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30 September 2010

The Triumph of Evil

by Prof. John Kozy
from GlobalResearch Website
Modern societies have justified their adoption of criminal activities by claiming that such techniques are necessary to combat evil. But the war against evil by the good cannot be won using evil tactics.
Evil never yields goodness, and by using these evil practices, the amount of evil in the world increases both in amount and extent.
Attempting to save the nation by becoming what you are trying to save the nation from is suicidal. Unless benign techniques such as those developed by primitive societies are put to use, evil will prevail.
Then, paraphrasing J. Robert Oppenheimer's comment after the first atomic bomb was successfully tested, We will have become evil, the destroyer of goodness.
Some decades ago, while having dinner with a newly elected Attorney General of the State of North Carolina and the Chief Justice of that state's Supreme Court, the jurist told me that everyone involved in the legal system and enforcement had to think like criminals to catch them.
He believed the statement to be straight forward and evident until I pointed out that the line between thinking like a criminal and acting like one is very fine and is easily and frequently crossed, which results in increasing the amount of evil in society rather than reducing it.
Few apparently notice this consequence and the criminal-like behavior of those charged with enforcing and adjudicating the law has increased so substantially that it has become common practice.

Cosmic Deception: The Hoaxed Alien Invasion Scenario

'The fake alien invasion operation has been mentioned by numerous NWO writers over the years. I first read of it in Bill Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse. Don Croft mentioned in a few of his Adventures Episodes that the not-so-secret inner government had obtained large spacecraft from the B-Sirians for the purpose of staging the phony alien invasion scene.
Red Elk cautioned against the idea of allowing yourself to be beamed up into alien spacecraft when things get rough. I'm afraid that a lot of people will think that this is the Rapture. In fact, the incessant preaching about the coming Rapture may have been a set up to prepare them for this. I don't know for certain, but according to Red Elk, it's not going to be exactly heaven where those people wind up.

Bear in mind the larger game: the inner government had made a secret deal with negative alien groups in 1947 which was formalized in a written treaty in 1954 under Eisenhower. The agenda has grown more negative and destructive as the years rolled on. The Illuminati wants to reduce the world's population down to 400-500 million. The negative aliens, on the other hand, want to take over this planet completely and use it as a stargate jump off point into other dimensions to extend their empire.'

29 September 2010

To die is to know what love is

We do need certain physical comforts, food and shelter; but to make psychological demands on life means that you are begging, that you are afraid. It requires an intense energy to stand alone. To understand this is not a matter of thinking about it. There is understanding only when there is no choice, no judgment, but merely observation. To die each day means not to carry over from yesterday all your ambitions, grievances, your memories of fulfilment, your grudges, your hatred. Most of us wither away, but that is not dying. To die is to know what love is. Love has no continuity, no tomorrow. The picture of a person on the wall, the image, in your mind - that is not love, it is merely memory. As love is the unknown, so death is the unknown. And to enter the unknown, which is death and love, one must first die to the known. Then only is the mind fresh, young and innocent; and in that there is no death. 
(Paris 7th Public Talk 19th September 1961 , Collected Works Volume XII)

Scientist accused of playing God after creating artificial life by making designer microbe from scratch - but could it wipe out humanity?

Scientists today lined up to air their fears over a genome pioneer's claims that he has created artificial life in the laboratory.
In a world first, which has alarmed many, maverick biologist and billionaire entrepreneur Craig Venter, built a synthetic cell from scratch.
The creation of the new life form, which has been nicknamed 'Synthia', paves the way for customised bugs that could revolutionise healthcare and fuel production, according to its maker.
But there are fears that the research, detailed in the journal Science, could be abused to create the ultimate biological weapon, or that one mistake in a lab could lead to millions being wiped out by a plague, in scenes reminiscent of the Will Smith film I Am Legend.
Read more: 

24 September 2010

Love and Commitment: From Ego to Essence

Consider the commitments of your ego and your Essence. The ego doesn’t want to commit to anything – a place, a relationship, a career – because it believes that something better may be possible. And it’s willing to forgo what's present for the possibility of something better that isn’t present. Essence, on the other hand, is committed to whatever is. It doesn’t commit into the future because all that exists is the present.

