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22 June 2014

The Drakon-Nephilim-Anunnaki

by Noel Huntley
excerpted from Chapter 8
"ETs and Aliens - Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?"
from GoogleBooks Website

Are you afraid of reptiles?

Almost everyone is afraid of some species of reptile. One may wonder why this is. Some people will comment in agreement with this that naturally one is uncomfortable with them on the basis of their appearance. But is this really a justifiable reason?

We tend to cringe from spiders but not flies. Spiders are basically no more fearful or ugly in appearance than flies, or many other acceptable insects. Perhaps the reptilian fear connects with our past and the alien entities that have controlled us for so long.

Notice the extent to which serpents are used by us as symbols, for example, the medical association logos consisting of two coiled serpents referred to as the caduceus, and the dragons of royalty emblems, viz: Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty; not to mention the alignment of many ancient monuments with the Draco (dragon) constellation.

Some further and positive examples of reptilian associations are:

1) that the Sirians used symbols to depict themselves and this is why Noah received information about the ark from a 'serpent'

2) the kundalini energy at the base of the spine, described as a coiled serpent ready to strike and rising up the spine in a snake-like manner, aligning the chakras in enlightenment and activation of the 12-strand DNA (see appendix)

3)the Mayan Great Calendar, based on the ratio 13/20 (serpent fangs regrow every 20 days and there are 13 scales to a side in the diamond pattern of interlocking squares on the serpent's (Ahau Can's) skin)

The calendar aids the awakening serpent (kundalini) and is an archetypal guide for transmutation, and demonstrates that the future creates the present.

As a further point, channeling has indicated that our blood would be green if we didn't utilise oxygen, say, nitrogen instead, as some ETs do. Thus the skin would be greenish, resembling the reptile color.

Once upon a time, about a million years ago actually, planet Earth was invaded by the Drakon. Yes, this is spelled correctly but you're right it does relate to dragons and presumably the origin of the term 'dragon'. More specifically Atlantis was menaced by the Drakon. And yes, there's little doubt that Atlantis was real - a large continent in the Atlantic ocean.

The Drakon came from reptilian extraterrestrials far within the galaxy and are now higher dimensional (not within our frequency spectrum).

This original ancient race consists of highly intelligent and benevolent beings which are now said to be located in harmonic universe number 3; we are in harmonic universe number 1.

We can think of these universes in layers, that is, tiered but connected by portals - like black holes or worm holes. Now, as appears to be fairly common amongst many races, a digressive strain developed within this civilization.

The Drakon is the name given to this deviant strain, which separated from the dominant race of benevolent beings - presumably the Drakon were banished or simply left behind as the parent race ascended; this is not unusual.

This group has caused the most disruptive contamination of the human DNA. Amazingly, even Darwinism is in accord with a reptilian-origin theory and academics have recognized similarities between the reptilian brain and the human brain.
The R-complex (reptilian complex) component in the brain functions to give dinosaur-type traits:

1) aggressive behavior

2) territorially oriented

3) a need for social hierarchies

Thus the Drakon are a reptilian race fragmented from the original civilization, endowed with a negative character and evil purposes due to a blocked heart centre and inability to feel compassion for others.

They are highly intelligent beings, upright in physical appearance, with war-like and aggressive natures, and they came to inhabit a star system in the Orion constellation.

The ancient reptilians, in attempting to bring some organization to this area of the galaxy, have become scattered throughout many systems and originally came to Earth 225 million years ago. We are now approaching a complete time cycle of this period in which Earth's position is now in the same location spatially it was in the galaxy 225 million years ago. Thus this is the start of a new stage in biological evolution.

The name Draco has been used in literature for a planet in this Orion system, plus references to Draconian Alliance, and that these particular Orions wish to bring Earth under the Draconian Empire.
To continue, about one million years ago the Drakon came to Earth from Orion.

They were expert geneticists and scientists and experimented with the human genetic code, creating hybrids. These hybrids are known as the Dracos - a combination of human and Drakon traits achieved by contamination of the human genetic code.

The Dracos consider Earth their birthright and have been manipulating this planet to a large degree for about half a million years from underground. The Dracos are tall, around seven feet, with human-looking bodies but with scales and reptilian faces. In addition to facial appearance they also resemble the Drakon in temperament. Moreover, their overall appearance is more lizard-like than dragon.

The reptilian races are also called the Lizzies.

