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27 September 2014

Official Documents About The Existence of Interdimensional Beings

Interesting report from Tercer Milenio about the government documents, confirming the existence of extraterrestrials.
There’s also this interesting FBI document from 1947 about the interdimentional beings living on Earth.
Find out more information in the video below!

The document says:

1. Part of the disk carry crews, others are under remote control. 

2. Their mission is peaceful and they are considering to establish on our planet.

3. These visitors are human-like but much longer in size.

4. They have no planet such as we live on earth. They come from their own world, an ethereal world that is linked to our own, but we cannot perceive it.

5. The bodies of the visitors and the craft also, automatically materialize when they arrive to our vibration.

6. The discs posses a type of radiant energy, or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship.

7. They can become ethereal and invisible without leaving a trail.

8. They probably cannot be reached by radio, but they can sometimes be caught on the radar. 

Website The Vault:
Link: Document UFOs and Extraterrestrials – UFO part 1 to 16 (including page 22): FBI document proves ‘We are being visited by Aliens and they live here on Earth.’ A while ago the FBI uploaded an interesting pdf document on UFOs and Extraterrestrials on their website ‘The Vault’. An official document, dated July 8, 1947 was delivered to Mr. Hoover, FBI director. Below pdf document – Page 22.

Brian OLeary NASA Astronaut Blows Whistle On UFO

Published on Sep 26, 2014.

Dr Brian O'Leary was born on January 27th, 1940 and past away on July 28th, 2011 shortly after making this statement. He was a member of the sixth group of astronauts selected by NASA in August of 1967. The members of this group were known as the scientist-astronauts. Dr O'Leary received a bachelor of arts degree in physics from Williams College in 1961, and a doctor of philosophy in astronomy from the University of California at Berkeley in 1967. He was a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as secretary of the American Geophysical Union's Planetology Section. Furthermore, he was the team leader of the Asteroidal Resources Group for NASA's Ames Summer Study on Space Settlements. He was a founding board member of the International Association for New Science as well as founding president of the New Energy Movement. He was a fellow at the World Innovation Foundation and a physics professor at Princeton University.

26 September 2014


By Paul Levy

In discovering the quantum, physics has indisputably encountered consciousness. Quantum physics is pointing out, in unequivocal terms, that the study of the universe and the study of consciousness are inseparably linked, and that ultimate progress in the one will be impossible without progress in the other. The discovery of the quantum nature of our universe is a seismic, tectonic shift in the very foundation of physics and the roots of our scientific worldview, a change so momentous that it can literally transform the course of human history.

The founders of quantum physics, people such as Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger famously argued that quantum physics is first and foremost a new way of thinking. Quantum theory is teaching us that implicit in our very thinking are certain flaws and misperceptions that, unseen and taken for granted, unnecessarily limit our ability to apprehend the nature of nature, including our own.

Quantum physics is the most subversive of all the sciences, having created a “reality crisis” in the field of physics such that the very idea of “reality” itself has been undermined. Physicists have, in their attempts at grasping its implications, lost their grip on reality, finding nothing to hold onto. Exploring the farthest reaches of the outside micro-world brings us right back to our inner selves.

One third of our economy involves products based on quantum mechanics – things such as computers and the Internet, lasers, MRI’s, DVD’s, microwaves, mobile phones, silicon chips, semiconductors, superconductors and nuclear energy. And yet, even with the huge impact quantum physics has had on all of our lives, this effect is infinitesimally small compared with what it will be when more of us recognize and internalize the implications of what it is revealing to us about the nature of reality as well as of ourselves.

This is the deep philosophical question that begs to be answered – what does quantum physics mean? And do we use the discoveries of quantum physics for the betterment of our species, or to destroy ourselves? Quantum theory reflects back to us that the choice is truly ours.


Quantum physics forever shattered the idea of there being an objectively existing world. It is ironic that physics, long considered the most “objective” of all the sciences, in pursuing its dedicated quest to understand the deep nature of the material universe, has dispelled the very notion of an objective universe. Quantum theory has opened up the door to a profoundly new vision of the cosmos, where the observer, the observed and the act of observation are inseparably united.