This is the essential difference between the ego and Essence: The ego dreams of something better in the midst of whatever is, while Essence simply enjoys and commits attention and love to whatever is. In fact, committing attention to anything that is present results in enjoyment. This is why the ego enjoys so little – it commits attention to what isn’t present and to what it doesn’t have, and suffers over that, rather than committing attention to whatever is. It loves its fantasies, dreams, and desires more than it loves reality.
To love, we have to fall in love with reality – with what’s true right now, not with what might be true in the future or with what we want to be true in the future. Love happens in the now (like everything, really). That’s why the ego doesn’t know about love – because love is the experience of being in the now, or the present moment. As soon as the ego experiences the now, it runs from it.

Commitment takes a willingness to fall in love with reality – with the real partner who is in front of you – rather than seek something else, either actually or through fantasy. What you commit to is what’s here right now. Who knows what will be here next? All you ever really have is what’s here right now, so it makes sense to commit to that, in other words, to give your full attention – your love – to that.
Those who have difficulty committing to a relationship often have difficulty committing to other things as well. They have an underlying belief that what’s here isn’t good enough, and what’s somewhere else is better. This is the ego’s basic assumption about life: Whatever is happening now isn’t it. It is somewhere else, with it meaning ultimate happiness and contentment.

The ego assumes that because it perceives whatever is happening as not good enough, it is, in fact, not good enough. It then concludes that must mean there’s something else that will be good enough. The ego imagines that one day it will find peace and happiness because life will finally line up correctly. Those who can’t commit are continually waiting for life to line up, to fall into place, and they’re quite sure that future vision doesn’t look like whatever life looks like now.

The funny thing (or not so funny thing) is that life never does line up for anyone, simply because the ego won’t perceive it as ever “lining up.” It has a habit of perceiving life as imperfect, even when it’s quite ideal. In any event, life isn’t meant to be perfect or to fulfill the ego’s dreams and desires. It serves a higher purpose, one that has very little to do with the ego’s fantasies. Life is essentially about learning to love and learning a lot of other things, too. And for this reason, life is likely to look less than perfect to the ego.
Life brings people into our lives for various reasons. Sometimes we have to be willing to stretch ourselves to gain what can be gained from a relationship or tap the love that is possible. Relationships, like life, aren’t meant to be easy, although they can be deeply rewarding.

Commitment makes it possible to tap the potential of a relationship. If you give up on a relationship after the first blush is gone, you may never realize this potential. Sexual union often becomes the glue that keeps people together long enough to begin to experience true love or learn what they need to learn from each other. Nature has a way of bringing about spiritual lessons and spiritual growth. Sexual attraction is one of the ways Essence brings people together and keeps them together long enough to benefit from each other and grow.

The ego doesn’t appreciate growth, and it’s not in relationship for that, or for love really. Its unwillingness to commit and to grow often prevents a relationship that could be a very good one from becoming that. It is forever chasing after the perfect “10,” which doesn’t exist. But it’s difficult to convince the ego of that. It believes in its fantasies. To the ego, it’s only a matter of time before “the one” shows up. Hope springs eternal.

Essence experiences “the one” in whomever is showing up, and that’s the difference between Essence and the ego. It’s possible to love whoever shows up in your life. In fact, it’s very wise to do that if you want to be happy. If you don’t want to be happy, just reject whoever shows up in your life.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be discriminating. Loving and saying yes to those who show up in your life doesn’t mean getting sexually involved with them unless you want to. Essence says yes to them – is open to them – because it is curious. And then it is very wise about getting more involved with them. Essence commits itself to someone only when love is flowing in both directions and the relationship is rewarding on many levels. The ego, on the other hand, may commit out of sexual attraction or because some other need is met through that relationship, which is not a good basis for commitment.

Commitment only makes sense when there is love. But the ego isn’t capable of love. It forms relationships based on needs, and that’s when commitment falters. As soon as someone’s needs aren’t getting met, then the commitment is questioned. Those who are identified with the ego much of the time have a very difficult time committing, while those who are identified with Essence are able to love and therefore able to commit.
Commitment naturally flows from love and appreciation of another. It’s the natural outcome of love. And this love is often enough to overcome conditioning and other difficulties that might arise in the relationship. Without love, commitment is hollow; it has no basis. Without love, the foundation for the relationship won’t be strong enough to weather conditioning and other difficulties.

Eventually everyone learns to love, but relationships can be pretty volatile when egos are in charge. Even so, because relationships provide the ego with many of the practical things it values – sex, security, affection, companionship, support, and help – people who are in relationships for egoic reasons often end up discovering love. This is how life draws people out of the ego and into Essence.