It might be of interest to mention that the Drakon tampered with the DNA of the dinosaurs at this time (about one million years ago), which according to extraterrestrial information were a creation from other ET experiments about 375,000,000 years ago.

(The reader should not get bogged down with orthodox historical time periods since all such education is based on the context of a single human civilisation on this planet - there were many. Time estimations can be very confusing, in particular, since space-time is basically nonlinear.)

Note that most of the Drakon information here was obtained from the extraordinary books, Voyagers, volume 1 and 2, by Anna Hayes transmitted from the Guardian Alliance. (Anna Hayes' material is not channeled.)

The result of these new experiments by the Drakon on the genetic code of the dinosaurs, into which their own genes were spliced with traits of an aggressive nature, was the creation of the carnivorous dinosaurs, for example, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

These fearsome monsters referred to as Drakon monitors were used to subdue and control the human populations.

For those readers interested in satanic information the Dracos possessed a genetic configuration known as the '666' - a mutation imposed by the Elohim (advanced beings from higher-universe dimensions) on certain species to prevent interbreeding. The '666' refers to disabling of the 6th overtone in each of strand one, five and six. That is, three 6s. See Appendix for 12-strand DNA description.

Now the Drakon and the hybrid Dracos also created the chupacabras that some readers will have read about in magazines and foreign newspapers recently, with claims of dinosaur-type appearances of these small (human-sized) lizard creatures.

The genetic distortion of human DNA created by the Drakon threatened the continuation of the human species.

With the assistance of the Anunnaki ETs from the star system Sirius A, plans were made to dispose of the Drakon problem on Earth. (Note that this is not the Anunnaki resistance that is an ally of the Dracos.)

They devised a method for utilizing the power from the Earth's grid to destroy the underground habitats of the Drakon and Dracos.

The plan failed, however, creating an explosion within the Earth's crust, causing climactic upheavals, earthquakes, slight pole shift, flooding, and land-mass destruction. This resulted in a small global ice period but lasting several thousands of years, causing unhealthy climactic effects and many humans to go underground, and the Dracos to leave or fail to survive.

Humans eventually returned to the surface and endeavored to rebuild their lives but the interbreeding with the Drakon had contaminated the genetic lines. Several other ET groups that came to Earth exploited these negative circumstances to conduct further genetic experiments.

As a result of the distorted human blueprint some primitive man varieties were created and also more ape-like forms. Thus on this basis these particular species of primitive man and ape came from intelligent man not the other way round.

In case of any confusion, one may wonder if the Dracos and Drakon came from the astronomically recognized constellation named Draco. Not unless this is an amazing synchronicity. The pattern of stars of the Draco system is in fact a Dragon but these creature symbols and images for constellations normally have no significance; they are just a method of identifying stars and they act as a mnemonic.

Now humans were very vulnerable to being controlled.

According to the Voyagers volumes the civilization at that time consisted of Atlanians (Atlanteans) and Lamanians (Lemurians) which, due to the initial Dracos/Drakon DNA contamination, from which further mutations were created, the races fragmented and became warring.

The Atlanians began to disregard the Law of One.

At this point the Anunnaki, a race with reptilian traits and friendly with the Dracos, came to earth bringing a creed that was a distortion of the Law of One. The Anunnaki created teachings that would make them appear as Gods to humans, promoting easier submission.

Their teachings were also designed to disempower women and to inhibit their resistance to the Anunnaki advances.

The Anunnaki thus created a hybrid human-Anunnaki, who was referred to as the Nephilim, around 950,000 years ago.

Most extraterrestrial species have deviant offshoots and the Anunnaki (from Sirius A, mentioned previously) were no exception.

The name of these advanced beings, 'Anunnaki', presumably derived from their king or god Anu. The Anunnaki lineage apparently goes back to the Elohim, who in turn are a digression from the Elohei - beings from a higher-dimensional universe who very much oversee and monitor the human race's development.

Now this strain of spiritually-deficit beings eventually inhabited the planet Nirbiru. This planet has been written about by Zecharia Sitchin in his books and also channeled sources. The planet Nibiru is apparently larger than Jupiter and unexpectedly is a member of our own solar system.

It could be called the twelfth planet if we accept that the planetoid Chiron is included in the tote and also the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, which are fragments remaining after the break up of Maldek, an earlier planet of our solar system.

Astronomers have now corroborated the existence of the body named Nibiru - though there is still speculation as to whether it is a planet.

