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31 May 2010

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Pure energy

Krishnamurti: And one morning, one night in Rishi Valley I woke up - a series of incidents had taken place, meditation for some days - I woke up one night, in the middle of the night, it was really a quarter past twelve, I looked at the watch. And I hesitate to say this because it sounds extravagant and rather childish: that the source of all energy had been reached. And that had an extraordinary effect on the brain, and also physically. Sorry to talk about myself but you understand. Wait a minute, I don't mind now I am in it. And literally any sense of the world and me and that - you follow? - there was no division at all only this sense of tremendous source of energy. I don't know if I am conveying it. 

David Bohm: So the brain was in contact with this source of energy? 

Krishnamurti: Yes. Now, coming down to earth, as I have been talking for sixty years, I'd like to, not help, I'd like another to reach this - no, not reach it - you understand what I am saying? Because all our problems are resolved, political, religious, every problem is resolved because it is pure energy from the very beginning of time. Now how am I - not I, you understand - how is one to - not teach, not help, not push, pressure - how is one to say, 'This way leads to a complete sense of peace, love and all that'? I am sorry to use all these words. Sir, you have it sir, suppose you have come to that point and your brain itself is throbbing with it, how would you help me? You understand? Not words, how would you help me to come to that? 
(The Ending of Time 1st Conversation with David Bohm 1st April, 1980)

Fleet of Freedom demands safety while sailing to Gaza

World Science Festival To Ask: 'What If We Are Holograms?'

Heh, heh ... what kept them?

Obama Gives Israel All-Out Support

'After the United Nations ratified a resolution calling for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East, the US president gives Israel "concrete guarantees" to prevent the decision from harming Israeli interests.
Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post quoted senior political sources in al-Quds (Jerusalem) as saying that President Barack Obama's assurances to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came with the promise of a significant upgrade to Israel's military capabilities. President Obama gave Prime Minister Netanyahu "concrete guarantees that the US will strengthen Israel's strategic capabilities," the report said.'

Barack Obama: Liar, Warlord and Corporate Shill

'It shouldn't surprise because no one gets the top job or any government position of power unless they're safe, yet, naively, most people thought Obama was different. Many still do. As a candidate, he promised change, a new course, sweeping government reforms, addressing people needs, and "ensur(ing) that the hopes and concerns of average Americans speak louder in Washington than the hallway whispers of high-priced lobbyists" - the same ones who bought and now own him.
He promised peace and delivered war; real health and financial reform, not same old, same old; help for millions losing jobs, homes, hope and futures, not handouts to Wall Street and other industry favorites; regulatory oversight, not the usual incestuous government-industry ties, making disasters like in the Gulf possible, and when they happen conspiring with offenders in coverup, distortion, lies, and a total disregard for the environment, wildlife, and way of life for thousands - let alone permanent damage to a vital ecosystem.
At the same time, Big Oil gets billions in subsidies, special tax breaks and other financial benefits, besides operating in a regulatory-free environment.'

Meat Claimed as Invention by Monsanto

'Multinational seed corporations are following a consequent strategy to gain control over basic resources for food production. As recent research shows not only genetically engineered plants, but more and more the conventional breeding of plants gets into the focus of patent monopolies: International patent applications in this sector are skyrocking, having doubled since 2007 till end of 2009. 
Further on the multinationals expand their claims over the whole chain of food production from feed to animals and food products such as meat. In a pending patent application from Monsanto even bacon and steaks are claimed: Patent application WO2009097403 is claiming meat stemming from pigs being fed with the patented genetically engineered plants of Monsanto.' 

Is BP Trying to Cap the Gulf Oil Well, or Keep it Flowing?

'Today, I spent my time interviewing people on the Gulf Coast from Mississippi to Louisiana. Several of those interviews were conducted on camera, and you'll be seeing those videos as early as tomorrow here on NaturalNews.
Interestingly, it turns out that a lot of the people living on the Gulf Coast have a history of working with oil companies -- and even on oil rigs. I spoke to several people who have a work history with BP, and two of them told me they are certain that British Petroleum is NOT trying to stop the oil coming out of the well. What they are trying to do, I was told, is SAVE the oil well so that they can capture the oil and sell it.'