The above essay is take from Gina Lake's book Choosing Love: How to Find True Love and Keep It Alive. This book has a rare rating of five out of five stars on To read the reviews and order Gina's book, click here. And for an excellent online lesson on transforming relationships, click here.

Genetic Engineering



The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out on Sunday

Once again, for genetics think vibration. The body, including DNA and its ‘reader’ and blueprint protector, RNA, are all vibrational in their prime state and so what the Reptilian ‘geneticists’ were doing – are still doing – in ‘breeding’ a greater ‘genetic’ compatibility in the hybrids was actually creating a greater vibrational or frequency compatibility.
This makes these hybrid bloodlines, what I call the Illuminati bloodlines that manipulate the global political, financial, media, military etc. system, far easier for the Reptilians to ‘possess’ and forge a strong mental, ‘emotional’ and ‘physical’ connection, than with the general population.
The vibrational compatibility is such that the Reptilian entities ‘wear’ these human hybrids as little more than a vehicle to hide within human society without the people having a clue what is going on. It is worth remembering this when you see people like the Bushes, Obama, Kissinger, Blair and leading hybrid families like the Rockefellers, House of Windsor and, especially, the House of Rothschild.
The reason these hybrid families interbreed with each other (and within each other) so obsessively is to continually ‘download’ the hybrid information blueprint which is diluted very quickly once it ‘breeds’ (shares its information) with non-hybrids.
This is the real reason for the pressure on ‘royal’, aristocratic and leading banking, business families, and so on, to marry and procreate for ‘genes’ and not primarily for love or attraction.

23 September 2010

CIA Directs and Funds Terrorism In Pakistan

CIA’s Afghan Kill Teams Expand U.S. War in Pakistan

By Spencer Ackerman
September 21, 2010 "Wired" -- Let there be no doubt that the U.S. is at war in Pakistan. It’s not just the drone strikes. According to insider journalist Bob Woodward’s new book, the CIA manages a large and lethal band of Afghan fighters to infiltrate into Pakistan and attack al-Qaeda’s bases. What could possibly go wrong?

Woodward’s not-yet-available Obama’s Wars, excerpted today in the Washington Post and the New York Times, unveils a CIA initiative called the Counterterrorist Pursuit Teams, a posse of anti-Taliban and al-Qaeda locals who don’t respect the porous Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The teams are practically brigade-sized: a “paramilitary army” of 3000 Afghans, said to be “elite, well-trained” and capable of quietly crossing over in the Pakistani extremist safe havens where U.S. troops aren’t allowed to operate. The CIA directs and funds the teams.

Administration officials didn’t just confirm the existence of the teams — they bragged about them. “This is one of the best Afghan fighting forces and it’s made major contributions to stability and security,” says one U.S. official who would only talk on condition of anonymity — and who wouldn’t elaborate.
The teams are an implicit concession of a paradox at the heart of the Afghanistan war: the enemies upon which the war is predicated, al-Qaeda and its top allies, aren’t in Afghanistan anymore. The drones — flown by both the CIA and the U.S. military — are one answer to their safe havens in Pakistan. (Two more drone strikes hit Pakistani tribal areas on Tuesday, bringing the total this year to at least 71.) Another is to launch the occasional commando raid across the Afghan border or rely on Special Forces, operating under the guise of training the Pakistani military, to engage in some dangerous extracurricular activity. Still another is to outsource “snatch and grab” operations against al-Qaeda to private security firms like Blackwater.
But the Counterterrorist Pursuit Teams follow a more traditional, decades-old CIA pattern. When it’s politically or militarily unfeasible to launch a direct U.S. operation, then it’s time to train, equip and fund some local proxy forces to do it for you. Welcome back to the anti-Soviet Afghanistan Mujahideen of the 1980s, or the Northern Alliance that helped the U.S. push the Taliban out of power in 2001.

But that same history also shows that the U.S. can’t control those proxy forces. Splits within the mujahideen after the Soviet withdrawal (and the end of CIA cash) led to Afghanistan’s civil war in the 1990s, which paved the way for the rise of the Taliban. One of those CIA-sponsored fighters was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, now a key U.S. adversary in Afghanistan. And during the 2001 push to Kabul, a Northern Alliance military commander, Abdul Rashid Dostum, killed hundreds and maybe even thousands of Taliban prisoners. He was on the CIA’s payroll at the time.