Nevertheless there appears to be agreement on its wide elliptical orbit taking it out towards the Pleiades system some 400 light years away with a period of 3,600 years to orbit our sun once.

There is contradictory information regarding this planet's orbital position at this time.

It is probably some 1000 years distant from our Sun. Other information states it is close to penetrating the outer known orbit of our solar system. Though further reports indicate this is some other body, comet, etc. Energy-wise the planet links our sun with the Sirius system.

Nibiru used to be the outer most planet of Sirius A but is now the outer planet of our solar system. It was captured about half- a-million years ago and Nibiru now links our sun with the Sirius system. This planet is inhabited by the Anunnaki, which will be a resistance group from Sirius A and the Elohim, mentioned above, from higher frequencies.

In addition to the name Anunnaki the designation Nibiruans is also used, and occasionally the name Nephilim (we shall see, however, Nephilim is the name given to the hybrid human/Anunnaki). Note that the Nephilim is referred to in the Bible as the 'gods' who interbred with the 'daughters of men'.

We shall adhere to the more commonly used term Anunnaki.

These resistance Anunnakis are on favorable terms with the reptilian Dracos and have some common genetics. Thus the Anunnakis are also of reptilian strain but, in addition, are said to have a metallic biology. They apparently thrive on nuclear radiation and did introduce uranium to planet Earth thousands of years ago. They think rather than feel, much as many humans do today.

Thinking is a linear process and combined with lack of feeling will engender a predator race.

People on Earth have served them well. They learned the science of alchemy when on Sirius A from the Pleiadians, enabling them to manipulate base metals into precious metals. With this alchemy and its knowledge of subtle vibrations they thought they could convert their metallic biology and become more flesh and blood while on Earth.

Note the energy relationships of Nibiru, which is male, and Earth, which is female, and the not-so-surprising abuse of Earth - the typical theme of masculine energy dominating over feminine energy.
Owing to the great extent of its orbit and the variations in energies and climate, which result from this, the Nibiruans/Anunnaki also varied somewhat in their mental and physical outlook as the orbit was traversed. Preparations were made long before the entrance into the solar system, in particular, since its motion in orbit is counter to the other planets of this system.

Thus every 3,600 years there is the potential for disruption of one kind or another as it enters into the vicinity of the Sun. The following disasters have been attributed to the impact of Nibiru entering our solar system.

The break-up of Maldek, which now is evidenced as the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. This relates to the knowledge that the 'fallen angels' of Maldek failed to rehabilitate their spirituality, resulting in the karmic destruction of the planet.

The surface of Mars was destroyed by the disturbance of the passing huge planet. The civilization at that time knew some hundreds of years beforehand that they were a 'target' of this wayward planet and built cities underground. On another occasion Jupiter was either struck by Nibiru or wrenched violently by the turbulent fields, causing a large fragment to break off Jupiter, now know as Venus.

Another example of the effects of Nibiru's counter orbit within our solar system was the creation of the year for planet Earth as 365¼ days from its previous period of 360 days, which occurred 104,000 years ago.

There was, however, an example in which Nibiru's arrival into our system was beneficial to us. Sirius very much relates to the origins of our energy and planet - sustenance for Earth is apparently received from Sirius. Sirians appended a core crystal to Nibiru to act as carrier to bring this crystal to Earth's core - presumably at the nonphysical level - for the transference of codes required for humanity's evolution.

(However, could this have been from negative Anunnaki Sirians, and that this is the diodic crystal placed at Stonehenge to block a principal grid line, and correspondingly block our DNA development? - see Anna Hayes' material.)

Let us go back prior to the habitation of Nibiru by the Anunnaki.

A group of the Anunnaki visited Earth from Sirius A. Interbreeding took place between the male Anunnaki and female humans. Their electromagnetic energies, however, were incompatible, resulting in mutations, deformities, etc.

To digress for a moment here, we might mention that eventually these malformed entities were destroyed in the Great Flood (or a great flood - there were more than one), except for one physical type, which we discovered and named 'Neanderthal man'.

The spiritual reason for this was to allow such a body with appropriate limitations and handicap to be used for souls to incarnate into who required lessons that such an experience would fulfill.

Thus Neanderthal man existed concurrently with advanced Atlanteans.