Real Life Avatar

'US corporations are under fire for aiding the creation of world's second largest displaced population. Activists claim millions of Colombians have been driven from their homes.
In light of the issue, hundreds of protestors have gathered at Washington DC’s Capitol Hill. People brought pictures of those who have suffered as a result of the activities of major US companies in Colombia's indigenous territories, which are rich in natural resources. Millions have not only been displaced, but also are either missing, tortured or have been killed.'

Israel Stations Nuclear Missile Subs off Iran

'Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline. The first has been sent in response to Israeli fears that ballistic missiles developed by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, a political and military organization in Lebanon, could hit sites in Israel, including air bases and missile launchers.
The submarines of Flotilla 7 — Dolphin, Tekuma and Leviathan — have visited the Gulf before. But the decision has now been taken to ensure a permanent presence of at least one of the vessels.'

30 May 2010

Beijing Suspects False Flag Attack on South Korean Corvette

'WMR's intelligence sources in Asia suspect that the March attack on the South Korean Navy anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvette, the Cheonan, was a false flag attack designed to appear as coming from North Korea.
One of the main purposes for increasing tensions on the Korean peninsula was to apply pressure on Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to reverse course on moving the U.S. Marine Corps base off Okinawa. Hatoyama has admitted that the tensions over the sinking of the Cheonan played a large part in his decision to allow the U.S. Marines to remain on Okinawa. Hatoyama's decision has resulted in a split in the ruling center-left coalition government, a development welcome in Washington, with Mizuho Fukushima, the Social Democratic Party leader threatening to bolt the coalition over the Okinawa reversal.'

Rothschild Zionist US Weighs Military Attack On Pakistan

'The U.S. military is developing plans for a unilateral attack on the Pakistani Taliban in the event of a successful terrorist strike in the United States that can be traced to them, The Washington Post reports. Planning for a retaliatory attack was spurred by ties between alleged Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad and elements of the Pakistani Taliban, the Post said in an article posted on its website Friday night, quoting unidentified senior military officials.
The military would focus on air and missile strikes but also could use small teams of U.S. Special Operations troops currently along the border with Afghanistan, the Post said.'

Bilderberg: The Open Conspiracy

'Now that the agenda for global government and a centralized world economic system is public and out in the open, the importance of the Bilderberg Group’s annual conference rests on grooming political candidates. The lion’s share of Bilderberg’s 2010 agenda has already been announced by its members weeks before – it will revolve around a potential military strike on Iran as well as the future collapse of the euro.
Trilateral Commission members, who routinely also attend Bilderberg’s annual confab, have let slip that a war on Iran is being seriously debated, while the elite continue to exploit the fallout from the economic crisis to push for centralized financial regulation. The consequences of a military strike on Iran will cause a split between Bilderberg luminaries, just as it did before the invasion of Iraq at the 2002 meeting.'

The me can never become a better me

As we were saying, there is no psychological evolution. The psyche can never become or grow into something which it is not. Conceit and arrogance cannot grow into better and more conceit, nor can selfishness, which is the common lot of all human beings, become more and more selfish, more and more of its own nature. It is rather frightening to realize that the very word `hope' contains the whole world of the future. This movement from `what is' to `what should be' is an illusion, is really, if one can use the word, a lie. We accept what man has repeated throughout the ages as a matter of fact, but when we begin to question, doubt, we can see very clearly, if we want to see it and not hide behind some image or some fanciful verbal structure, the nature and the structure of the psyche, the ego, the `me'. The `me' can never become a better me. It will attempt to, it thinks it can, but the `me' remains in subtle forms. The self hides in many garments, in many structures; it varies from time to time, but there is always this self, this separative, self-centred activity which imagines that one day it will make itself something which it is not.
(Krishnamurti to Himself Ojai California Thursday 17th March, 1983)

27 May 2010

Human Race, Get Off Your Knees - The Lion Sleeps No More

The "Program":
"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down:
What' left...? This "mayavic reality"...?

Human race: Get Off Your Knees...!

Media Control

The Plain and Complex Truth

Time is fast running out. Financial collapse once thought impossible now is looming.
When the world’s recession began, countries with the heaviest debt loads experienced the unforgiving brutality of reverse leverage. Now that payback time has arrived, not just individuals and corporations, but nations are threatened with default.
Meaning there is a world of deadbeats who will never be able to pay back their debts and investors are just starting to realize this.
“April was a wild month. Not only were there massive upheavals in the physical earth: earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes; but people: countries and institutions this month have been moving into a fresh wave of unease and flux.

