminal pain and suffering (“evolutionary argument” – possibly as a remnant of feigned-death strategies from lower mammals?). This did not explain the robust, richly interactive nature of the recollections.

2. The distorted recall of memories from deeper parts of the limbic system (for example, the lateral amygdala) that have enough overlying brain to be relatively protected from the meningitic inflammation, which occurs mainly at the brain’s surface. This did not explain the robust, richly interactive nature of the recollections.

3. DMT dump. DMT, a naturally occurring serotonin agonist causes vivid hallucinations and a dream-like state. I am personally familiar with drug experiences related to serotonin agonist/antagonists (LSD) from my teen years in the early 70s. I have had no personal experience with DMT but have seen patients under its influence. The rich ultra-reality would still require fairly intact auditory and visual neocortex as target regions in which to generate such a rich audiovisual experience as I had in a coma. Prolonged coma due to bacterial meningitis had badly damaged my neocortex, which is where all of the serotonin from the raphe nuclei in my brainstem (or DMT, a serotonin agonist) would have had effects on visual/auditory experiences. But my cortex was off, and the DMT would have no place in the brain to act.
4. A reboot phenomenon – a random dump of bizarre dis-jointed memories due to old memories in the damaged neocortex, which might occur on restarting the cortex into consciousness after a prolonged system-wide failure, as in my diffuse meningitis. Especially given the intricacies of my elaborate recollections, this seems most unlikely.

5. Unusual memory generation through an archaic visual pathway through the midbrain, prominently used in birds but only rarely identifiable in humans. It can be demonstrated in humans who are cortically blind, due to occipital cortex. It provided no clue as to the ultra-reality I witnessed and failed to explain the auditory-visual interleaving.

His NDE account stands as the most credible account of all time, and coming from his materialistic scientific background, we have good reason to believe that he really did have a vivid encounter with something beyond this world.

Here is an interview/feature he did with ABC News about his condition and his experience:

16 April 2016

5 Things That Happen When You Die

Putting Life And Death In Perspective

As an evidential medium, I bridge the gap between the physical and the Spirit world, bringing through detailed messages that prove that life goes on – even after death. A wonderful by-product of my work is the way it puts life and death in perspective, erasing the fear of “what comes next” and illuminating our true path. 

What happens when you die?

When the Spirit is released from the heaviness of the physical shell we call the body, it’s similar to a driver getting out of a broken down car, or even taking off a heavy overcoat and letting it fall to the ground. There is no pain at all associated with exiting the shell. So what DOES death feel like?

For more info see my book, Adventures For Your Soul

Hundreds of thousands of spirits have come back to say they UNIVERSALLY go through the following steps:

1. AWAKENING - The person suddenly experiences an overwhelming sense of PEACE, HAPPINESS and LOVE. 

2. REUNION - No one ever dies alone. Your relatives and loved ones who you have created bonds of love with over your lifetimes will come and greet you. They have prepared for your homecoming - so you can just imagine the incredible sense of joy when you return home.

3. VISITING YOUR MEMORIAL SERVICE, OR FUNERAL - Every soul will be present for their service or funeral. Even if there is no formal ceremony, they will be there - surrounding their family for at least several days after the transition and trying to impress on them that they are ALIVE and feeling healthy and whole.

4. LIFE REVIEW - Upon returning to the spiritual home, each one of us will go through a review - seeing, feeling and living every single experience we lived out on the earth school. We will “relive” every thought, action and word we created about one another and ourselves. If we treated someone unkindly, we will experience it from their point of view.

5. LIVING THEIR JOY - Each soul will get to access what they desire to experience creatively. If they had always wanted to play the piano but were not able to on earth, they will be able to learn and live this expression in heaven. They will be able to have whatever their hearts desire....if someone wanted to have children on earth but were unable to, in the Spirit realms they may find that they are surrogate parents to children in the spirit world who need guidance and wisdom from certain souls.

It’s not surprising that after over 30 years spent talking to dead people, I have become quite an expert on the subject! The more I learn about death, the more I understand that the end of life is an illusion, a transition where the soul – which never dies – leaves its earthly body for its next “assignment.” 

Apr 12, 2016

17 March 2016

Unknown ‘Alien’ rays from outer space hitting Earth

While previously, researchers were not sure as to what was producing these unknown cosmic rays, a group of scientists believe they finally found out the culprit behind them.

“These results represent the first indications of where the Milky Way’s highest energy cosmic rays could come from,” says Associate Professor Gavin Rowell, from the University of Adelaide’s High Energy Astrophysics Group and leader of Australia’s participation in the HESS Collaboration.

“The most plausible ‘engine’ for this cosmic ray acceleration is the super-massive black hole right at the heart of our galaxy.”

According to a group of researchers, a number of ‘alien’ rays from outer space are hitting our planet. The group of researchers believes that the enigmatic rays are coming from a super-massive black hole which is located at the center of our galaxy. The supermassive black hole is believed to have the size of 4-5 million suns according to reports from German and Australian scientists.

The supermassive black hole is believed to be so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape is crushing clutch.

“The black hole’s gravity of course attracts lots of matter to it,” said Adelaide University astrophysicist Dr Gavin Rowell. “As the matter approaches the black hole, it spirals around, like water going down a plughole, and speeds up.”

According to reports recently published in the Journal Nature, the high energy cosmic rays which are comprised of charged atomic nuclei like protons, are accelerating from the center of the milky way towards us. While in the past, researchers were not sure where these enigmatic rays originated from, a new study has shown that Sagittarius A*, as the black hole has been called, is the sole responsible body, and not the remnants of dead stars as researchers speculated in previous theories.

The group of researchers believes that the enigmatic rays are coming from a super-massive black hole which is located at the center of our galaxy

Scientists believe that as it speeds up, matter becomes very energetic and hot which creates the ideal conditions to release and accelerate charged particles or cosmic rays.

“This is quite a theoretical area of physics but is generally well accepted as a very powerful process to accelerate particles,” Dr Rowell said. Other examples of this are sometimes observed near smaller black holes orbited by single stars.

“Cosmic rays account for up to half of the natural ionising radiation we experience in our lives,” said Dr Rowell, whose team observed coming from the Milky Way’s centre a series of gamma rays, a penetrating form of radiation and a “tracer” of cosmic rays.

“Based on the gamma rays, we found that the cosmic rays are packed with the highest energy that our galaxy is thought to produce,” he said.

“The most striking aspect is that the gamma ray emission properties tell us that they come from a source of cosmic rays with energies reaching 100 times higher than that of the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Switzerland,” added Rowell.

14 March 2016

Impossible cosmic event: NASA telescope captures moment massive object ejects out of Black Hole

In what was considered as a nearly ‘impossible cosmic event’, a NASA telescope captured the moment a massive object ejected itself out of a supermassive Black Hole.