In quantum physics, we are no longer passive witnesses of the universe, but rather, we unavoidably find ourselves in the new role of active participants who in-form, give shape to and in some mysterious sense “create” the very universe we are interacting with. In essence, consciousness has entered into the physics laboratory, and physicists are not quite sure what to make of this.

Coming to terms and facing up to the intrusion of consciousness into their hallowed halls is forcing physics to come to terms with questions of meta-physics, which for most physicists is not what they signed up for. Quantum physics is itself the greatest threat to the underlying metaphysical assumptions of “scientific materialism,” a perspective which assumes that there is an independently existing, objective material world that is separate from the observer.

The quantum revolution has revealed that the classical worldview was something that existed entirely within the minds of a certain strain of European humanity that became reified into an orthodox creed and held the mind of modern humanity in a prison of its own making, as if humanity had become spellbound.

Physicists themselves haven’t fully comprehended and don’t quite know what to make of what they have unwittingly stumbled upon. They have been forced to wrestle, not just intellectually but emotionally, existentially and spiritually with their own discoveries in the quantum realm. Quantum theory has pushed its adherents to the very edge of the unknown, both out in the world and within themselves. In trying to understand nature, physics is helping us discover our own nature.

In re-visioning our idea of the world we live in, we change our perception of the possibilities available in our world, thus opening up previously unimagined pathways of creative and effective action. “Objective reality” is now an unexamined implicit assumption, an idea in our mind. What most of us call objective reality is simply an interpretation of data whose meaning is agreed upon by the majority, what can be called a “consensus reality.”


Quantum theory brings the question to the fore: Are we discovering reality, or creating it? And if we are, at least in part, creating what we call reality, what are we creating it out of? According to our subjective experience the world certainly seems real enough, apparently contradicting what quantum physics is telling us about the world’s lack of inherent, objective reality. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the world behaves “as if” it has an independent reality, which furthers our visceral belief in objective reality. Yet objectivity itself is a recent human phenomenon.

The Scientific Revolution was a deepening of our powers of reason, a flowering of human creativity and a breakthrough for humanity, helping us to explore our world in ever-more profound and ingenious ways. From another point of view, the Scientific Revolution was also the onset of a particular form of madness. It started as a new worldview that was revolutionary in its power; yet it contained a subtle error that solidified into a widespread delusion which has over time profoundly enabled the collective psychosis that our species finds itself in.

An essential feature of this madness is the severing between the subject and object, the observer and the observed, as if the scientific imagination thought that in its intellectual examination of the world, it wasn’t part of, participating in, and thereby affecting that which it was investigating. Seeing the world as separate from ourselves has become the prevailing and institutionalized worldview of “the academy,” a viewpoint that takes the heart, soul and “magic” out of the world, reducing it to a dead, inanimate, insensate domain.

This was done in pursuit of the ideal of objectivity, which was gradually elevated to the level of an absolute truth about the nature of reality. This approach worked remarkably well when it came to dealing with the macroscopic world, enabling unprecedented levels of control to be exerted over the physical world. But an unseen cost was being incurred by the human spirit. Increasingly enthralled by science’s ever-growing achievements and technological wizardry, few questioned whether these very advances might at the same time be leading humanity astray from essential aspects of the true nature of our being, slowly dehumanizing our species in the process.

In contrast, quantum theory implies that immaterial factors having more of the nature of images and ideas are the blue-print for our universe, actually in-forming and shaping the evolution of the universe as a whole. It is as if the universe itself is conspiring with us to help us awaken to its, and our nature, and quantum physics is the theoretical and experimental “instrument” for this deeper insight to reveal itself. Seen as a symbol crystallizing out of the dreamlike nature of reality, quantum physics is revealing to us that we don’t live in the mechanistic, Cartesian world of classical physics, but rather, inhabit an enchanted world not separate from our mind’s creative imagination.

What we call reality is simply a theory and internalized mental model which is at bottom a way of looking at the world, rather than a form of absolutely true knowledge of how the world “really” is. It is important not to conflate reality with our theories, not to confuse the map with the territory. Our best models are no more than aids to our imagination, by no means are they complete reflections of the nature of reality.