Whether it is the sovereign debt crisis in the EU, Greeks protesting in the streets, Tea Parties and bank closures in the USA, or the SEC versus Goldman Sachs: people are upset, and the free world is struggling through uncomfortable revelations and change.

People everywhere are awaking from the daze of the past decade to realize that most are poorer than they thought. Many are just plain broke,” writes Danielle Park.
Thursday was a wild day and today Friday things are not looking so hot in Asia or in Europe.
Thursday the Dow Jones industrials at one point lost 1,000 points, nearly a tenth of their value, with 60 percent of the drop happening in less than half an hour. It was the biggest drop ever during a trading day.
That half hour sent a lot of shivers down a lot of peoples’ spines.
"Today… caused me to fall out of my chair at one point. It felt like we lost control," said Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Harris Private Bank in Chicago.
On Wednesday President Carolos Papoulias said that Greece was standing on the "edge of the abyss."
The situation is turning nasty and things are looking darker all of a sudden to the masses that have been euphoric in green shoot la-la land. The Euro is dropping like a stone and now markets are panicking and remember Wall Street was already down by 400 points before things went crazy possibly due to some mistake.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday unveiled
his revised $63 billion budget plan for fiscal 2011, which includes
shedding 11,000 public employees through layoffs and attrition.
What is happening in Greece and elsewhere is but a footnote, the main event is about to unfold.
Global financial crisis part II has begun and we are going to see things blowing up all over the world right before our very collective eyes. This is the final assault and death agony of capitalism and on what little freedoms are left though it could be complete chaos that undermines the best plans of the elite class.
Where do you think California’s 30% drop in state
revenues will lead? The governor did not base his budget
for the present fiscal year on a 30% plunge in revenue.
Investors are looking around and quivering in their boots.
2010 will go down as a final chapter before all hell breaks loose around the world.
“A great drama is unfolding. What we are seeing is the slow, steady decline of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the people of the world. The fraud I am referring to is fiat money. This is the so called "money" created by the central banks. Fiat (non-intrinsic) money can be created at will by a central bank via a computer.

You work all your life to make a total of $900,000. The Fed, with no work or sweat on its part, can create a billion or 10 billion fiat dollars at will.

Is that logical or moral?

It allows politicians to spend whatever they want, and the bills are paid for in fiat money. The result is that many nations have spent far more than they ever should have, and oceans of fiat money have swept across the planet,” writes Richard Russell.
Latvia laid off one in 3 of its government workers and whoever
was lucky enough to keep their jobs saw their pay cut by 25%.
These kinds of cuts are headed for California and then New York
and then New Jersey and Ohio and then we will see where we are.
The entire edifice of trust and awe that the powers-that-be has inculcated regarding the monetary system is eroding. People have seen for themselves that the system is not a fair one and is in fact manipulated.
Faith and trust is increasingly rare commodity these days.
Recent polls show 4 out of 5 people do not trust Washington, and they trust Wall Street the same for these days it is really hard to separate the politicians from the bankers.
“People aren’t idiots,” writes the Daily Bell.

“They have seen the trillions disbursed to the banking community while their own lives are correspondingly reduced and even ruined. They wonder why their pensions, their jobs, their lives have to be so dramatically constrained while the elites spend trillions to prop up a system that doesn’t work.”
One out of every 12 city workers will be let go in the
city of Fresno California. Those in the know expect
this to happen in hundreds of cities around the US.
Dictatorship is already upon us as elected representatives defy the will of the people they represent and work against the public interest.
Confusion is raining down hard today especially in England (Election Day) where they have not the slightest idea what to do. The entire sociopolitical construct of the West is in jeopardy as the first world is like Humpty Dumpty falling off a very great and rich dry wall made in China.

Chris Laird writes,
“We have a looming war threat in the Mid East as well, which if it is not avoided could lead to World War 3. Israel stated again unofficially that the West has another two months before they act unilaterally on Iran.

Obama has pretty much squelched the Israeli efforts to contain Iran, and has essentially halted US military aid purchases for Israel, and this has now been a year of that much to their chagrin.

Does not mean, however, that they won’t act alone. Since they are being pushed into a corner, get ready for a real show over there.”