Then there are the risks that the Counterterrorist Pursuit Teams pose within Afghanistan. CIA has to recruit those fighters from somewhere. While the agency wouldn’t answer questions about how where its proxy fighters come from, the CIA also pays for a Kandahar-based militia loyal to local powerbroker Ahmed Wali Karzai, the president’s brother. Fearing that the entrenchment of such warlords will ultimately undermine the Afghan government, the U.S. military is trying to limit the influence of such warlords by changing its contracting rules. CIA may be less concerned.

After all, it’s not like the U.S. has many options for Pakistan, where hatred for the U.S. runs high, official ties to extremists are deep and political restrictions on the presence of American combat troops (mostly) prove durable. One of the larger political narratives Woodward’s book apparently presents is President Obama’s inability to either bring the Afghanistan war to a close or find good options for tailoring it to the U.S.’ main enemies in Pakistan. When the CIA comes to the Oval Office with a plan for inflicting damage on the safe havens — no matter how fraught with risk and blowback the plan is — is it any surprise that Obama would approve it?

Global Tax Scam Shifts From Climate Change To Poverty

The elite are determined to rob the American people blind while creating a slush fund for world government by any means possible

'As the science behind global warming becomes increasingly discredited and its proponents are exposed as eugenics-obsessed control freaks who care only about destroying freedom, the effort to make Americans pay a global tax has shifted from the justification of climate change to that of poverty.
As we documented on Sunday, leaders from 60 nations will be meeting at the UN this week to push a tax on world financial transactions, formally launching a massive program to bankrupt the middle class and enrich the coffers of global government.
Separately, the leaders of Spain and France are also now calling for new “financing sources” with which to build the infrastructure of a one world government. Remember, this has nothing to do with poverty. As the leaked Danish text revealed, global institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank have no intention of handing the money looted from American taxpayers to poorer countries, they will merely continue to keep the third world in bondage with crippling loans while withholding the real wealth for themselves.'

21 September 2010

Mao's Great Leap Forward Killed 45 Million in Four Years

'Mao Zedong, founder of the People's Republic of China, qualifies as the greatest mass murderer in world history, an expert who had unprecedented access to official Communist Party archives said yesterday.
Mr Dik├Âtter, who has been studying Chinese rural history from 1958 to 1962, when the nation was facing a famine, compared the systematic torture, brutality, starvation and killing of Chinese peasants to the Second World War in its magnitude. At least 45 million people were worked, starved or beaten to death in China over these four years; the worldwide death toll of the Second World War was 55 million.'

Spiritless Humans

Empty people. Puppet people. Cardboard cutouts. Drones. Organic Portals. Background characters. Why do these terms even exist? Because out of necessity they had to be invented by those who independently noticed the same puzzling phenomenon, one for which there is no official name: some people seem to be missing something very important inside. While they are not necessarily any less intelligent, successful, or physically healthy as anyone else, they nevertheless show no indication of having any higher components to their consciousness.

Over the years I have received emails from readers who came to this same conclusion. They noticed that some people were strangely one dimensional and hollow inside. This observation is not hard to miss, but it is easy to rationalize away, especially with modern society being so heavily brainwashed with the politically correct but unrealistic concept that everyone is completely equal in every way, which ignores functional differences due to environmental, genetic, and most importantly, metaphysical factors.

The idea of empty people first dawned on me in 1999 after having done much research into sociopaths and psychopaths, their condition being medically known as APD or “Antisocial Personality Disorder.” My interest in the subject grew out of having been forced for many years to suffer under someone whom I later learned had all the signs of being a sociopath. Heartless and soulless were descriptive terms, but little did I know just how literally true they were. I had noticed in this person an emptiness behind the eyes and a very shallow conscious essence, which seemed to be at the root of the behaviors I observed.

Eventually I realized that this same root condition was present in some others who were not outwardly sociopathic, but whose lack of heart was masked by a well-adapted social exterior. In other words, what psychiatry would diagnose as APD was only the more extreme, criminal, sloppy manifestation of a condition that otherwise expressed itself more widely in a socially acceptable and less incriminating manner. The latter is what may account for the body of empty people present in the population.
But what exactly is missing in them? The answer is clear if we look at their common behaviors and qualities of consciousness.

20 September 2010

What is death?