According to Fiona Harrison, the lead investigator at the NuSTAR telescope, this type of cosmic event is unheard of and redefines in every way, everything that we thought we knew about Black Holes and their characteristics. Luckily for us, our telescopes were pointed at the Black Hole at the right time, which made it possible for us to observe the rare cosmic event. The data from the observation should provide much-needed information to how black holes function.

“This is the first time we have been able to link the launching of the corona to a flare. “This will help us understand how supermassive black holes power some of the brightest objects in the universe.” –Dan Wilkins, Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada.

‘This is the first time we have been able to link the launching of the corona to a flare,’ said Dan Wilkins of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada.

‘This will help us understand how supermassive black holes power some of the brightest objects in the universe.’

Astronomers say it is the first time that where it is possible to relate the ejection of the crown with a flare. This helps explain how black holes give energy to some of the brightest objects in the universe.

Astronomer’s stat that the mysterious emission was caused by ejection of its corona, which is a source of energetic particles.

Astronomers believe that this supermassive black hole, found at the center of our galaxy was once one of the brightest X-ray sources in the galaxy. Mysteriously, something very strange happened 8 years ago when MRL 335 faded by a factor of 30 said Luigi Gallo an astronomer and investigator of the project.

12 November 2015

The Mystery Of The Nine Unknown Men

What if there existed a secret society that held the knowledge of ages much more ancient than the present known secretive wealthy elite - Illuminati? This Buzzle article enlightens you on the Nine Unknown Men - The Secret Society of King Ashoka.

The Legend of the Nine Unknown Men was popularized for the first time through the book The Nine Unknown written by Talbot Mundy in 1927 who served as a member of the British police force in India for twenty-five years.

There are many conspiracy theories abounding about various secret societies of which umpteen are well-known to the modern society but perhaps the most ancient of all are the legends surrounding the existence of the Nine Unknown Men. The origins of this intellectual secret organization lies in mystical India, these men are known to be saviors of the world as they possess vast knowledge on various fields that work for the benefit of mankind. There have been claims that numerous historic figures from around the world have come in contact with these enlightened few and acquired mysterious alchemical practices.

Among the conspiracy theorists, this secret organization is one of the most quondam and most potent secret orders in the world.

Brief History

Emperor Ashoka or Ashoka the Great belonged to the expansionist Maurya dynasty and ruled India from 269 BCE to 232 BCE. He was also the grandson of the legendary Chandragupta Maurya who was the first emperor to unify India. 

► Ashoka was known to be a brutal, ambitious, cold, and despotic ruler who waged bloody wars to annexe kingdoms. On one such occasion he led a heavy carnage while waging war with Kalinga and killed over 100,000 men who resisted his rule. The resulted mayhem caused Ashoka to change his heart for good and he converted himself to Buddhism.

► Walking under the counsel of the Brahmin Buddhist sages Radhaswami and Manjushri he applied his position to spread the comparatively new spiritual philosophy to great heights.

► He realized that the key to maintain eternal peace would be to conceal the scientific knowledge and forbid it from getting into the wrong hands.

► Thus to avoid complete annihilation of mankind due to advanced scientific techniques he formed the secret society of the Unknown Nine Men in 270 BCE.


The members were believed to be eminent scientists of that period and under them all cutting-edge natural scientific secrets past, present, and future were sworn to secrecy. Membership was to be renewed strictly by co-option to avoid unfit lineage.

► The Nine were obligated by Emperor Asoka to project an underdeveloped and mystical India in the eyes of the world so as to preserve the sophisticated scientific approach within its boundaries. All the researches and scientific growth were therefore concealed behind the collective mask of supernatural forces and events.

► Some versions of the legend state that the ancient Rama Empire and the Atlantis engaged in nuclear warfare over 15000 years ago bought an end to both the civilizations. This event has been recorded in Hindu scriptures that describes the use of modern weaponry during the said war. Hence Ashoka instructed the Nine to obliterate these facts as well. 

► The Nine are forbidden from social interactions and their identity is permanently hidden from the public eye. They never engage themselves in any religious or political contraventions. Their prime aim is to protect and create beneficial aids for mankind.

► Each of them has been entrusted with the task of amending, updating, and defending a single book of knowledge that deals with different subjects respectively.

The Nine Books

Propaganda and Psychological Warfare: This book compiles the study of governing masses through hypnotic propaganda and messages, the ability to create wars by diverting public opinion. This method is identified as one of the most dangerous sciences, if mastered one can rule the world.

► Physiology: This book contains instructions on various ancient martial art techniques, study of organisms, and creatures. It also includes commands on how to perform the "touch of death" a martial art technique that can impale a human being with less physical effort, it has been rumored that the wrestling style Judo is a leaked product of this book.

► Microbiology: This book contains the secrets of Biotechnology, legends abound that the waters of the Ganges are purified with special microbes or bacteriophages which are created by the Nine and ejected into the river from a hidden base in the Himalayas. It is conceived that due to the water's purifying properties, throngs of pilgrims suffering from wretched diseases bathe in the water and get healed.

► Alchemy: This book contains instructions on performing ancient alchemical rituals for the transformation of metals especially to obtain gold and metallurgy. In India, there have been persistent legends about temples and religious organizations receiving large amounts of gold from unknown sources during drought and natural calamities, whereas the fact remains that India has very few gold mines.

► Communication: This book deals with instructions on how to communicate with extraterrestrials, how to benefit from teleportation, and other forms of unknown media.

► Gravitation: This book contains laws of Gravitology and moving large objects on a large distance by applying its principles. It also contains directions to build a Vimana (UFO) based on Gravitology principles that can travel through outer space.

► Cosmology: This book mentions the capability of traveling at extraordinary speeds through spacetime framework, and includes secrets of time-travel; including intra- and inter-universal trips.

► Light: This book contains the instructions to use the speed of light as a weapon by focusing it in a certain direction. More broadly, it is a categorized study of controlling the cosmo-telluric subtle energy, atmospheric energy, and nerve impulses.

► Sociology: This book includes patterns pertaining to the evolution of societies and how to foretell their downfall.

Contact with the outside World

Legend has it that the members have always been prominent Indian scientists, pioneer of Radio and Microwaves Optics Jagdish Chandra Bose and pioneer of Indian space and missile defense programs Vikram Sarabhai were believed to be its members. Westerners Pope Sylvester II and French physician and bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin have been rumored to come in contact with them.

► Pope Sylvester II

Pope Sylvester II, also known as Gerbert d'Aurillac was a Benedictine monk, he was also a professor at the University of Rheims, Archbishop of Ravenna and the Holy See. After spending time in Spain he took up a mysterious voyage towards India, reaching there he acquired supernatural skills that evoked mass admiration from his peers in Vatican. For instance, he possessed a bronze head which answered YES or NO to questions on topics related to politics or Christianity, it was so accurate that it executed by an automaton similar to modern binary machines. This "sorcerous" head was spifflicated when Sylvester died, and all the knowledge it transmitted was cautiously concealed and kept in the Vatican library. Strangely in October 1954, in the cybernetics journal, Computers and Automation a compelling comment appeared: "We must suppose that he (Sylvester) was possessed of extraordinary knowledge and the most remarkable mechanical skill and inventiveness. This 'speaking' head must have been fashioned under a certain conjunction of stars occurring at the exact moment when all the planets were starting on their courses.'' 