25 May 2010

Cosmic Journeys: Hubble 20 Years of Space-Shattering Discoveries

Mysteries of Deep Space: Black Holes

Cosmic Journeys: Crashing into the Moon

Scientists hack into India's EVMs, expose flaws

India’s electronic voting machines (EVMs) with chips made in Japan and the US were designed to stop fraud and accelerate the voting process, but computer scientists say these paperless machines are vulnerable to fraud.
Professor J Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan and his computer science students say they were able to hack into the EVMs to manipulate results.
Halderman, who led the seven-month research project, with a security researcher from the Netherlands and Hyderabad’s NetIndia, said a home-made device allowed them to change results on anEVM by sending it wireless messages from a mobile phone.
“Almost every component of this system could be attacked to manipulate election results,” said Halderman. “This proves, once again, that the paperless class of voting systems has intrinsic security problems. It is hard to envision systems like this being used responsibly in elections.”
A video on the Internet by the researchers shows two kinds of attacks. One attack involves replacing a small part of theEVM with a look-alike component that can be silently instructed to steal a percentage of votes in favour of a candidate. The instructions can be sent from a mobile phone.
“Our lookalike display board intercepts the vote totals that the machine is trying to display and replaces them with dishonest totals — basically whatever the bad guy wants to show up at the end of the election,” Halderman told reporters.
Another attack uses a pocket-sized microprocessor to change the votes stored in theEVMs between the election and the public counting session, which in India can be weeks later.
India uses roughly 1.4 millionEVMs in 829,000 polling stations in a general election and they are of the direct recording electronic (DRE) variety. TheEVMs record votes to the machine’s internal memory and provide no paper records for any recount. The researchers said that with DRE machines too much “absolute trust” is placed in the hardware and software of theEVMs.
Rop Gonggrijp, a security researcher from the Netherlands, who participated in the study, slammed the paperless electronic voting system. “The research shows the longstanding scientific consensus holds true — DRE voting machines are fundamentally vulnerable.
The machines have been abandoned in Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Florida and many other places. India should follow suit,” he said. The researchers have offered to share their findings with India’s Election Commission.

24 May 2010

What do we mean by freedom?

Everywhere there is a compelling environmental influence. Newspapers tell us what to think, and there are so many five, ten or fifteen-year plans. Then there are these specialists at the economic, scientific and bureaucratic levels; there are all the traditions of everyday activity, what we must do and what we must not do; then there is the whole influence of the so-called sacred books; and there is the cinema, the radio, the newspaper; everything in the world is trying to tell us what to do, what to think and what not to think. I do not know if you have noticed how increasingly difficult it has become to think for oneself. We have become such experts in quoting what other people say, or have said, and in the midst of this authoritarian welter where is the freedom? And what do we mean by freedom? Is there such a thing? I am using that word freedom in its most simple sense in which is included liberation, the mind that is liberated, free. I want, if I may, to go into that. First, I think we must realize that our minds are really not free. Everything we see, every thought we have, shapes our mind; whatever you think now, whatever you have thought in the past and whatever you are going to think in the future, it all shapes the mind. You think what you have been told either by the religious person, or the politician, by the teacher in your school, or by books and newspapers. Everything about you influences what you think. What you eat, what you look at, what you listen to, your wife, your husband, your child, your neighbour, everything is shaping the mind. I think that is fairly obvious. Even when you think that there is a God or that there is no God, that also is the influence of tradition. So our mind is the field in which there are many contradictory influences which are in battle one against the other. 
(Poona 5th Public Talk 21st September 1958 The Krishnamurti Text Collection)


The Biophotonic Quantum Holographic Matrix

Biophotons are single quanta which are permanently and continuously emitted by all living systems. They are subjects of quantum physics and display a universal phenomenon attributed to all living systems…
This paper is an attempt to integrate studies of the quantum potential, quantum holography, biophotonics and the enveloping matrix of biointegration, biocommunication, and bioinformation that composes the web of light and life in living organisms and their possible genesis in an electromagnetic infoton.


Theoretical physicist David Bohm proposed a new hidden variables theory of Quantum mechanics. He assumes the wave function does not represent just a set of probabilities: it represents an actual field. This field exists and acts upon particles the same way a classical potential does, thus it is a quantum potential which is associated to this field and is a function of the wave function. It is postulated here that the quantum potential is active as a field in living cells and organisms and acts
upon them.