Now, at that time, cremation was the method of disposing with dead bodies, but some of these Neanderthal mutant hybrids, who did not wish to mingle with the city group and preferred a more rural existence, failed to continue this practice, resulting in the present-day discovery of Neanderthals but not Atlanteans.

The material from the Guardians of Anna Hayes' tapes states that Neanderthal man was the genetic combination of ape, human and Anunnaki. It was a slave race created to mine gold for the Anunnaki.

Returning to the breeding program and the formation of Anunnaki-human hybrids around 950,000 years ago, they were successful and possessed greater intelligence than humans but lacked in spirituality giving rise to a heavily materialistically oriented society. These hybrids are the Nephilim (as indicated earlier, the pure Anunnaki have also been called the Nephilim).

As a result of this undesirable contamination of genetics, the Elohim, more spiritually evolved beings, created gaps in their DNA to facilitate transplants to erase the destructive Anunnaki strains. These gaps, which we have inherited, are termed 'junk DNA' by our scientists today. The gaps still contain all the information - the cellular memories and the silica matrix, etc. - but the units are unplugged.

It is important to understand that to tamper with the genetic code it is not necessary to address each person individually - a gargantuan task. The DNA codes are also formatted within the Earth's grid system and can thus be reconfigured holistically and collectively at this level. (The grid system is a form-holding energy field; a template.)

This 'interference' from the Elohim upset the Anunnaki on Sirius A, resulting in a 1,200-year war, during which most of the Anunnaki relocated to planet Nibiru.

From Nibiru they visit Earth every 3,600 years - the period of their orbit around our sun. The planet is within our system and sufficiently close to Earth for about 125 years, during which their technological capabilities are sufficient to traverse the distances by spacecraft.

This, note, is not a very advanced form of propulsion but is in keeping with the principle of symbiosis between technology and consciousness. If consciousness is not benevolent and sufficiently spiritually advanced it cannot create advanced harmonic propulsion systems to travel great distances rapidly.

They apparently visit Earth as though it were a grand hotel. They have considered that they own us and have a particular liking for Earth energies, though now regret the stern and negative measures they used to manipulate us, giving rise to a corrupt society matching their own - like the child picking up the bad habits of its parents. They are at present apparently infiltrating our world.

This may be conducted astrally but they do have the ability to mask their reptilian appearance.

The Anunnaki clearly were one of the types of god of our mythology. They wished for a harmonious relation with humans but at the same time exercised negative control. The rule over man was one that gave limited freedom, ranging up to satanic suppression when necessary to keep humans in their subservient role.

According to the book The Pleiadian Agenda, silica based elements were used by the Anunnaki in their genetic experiments with humans, giving greater potential for mind control.

As an aside, our silica-based technologies, for example, computers, will assist our evolution into 4D. Also the Bible's statement that we were made in the image of God is referring to the Anunnaki gods. The silica-based experiment apparently failed though since we were designed for a carbon base.

The present attitude, however, of the Anunnakis to humans is much better, as with other negatively inclined aliens, such as the Zetas, who are all realizing the great role each is playing in the infinite.

Humans at that time lacked high mental development but were apparently much more right-brain attuned than today. That is, they were in harmony with nature to a great degree and feelings and perception were more 4D - the heart chakra was more open. The interbreeding from these gods of Nibiru with the Earth females and the consequent disharmony of energies 'knocked the women into 3D' and the resonant aspects of language sounds in communication degenerated into pure identification - words merely representing objects in a detached manner (as is the case today).

This led to a split into many tongues, and further, a split amongst ourselves.

Thus the incompatibility of the electromagnetic energies in the breeding experiments caused deterioration of the human race. The Anunnaki discovered that the nuclear radiation from uranium 'infiltrated' the emotional body of humans causing implantation of belief systems - a powerful tool for programming.

The Anunnaki were experts in the science of genetics and took great interest in DNA splicing of different species, including humans, creating human-animal mutants. The original intention was to upgrade the human race genetically but the Nibiruans became carried away with curiosity at the extreme forms of creatures they could create.

According to Hilarion's material they soon lost sight of their positive purpose to advance the genetic stream of the human group and created varieties of human-animals with massive distortions of the human genetic blueprint.

Amongst the more notable and successful of the mutants or 'monsters' that were created was the half-horse, half-man beings known in our mythology as centaurs. The experiments succeeded in altering the genetic codes of humans and horses and mixing them to produce a viable creature that was capable of reproducing itself. That is, it could not only survive but procreate its own kind.