Quantum physics has raised the question, is the ever-evolving universe like a work of art in progress, making up its laws as it goes along? The idea that the laws which inform the functioning of reality spring into manifestation out of nothingness fully formed is a nonsensical, preposterous idea. As one quantum physicist comments, “The laws of physics were not installed in advance by a Swiss watchmaker." They must have somehow come into being.

The central and all-encompassing role of the observer in quantum mechanics, what has been referred to as the “magic ingredient,” is the most important clue we have regarding the construction of the universe. The universe gives rise to meaning-establishing observer-participants, who, in developing the ideas of quantum mechanics, grant a meaningful existence to the universe. The construction of the universe is such that the observer is as essential to the creation of the universe as the universe is essential to the creation of the observer.

In a world without a built-in purpose, quantum theory “promotes” the observer to the definer of reality and generator of meaning, which is essentially a creator of distinctions, a primordially creative role. However we view it, we can’t get around the fact that we are participating in creating our experience of the universe.

Quantum physics is riddled with paradox to its core. Thinking “quantum-logically,” we are able to hold paradox in a new way; instead of needing one or the other viewpoint to be true, in a higher form of logic, we can hold seemingly contradictory statements together as both being true simultaneously. This gives new insight into how what may appear to be contradictions at one level can be part of a deeper consistency and completeness from a higher, more inclusive level.

As renowned quantum physicist John Archibald Wheeler once said, “The universe gives birth to consciousness, and consciousness gives meaning to the universe.” The emergence of consciousness in the universe is as epic and epochal an event in cosmic history as the first big blast of its materialization in the supposed big bang. In this process of self-cognition, the universe is able to turn back upon itself so as to explore its nature via its various life forms.

In such a self-referential cosmology whose nature is a self-generating feedback loop of pure creativity, we are dreaming up the universe, while at the same time the universe is reciprocally dreaming us up. The seemingly subjective and objective realities interblend and co-create each other. As observers, we are participants in the genesis of the universe.


Without observers, there is no existence. The observer is both a result of an evolutionary process and, in some sense, the cause of its own emergence. In other words, mind-boggling as it is to contemplate, we may be “observer-participants” playing a role in the genesis of the cosmos in this very moment. We live in a universe that is capable not only of harboring life, but of cultivating life which is intelligent enough to ask about its origins. In our observing and reflecting upon our universe we are actually changing the universe’s idea of itself. Through us, the universe questions itself and tries out various answers on itself in an effort – parallel to our own – to decipher its own being.

Quantum physics has discovered that there are no elementary particles, no fundamental “building blocks” of reality. “The atoms or elementary particles themselves form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.” They are not located in time or space but in an abstract realm.

Subatomic objects don’t exist as things, but rather, as events, as happenings, as dynamic ever-changing interactive psycho-physical processes. What these elementary entities “are” and what they “do” are inseparably intertwined. The aspects of nature represented by quantum theory are converted from elements of “being” to elements of “doing,” which basically replaces the world of material substances with a world populated by actions, events and processes.

In the quantum world, there is no “place” for matter, in the same way that in the classical world there is no “place” for mind. Classical physics’ theory of a world of matter is converted by quantum physics into a theory of the relationship between matter and mind. Unveiling a great mystery, quantum physics is pointing out that the ultimate nature of the universe is more mind-like than matter-like.

The quantum universe can be properly conceived of only as an intricately interconnected dynamic whole. Our universe is an emergent universe in which the whole is greater than the sum of any of its parts can even imagine. An emergent global property can feed back to influence the individuals who produced it in an interlocking, creativity-generating, self-sustaining and life-supporting feedback loop. Thus individuals and groups can begin to consciously tap into the energy that makes up the quantum realm – the zero point energy of creation itself – in a way which changes everything.

Our nonlocal universe’s spooky action-at-a-distance is an expression of the fundamental, indivisible wholeness of the universe, which is radically different from classical physics’ previous conception of the universe as composed of separate parts. At the quantum level, there is the radically new notion of intrinsic unbroken wholeness, a seamless interconnectedness among all of the universe’s seemingly separate parts. At the quantum level, the universe is “one” with itself.