The equation Bohm used to represent this quantum potential is given:
the quantum potential
U = -sum k(hbar 2/2mk) (partial k2 R / R ), (1)

Research reveals that Bohmian quantum potential is still used, but that it may only represent a means to extend quantum theory into a realistic theory of particles and fields.

It resolves the dilemma of the appearance, in one and the same phenomenon, of both particle and wave properties in a rather straightforward manner: Bohmian mechanics is a theory of motion describing a particle (or particles) guided by a wave. This guiding wave is usually attributed to atomic particles, but might be more insightfully seen as a traveling soliton or vortex.

Bohmian mechanics is manifestly nonlocal, and the velocity may depend upon the positions of other, even distant particles whenever the wave function of the system is entangled. The behavior of the particle is determined by the particle’s position and momentum, the wave field and the sub-quantum fluctuations.

“Bohm's quantum potential binds the entire universe together into what
he liked to call a seamless "unbroken wholeness." Every particle in the universe is connected by the quantum potential to every other particle. He likened the cosmos to a hologram in which each point on the film carries information about the entire picture. Bohm's GWT, far more sophisticated than de Broglie's crude version, is a "holistic" vision in which all parts of the universe are joined to every other part.

"Interconnectedness" was one of Bohm's favorite words. He saw the
universe as resembling the unity of a living organism, a kind of pantheism not unlike Spinoza's--a pantheism Einstein himself favored.” (2)

Bohm referred the holomovement as the basic reality. The pattern formed on a photographic plate by light waves that interfere and create a hologram. This pattern is the interaction or interference pattern of two parts of a laser light (coherent light). One beam reflects off an object, the other off a mirror. In addition, any portion of the holographic plate contains information on the whole object.


Every cell in the human body contains nuclear DNA, information on the whole body, much like a hologram, only the cells can go through a process of division and reproduction (mitosis).

In quantum holography, things are spookier still. While holograms are typically constructed with interfering beams of light, in quantum holography the researchers measure the simultaneous arrivals of an illuminating photon that is sent into a chamber and a companion photon in the other entangled beam. (2)

Wave Genetics Inc. and the Moscow Institute of Control Sciences are exploring a new concept of the genetic code that asserts:
1) That the evolution of biosystems has created genetic "texts", similar to natural context dependent texts in human languages, shaping the text of these speech-like patterns.
2) That the chromosome apparatus acts simultaneously both as a source and receiver of these genetic texts, respectively decoding and encoding them, and
3) That the chromosome continuum of multicellular organisms is analogous to a static-dynamical multiplex time-space holographic grating, which comprises the space-time of an organism in a convoluted form.

That is to say, the DNA action theory predicts and which experiment confirms, i) is that of a "gene-sign" laser and its solitonic electro-acoustic fields, such that the gene-biocomputer "reads and understands" these texts in a manner similar to human thinking, but at its own genomic level of "reasoning". It asserts that natural human texts (irrespectively of the language used), and genetic "texts" have similar mathematical-linguistic and entropic-statistic characteristics, where these concern the fractality of the distribution of the character frequency density in the natural and genetic texts, and where in case of genetic "texts", the characters are identified with the nucleotides,
and ii) that DNA molecules, conceived as a gene-sign continuum of any biosystem, are able to form holographic pre-images of biostructures and of the organism as a whole as a registry of dynamical "wave copies" or "matrixes”, succeeding each other. This continuum is the measuring, calibrating field for constructing its biosystem.

“Complex information can be encoded in EM fields, as we all know from coding and decoding of television and radio signals. Even more complex information can be encoded in holographic images. DNA acts as a holographic projector of acoustic and EM information which contains the informational quintessence of the biohologram. Only 3% of human DNA encodes the physical body. The remaining 97% of the 3 billion base pair genome contains over a million genetic structures called transposons, that have the capacity to jump from one chromosomal location to another (Kelleher, 1999).

We are 99.9% alike in our genetic legacy. Our individuality is expressed in three million small variations in our cells, called single nucleotide polymorphisms.