► Louis Jacolliot

The Nine resurfaced again in the occult writings of French writer Louis Jacolliot, he served as the French Consul at Calcutta under the Second Empire. He wrote many prophetic books and is compared to Jules Verne, many of his occult secrets have been borrowed by occult writers, prophets, and miracle-workers. Jacolliot stated categorically in his works the existence of the Society of Nine and connected them to unimaginable scientific feats like the liberation of energy, sterilization by radiation, and psychological warfare.

► Alexandre Yersin

French physician and bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin who was a close associate of Louis Pasteur and de Roux's, is rumored to have been confided with certain biological enigmas when he visited Madras in 1890, and following these instructions he was able to develop a serum against cholera and the plague.

'Knowledge is Power' and these wise Unknown Nine Men have contained it for over 2000 years like an elixir of life.

01 November 2015

'God' Particles from the Galactic Core

Is the Galactic Center in our Milky Way sending our beloved Earth the healing energies she requires to realign in harmony with Cosmic Law?

Chandra X-ray Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama report in Astronomy magazine that the center heart of our galaxy, known as Sagittarius A* has recently shown a ten-fold increase in its flaring:

A new study reveals that Sgr A* has been producing one bright X-ray flare about every 10 days.

However, within the past year, there has been a ten-fold increase in the rate of bright flares from Sgr A*, at about one every day. This increase happened soon after the close approach to Sgr A* by a mysterious object called G2.

What our eyes may perceive as empty sky space is more a crowded densely packed shooting gallery for trillions of highly charged energetic wave particles as rays - a pulsating ocean in the vastness of interplanetary space.

Some of us can 'see' these energies in the sky above us.

The emerging science of space physics reveals the ubiquitous complexities of Cosmic Rays, which are of two types:

-Galactic Cosmic Rays, GCRs high energy particles originating outside the solar system

-Solar Energetic Particles, SEPs emitted by the Sun

Galactic Cosmic Rays may originate within or outside the galaxy, thus the energies that come into our heliosphere are from our Sun, the Heart of the Milky Way and beyond.

There are highly complex interactions of particles in the intersteller medium of interplanetary space that travel from the Galactic Core, the Sun and planets to nourish our Earth.

Our Earth's magnetosphere needs these energies, a sort of metaphorical 'milk' from the various parts of the Milky Way to feed her magnetically, keep her vital and alive.

"The magnetospheric activity and dynamics require power that is extracted in the interaction between the magnetosphere and the solar wind."
Dynamic Magnetosphere

This 'milk' is comparable to semen for our planet, the electric universe twin polarities that enliven our heliosphere via the various Galactic Cosmic Rays, GCRs the high energy background population incident upon the heliosphere uniformly and isotropically - while in the inner heliosphere,

-Galactic cosmic radiation is modulated by solar activity

-Solar Energetic Particles, SEPs accelerated in solar flares

-Energetic Storm Particles, ESPs particles accelerated at interplanetary shocks and Corotating Interaction Regions, CIRs
Space Physics/MB Kallenrode

Universal Cosmic God-Laws

Any true science would reflect the Cosmic Laws that bring the universe into being - God-Laws.

There would naturally be a correlation between metaphysical laws that are the eternal substratum of the manifested universe and the physics of the external manifested realms. Any imbalance would inevitably demand a return to harmony.

Theoretically, if you know the basic God-Laws, then the various applications of other sciences will fit harmoniously into them. Knowing the one substratum leads you to understand them all, at least in principle.

The metaphysical principles that govern our own inner reality, the mechanics of enlightenment, our spirit or astral body with its seven chakras, the three gunas, the mysteries of five-sense perception, and our eternal interconnectedness to the All, will resonate in harmony with the physical sciences to the degree that these sciences express the Universal Cosmic order, the laws of God.

Any true real science must be founded upon and in complete harmony with primordial metaphysics.

Linear thinking is a limitation we need to leave for a more complete inclusive holistic thinking in harmony with Universal Cosmic God-Laws.

Infinitesimal Whirls in the Woven Universe

Bruce Cathie quotes the genius inventor Nicola Tesla from an unpublished article:

"Long ago he (man) recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance of a tenuity [a rarified state] beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or Luminiferous Ether, which is acted upon by the life giving prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena.

The primary substance, thrown into Infinitesimal Whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the Force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance."

This statement from Tesla sounds as if it has been taken verbatim from a Sanskrit text!

Cathie himself says,

"Matter is nothing more than a complex matrix of wave-forms locked together by harmonic resonance."

Rene Guenon has written extensively about the disconnect in modern times between the primordial metaphysical principles and what he terms the profane sciences:

"…most of these sciences, even insofar as they still correspond to some reality, represent no more than simple debased residues of some of the ancient traditional sciences."

Guenon explains that numbers have lost their real meaning.

He states that our contemporaries are ignorant of what number truly is and understand number only its strictly quantitative sense, reducing number to,

"calculation in the narrowest sense of the word, that is, to a mere collection of more or less artificial procedures, which are in short only valuable with respect to practical applications to which they give rise."

According to Guenon, only geometric form can be legitimately considered to constitute the true body of a number.

This is in,

"accordance with the fact that all 'embodiment' necessarily implies a 'spatialization'."

The science that is exclusively quantitative distances itself further and further from reality.

The Inter-Connected Substratum

The Universal Cosmic God-Laws are the substratum of the manifested realms.

In other words, the appearance of the solidity of material forms in varying densities rests upon a metaphysics that reflect the eternal harmonics found in primordial God-Laws. This explains why so many theoretical sciences can be seen in the Rig Veda, and also why there are so many varying translations.

In my rendering of the Rig Veda, I am able to discern the mechanics of electricity, electromagnetism, plasma physics, and magnetic fusion technology - right along with the inner enlightening esoteric ancient Wisdom-Knowledge in these ancient hymns because of eternal harmonic resonant correspondences between the inner 'invisible to the five senses' realms and external apparent manifestations.

Fierce Winds coming from the Heart of our Galaxy

Sagittarius A* is a very compact, highly luminous unresolved radio source that lies at the exact center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

"Astronomers are convinced that Sagittarius A* is a single body. It is estimated to be about a million times as massive as the Sun, making it the most massive celestial object in the Galaxy.

A fierce wind of cosmic ray electrons and protons is said to generated by a relatively small region in Sagittarius A*.