Now these centaur forms were strong and fast and were chosen spiritually by a race of beings from another star system for incarnational purposes. They were from a highly advanced civilization which had evolved into higher realms, leaving behind a relatively small group, a few thousand, which had failed in this ascension process.

Their numbers were too small to handle their complex civilization and they volunteered for what was referred to as the centaur experiment.

Thus even though they were stragglers of the advanced group they were quite advanced relative to humans and volunteered to embody this human-horse form, in particular, because karmically they had lacked a proper appreciation of their previous physical forms and had neglected the body.

Thus the Pan kingdom of fawns evolved existing in harmony and cooperation with the humans race. Since that time, however, man has sunk to a lower level through greed, selfishness and ego development, resulting in man's blindness to the Pan kingdom or any of the numerous other kingdoms on planet Earth.

These beings can see us, our worlds interpenetrate, but man's increasing shortsightedness prevents even an acknowledgement of the presence of these other life forms - in effect we have degenerated into a lower-frequency band.

The original reason for the Anunnaki visits to Earth and their considerable interest was their need for a new genetic matrix.

Since Earth was a by-product of the implosion of Sirius B, creating the fragments Earth, Nibiru, Sirius C and the remaining Sirius B, our planet and Nibiru are consequently related.

About half-a- million Anunnaki began landing on Earth with repeated visits every 3,600 years. Around 3,500 BC they apparently founded the Sumerian civilization.

At the present time the Anunnaki are the main threat to mankind on planet Earth. Their goal is to reverse the DNA code sequence by blocking the Earth grid time matrix form-holding the 12-dimensional spectrum that corresponds to the 12th strand DNA (see below insert for description of the '12-strand DNA').


Substantial basic information is given in the book Voyagers, volume 2, on the 12-strand DNA. Humans have two biological strands, structured in the double-helix manner.

In addition, we have strands three to twelve but these are 'unplugged' - they are not active. None of these are biological but are electromagnetic, extending into higher frequencies from strand three to strand twelve - they would be patterned within space, and nested internally nonlinearly.

The electromagnetic strands may be described as etheric, and there could be considered to be twelve etheric in number and two physical, since each of the physical biological strands have etheric counterparts.

The DNA is made up of minute templates of crystallized frequencies (sound and light magnetically grouped into frequency patterns - remember all matter and energy is in effect made up of frequency packets). These are called DNA Seed Codes. Crystallized energy is in effect condensed energy - sometimes these structures, depending on the frequencies, manifest as visible and detectable matter.

These seed codes are templates for DNA strands and consist of 12 magnetic particle units (called Base Codes) and 12 electrical antiparticle units (called Acceleration Codes).

Now a Crystal Seal keeps the 12 particles and 12 antiparticles separate in each strand. Each seal has the frequencies of each strand. The seals keep the particles polarized (not unified) and locked into that dimensional strand - the particles and antiparticles are prevented from coming together and being unified. This creates and isolates the space-time conditions for that dimension.

When a Seed Crystal Seal is released, the 12 particles and 12 antiparticles fuse (particle to antiparticle). These are positioned 'horizontally' and this fusing or integration results in a frequency increase.

Now there are also 12 Star Crystal Seals in the DNA that keep particles and antiparticles separate in adjacent strands. Each Star Crystal Seal is composed of half the frequencies of the DNA strand below and half of those of the DNA strand above.

These Star Crystal Seals are positioned 'vertically' between the strands (actually going inwards).

There are also 12 dormant codes (genes). If the Star Crystal Seals are not activated, the dormant codes will remain dormant. The 12 dormant genes are called Fire Codes, or the Silica Matrix. When a Star Crystal Seal is activated a dormant gene is released.

This then allows a Star Crystal Seal, which is located between the strands, to be released, enabling the upper strand to fuse with the one below - the DNA strands plug into one another. Thus there is a vertical and horizontal unification and integration taking place.

Due to genetic mutation only a small proportion of humans carry the full Silica Matrix. Under these conditions the Fire Codes (of the Silica Matrix) are broken down by distortions in the DNA.

The Star Crystal Seeds cannot be activated without the functional Silica Matrix and the body cannot achieve cellular transmutation.

The distortions, however, can be corrected. Thus correcting the distortions enables the full Silica Matrix to exist - that is, the dormant genes can now be released when the Star Crystal Seeds are activated.