Gene-expression is the mechanism by which new patterns are called into being (Rossi, 2000). There is also a strong correlation between modulation of the brain’s EM field and consciousness (Persinger, 1987; McFadden, 2002). The Gariaev group has discovered a wave-based genome and DNA phantom effect which strongly supports the holographic concept of reality (Miller, Webb, Dickson, 1975). This main information channel of DNA is the same for both photons and radio waves. Superposed coherent waves of different types in the cells interact to form diffraction patterns, firstly in the acoustic domain, secondly in the electromagnetic domain -- a quantum hologram -- a translation process between acoustical and optical holograms.”(4)

The distribution of the character frequency in genetic texts is fractal, so the nucleotides of DNA molecules are able to form holographic pre images of biostructures. This process of "reading and writing" the very matter of our being manifests from the genome's associative holographic memory in conjunction with its quantum nonlocality. Rapid transmission of genetic information and gene-expression unite the organism as holistic entity embedded in the larger Whole. The system works as a biocomputer -- a wave biocomputer.

The quantum nonlocality of the genetic information is fundamental. Experimental work of the Gariaev group shows how quantum nonlocality is directly related to laser radiation from chromosomes (coherent light), which jitterbugs its polarization plane to radiate or occlude photons. DNA and the genome have now been identified as active "laser-like" environments. Roughly speaking, DNA can be considered as a liquid crystal gel-like state that acts on the incoming light in the manner of a solitonic lattice.” (5)


This entire section is extracted from
the History of Biophotonics website:
Around 1923 Alexander Gurwitsch discovers an "ultraweak" photon emission from living systems (onions, yeast,...), since he suggested connections between photon emission and cell division rate. He calls this photon emission "mitogenetic radiation". His experiments indicate that the wavelength is in the range around 260 nm (Bibliography under Gurwisch and also Ruth (1977, 1979)). Around 1950: Russian scientists rediscover "ultraweak photon emission" from living organisms. Most results are published in "Biophysics" (engl.) and originally in "Biofizika").( Bibliography under Ruth, 1979).

Italian nuclear physicists discover by chance "bioluminescence" of seedlings. They do not think that this finding is significant, but they publish the results. (Colli et al. 1954, 1955, Ruth 1979).

The Russian biophysicist and the American chemist enunciate the first theory of ultraweak photonemission (UWPE) from biological systems, the so called "imperfection" theory. UWPE shall be an expression of the deviation from equilibrium, some kind of distortion of metabolic processes (Zhuravlev 1972, Seliger 1975, Ruth 1979).

Independently from each other and by different motivations scientific groups in Australia (Quickenden), GermanyJapan (Inaba), and Poland (Slawinski) show evidence of ultraweak photon emission from biological systems by use of modern single-photon counting systems. Bibliography (Quickenden, Inaba, Popp &Ruth, Slawinski). While Quickenden, Slawinski and Inaba prefer the imperfection theory, Popp and his group enunciate just the opposite theory:
1. The radiation originates from an almost perfect coherent photon field.
2. Essential sources are the DNA and corresponding resonators in the cells.
3. The mechanism describes photon storage in cavities and information channels, tuned by Casimir forces.
4. There is a close connection to delayed luminescence which corresponds to excited states of the coherent photon field.
5. The radiation is not the product but essentially the initiator of chemical reactions in the cells. The radiation submits the information within and between cells.
6. The radiation is not limited to the optical range but follows a f = const-rule (the occupation probability of the phase space is equal for all wavelengths) and extends to longer wavelengths including the so-called heat radiation of the body.
7. This radiation is the proper regulator and information carrier of life.

The Marburg group of Fritz-Albert Popp calls this phenomenon "biophotons" in order to stress the difference to "bioluminescence": Biophotons are single quanta which are permanently and continuously emitted by all living systems. They are subjects of quantum physics and they display an universal phenomenon attributed to all living systems. Worldwide all scientists who agree with these statements call the radiation biophotons and the scientific field "biophotonics".

From 1972 to 1980 the Marburg group of the leader, the physicist and Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, evaluated experimentally all the essential physical properties of biophotons.
1. The intensity ranges from a few up to some hundreds photons/(s cm2).
2. The spectral distribution follows in the time average a f = const-rule.
3. The modes are strongly coupled.
4. The delayed luminescence that approaches continuously the biophoton emission follows a hyperbolic rather than an exponential relaxation function.