These winds are rushing outward at speeds close to the speed of light and their "particles emit electromagnetic radiation ranging from low frequency radio emission to high energy gamma ray emission."
Dr. Paul LaViolette

LaViolette questions the theory of a black hole being at the center of our galaxy and reports that,

"all evidence to date suggests that gas is not being drawn toward the Galactic center but is being pushed away, outward."

He says that the ancients did not see the Heart of our galaxy as a region of annihilation, but,

"as one of matter and energy creation, a cosmic wellspring giving birth to all the matter in the Galaxy."

The World is Spirit Clothed in Sound

The Rishi Dîrghatamas tells us something very similar in the ancient Sanskrit text the Rig Veda:

Rig Veda I.164.28
Rishi Dîrghatamas: Prevailing over everything, plasma clouds are, although silent to our human ears, violent roaring shriek sound - sound that permeates the offspring, the forms created in the heliosphere and beyond. He compares the electric universe mechanism to the blinking of the eyes, an on-off switch.

Rig Veda I.164.29
The stars in the Milky Way, by this silent sound moving, it thundering scattered cries, softly regulated responding sound, that is covered over; resting above it, falling to dust, sprinkles below indeed making mortal man who must die, shine forth with reflection, consciously, becoming, toward a concealed place, the covered sound beaten, revealed.

The Sanskrit word Savitâ expresses the continual expansion of Galactic Cosmic Rays that are generated within the center of every galaxy, every galactic core.

These rays carry God-Consciousness, the encoded universal laws,




...that are the substratum of all manifestation.

Rishi Dîrghatamas is invoking these energetic particles, which yield easily everything necessary for splendid life on any planet, from healing bodily forms and plant life, to an expanded consciousness, enlightenment and Oneness with the Creator, to free energy such as electricity and advanced technologies.

For those who have the ears to hear…

Silent sound wave-particle emissions from the Galactic Heart Core are filled with God-Consciousness.

Potencies of milky-virile-semen as Wisdom-Knowledge, the silent particles of sound are perpetually, continually in an everlasting timeless eternity sprayed forth, in violence, forced outward in profusions shining glittering, sprinklings of wave particles throughout the galaxies into our heliosphere.

Those who within the concealed place in the Heart hear the sound, the silent sound revealed - they Become. The Galactic Cosmic Rays are eternally offering us universal God-Consciousness.

Let us be ready!


The Dynamic Magnetosphere, Editors: William Liu and Masak Fujimoto; Springer, NY, 2011.

Space Physics, An Introduction to Plasma and Particles in the Heliosphere and the Magnetospheres, by Dr. May-Britt Kallenrode; Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 2010.

The Energy Grid, Harmonic 695, The Pulse of the Universe, by Bruce L. Cathie; Adventure Unlimited Press, Illinois, 1990, 1997.

The Metaphysical Principles of the Infinitesimal Calculus, by Rene Guenon, 1946; translated by Michael Allen & Henry D. Fohr; Sophia Perennis, Hillsdale, NY, 2003, 2004.

Earth Under Fire, Humanity's Survival of the Ice Age, Paul A. LaViolette, PhD.; Bear & Company, Rochester, Vermont, 1997, 2005.

by V. Susan Ferguson
October 20, 2015
from WakingTimes Website

15 August 2015

Triumph over the empire

by Jon Rappoport
August 14, 2015 

Everything I've been doing as a reporter for the past 32 years fits into a larger context: 

We live in an empire whose leading edge is "the creation of reality." 

I can't stress this too much. 

Through various means, especially the dissemination of information, elites and secret societies build structures of reality for the rest of us. 

Much of their power depends on that primary strategy because, of course, they can stand outside their own creation and monitor it, adjust it, and, when called for, add to it. 

So, as a reporter, I've made it my job to expose these constructed realities. And with evidence, demonstrate why they are false, arbitrary, and coercive. 

If there is an underlying theme to my articles, it is: "Everyone knows Reality X is true, correct, and absolutely necessary. Now, here is exactly why Reality X is false, absurd, and harmful." 

This strategy not only extends to political, economic, medical, military, and intelligence realities; it also applies to what we have been falsely taught about the nature of space, time, energy, the mind, and the universe. 

Ultimately, the whole purpose of building structures of reality for us is: to keep us hemmed in, and more importantly, to convince us that our individual power is drastically limited. 

When all is said and done, we are talking about our creative power. That is the target of the controllers and the illusion-makers. Their whole thrust is to induce amnesia in us about that power. 

Exiting The Matrix has everything to do with our regaining that power, which we have buried, given away, forgotten. 

Hence, my collection: Exit From The Matrix

It's at the core of everything I've been doing, pursuing, researching, and writing about for the past several decades. 

It's ultimately why I've been sitting down at my computer and writing every day since I started in 2001. 

Early Tibet, and to a far lesser degree, India were places where what people now call manifestation was once understood. Teachers developed exercises designed to give students the ability to "add extra dimensions" to this four-dimensional continuum. 

In Tibet, for a period of time, imagination was stripped of metaphysical baggage and ceremony, and revealed for what it was: the inherent faculty that invented new realities. 

That discovery was pursued with passion. It was made into both a philosophy and a practice. 

The space, time, and energy of the universe were looked upon as components of a work of art; one work of art out of a possible infinity of such works. 

Many years ago, I met several Tibetans who were in America. In conversation with them, through a translator, I confirmed that they had put their ancient practice on hold. They considered it a far-off dream. 

This needed to change. Thirty-five years later, I finished my collection, Exit From The Matrix, a modern version of what Tibetan students had once practiced.
From what is in this collection, from the huge amount of material, I think you'll see I've made no short cuts. In fact, I've done everything possible to go the extra mile. 

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What has been called The Matrix is a series of layers. These layers compose what we call Reality. Reality is not merely the consensus people accept in their daily lives. It is also a personal and individual conception of limits. It is a perception that these limits are somehow built into existence. But this is not true. 

What I've done here is remove the lid on those perceived limits. This isn't simply an intellectual undertaking. It's a way to open up space and step on to a new road. 

That road travels to more and more creative power. 

Our problems, at the core, exist because we have "misplaced an infinity." 

Everything I've done and written in the past 32 years has been aimed, one way or another, at bringing back that infinity, seeing through the layers of disguise, and moving ahead on the sunlit road we all desire. 

We have, each one of us, an infinite life, lived in a world that is convinced it is bounded. 

It's time we dissolved that false contradiction. 

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Jon Rappoport 

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

10 July 2015

Magic and depression

by Jon Rappoport
July 8, 2015

“The function of the artist is to provide what life does not.” —Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

“Those people who recognize that imagination is reality’s master we call ‘sages,’ and those who act upon it, we call ‘artists.’” —Tom Robbins, Skinny Legs and All

In the human psyche, from the moment a newborn baby emerges into the light of day, he/she has a desire for magic.

We are told this is an early fetish that fades away as the experience of the world sets in. As maturity evolves. As practical reality is better understood.

In most areas of psychology, sensible adjustment to practical reality is a great prize to be won by the patient. It marks the passage from child to adult. It is hailed as a therapeutic triumph.