What is death? Surely, it is the complete cessation of everything that you have known. If it is not the cessation of everything you have known, it is not death. If you know death already, then you have nothing to be frightened of. But do you know death? That is, can you while living put an end to this everlasting struggle to find in the impermanent something that will continue? Can you know the unknowable, that state which we call death, while living? Can you put aside all the descriptions of what happens after death which you have read in books, or which your unconscious desire for comfort dictates, and taste or experience that state, which must be extraordinary, now? If that state can be experienced now, then living and dying are the same.
(Collected Works, Ojai 6th Public Talk 21st July 1955)

14 September 2010


by Paul Levy
 One of Jung’s greatest discoveries is what he called “the reality of the psyche,” by which he means that the psyche exists in its own right, in its own open-ended sphere of seemingly unlimited influence. The discovery of the living reality of the psyche was a precious gift that the new field of psychology had to offer to the world, and yet, it has mostly gone unappreciated and unrecognized. The discovery of the ‘reality’ of the psyche, what Jung calls the “most important achievement of modern psychology,” is something that most people still don’t even know about. Modern, behaviorist psychology, in Jung’s words, “reduces psychic happenings to a kind of activity of the glands; thoughts are regarded as secretions of the brain, and thus we achieve a psychology without the psyche.” A subject worthy of our most devoted contemplation and veneration, the psyche is the essence of humanity, its greatest instrument, an indefinable creative entity of enormous scope, subtlety and power that eludes all attempts to explain it, including this one. “I am of the opinion,” writes Jung, “that the psyche is the most tremendous fact of human life.” The psyche is the underlying matrix, the infinite emptiness that is over-flowingly full, the maternal womb out of which world events are born…
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A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul Levy is a healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. Paul is also a visionary artist and a spiritually-informed political activist. He is the author of The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis, (click here to read the first chapter). Feel free to pass this article along to a friend if you feel so inspired. Please visit Paul’s website You can contact Paul at; he looks forward to your reflections. Though he reads every email, he regrets that he is not able to personally respond to all of them. © Copyright 2010.

12 September 2010

China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates 
Kongka La has beautiful rocks and granites. For some strange reasons neither the Chinese nor the Indian authorities ever excavate, dig or mine in this area. The area is pristine and untouched.

Recently, both India and China have moved forward to solve all border disputes and start the Sino-Indian relations all over again. The Aksai Chin area is still disputed. But interesting while negotiations both the Governments are indifferent on this area. India and China as shown in the accompanying maps have huge border areas along the Himalayas and they are negotiating on all these regions. Though India claims that Aksai Chin is part of India, the common belief in the Government is that it is not a show stopper. On the other hand, Chinese after winning Aksai Chin from India in 1962 war, built a strategic military highway. Now they are using an alternate highway not to bother with the area in Kongka La. 

Recently in the local school, young children of the area entered into a drawing contest. More than half of the drawings had to do with strange objects in the sky and some coming out of the mountains. Many of them even know what and when to look for.

Many UFO researchers believe that there are hidden UFO bases under the ocean and deep under the ground. Kongka La is experiencing some strange phenomenon and suspicious objects coming out of the inaccessible huge mountains (Himalayas) and both the Governments refuse to come out and say what these are. 

The other alternative is that it is an underground strategic Air Force base of some one. Then why will either country allow the base on the official no man’s land in the highly sensitive disputed border area? Why is this region continuously reporting UFO sightings from various kinds of people?

NIBIRU AND NWO AGENDA: What the space agencies are hidding from us?

11 September 2010

Standing Army - The American Empire

The US has encircled the world with a web of military bases that today amount to more than 700, in 40 countries. It's one of the most powerful forces at play in the world, yet one of the less talked-about.
Why do countries like Germany, Italy, Japan still host hundreds of US military bases and thousands US soldiers?
What stance has president Obama taken on this subject?
This documentary answers these and other questions both through the words of experts Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal, Chalmers Johnson and through those directly affected by US bases in Italy, Japan and the Indian Ocean.
Standing Army

NWO AGENDA: Who is ruling this planet?

Are you still thinking that the Illuminati are a myth?

Have the Illuminati flagged that the LHC is indeed a stargate, in the movie "Contact"?