Quantum entities exist in a realm of potentiality, in what is called a state of “superposition,” which is to say they hover in a ghostly state between existence and nonexistence, existing in all possible states up until the moment they are observed. Not existing in space-time, their appearance in space-time at the moment of observation is a quantum event in which an atemporal process manifests in time. Everything ultimately exists in a state of open-ended potential.

In the transition from the random uncertainty of the quantum realm, where particles ceaselessly spring into and out of existence, to the seeming solidity and orderly certainty of our everyday world, the question naturally arises, where is this boundary between the quantum world, where things don’t actually exist in a real way but in a state of potentiality, and our everyday world, where things at least appear to exist in a solid-seeming way?

Quantum theory implies that the whole universe – including ourselves – is recreated and recreating itself anew every based on how we are dreaming it up. What we experience is not external reality, but our interaction with what our minds construe to be an external reality. Quantum reality is not subjective, just as it is not objective. The quantum dimension is the bridge, the intermediate realm between the subjective mental realm “in here” and the seemingly objective world “out there,” somehow coupling the two.

Rather than the quantum realm being illusory, quantum physics points out that the appearance of the macroscopic, conventional world can be likened to a holographic optical illusion produced by the interaction of our sense faculties with quantum reality. Behind the apparent solidity of everyday objects lies a world of open-ended potentiality.

It is not that the deeper reality is veiled and we can’t know it; rather, there is no deeper, independent reality based on our ordinary conceptions of what this means. The further we descend down the quantum physics rabbit hole, the more magnificent the plumage of this very strange quantum bird. In the quantum realm we never end up with things, but always with interactive relationships. At the quantum level, being and knowing, perception and reality, epistemology and ontology are inextricably entangled.

The viewpoint that is emerging from the cutting edge of quantum physics is that, instead of being an epiphenomenon of matter, consciousness is the ontological ground and driving force of the process of reality itself. Max Planck, the first person to propose the quantum nature of light and one of the first architects of quantum theory, commenting on what the new physics was revealing to humanity, famously said, “Mind is the matrix of all matter.” Consciousness is in some mysterious fashion creating the “stuff” of the material world.

The discovery of the quantum observership-based nature of reality represents the first rupture in the armor of the classical chrysalis that has long encased the human mind and fettered the human spirit, tightly holding it in a state of slumber dreaming of a deterministic, clockwork cosmos. Irreversibly awakening out of its somnambulistic trance, humanity is going through an evolutionary metamorphosis in which it is unfurling its iridescent wings of creative imagination as it flies into the open-ended space of previously undreamt possibilities, releasing itself into the luminous imaginal sky of freedom.

There is no objective reality independent of an observer.
The observer affects what is observed by the mere act of observing.
Quantum entities exist in a multiplicity of simultaneous potential states (called a superposition).
There is no independent quantum entity separate from its properties. Its properties are a function of our observation.
The act of observation is the very act which turns the potentiality of the quantum world into the actuality of the seemingly ordinary world.
The universe is a seamless, undivided and instantaneously interconnected whole. Each part of the universe is interrelated with every other part.
An expression of this wholeness is the universe’s nonlocality, in which every part of the universe is related to and in communication with every other part.
The laws of physics are not written in stone, but are mutable.
The quantum universe is not separate from consciousness; rather, it is an expression of consciousness. Mind and matter are no longer seen as separate.
Quantum physics literally changes and transforms our mind, as it introduces a new way of thinking. It helps us see the world differently.
Quantum physics shows us how we are playing a key role in the creation of our experience, as well as in the genesis of the cosmos, in this very moment.
Significantly altering Descartes’ famous principle, “I think therefore I am,” quantum physics would instead say, “I choose therefore I am.”

Note: This essay has been edited for brevity. Read the full, 30-page essay on Paul Levy's website. And explore his highly praised book Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul Levy has a private practice assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. Read a similarly beautiful and thought-provoking short essay by Prof. Charles Tart title, "Who Am I?". And don't miss an excellent exploration into the holographic nature of the universe from the heart and mind expanding Transformation Course.