In summary, a single Seed Crystal Seal when released will enable the Base Codes to plug into one another in one strand. Then the Star Crystal Seal will release, which separates a strand from an upper (higher-frequency) strand, enabling the upper strand to plug into the lower one, and so on for the other strands.

In the years 2012 to 2017 the so-called stellar bridge will form, that is, frequency alignment of the spirals/vortices of certain galaxies will occur with the spiral/vortex of our solar system and the spiral/vortex of Earth, including higher-dimensional counterparts of Earth.

These are called stellar spirals.

Their alignment will download frequencies from the higher dimensions into the Earth's grid, creating the opportunity for DNA advancement and ascension of consciousness.

The Anunnaki have 11 strands but in reverse sequence - hence their planet enters our solar system in reverse orbit.

If they can block the frequencies above 11D (eleven dimensions) and reverse the code sequence up to and including 11D they can live permanently on Earth. Our planet, however, would then orbit in reverse.

Now if the time matrix is reversed up to 12D (and with 12D frequencies severed) it creates a system within a system. This means assistance from higher frequencies, universes, realms, is blocked, and Earth becomes isolated from higher sources. The more advanced beings above 12D cannot enter their consciousness into a matrix of reversed codes without causing distortions in their consciousness.

The Drakonians (Drakons, Dracos), although also requiring 12D to be blocked and who are less of a threat to us, are 10- strand DNA and do not want the grid codes operating at 11D for their compatible environment. Thus they wish to destroy the Anunnaki. (See Anna Hayes' material for full details.)

One of the purposes of the human race is to re-align the planetary grid system, which is part of what is called the Universal Templar Complex - this is the real quest for the Holy Grail.

Clearly it will require a sufficient number of people to wake up to the deception of a re-written history and what is happening now.

We have explained that the Dracos are hybrids of humans and Drakon, and that their appearance is reptilian:

1) six to seven feet tall

2) green/brown scales

3) clawlike four-fingered, webbed hands

4) snakelike faces, a cross between human and dragon, with a central ridge from top of the head to the snout 

5) eyes with vertical slits and golden irises

They can survive for weeks on one large meal. Ones higher in rank have appendages like wings and are said to attain a much greater stature.

The original reptilians, or Lizzies - from which the Drakon, mentioned in Chapter 1, originated - were introduced to our system about 225 million years ago. It is of interest to note that the Nibiruans were taught life sciences by the Lizzies.

Our solar system is entering the same place in the galaxy that the Lizzies obtained control of, 225 million years ago. This cycle (end/beginning node) will coincide with the year 2012 in the harmonic convergence of several cosmic cycles.

Members of this group, along with the Greys/Zetas and the hybrid Dracos-Zeta, have formed an alliance with the secret government. The MJ-12 has become well-known as consisting of the government members who interact with the aliens, and are familiar with the alien/government agenda for this planet; though the aliens are in fact secretly manipulating them.

The Dracos, even though part human of the Drakon-human hybrid, have chosen the path of separation from Source and in opposition to the Law of One. Their aim is domination by force with subsequent control and enslavement of the human race in complete violation of the universal law of non-interference of free will of other species.

Their justification for this negative action is that being a human hybrid, planet Earth is their birthright, in addition to the basic context they have, that the reptilian race is one of the oldest in the galaxy and has overseen the human race since its inception.

The reptilians are known for their infiltration methods and for masquerading as Light beings, and seemingly siding with the benevolent influx of knowledge, but creating and channeling false data, subtly presented to give enough truth to create deception.

Their planet in the Orion sector is sometimes referred to as Draconis, which comes under the Reptoid Federation, a source of much conflict and wars prior to their invasion of Earth as the Drakon a million years ago. Then, as mentioned, they created the Drakon-human hybrid under total influence of the Drakon violent and aggressive character.

The Dracos are now behind much of the satanic rituals and widespread black magic, which have been on the increase for sometime and is acknowledged in much literature, including government reports and books.

The Dracos can apparently infiltrate and manipulate the human race by either taking on the human form when it contains sufficient reptilian genetics, and shape-shifting this form between humans and Dracos, or can as a detached being control a human body with the requisite proportion of genes.

Nevertheless, let us emphasise that the basic reptilian race is benevolent and, for example, they contributed towards the plan for the human species on Earth, even if they did present challenges, and were present as observers at this time for thousands of years. In fact an anti-reptilian prejudice runs through our solar system. For example, on Maldek they interfered with society and government, replacing leaders, etc. but much of it was 'police' work with positive intentions; nevertheless not always appreciated and sometimes feared.