PROJECT PEGASUS: Disclosing time-travel-stargate technology in US military






According to some whistleblowers as Al Bielek, Preston Nichols and Andrew D. Basiago, the US military has developed secret projects on time-travel and stargate technologies, for decades and under a very heavy cover up agenda. These claims could be just another conspiracy theories, if these men were not former military black ops. Engineers, expertises in electronics, physics... High IQ men that allege have worked in several projects carried by Navy, whose origins go back 40 years when 3 of the most brilliant minds of mankind were drafted to develop technologies towards the electronic camouflage of vessels, on nazi radars: Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and John Von Neumann, the heads of the "Philadelphia Experiment" aka "Manhattan Project" aka "Rainbow Project" and its extensions, the "Project Montauk" and "Pegasus Project". According to these whistleblowers the military got succeed, but not without thousands of human losses, guinea pigs in sinister tests carried across 50 years. These denounces surely would pass by sci-fi delusions, due the lack of physical evidence, if recently a singular person hadn't confirmed the claims of these men: Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of Dwight Eisenhower, the american president that supposedly had several meetings with extraterrestrial beings in 1954. I gathered some neat material in this five-parts video, that may help you to figure out the whole thing and its implications to mankind.

SPACE-TIME TRAVEL: Sci-fi nonsense or real deal?



10 September 2010

The Dog Centered Life

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Today, while walking my dog, I saw a white-haired lady drive by in a convertible.

A large golden retriever was in the back seat.

It seemed the dog was being chauffeured by the lady!

Then it hit me:

"We all have to serve somebody."

Human beings are ornery creatures.

Instead of serving G-O-D, naturally we would get it backwards.

We serve D-O-G!

Why is this?


God is difficult to understand. People can't agree if He is Christ or Allah. Some think He is an old man. Others think He doesn't exist at all.

We blame Him for everything bad. If He is so powerful, why does He let evil things happen?

With Dog, expectations aren't so high.

Dogs are tangible. You can see them.

Frisky. furry. They're always there. 

Feed me. Walk me. Pat me.

It's easy to serve Dog. He's a mooch!

He's not a vengeful Dog.

Put him off for hours and he's forgiving. When you finally reach for the leash, he's as happy and grateful as ever.

"If I can make just one Dog happy, my life has been worthwhile," I tell my wife (in jest.)


I would have succumbed to Dogolatry but for the fact that I have a working understanding of God.

As my readers know, I equate God with spiritual absolutes: Truth, Justice, Beauty, Goodness, Harmony and Love.

In a word, Bliss.

It's obvious that people were born with a craving for these ideals. They are the principle of our development. We were intended to realize them in this world.

We are God's agents.

But we blame God for our failure. 

We're sidetracked by evil people telling us other things will provide Bliss: Romantic love. Sex. Money. Power. Fame.

They never do.

So we end up serving Dogs.

Dogs never disappoint. They're not nearly as demanding.

09 September 2010


You have your beliefs, and another has his; you hold to your particular form of religion and another to his; you are a Christian, another is a Mahomedan, and yet another a Hindu. You have these religious dissensions and distinctions, but yet you talk of brotherly love, tolerance and unity - not that there must be uniformity of thought and ideas. The tolerance of which you speak is merely a clever invention of the mind; this tolerance merely indicates the desire to cling to your own idiosyncrasies, your own limited ideas and prejudices, and allow another to pursue his own. In this tolerance there is no intelligent diversity, but only a kind of superior indifference. There is utter falsity in this tolerance. You say, "You continue in your own way, and I shall continue in mine; but let us be tolerant, brotherly." When there is true brotherliness, friendliness, when there is love in your heart, then you will not talk of tolerance. Only when you feel superior in your certainty, in your position, in your knowledge, only then do you talk of tolerance. You are tolerant only when there is distinction. With the cessation of distinction, there will be no talk of tolerance. Then you will not talk of brotherhood, for then in your hearts you are brothers. 
(Adyar 1st Public Talk 29th December, 1933)

08 September 2010


For the total development of the human being, solitude as a means of cultivating sensitivity becomes a necessity. One has to know what it is to be alone, what it is to meditate, what it is to die; and the implications of solitude, of meditation, of death, can be known only by seeking them out. These implications cannot be taught, they must be learnt. One can indicate, but learning by what is indicated is not the experiencing of solitude or meditation. To experience what is solitude and what is meditation, one must be in a state of inquiry; only a mind that is in a state of inquiry is capable of learning. But when inquiry is suppressed by previous knowledge, or by the authority and experience of another, then learning becomes mere imitation, and imitation causes a human being to repeat what is learnt without experiencing it.
(Life Ahead Page 14)