Meet the Firm

"The sorcerers’ idea is we are entombed by social upbringing, tricked into perceiving the world as a place of hard objects and finalities. We go to our graves denying we are magical beings; our agenda is to service the ego instead of the spirit. Before we know it, the battle is over – we die squalidly shackled to the self."
Carlos Castaneda.

Our world is run by a demonic cabal, a conglomeration of the most depraved consciousness on the planet. The dead eyed, fake smile sociopaths with their affected accents, smart suits and fast cars, run the show from top to bloody bottom. Their lackeys are the patronising politicians with their clean cut looks, the snake oil salesmen that proclaim each day on CNN or Fox or whatever brand of conditioning people chose that everything’s okay…

These narcissists are the pillars of a corrupt establishment and are shameless in their lusts, lying, scheming and murdering their way up the greasy pole of power. The smooth savage looks normal to the non discerning eye, normal enough to pass for human….he is the yes man, the smarmy
bastard who decides who eats and who starves, who lives and who dies. He is the fabricator and creator of the bogey men, the fakes used to fuel the ever lasting wars of conquest…

The self appointed ruler and his ilk are the gate-keepers of the ‘Loosh rote’ and, service to self is the only game they play.

The ‘Loosh Rote’

The Loosh Rote’ is the term coined by the great pioneer of astral travel and out of body experiences, John Monroe. His OBE’s led him to the understanding that the Earth world is a farm, set up for the sole purpose of harvesting the energy of fear and suffering from living creatures.

As Morpheus says in the Matrix, we are all batteries…and I would add, on tap 24/7.

Just imagine a mind parasite sending us into a past trauma… for half a pint of abandonment with a shot of jealousy thrown in!

The psycho’s in power run the ‘loosh farm’ as a business, where profit and loss is governed by how much energy is generated and collected from mankind physically and energetically.

Amplification of suffering

The shootings at Aurora in Colorado and Sandy Hook took place on ley lines, amplifying the human misery for a mega loosh collection…. this is why so much death and mayhem happens upon the power lines of earth’s magnetic grid.

The major football stadiums are built upon the grid, and think of all the ‘ra..ra energy, pure testosterone and adrenaline in action at a game…the raw ‘loosh’ of the intoxicated fans, amplified by a ley line is a feast for something…

You’ve got to hand it to the Firm, they’ve got us all wrapped up. Their bought and paid for media hangs right in there and inundates us with cruelty and bloodshed, lewd Saturnalia’s, buzzing with spells and symbols at the Superbowl and Olympics, and all the while pumping out fear based propaganda of war…of shock and awe.

The Firm knows how to programme our psyche’s with poverty and loss, wanton cruelties, false flags and lies, so we will continuously produce emotional misery and torment. The loosh rote is big business for the devil’s pimps.

Peter Singer the author of Animal Liberation believed that the meat industry deliberately devised the slaughtering process to increase suffering in animals…as another way of increasing the ‘loosh harvest’ for the diabolical owners of the farm

Happy Days

According to John Monroe, our ‘happy’ energy is harvested along with our misery, and in line with the Law of Duality/Polarity this makes perfect sense.

Happy is the opposite polarity to sad, the two opposing ends of the same energetic charge. Everything in this reality is dual…that’s why in the testament there are two creation stories and two gods…Mr Nice and Mr Nasty.

Human life is geared to elicit emotional response, and the off planet director of the Firm, knows there has to be some reward, some joyful moments in our lives, otherwise we would kill ourselves and the human farm called’ life on earth’ would disappear and with it the collection of the ‘loosh’.

The Horror Show

The concept that we are farmed for our emotional content good or bad is a terrifying idea. Just as horrible as the thought put forward on Exo-politics TV a while back, that the essence of third dimensional fractals are stored after death in vats on the dark side of the moon, and their re-incarnation into the fractal bodies of earth’s babies, is overseen by greys.

This is horrible stuff….in the realm of H. P. Lovecraft. But fact is often stranger than fiction.

Taking back the ‘Loosh rote’

Loosh is most readily obtainable in the game of ‘us versus them’ and none of us are immune to conflict. But we can make a start to mitigate its effects by refusing to be drawn in to the divisive nature of the game.