According to Anna Hayes' material we can trace the Dracos lineage to the Seraphim who digressed from the Seraphei. From this Seraphim ancestry both the bird and reptilian lines developed and also this made its particular contribution to the human DNA.

Now the MJ-12 (secret government group that liaises with the aliens) was formed when Truman was in power and prior to that presidents knew of the alien situation. After the formation of MJ-12, however, leaders were given information on a need-to- know basis - limited and often erroneous material.

The Greys, becoming better known as the Zetas, that is the small aliens with large heads, are a very segregated race and a negative offshoot of the original Zetas; they work under the Dracos.

The Greys - and a small proportion of Zetas - are subservient to the Dracos

The hybrids, which are Dracos-Zetas, are particularly under Dracos control 

These aliens are said to operate from vast underground installations and cities; several million inhabitants has been indicated.

They have developed extremely advanced mind-con- trol technologies, and are able to influence human minds via television, computers and other electrical devices, even when the appliances are merely plugged in and not switched on.

Now one of the largest dimensional portals on this planet is controlled by the reptilians. It is in the Middle East, and is some 1000 miles in diameter. They have used this area for the creation of underground bases, which they operate. The portal is ideally located to infiltrate negative energies into the Middle East to create chaos and hatred amongst the Arabs and Jews, fostering unrest, strife, and wars.

There are vast installation networks of tunnels and cities within the Earth, housing many civilizations, including native ones and ETs. There is not only a huge amount of space potential in the Earth but other dimensional spaces exist which can be approached via, for example, electromagnetic corridors.

These reptilians consider themselves one of the oldest races in the universe and superior to other species. They live a life based on fear and one which does not honour other life forms. They live off the nourishment of fear in others. They have set Earth up with devices that can broadcast and magnify the emotional turmoil on this planet.

The resulting turbulent, chaotic energy is absorbed by them and sustains them.

As mentioned above the symbolism of the serpent and its connection to ancient gods and reptilian images of ancient cultures are rampant throughout the world. The Reverend John Bathhurst Deane wrote that the symbolic worship of the serpent was so common in Greece that Justin Martyr accuses the Greeks of introducing it into the mysteries of all their gods.

Also consider the Chinese interest, fear and respect of dragons.

Around 52,000 years ago the Dracos secretly were allowed to return to Earth. They began, however, infiltrating Lemuria and built an extensive network of lairs and tunnel systems between Lemuria and Atlantis.

They proceeded to terrorize the inhabitants of Lemuria, which eventually extended to Atlantis. An attempt was made to free Earth of this Dracos menace.

Meetings were held by the various races to end the Dracos problem. Utilising crystal generators they endeavoured to seal the Dracos in their underground lairs using highly focussed beams of energy. The attempt, however, backfired and a massive explosion resulted, involving considerable volcanic activity, and earthquakes upon both Lemuria and Atlantis; though Lemuria suffered severe land-mass destruction.

Populations went underground. After returning to the surface it took generations to rebuild and for the Earth to balance its grid system. The Atlanteans never equalled its development before this disaster.

Most of the Dracos were evacuated by their Anunnaki resistance accomplices. The Arc of the Covenant (see Appendix) was damaged and this was realigned by the Elohim.


The book Voyagers, volume 2, covers this subject in some detail. It explains that the true information on the nature and meaning of the Arc has been withheld from man for a long time.

The Arc of the Covenant wasn't the chest containing the Rod and the Staff, though there were powers associated with the Rod and the Staff, nor was it the Ankhs, possessing even greater potencies. The Arc is an energy device involving much more multidimensional concepts.

The Arc was created 840,000 years ago; originally named the Arch of the Covenant of Palaidor (an agreement amongst the Palaidorians - consisting of several races - to help humans). It is a portal bridge between the Sphere of Amenti in the Andromeda galaxy and Earth's core via the Great pyramid to enable the third seeding of the human race to take place.

Originally the pyramid was meant as a harmonic resonance chamber for pulling in multidimensional energies from deep space and from Sirius B using a great Ankha in the capstone, with the additional purposes to fortify the portal of the Arc of the Covenant and serve as an interdimensional teleportation centre. It is situated on the heart chakra of the Earth.