07 September 2010


Reza Kahlili, who reportedly has an Israeli accent, has written: "A Time to Betray: The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran."
The book contains obvious CIA propaganda lies, but it does lead one to consider the possibility that Iran's Revolutionary Guards, and other top Iranian institutions, have indeed been infiltrated.
Manucher Ghorbanifar is an Iranian.
Reportedly he works for Mossad. (Manucher Ghorbanifar)
In 1984 it was Michael Ledeen, a Jew, who reportedly proposed illegally selling arms to Iran using the services of Manucher Ghorbanifar.
Former Iranian prime minister Mir Hossein Mousavi is good pals with Manucher Ghorbanifar (Iran election wrap)
 Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's family's original surname, Sabourjian, is a Jewish name.
And what of Rafsanjani?
"It has been said that the ubiquitous Rafsanjani family and also Ayatollah Vaez-Tabasi ... are deeply involved in the drug trade..." (Opium, Brown Sugar & Mullahs in Iran « Plateau of Iran )
In 1980, Reza Passendideh, a nephew of Khomeini, attended a meeting with a leading Republican in Madrid.
In 1980, it appears that Iran was part of the October Surprise plot to help Reagan beat Carter in the presidential election.
After Reagan's election, the US rewarded Iran by supplying it with weapons via Israel. (October surprise a)
However, according to the Los Angeles Times, 8 August 2010, the US and EU are failing to isolate Iran
China, Russia, India and Turkey are "seizing investment opportunities in defiance of sanctions imposed by the West."

These countries say that they accept the weaker sanctions imposed on Iran by the UN Security Council, but are under no obligation to follow the rules that the US and EU added in July.

China and Turkey have sold gas to Iran.
Russian will soon begin shipping gas to Iran.
China, Russia, India and Turkey "have signed deals or opened talks on investments worth billions of dollars in Iran's oil and gas fields, petrochemical plants and pipelines."


Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli-born British jazz musician, author and activist.

He has denounced both Zionism and Judaism.

At The Omani Brown Eagle we read "an Interview with Gilad Atzmon"

( - 27 June 2010)

Among the points made:

1. In order to create a large Israeli empire, Israel is planning to expel all the Palestinians from Israel and Palestine.

And Israel is planning to have Iran attacked.

Israel is prepared to ignore the USA if necessary.

2. US foreign and defence policy has been shaped by AIPAC (the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee).

The USA wants to control the Middle East and its oil and gas.

However, the alliance with Israel has meant expensive oil.

Saddam Hussein was removed, but oil prices didn't drop.

3. The Zionists have destroyed the American empire, just as they previously weakened Britain and France.

The Zionists are responsible for the Credit Crunch.

Greenspan's economy boom is linked to Wolfowitz' wars.

The 'War on Terror' is designed to help Israel.

4. The Political parties in the USA and UK are funded heavily by Jewish pro Israeli lobbies.

"It is far cheaper to buy a western politician than buying a tank.

"It is far cheaper to recruit a ‘new friend of Israel’ than flying an F15 for one hour."

5. Britain's Balfour Declaration was designed to please Jewish German bankers and Jewish Russian bankers.

These bankers were to fund the USA's entry into World War I.

Two months after the Declaration, America was in the war.

6. General Petraeus and his military advisers are realising that America is about to lose its grip in the Arab and Muslim world.

7. Israel likes to control the politics of certain countries.

"In terms of British politics there is an obvious ideological continuum between the Political Friend of Israel (Lord cash machine Levy) the advocates for the war within the media (Aaronovitch, Cohen) and the British neo-con think tank ( Euston Manifesto )."

8. For very many years, the Left blocked any attempt to reveal global Zionism and Jewish power.

9. David Miliband, an Israeli propagandist and possible leader of the UK Labour Party, has favoured allowing Israeli war criminals to visit the UK.

What is so unique about AIPAC, David Miliband and various Friends of Israel "is the fact that right out in the open they promote the interests of a foreign government."

10. In the case of Israel, "we are confronted with an ideology that dismisses our notion of humanism, kindness and compassion...

"If we want to help Israelis we may as well make it clear to them that we actually see through them...

"We are dealing here with a lethal collective that is driven by deadly psychosis against humanity and humanism...

"The Zionists didn’t invent evil.

"Zionism is an attempt to exercise some colonial barbarism in a world that has moved on from that kind of political philosophy...

"Zionism ... is a racist, anti humanist ideology that must be confronted."

11. What about Islam?

"There is a clear differentiation between the liberal Western discourse that celebrates individualism and the Eastern tribal discourse that values family, the community and culture...