I don’t mean being a doormat. In 3D…there’s always a predator looking for a victim. This is a hard and unforgiving world, run by satanists and populated by zombies, using up their essence in the constant drama’s and fights of unfulfilled existence.

We have to learn to state our case, stand our ground and be active in the world without emotion getting the better of us…without flying off the handle. Learning to stay in neutral…at the centre of the charge of ‘us and them’ is a struggle in this insane world, but the more we observe from that perspective the easier life becomes.

Every moment we are truly alive in the now, and in love with life, we are free of the mind parasite, free of the virus that has blighted our lives. For too long we have been beaten down into the shadows, crippled by trauma and exploited by a ruthless system.

Take back the ‘loosh rote’, be in love with the dream and it will manifest.

25 September 2014

The Most Incredible Powerful Video I have Seen All Year “The World is Coming to an End”

“The economy is collapsing, education is shot, police are corrupt, intelligence is shunned and ignorance rewarded”

“More people want 15 seconds of fame than a life time of meaning and purpose because what’s popular is more important than what is right”

“Our role models today, 60 years ago would have been examples of what not to be”

Russia and US Intel Release New Smoking Gun Evidence on 9/11! Names of Who Did It!

Glenn Canady
“Learn the Secret to Eternal Life!”

The following interview (Watch the video below) by US Intelligence is the most shocking I have ever heard. Gordon Duff released bombshell after bombshell in this hour and 38 minutes! The Russians just released some key information about 9/11, ISIS and much more! Never in history have the names of those involved been released that were involved in the attacks. It includes a person that became the first head of the Department of Homeland Security, a Former Mayor of New York City during 9/11 and the Police Commissioner of New York City during 9/11! Most of you are smart enough to either know who these people are or can Google to see who I’m talking about. Since Gordon did not actually name them I’m not going to name them either but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out!

BeforeItsNews is getting a world exclusive on this information because the guys at VeteransToday haven’t even had time yet to get out one of their great articles on what was discussed. So you’re getting this information first on BIN and I ask ALL of you to share this article and give it the exposure it deserves today! Share to ALL social media, email lists, Facebook walls, Facebook Groups, Twitter (tell them to RETWEET) and all social networks! Below this video I have put some bullet point notes of just some of the topics discussed! There were so many shocking reveals in this one that it’s going to blow your mind! There’s a grand jury in Houston Texas on much of the things discussed here. So if you want to see the world wake up to 9/11 then get this article and video out everywhere! Only US Intel ( is putting out the truth on 9/11. Their information is being censroed on all mainstream media and fake alternative media (tip of the spear people).

UPDATE: I just put out Part 2 of this article that is from VeteransToday with lots more information so make sure you read THIS article and the new one shown below and spread both everywhere to expose WHO did 9/11 and WHO is ISIS!

Gordon Duff Reveals Huge Russian and US Intelligence On Who Did 9/11 and Much More! Listen to the entire interview. The micro nuke information and 9/11 begins around the 32:00 minute mark but huge information is at the beginning too! Don’t miss any of it!

The following are some of my notes from this interview. So much was covered, this is only part of it!

Gordon covers how Daily Kos is a piece of garbage media operation that is trying to cover up the murder plot by Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist that was broken right here on BIN! Daily Kos said that US Intelligence made it all up! Gordon challenges everybody to match the voices for themselves and challenges everybody to get the word out on this HUGE story! All the fakes in alternative media (tip of spear people) have censored it!

Sundquist who was just caught on tape plotting murder said he’s going to head the Republican party!

VeteransToday now has more nuclear weapons designers on staff as writers and technical advisers than the country of Iran! Gordon reveals he runs the largest worldwide intelligence operation in the world and was in charge of security for Leo Wanta after President H.W. Bush put him in prison and stole the money meant for the American people. $27 Trillion! By the way, the tip of the spear person in alternative media still lies and says Lee Wanta is “as real as the Easter Bunny”. Remember all lies come from satan! These fakes in alternative media also keep telling eerybody to get thieir information from Drudge when US Intel has already revealed Drudge is an Israeli agent working for the same people that nuked our towers on 9/11! This word must get out!