In truth, the desire for magic never goes away, and the longer it is buried, the greater the price a person pays.

A vaccine against a disease can mask the visible signs of that disease, but under the surface, the immune system may be carrying on a low-level chronic war against toxic elements of the vaccine. And the effects of the war can manifest in odd forms.

So it is with the inoculation of reality aimed at suppressing magic.

One of the byproducts of the “reality shot” is depression.

The person feels cut off from the very feeling and urge he once considered a hallmark of life. Therefore, chronic sadness. Of course, one explains that sadness in a variety of ways, none of which gets to the heart of the matter.

It is assumed that so-called primitive cultures placed magic front and center simply because “they couldn’t do better.” They didn’t have science, and they couldn’t formulate a “true and rational” religion with a church and monks and collection plate and a European choir and an array of pedophiles.

Historically, the impulse for magic had to be defamed and reduced and discredited. Why? Obviously, because the Westerners who were poking through ancient cultures had already discredited magic in themselves—they had put it on a dusty shelf in a room in a cellar beyond the reach of their own memory. But they couldn’t leave it alone. They had to keep worrying it, scratching it, and so they journeyed thousands of miles to find it somewhere else—and then they scoffed at it and tried to crush it.

And we wonder why, under the banner of organized religion, there has been so much killing. At a deep level, the adherents know they’ve sold their souls and they’re depressed, angry, resentful, remorseful, and they want to assuage and expiate their guilt through violence.

But the urge for magic is forever.

And yet the charade goes on. While paying homage and lip service to ordinary practical reality seasoned with a bit of fairy-tale organized religion, people actually want to change reality, they want to reveal their latent power, they want to create realities that, by conventional standards, are deemed impossible.

They want to find and use their own magic.

In our modern culture, we’re taught that everything is learned as a system. That, you could say, is the underlying assumption of education. It has far-reaching consequences. It leads to the systematizing of the mind. The mind is shaped to accommodate this premise.

“If I want to know something, I have to learn it. Somebody has to teach it to me. They will teach it as a system. I will learn the system. I will elevate the very notion of systems. Everything will be a system.”

In the long run, that gets you a lump of coal in a sock, a spiritual cardboard box to live in.

The intellectual enrolls at Harvard, he studies anthropology for six years, he flies to a jungle in South America, he digs up remnants of a lost culture, he infers they performed arcane ceremonies six times a week, he writes monographs—and he concludes they were a very picturesque society with fascinating customs and totems, and their brand of magic can best be understood as an inevitable consequence of their matriarchal organization, which itself was an accommodation to rainfall levels.

Back home, the anthropologist takes two Paxil and goes off to teach a class on the meaning of ancient eyebrow trimming in Tierra del Fuego.

Systems are wonderful things. They produce results. They take us into technological triumphs. They help us become more rational. But when they are overdone, when the mind itself becomes shaped like a system, it reaches a dead-end. Then the mind works against the unquenchable desire for magic. Then society is organized as a tighter and tighter system and turns into a madhouse.

And then people say, “Maybe machines can actually think and choose and decide. Maybe machines are alive. What would happen if we grafted computers on to our brains? It might be wonderful.”

People move in this direction after their own minds have been shaped, like putty, into systems. They don’t see much difference between themselves and machines.

The desire for magic in every individual is squelched. So the first order of business is the restoration of imagination, from which all magic flows. Imagination is sitting there, always ready, waiting.

Imagination is saying, “The mind has been shaped into a system? I can undo that. I can liberate the mind and make it into an adventurous vessel. I can provide untold amounts of new energy.”

Life is waiting for imagination to revolutionize it down to its core.

Since imagination is a wild card that technocrats can’t absorb in their systems, they pretend it a faculty produced by the action of atoms in the brain. They pretend it is a delusion that can be explained by demonstrating, for example, that a machine can turn out paintings. Or poems.

“You see? We don’t need humans to make art. Computers can do just as well. Imagination isn’t mysterious at all.”

Technocracy and transhumanism flow from the concept that the human being is just another machine. And any machine can be made to operate more efficiently.

Meanwhile, imagination waits. It never vanishes. It stands by, just in case an individual decides to live a life that overflows with creative power.

If my work in this area has any organized precedent, it is ancient Tibet where, 1500 years ago, before the priests took over with their interminable spiritual baggage of ritual, practitioners engaged in exercises that engaged imagination to the hilt.

The entire goal was revealing that the Universe was ultimately a product of mind.

This was not about ultimate worship. This was not about some deep substrate in the Universe that one could plug into, to guide his actions and thought. It was about liberating the individual from all systems. It was about endless creation.

The first teachers of this Way came from India, where they had been pushed out of the academies of orthodox religious instruction. They were rebels. They had offloaded the metaphysical labyrinths of control. They were, in a sense, artists. Artists of reality.

They were brilliant riverboat gamblers, and in Tibet, for a time, they found a home.

They found students who, as now, were tired of the preaching designed to make humans into sophisticated mind-machines.

These people wanted more. They wanted to awaken their own imaginations and exceed the illusory boundaries of space and time.

They wanted magic.

Despite every cynical ploy, that desire is still alive.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

10 April 2015

Black Holes and the Journey of the Soul

Bibhu Dev Misra,
Waking Times

The annals of world mythology contain a number of references to the Milky Way galaxy. A few accounts try to explain how the Milky Way came to appear as a faint band of milky-white glow arching across the night sky, while some others are more mysterious. They talk of the presence of a “Spirit Trail” or a “Road of Souls” in our galaxy, along which the souls of dead people travel to a mystical underworld. Many ancient cultures subscribed to such beliefs, but the true meanings and origins of these cosmic tales remain a mystery.
The Spirit Trail to the Otherworld

In the book Star Gods of the Maya: Astronomy in Art, Folklore, and Calendars, Susan Milbrath of the University of Florida has mentioned a number of indigenous Maya tribes in whose folklore associations to the Milky Way galaxy have been detected.1 For instance, the Lacandon Maya say that the Milky Way is the “White Way of our true lord”, Hachakyum, who is the lord of heaven where the Lacandon go when they die. The Yucatec Maya call the Milky Way “White Road” (Sak Be), the same name given to ancient roads. The Chorti refer to the Milky Way as the “Road of Santiago”, their god of thunder and lightning – an association which is also present amongst the people of Peru in Southern America. The overarching idea seems to be that the Milky Way is the White Road traversed by the gods.