5. The biophotons originate from an almost fully coherent field.
6. Cells are able to establish cavity resonators which contribute to biophoton regulation.
7. The essential source of non-equilibrium biophoton emission is the DNA.

This group introduces the first time photocount statistics (PCS) into biophotonics. They show evidence that biophotons are emitted according to a Poissonian PCS. Furthermore they show evidence

(1) that the delayed luminescence follows a hyperbolic relaxation function rather than an exponential one,

(2) that the modes are strongly coupled, and

(3) that there are hyperbolic oscillations around the continuous hyperbolic relaxation function. The group finds the first time intercellular communication by means of biophotons. Later this was confirmed by Albrecht-B├╝hler (Bacteria), Popp and Chang (dinoflagellates), Galle (daphnia), Shen (blood), Vogel (bacteria)….


This term “bioinfoton” is one I am adopting
to specify any particle (such as the Ganesh Particle*), wave, or biomolecule that transfers information from an emitter to a receptor. It is possible that if a biophoton is emitted from a coherent source that it will carry holographic information as a form of modulation (possibly frequency modulated) and produce action or results in biological systems.

It is possible that biophotons may even be carriers of psi information and that a coherent coupling can be established between two conscious life forms resulting in a transference of information from a higher potential field to a field at lower potential. Even though this is conjecture at this point, it suggests other means by which disparate life forms can communicate. We know there is a process by which trees communicate and even signal each other in the face of danger. We may be exchanging information with pets and other animals through biophotonic communication. This may be how some people who have a green thumb affect plants they care for.

Even communication with other intelligent life forms in the Cosmos may be effected by the amplification and vectoring of biophotons or via the quantum potential, produce information at a distance.

A virtual photon flux in the quantum potential may be integrating the coordinated wholeness of the organism while the action of bioinfotons may keep every part of the organism in communication with every other part.


Life and living organisms are more than the sum
of their parts and are composed of material and non-material parts. The spiral form of DNA evidently produces an electromagnetic wave field that informs the organism’s growth and structure.

Scientist Richard Alan Miller is a pioneer in this field and has written,
“In a hologram, wave fields interfere with one another to lay the foundations for the reconstruction of the image of an object. But how are the wave fields produced? The term "holography" comes from the Greek roots meaning "entire" and "to write". In holography, the image is projected by a coherent light source split into both the object wave and the reference wave background. This dichotomous nature is reflected in the particle/wave nature of the DNA molecule, which can be "read out" with biophotons from chromosomes to set up a holographically produced wave field.

This superposition of wave fields (object wave and reference wave) creates a wave guide for the formation of biological structure. The image is constructed according to the reference information contained in the genes. The reconstructed object wave is identical with the object wave field. The reconstructed wave fields reproduce exactly the recorded ones (the DNA with genetic code). “(7)

Mr. Miller also proposes this hypothesis:


Hypothesis: The organization of any biological system is established by
complex electro dynamical field that is, in part, determined by its atomic physiochemical components. These, in part, determine the behavior and orientation of these components. This dynamic is mediated through wave-based genomes wherein DNA functions as the holographic projector of the psychophysical system—a quantum biohologram.


23 May 2010

Looking For Your Face -- Rumi

Hidden Government Papers Expose Lies About Measles Vaccines for Infants

'How a mother is supposed to decide what vaccines are safe, when the governments change their minds so frequently, is anyone’s guess. One minute the government makes it categorically clear that the measles vaccine should never, under any circumstances, be given to a child under the age of nine months, the next minute they are saying the complete opposite and actually advising it.'

US Begins Massive Military Build Up Around Iran, Sending Up To Four New Carrier Groups In Region

'As if uncontrollable economic contagion was not enough for the administration, Obama is now willing to add geopolitical risk to the current extremely precarious economic and financial situation. Over at Debkafile we read that the president has decided to “boost US military strength in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf regions in the short term with an extra air and naval strike forces and 6,000 Marine and sea combatants.” With just one aircraft carrier in proximity to Iran, the Nobel peace prize winner has decided to send a clear message that peace will no longer be tolerated, and has decided to increase the US aircraft carrier presence in the region by a 400-500% CAGR.'

22 May 2010

Find out for yourself

Questioner: Why are some people born in poor circumstances, while others are rich and well-to-do? 