The war in Ukraine is now officially a nuclear war! VT sent photos of the strike on the factory in Donetsk and their initial analysis says it was a Lance missile that is only used by Israel and was designed to carry a micro nuke. A nuclear weapon might have also been used in Lugansk.

Russians are very upset at what has happened in Ukraine and to retaliate have released a treasure trove of Intel to Gordon Duff and US Intelligence that confirms and puts together more pieces of the puzzle about 9/11, ISIS and more! They know that micro nukes were used at 9/11, Oklahoma City, Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, Bali and more locations. Israel stole the micro nukes from the Pentax facility in Texas with the help of officials in the Dept of Energy who told them the exact ones to steal and gave them highly classified data that allowed them to turn them into viable weapons to replenish Israel’s nuclear weapons. Victor Bout (Lord of War) helped in the stealing of these weapons.

Gordon discusses project “Able Danger” which began after the IEAE put out a report that declared a micro nuke was used to take down the federal building in Oklahoma City. The fertilizer bomb did nothing!

Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad asset used to blackmail Clinton into stopping the investigation of Oklahoma City and the micronuke used there.

Gordon released the shocking information about the attack on the pentagon on 9/11. A US Tomahawk missile was used on the Pentagon and it was done to murder the US Navy investigators (Able Danger) looking into the theft of $2 Trillion from the Pentagon and missing nukes. They called an emergency meeting of this team and put them into a conference room and then hit that room with the cruise missile killing 35 out of 50 of the investigators! It was murder!

Lt. Col Anthony Shaeffer who got on Fox News with Judge Napolitano only put a tiny bit of truth about Able Danger on Fox News and has now attached himself to Alex Jones where he is not putting out all the truth about Able Danger only a highly sanitized version! Shaeffer is involved with a shadowy think tank.

Able Danger investigated terror cells created from the CIA, Israeli Mossad and Saudi Intelligence. These rogue groups operated terror cells inside the US and called themselves Al-Qaeda!

Able Danger also investigated the theft of US Nuclear weapons perhaps with the aid of the Director of the Dept of Energy, the prime minister of Israel and the prime minister of South Africa!

Reports that Russians sent to US Intelligence show the people that planned 9/11 attack to stop the Able Danger investigations.

ISIS is run by the same group that did 9/11. This group is run out of Cuba and controls members of Congress with bribes, prostitution, gambling money from Las Vegas and Macau. They launder their cash through Mitt Romney’s Bain capital and use Cuba as their playground. US Intelligence has videos of all of them! They know who they are!

1st Director of the Department of Homeland Security was the head of Alqaeda now ISIS! Assisting him was a US Attorney who handled all of the 9/11 investigations.

US Intel has an indication of a present nuclear threat against the US!

The police commissioner of NYC during 9/11 is involved in the 9/11 attack. He took possession of the Israelis caught trying to bomb one of the tunnels and let them go and they were never seen again!

There were business leaders in Manhattan that were protected on 9/11. Warren Buffet called select business leaders and CEO’s of key firms in the World Trade Centers to a golf game he put on! These leaders never went to the golf game though, they went to a secure Air Force base to ride out the attack!

The fertilizer plant that blew up in Texas was one of the locations where the stolen nuclear weapons went through. They blew up the plant to cover their tracks!

Obama was informed about payoffs to people in US Congress and others over 9/11 by US Intel and has seized those bank accounts shutting off their bribe money! This is GOOD news!

People now know who controls ISIS and because of US Intel’s work! Their plan was to seize all of the oil in the middle east, drop the price of the oil to break Russia and then control it all! That’s not going to be allowed to happen now.

During 9/11 Israeli teams planted jammers in high rises all over NYC. These jammers stopped the radios from working for the Fire and Police. Those jammers were recovered and are now in evidence at the grand jury in Houston!

One Israeli group trying to bomb the George Washington bridge was released to an FBI agent. But the FBI agent was really a Mossad agent that was authorized to carry FBI ID! He let them go!

Israeli teams were going to blow up the Holland and Lincoln tunnel. One was caught when they turned around from a police road block.

9/11 was a big pay day ($9 billion) and was done to kill as many enemies as possible. Then they made sure to put in people so that investigations would never be done!