Apparently Noah's Arc was not a boat. It refers to the Arc of the Covenant in the Great Pyramid, and the description in the Bible refers to the passageway leading to the Arc. Noah sheltered in the inner-Earth from the Great Flood via the pyramid.

This understanding of the Arc is revealed in Howard Middleton-Jones' and James Wilkie's book Giza-Genesis.

Then as a safeguard the portal connecting to the Arc was moved to Egypt.

According to UFO researchers and channeling, Earth populations are apparently manipulated from Dracos-Zeta underground complexes. Thus human genetic traits acquired from the Drakon-human (Dracos) hybrid agenda enable them to infiltrate human society undetected - to use human bodies either directly or indirectly.

David Icke's book The Biggest Secret covers this thoroughly.

Since 1983 to the present the Dracos-Zeta Resistance has been creating hybrids and human clones for their evil purposes. Human clones can be used for infiltration purposes. Women are abducted and their human fetuses removed at around seven months gestation to be infused with Dracos-Zeta genetic material.

They are returned but as these humans grow up they are unaware of their ET association and can be subliminally directed by the Dracos-Zeta Resistance via the DNA and neurological structure.

We might add that the Guardian Alliance also in turn abducts these people to disable these gene codes and return them to normal life.

Now the alliance between the Dracos and Zeta is one without allegiance; it is not based on harmonious cooperation - merely one of exploitation and self-serving needs. As the Guardians foresaw, this proved an added danger to Earth.

The main goal of the Dracos-Zetas at present is to create a frequency fence (see Appendix) on the planet, which would become effective after 2003.

A combination of the infiltration scheme and the frequency fence would interfere with the plans for Earth's ascension into new dimensions and the necessary DNA changes. (The frequency fence relates to alien-government experiments, including the Philadelphia Experiment - see the chapter ET/Government Interactions.)

The drastic problem became apparent to the Guardians in 1984 as they traced this outcome by examining future probabilities. The future path showed more danger than anticipated. This probability revealed that in 2976 AD Earth would be destroyed.

It was perceived that the reduced Earth's grid vibrations, due to the Dracos-Zeta project, in the presence of the ascension portal (called the 'Sphere of Amenti' by ETs - see Appendix) would explode the grid (a holding pattern, formatting Earth's energy fields).

Thus in this future probability, the Guardians removed the 'Sphere of Amenti' (referred to in the Bible as the 'Pearly Gates of Heaven') but as a result of this subsequent setback (removing the sphere), any further hope of ascension was prevented, and the Dracos-Zetas took control over the Earth's population, in which the human's collective came under the control of the Zeta mass-mind.

Moreover, once Earth came under Dracos-Zeta manipulation, the Dracos in this probability attacked and dominated the Zetas.

The Dracos then took over Earth and used Earth (at a lower-dimensional level) for storage of photo-nuclear waste, resulting from the manufacture of photonic energy). This procedure, however, caused a massive explosion in 2976 AD, destroying Earth.

Upon discovering this, the Guardians informed the resistance Zetas of the Dracos betrayal, offering them assistance and relocation if they would give up the plan for infiltration and control of Earth. Nevertheless, the Zetas refused. (As we shall see later this seems typical of the Zetas' failure in matters of communication and understanding of other beings.)

Although the Guardian Alliance could easily overpower the Dracos and Zetas, a forced confrontation would cause damage to Earth's grid and the collective fields.

A further plan has been devised, involving many ETs throughout the galaxy, known as the 'Bridge Zone Project' - see Voyagers, volume 2.

The group of ETs - Pleiadians and others - channeling B. Marciniak's book tell us that ten of the DNA strands of our original 12-strand DNA were unplugged by the reptilians, leaving us with the two biological strands.
Conversely the Voyagers books tend to imply that this 'unplugging' was due to the 'fall' of man (these apparently incompatible concepts could still be reconciled though). Now in addition to the obvious reasons for this (disassembling the DNA to prevent man's ascension), a specific purpose given in Alex Collier's material was that according to the Andromedans, humans are related to a group known as the Paa Tal - a name used by the reptilians.

The Dracos apparently have legends about 'Paa Tal' - a warring race from the Draconian point of view that was creating human life forms opposed to Draconian philosophy.

In fact the Paa Tal created life forms with full expression contrary to the purposes of the Dracos; hence the need for these particular reptilians (reptoids/Dracos) to limit man's abilities.