Another related belief was that the Milky Way was the pathway traveled by the spirits of the dead, with its countless stars representing the souls of the dead. In Peru, as well as in the Polynesian islands, the Milky Way is called the “Road of Souls”2. Amongst the American Indian tribes, the Milky Way is known by various names: the “Spirit Trail”, the “Pathway of Dead Warriors”3 or the “Path to the otherworld”. According to the Apache Indians of Southwestern America, the souls of the dead travel along this “Spirit Trail” for four days, before they reach a place of peace and plenty where there is no disease or death.4 The Lakota Indians, who live in the Great Plains of North America, believe that the spirit, on its journey to the otherworld, must pass by an old woman who inspects their spirit bodies for the proper markings. Only if they possess the correct markings, are they allowed into the peace and plenty of the otherworld, the land of many lodges, where all one’s ancestors pitched their tipis and buffalo roamed in unending abundance.5 The Pueblo Indians of Southwestern America share the belief that the deceased returns to the underworld through an entrance. Underworld is not only the place from which the race emerged and the place to which its individuals return, but it is as well the storehouse of all life-giving crops which are in season drawn up to nourish the living.6

So, there was a widespread belief across the Americas that a road or a pathway exists in our galaxy which is traversed by the gods and by the souls of the dead. This “Spirit Trail” or the “Road of Souls” leads from our galaxy to a mystical underworld of unknown location, where the ancestors live in perpetual peace and happiness. Are these ancient folklores telling us of an unknown cosmic pathway leading from the Milky Way galaxy to an alternate realm of existence? Is this alternate realm a different galaxy, or is it a star system within our own galaxy? Could it be that these age-old myths are not mere figments of imagination, but encode an advanced knowledge of our galaxy?

The Quiche Maya of the highlands of Guatemala actually have a very specific location for this pathway to the otherworld, which indicates that there is a physical reality underlying these intriguing beliefs. They point to the region of the Galactic Center as being the location of Xibalba Be – the dark road that leads to the underworld. For someone living in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be difficult to identify the Galactic Center with the naked eye, since the Milky Way appears as an extremely faint band of milky-white glow arching across the night sky. The Galactic Center lies low in the southern sky during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, and is hard to locate precisely. However, in the Southern Hemisphere, the skies are very dark, and the light pollution is much lower. On a moonless night, away from the city lights, the Milky Way comes into prominent view. Even a small binocular can resolve this band of light into thousands of stars.

During the winter months in the Southern Hemisphere, the Galactic Center is almost overhead, and the bright band of light sweeps across prominently from the northeastern horizon (NE) to the southwestern horizon (SW). The Galactic Center is located at the center of a dense bulge of stars (the central bulge), and its exact position lies in the direction of theSagittarius constellation. It is here that the Quiche Mayans believe, is present, a “sky cleft” or a “hole in the sky”, from where a dark road leads to the underworld.

Fig 1: This image of the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere shows the Milky Way band, along with the constellations. The Galactic Center is identified by the Sagittarius constellation. Source: NASA APOD 2009 May 9.

This sky cleft was the center of the Mayan cosmos, located at the intersection of four cosmic roads.7 According to Roberta and Peter Markmann, “it is through this hole that the gods descend to earth and the dead to the subterranean regions; it is through the same hole that the soul of the shaman in ecstasy can fly up or down in the course of his celestial or infernal journeys.”8 The entrance to the underworld was also depicted in certain Classic Period Maya art as the “mouth of a water monster”; while in certain Late Postclassic Central Mexican art, the entrance is represented as a cave. Both deities and human ancestors are born out of this cave, and after death they enter into this cave and descend to the underworld.

The sky-cleft was therefore, a portal of communication with the mystical world of the spirits, through which it was possible for both deities as well as the souls of the dead to journey to the underworld. And as per the Quiche Maya, this sky-cleft was present near the Galactic Center, in the direction of the Sagittarius constellation. Is it a mere coincidence that astronomers have recently discovered that a supermassive black hole is present at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, in exactly the same region where the Mayans believe is present a hole in the sky that leads to the underworld?
Journey through a Black Hole

In the year 1998, scientists confirmed that an enormous black hole, which appears as a very strong, radio-source in our radio telescopes, is present in a tiny region of space termed as Sgr A* (pronounced Sagittarius A star) near the center of our galaxy, in the direction of the Sagittarius constellation. Further studies since then have shown that this black hole is nearly 4.3 million times the mass of the sun, and is squeezed into a tiny space, which is only ten times bigger than the sun and is slightly less than the orbital distance of Mercury from the Sun (i.e. 46 million kilometers).

A black hole is believed to be formed when a large star expends all its fuel and collapses under its own gravitation force into a singularity i.e. an infinitesimally small space. The black hole, however, still retains its original mass, and thereby attracts nearby objects. Its gravitational pull is so intense that nothing, not even light, can escape from it once it falls within the boundary of the black hole called the event horizon. Since a black hole does not emit any light, it is very difficult to see it, especially if it floats alone in space. However, if a black hole passes through a cloud of interstellar matter, it can accrete matter into itself by its gravitational attraction. Thus, a black hole will be surrounded by superheated rings of hot gas, dust and stars which rotate around it at extremely high speeds, spiraling towards the event horizon. This ring of gas, dust and stars around a black hole is called the accretion disk, which contains the event horizon at its center. The accretion disk is a prolific source of radiation at all frequencies – from radio waves to visible light to X-ray light.

Fig 2: A supermassive black hole at the core of a galaxy blasting out radiation and ultra-fast winds. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The presence of a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy raises important questions about the cosmic knowledge of our ancestors. Were the Mayans were aware of the existence of this black hole, thousands of years before it was discovered by modern scientists? Their usage of the term “mouth of a water monster” to refer to this sky-cleft is very pertinent. A black hole does appear like a cosmic mouth which violently consumes anything in its vicinity. Some of the material swirling into the black hole does not fall in but rather is spit out at incredibly fast speeds, close to the speed of light. Scientists sometimes compare this to a messy eater who is trying to eat too much food at once and has food falling from his mouth.9

An interesting aspect of a black hole was hypothesized way back in 1940 by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen. Einstein and Rosen had put forward a theory that there may be a bridge or a passage which connects a black hole to a white hole, existing in different parts of the universe. A white hole is just the reverse of a black hole. Just as a black hole swallows things irretrievably, so a white hole spits them out. This bridge connecting a black hole – white hole pair came to be known as the Einstein – Rosen Bridge and was subsequently simply referred to as a wormhole. Scientists have speculated that a spaceship may be able to enter a black hole, travel through a wormhole, and emerge through a white hole in another part of the universe, travelling faster than the speed of light. Stephen Hawking once quipped: “Wormholes, if they exist, would be ideal for rapid space travel. You might go through a wormhole to the other side of the galaxy and be back in time for dinner”.10