Krishnamurti: What do you think? Instead of asking me and waiting for my answer, why do you not find out what you feel about it? Do you think it is some mysterious process which you call karma? In a former life you lived nobly and therefore you are now being rewarded with wealth and position! Is that it? Or, having acted very badly in a former life, you are paying for it in this life! You see, this is really a very complex problem. Poverty is the fault of society - a society in which the greedy and the cunning exploit and rise to the top. We want the same thing, we also want to climb the ladder and get to the top. And when all of us want to get to the top, what happens? We tread on somebody; and the man who is trodden on, who is destroyed, asks, "Why is life so unfair? You have everything and I have no capacity, I have nothing". As long as we go on climbing the ladder of success, there will always be the sick and the unfed. It is the desire for success that has to be understood, and not why there are the rich and the poor, or why some have talent and others have none. What has to be changed is our own desire to climb, our desire to be great, to be a success. We all aspire to succeed, do we not? There lies the fault, and not in karma or any other explanation. 
The actual fact is that we all want to be at the top - perhaps not right at the top, but at least as high up the ladder as we can climb. As long as there is this drive to be great, to be somebody in the world, we are going to have the rich and the poor, the exploiter and those who are exploited.
(Life Ahead Part One Chapter 4)

21 May 2010

Rumi: Say I Am You (Sufi poem)

Top Secret Gorbachev Files Unveil Globalist Agenda

'In 1999, the Moscow office of the Gorbachev Foundation granted access  to its vast digital archive to a limited number of vetted Russian history researchers.  One of them was Pavel Stroilov.  Parts of the archive were password restricted, but Stroilov noticed he could see the password by peeking whenever the office archivist booted the system.  He memorized it and for several visits managed to access and secretly copy volumes of folders amounting to 50,000 documents.
Stroilov couldn't believe what he read.  The restricted documents were the KGB transcripts of private and secret conversations of Mikhail Gorbachev during his years as leader of the Soviet Union (1985-1992.)

In a recent interview with urban policy magazine City Journal, he said they "tell a completely new story about the end of the Cold War. The 'commonly accepted' version of history of that period consists of myths almost entirely. These documents are capable of ruining each of those myths".'

Israel being exposed and feels threatened

16 May 2010

Carina Nebula galaxy shows sign of alien life?

Hubble Space Telescope has turned 20 and NASA has released a new photo from the orbiting observatory of a cosmic pillar of gas and dust piled high in the Carina Nebula galaxy. Some have found strange signal intelligence confirming alien life.

Have you wondered what that means. According to a leading physicist, Stephen Hawking, we should not venture in finding them. He believes that contact with them could be devastating for humanity, and suggests that aliens might raid Earth for its resources.

Obviously, the aliens found us long before we could even imagine that we are a type zero civilization.

When the pics of cosmic pillar of gas and dust piled high in the Carina Nebula galaxy is taken to multidimensional fractal image recognition algorithms, it all on a sudden shows images of dark energy civilizations.

Alien civilizations are all around us but they are in different forms than we can imagine. The dimension and consciousness differences are so wide that terrestrial type zero sciences can never imagine the life forms.
For example, we have just started finding out that all our diseases emanate from genomics of Single Nucleotide Polymorphysms. The medial doctor communities are perplexed because that puts them out of business and proves that all they were doing all these years were wrong because of lack of knowledge. Roman doctors believed that human hearts had septal pores. They came to that conclusion because human prematured babies (fetus) have septal pores that closes when the baby is born. Now you go and tell those Roman doctors in their heaven about the truth that human hearts do not have septal pores. Would they have believed? 
India Daily Technology Team

The gravity waves that propels the extraterrestrial UFOs

Its the gravity waves that propels advanced UFOs. The energy source is the neutron stars in this dimension and dark energy in higher dimension.
The UFOs exists in higher dimensions, only visible to gravity wave dispersions in the Hyperspace of quantum vaccum. The only way to connect to them are quantum energy driven biochemical pathways that projects garvity waves in our mind through integrated consciousness.
The UFOs dominate the Hyperspace. The UFOs can propagate in quantum vaccum with zero point energy sources and project into our visible realm of three dimensional spatials.
The UFOs do not need stealth because they are just projections. The UFOs do not need high speed because they use photon as carrier particles. The realm in which they exist is higher dimension and infinite parallel dimension of time. 
India Daily Technology Team