"Jewish ancient blood ritual involves blood sucking and chopping of male infant sexual organ. As it happens Jewish parents, both secular religious let a Rabbi circumcise and suck the blood of their sons when they are just 8 days old."

06 September 2010


The Republicans and the Democrats are pretty much the same when it comes to militarism.

America is run by FASCISTS, ZIONISTS and MAFIAS. All three may have links to freemasonry.

We hear a lot about the Zionists and mafias, but not enough about the fascists.

There were many fascists in the USA in the 1930s.

And the US security services brought lots of fascists to the USA in 1945. 

Idea of a new world?

Questioner: Sir, what is your idea of a new world? 

Krishnamurti: I have no idea about the new world. The `new' world cannot be new if I have an idea about it. This is not just a clever statement, it is a fact. If I have an idea about it, the idea is born of my study and experience, is it not? It is born of what I have learnt, of what I have read, of what other people have said the new world should be. So, the `new' world can never be new if it is a creation of the mind, because the mind is the old. You don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, do you? You may know that there will be no school tomorrow because it is Sunday, and that on Monday you will be going to school again; but what is going to happen outside the school, what kind of feelings you are going to have, what kind of things you are going to see - all that you don't know, do you? Because you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, or the next morning, when it happens it will be new; and to be able to meet the new is what matters. 
(Life Ahead Part Two Chapter 1)

05 September 2010

Blood on Our Farms: Is Monsanto Responsible for One Suicide Every 30 Minutes?

'India is in the midst of a flood of suicides among farmers. A new feature film written and directed by Anusha Rizwi and produced by Bollywood megastar Aamir Khan, called Peepli Live, takes a look at this grim topic.
The vast majority of people in India still farm for a living, but are caught between deep debt and the erratic nature of seasonal change. Indian farmers are pressured into mortgaging their farms to purchase genetically modified seeds, pesticides, and fertilizer from American companies like Monsanto.'

What Is “Dark Ecstasy” And How Is It Used To Control Us?

“Dark ecstasy is the spirituality of the Illuminati, and a force that has, to a lesser degree, been implanted into humans, whereby humans have a capacity to develop spiritual euphoria surrounding artistic experiences of genuine sadomasochism, death and murder, war, pain, and so forth. Dark ecstasy’s spiritual euphoria becomes addictive, and it is triggered by art-forms in the world. It is the opposite experience as one has when ocean surf transports one to spiritual joy and levity.”
-Jeffrey Grupp
A lot of people wonder what makes humans capable of astonishing violence and savagery. Why is human history littered with war, violence,  and brutality in so many forms? How come when we turn on the news we hear tales of serial killers, war, government insanity, rapists, arsonists, pedophiles, nuclear weaponry, vaccines and any other number of atrocities? Why is it that horror movies, violent and dark music, violent video games and other media is so powerful and popular? There is an eternal force that has corrupted and obsessed mankind since the beginning of time and that force is called Dark Ecstasy.
Humans have such a brutal past (and present) that it is truly amazing to realize what we are capable of. When you learn about dark ecstasy it all makes more sense. The spiritual path of dark ecstasy is ancient. Many world religions describe an epic spiritual battle between two opposing forces.  From a mystical-religious or Buddhist standpoint, one has two options: choose a path towards nirvana or choose a path towards dark ecstasy. From a Christian viewpoint you can choose either the path of Satan or God. These are just two of  many ways that the world’s religions describe how we can go down these two directions. Dark ecstasy is the inversion of anything one would normally view as beautiful and good, the person under the direction of dark ecstasy would view (i.e., deeply feel) that the concept of family as bad (or irrelevant, as if not able to feel it’s lovingness), they would view kindness as weakness, would take pleasure in destruction of all innocence and beauty, would be extremely sadistic, etc.—indeed, dark ecstasy is the process of finding true beauty in underworldly art forms where pain=joy, sexual sadism=euphoria. Dark ecstasy is constantly invoked by the Illuminati.

Churchill Was Like Hitler?

'Leo Amery, former UK Secretary of State for India, could see a similarity between Churchill's attitude to Indians and Hitler's attitude to Jews. (Churchill's Secret War.)
In 1943, millions of people were dying of starvation in Bengal, in India. The UK prime minister Winston Churchill could easily have stopped the famine by arranging a few shipments of food. But he refused. He also prevented others from helping.
Winston Churchill described the Indians as "a beastly people with a beastly religion." (Churchill's Secret War.) He said they "bred like rabbits."