In the Einstein-Rosen theory, however, the idea of objects larger than electrons being able to pass through a wormhole was not considered, since the tremendous gravitational pressure existing inside a black hole is likely to disintegrate everything into the most fundamental particles. The atoms will get ripped apart, and even the nuclei would get stretched and elongated. However, if the black hole is spinning, its opening may remain stable, and it may be possible for an object to enter a black hole. This theory was proposed in 1962, by the New Zealand mathematician Roy Kerr. Accordingly, rotating black holes with stable gateways are known as Kerr black holes. It has now been found that all the black holes discovered till date are rotating very rapidly, some as fast as a million miles per hour. Kerr black holes, therefore, may be the most realistic and abundant form of black holes in the universe! There are doubts, still, regarding how stable the black hole entrance is, and how safe it may be to travel through the wormhole. Physicists argue that the very presence of an object, even light, will destabilize the wormhole, and it will collapse and evaporate before anything passes through it. 11 In order to send something through a wormhole, there would need to be some kind of scaffolding made from “exotic matter” to hold the wormhole open.
Fig 3: This diagram shows a wormhole connecting a black hole and a white hole. Source:

Recently, astrophysicists from the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy, have claimed that it is mathematically possible for a wormhole to exist in the middle of the Milky Way galaxy. Professor Paulo Salucci said that, “we could even travel through this tunnel, since, based on our calculations, it could be navigable.” Other spiral galaxies like the Milky Way may also contain wormholes at their cores. In their paper, the scientists wrote:

“Our result is very important because it confirms the possible existence of wormholes in most of the spiral galaxies…Dark matter may supply the fuel for constructing and sustaining a wormhole. Hence, wormholes could be found in nature and our study may encourage scientists to seek observational evidence for wormholes in the galactic halo region.”12

It is interesting that current scientific thought regarding black holes and wormhole travel is very similar to the Mayan cosmic conception that a dark road leads from the sky-cleft at the Galactic Center to a mystical underworld. There is a definite correlation here, which simply cannot be ignored. Although the possibility of travel through a black hole is still subject to debate, we should remember that as per the ancient traditions of the Americas, it is not a spaceship which journeys through this hole in the sky. Rather, it is the soul of a dead person which takes this route to the underworld. The soul being an entity not yet understood by modern science, its effect on the stability of the black hole gateway cannot be ascertained as yet.

There is a very real possibility, therefore, that the native cultures of the Americas knew that the core of our galaxy contains a black hole through which the souls of the dead were transported to a different dimension. The ancient Indians possessed a similar kind of understanding as well. In a few passages of the Indian spiritual poem, the Bhagavad Gita, one can find vivid descriptions of what could be a black hole sucking in the souls of dead warriors.
The Flaming Mouths of Krishna

The Bhagavad Gita was recited by Lord Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna, just before the commencement of the epic battle of the Mahabharata. Arjuna, inspite of being a formidable warrior, had become reluctant to take part in this battle against his old friends and relatives for defending the rightful claim of his elder brother to the kingdom of the Kurus. In order to rouse his spirits and dispel his confusion, Krishna then launched into an extensive sermon of the subject of duty and dharma, laying particular stress on the principles of selfless action and non-attachment to results. At a certain point during this philosophical and spiritual discourse, Krishna, who has been uniformly regarded in the Indian tradition as a mortal incarnation of the Creator Vishnu, displays his “universal form” to Arjuna. Since this form cannot be seen with the naked eyes, Krishna grants the necessary “divine eyes” to Arjuna to view his cosmic form.

What these divine eyes represent in reality is subject to interpretation. In the Eastern traditions there is a widespread concept of an invisible third eye being located in the middle of the forehead, between the two eyes. The third eye is regarded as the gateway to the mystical realms and to higher states of consciousness. It is believed that the activation of the third eye produces visions, extrasensory perceptions, and mental images having deep psychological or spiritual significance for the viewer. Traditionally, the activation of the third eye was achieved through yogic exercises and meditative practices. However, in many shamanic cultures of Asia, Africa and America, an altered state of consciousness was produced temporarily by consuming a psychoactive substance such as psylocybin, peyote, amanita muscaria etc. The Amazonian shamans still drink a jungle brew called ayahuasca, meaning “the Vine of the Soul”. Ayahuasca has been the subject of much research over the past few decades, and many anthropologists and enthusiasts who have partaken of this visionary plant, have been overwhelmed by its effects. Ayahuasca transports the mind to a fantastic world of breathtaking visual tapestries, populated by colorful serpents, fearsome jaguars, and anthromorphic beings. At the same time, the brew induces feelings of love, empathy, and oneness with the universe. Some of the accounts of the ayahuasca experiences of the early explorers are very intriguing. Anthropologist Geraldo Reichel-Dolmatoff said that, to drink yage (ayahuasca), is to return to the cosmic uterus and be reborn.13 Poet Allen Ginsberg wrote in the The Yage Letters that, “the only image I can come up with is of a big black hole of God-Nose through which I peered into a mystery — and the black hole surrounded by all creation — particularly colored snakes — all real.”14 Is it possible that ayahuasca and other psychoactive substances may, somehow, be transporting the mind through the black hole at the Galactic Center Center to the mystical underworld – the same place where our ancestors believed the soul journeys after death?

We may presume that the divine eyes granted by Krishna was an activation of Arjuna’s third eye by some means. This led to a series of extraordinary visions for Arjuna. At one point, he describes seeing the “blazing, flaming, all-consuming mouths of Krishna”, into which the souls of the dead warriors in the battlefield rushed in, like moths rushing towards a flame. Here are some of the relevant passages from the text15:

I see You with infinite power, without beginning, middle, or end; with many arms, with the sun and the moon as Your eyes, with Your mouth as a blazing fire scorching the entire universe with Your radiance. (11.19)

I lose my sense of direction and find no comfort after seeing Your mouths with fearful tusks glowing like the fires of cosmic dissolution. Have mercy on me! O Lord of celestial rulers, and refuge of the universe. (11.25)

All my cousin brothers, along with the hosts of other kings and warriors of the other side, together with chief warriors on our side, are also quickly entering into Your fearful mouths with terrible tusks. Some are seen caught in between the tusks with their heads crushed. (11.26-27)

All these people are rapidly rushing into Your mouths for destruction as moths rush with great speed into the blazing flame for destruction. (11.29)

Since the vision seen by Arjuna was the universal form of Krishna, it is possible that the blazing, cosmic mouths of Krishna that he sees in the vision are nothing but black holes. Just as a black hole sucks in everything due to its intense gravitational attraction, Arjuna saw all the dead warriors of the battle entering into Krishna’s flaming mouths like moths rushing towards a fire for destruction. A black hole can be extraordinarily luminescent, since it is typically surrounded by a superheated accretion disk which radiates intense light at all frequencies. This could be why Arjuna says that the cosmic mouths of Krishna appear to him as a “blazing fire, scorching the entire universe”.

Another noteworthy aspect of these visions is that Arjuna frequently refers to Krishna’s mouths in the plural, thereby indicating the presence of many such blazing, cosmic mouths. This agrees with what we know about our universe today. Scientists believe that a supermassive black hole exists at the core of every galaxy in the universe.

There is an interesting section in the text which states that as the warriors of the mortal world enter into the flaming mouths of Krishna, “some are seen caught in between the tusks with their heads crushed”. This is exactly the kind of effect that a black hole would have on any star that it happens to gobble up. The black hole would stretch the star due to its intense gravitational force, and practically rip it apart, such that one part of the star would go crashing inside the unknown depths of the black hole, while the other part would be emitted as matter and high-power X-ray radiation. These brilliant, white, jets of gas and X-ray light emitted by a black hole appears to have been described in the text as the fearful tusks guarding the cosmic mouths of Krishna.

So, there are a number of clear parallels between Arjuna’s vision of the cosmic mouths of Krishna and our current knowledge of a black hole. There is no other cosmic entity in our universe, apart from a black hole, which can be described as a “blazing, cosmic mouth, guarded by fearful tusks, which sucks in dead warriors and crushes their heads”. It appears that the sage Veda Vyasa was not indulging in mere flights of fancy by incorporating these extraordinary descriptions within the text of the Bhagavad Gita. Instead, he was imparting to us a highly advanced knowledge of the universe.
The Field of Hetep

The knowledge of the black hole in the Milky Way, and the role played by it in transporting the souls of the dead to an alternate realm, seems to have been known to many ancient cultures. In ancient Greece, people believed that a cave on the earth was the gateway to Hades, the Greek underworld (an idea that is also found in Late Postclassic Mexican art where the entrance to the underworld is represented as a cave). One of the caves was believed to be not only larger than the rest, but pierces right through from one side to the other. Homer probably refers to this cavity when he says, “far, far away, where lies earth’s deepest chasm”.16 Recently, in 2013, a group of Italian archaeologists discovered that a cave in the ancient city of Hierapolis (now Pamukkale) in southwestern Turkey was once the site of extensive rituals where priests would sacrifice bulls to the god of the underworld, Hades (known as Plutoto the Romans). Ordinary people could watch these sacred rites from a distance, but only the priest stood in front of the portal.17

According to the Greek legends, the underworld was the location of the Elysian Fields, the resting place of the virtuous. It was a land of perpetual spring and shady groves, lit by its own stars. Pindar names Kronos as the Lord of the underworld, and the clean and the pure are taken to his palace where, soothing breezes off the ocean flow over the “Isle of the Blessed”, and all around flowers are blazing with a dazzling light, some springing from the shining trees and others nourished by the water from the sea.

A similar belief was prevalent in ancient Egypt where the underworld, which was presided over by Osiris, was often referred to as the “Field of Hetep” (Hetep meaning “peace” or “offerings”), where the deceased may continue to serve Osiris, the “god of those who are there”. This was the “Land of Osiris” and was the nearest thing to an Egyptian Elysian Fields.Coffin Text spells and the Book of the Dead describe the Field of Hetep as a well-watered place, irrigated by channels, with abundant grain and all kinds of fruit trees, where the dead could indulge any desire, doing what they had enjoyed on earth.18 Cosmologically, the underworld was thought of as situated beneath the earth or below the western horizon. In early times, Osiris, the Lord of the underworld, was often worshipped in a subterranean chamber, constructed below a mound or tumuli, which was reached by a winding descending passage.19 Interestingly, one of the terms associated with the otherworld was Rosetau, which literally means “passage of dragging”. It initially referred to the sloping entranceway of a tomb, although it was later extended to the entire necropolis. The term suggests that the soul of the deceased was dragged through a descending passage to the underworld.

Fig 4: The Field of Hetep depicted in the Papyrus of Ani. It shows Ani interacting with the gods, and performing activities similar to those on earth such as sailing, ploughing, reaping etc. Source:

Therefore, the essential concept of the afterlife was similar across diverse cultures: the entrance of the soul into a cave, it’s the descent along a dark passage, and the arrival at a paradise-like land of the ancestors. In the context of our modern scientific understanding of the cosmos, it means that after death, the soul is transported through the black hole at the Galactic Center to different realm of existence. Needless to say, this would be quite a cosmic voyage! To journey 26,000 light years across the Milky Way to the Galactic Center, to enter a blazing, ferocious, black hole, and then to finally arrive at a Blessed Land – this would be a journey which would undoubtedly require much courage and fortitude. Our ancestors were aware of this long and hazardous journey that the soul has to undertake after leaving the material body, which is why they instituted so many elaborate rituals and customs, (generally known as Transition Rituals), to ensure the safe passage of the soul to the underworld. Every religion has its own set of complicated rituals, but perhaps the most elaborate of these were those practiced by the ancient Egyptians.

In ancient Egypt, the soul was known as the ba, which gave each person his own individual personality. Upon a person’s death, the ba had to embark on a perilous journey, overcoming various trials, before it could be reunited with its ka i.e. the “life force” or “vital force” which animates the ba. The union of the ba and the ka in the afterlife resulted in the formation of the akh, which is the most complete form of existence to which every Egyptian aspired. The Egyptians believed that the dead body had to be mummified and preserved in a pristine condition, so that the ba could successfully unify with the ka in the afterlife. The journey to the afterlife was considered as no mean feat – all manners of demons and other hazardous obstacles had to be overcome. The funerary texts provided elaborate maps of the heavens, including the Field of Hetep and the Mansion of Osiris, along with the directions for the routes to be taken. They also contained spells and recitations to be uttered at the appropriate time. The deceased was equipped protective amulets, which were placed in the bandages surrounding the corpse. Many personal goods and objects of daily life such as pots, tools, and weapons were also placed within the tomb, since they may be required by the soul during its journey, and possibly in the afterlife.20 Ultimately, after a long voyage, the soul arrived at the Hall of Judgement where Osiris sat on his throne.

Many such elaborate and complex traditions were followed by the people of the ancient times, and some are still practiced in different parts of the world even today. The time, expenses and effort that our ancestors expended for honoring the dead and for ensuring conformity to these rituals, was truly extraordinary. Needless to say, they were extremely concerned about the safe passage of the soul to the underworld, and they tried to ensure that the soul received all the help that it could get for undertaking this cosmic journey.

How the people of the ancient times became aware of the existence of the black hole at the Galactic Center, or of a wormhole connecting this black hole to a different realm of existence, is a mystery. Did they figure this out through their cosmic voyages undertaken in deep states of meditation or in altered states of consciousness? Or could there be any merit in the stories of extraterrestrial contacts, which is mentioned in countless legends from around the world? Whatever be the method, the correlations between these ancient beliefs and our modern scientific understanding of the cosmos are quite remarkable. Of course, there is much we do not understand. It is not clear, for instance, how the soul undertakes the immense across the galaxy to the black hole, or where the wormhole which originates from the black hole leads. But, our ancestors have left behind a plethora of cryptic symbols and mysterious legends, whose real meanings still remain undeciphered. Perhaps the answers to the questions confronting us lie encoded in this legacy of intriguing artifacts and doctrines? As we probe the furthest reaches of the universe with our telescopes and satellites, it may be the right time to take a fresh look at the cosmic wisdom of the ancients.

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