$20 million bribes were given to hundreds of people to keep them quiet about 9/11. Obama has now cut these people off from their cash due to US Intel!

US Intel asks all patriots to get this information out because it’s being censored by all mainstream media and all fake alternative media (tip of the spear types).

Veterans Today Radio (9-15-14) Stew Webb, James Fetzer, Gordon Duff, Preston James

Published on Sep 17, 2014

Listen to the latest updates from US Intel as the guys from Veterans Today lay out the latest news stories from around the world. Their reports are censored by 99% of the so called "leaders" of alternative media proving that the alternative media is completely controlled!

James Fetzer talks about a new Republican candidate in Pueblo County Colorado for Commissioner named Tom Ready that says that Sandy Hook still has many things about it that need to be investigated and that it was likely staged for gun control! Veterans Today has truly become the #1 news site in the world and the truth is spreading! If you have not done so yet, make sure that you search facebook for "Veterans Today Truth Warriors" so you can help VT too!

Fetzer also covers much more information on the Sandy Hook psyop and the fake beheading videos that Alex Jones and the other fake gatekeepers in alternative media have said are real!

Gordon Duff reveals some real shockers in this segment of Veterans Today radio, including the background of "Nano Thermite" sniffer Stephen Jones of Architects and Engineers in nuclear weapons for the government! Stephen Jones worked on the EXACT same type of weapons used to bring down the twin towers on 9/11! Seems like Stephen has a lot of explaining to do since he has completely hidden his work in nuclear weapons for the government! You won't find Stephen Jones' background in nuclear weapons on government run wikipedia! It's very obvious that Stephen Jones has been a government shill all along and of course he has been pushed all the time by Alex Jones who tells you to get all your news from Matt Drudge who Gordon Duff and US Intelligence have already exposed as an actual Israeli agent!

Gordon goes on to talk about how the Germans published papers challenging everything known about gravity at the time and how they proved they could defeat gravity with their experiments with "The Bell" project. Gordon says Lockheed created the US's first antigravity craft and that it sitting in a hangar in the UK and he's seen it!

Gordon also released some incredible information that was further confirmed by Area 51 scientist Ed Slade (see his video on this channel) that the US lifted off from the moon using an antigravity device! He said this at about the 43:00 minute mark.

Also discussed was that we can reduce gravity in any object right now. The people that run the world have put the brakes on technology released to the public! is releasing this hidden knowledge for the first time. They aren't going to play "the game" anymore!

Other topics covered by Gordon are as follows

There were two Prescott Sheldon Bush's.

One was H.W. Bush's father and one was H.W. brother that was put in South America to take over businesses and to run the Nazi empire from there.

US Intel now has files proving Mitt Romney works with Castro running a narcotics and financial fraud operation. He has a girlfriend there named Maria Andropov who is daughter of KGB chief Yuri Andropov. Castro got his start by being an assassin for the Bush family!

The Network of Global Secret Societies

“Beneath the broad tide of human history there flow the stealthy undercurrents of the secret societies, which frequently determine in the depths the changes that take place upon the surface”
A. E. Waite (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn)

The largest mechanism used by the bloodlines to implement the New World agenda is the global secret society network. Politicians, bankers, businessmen, and media personalities the biggest names in history and world affairs form a huge secret society matrix.

This hierarchical pyramid-structured network is constantly recruiting and placing members in key influential positions.


In order to orchestrate global events and policy decisions from behind the scenes, many niche secret societies groom and position politicians, media personalities, and other “yesmen” so they may best aid the Great Work.

"You see, if you amount to anything in Washington these days, it is because you have been plucked or handpicked from an Ivy League school Harvard, Yale, Kennedy School of Government you've shown an aptitude to be a good Ivy League type, and so you're plucked so-to-speak, and you are assigned success. You are assigned a certain role in government somewhere, and then your success is monitored and tracked, and you go where the pluckers and the hand pickers can put you."
Radio Talk show Host Rush Limbaugh, Feb. 7th, 1995

World leaders are made offers they cannot refuse, bribed, even blackmailed, or otherwise recruited and sworn into these secret societies. Then, often under blood-oaths to which they must remain loyal, these Brotherhood initiates follow orders throughout their terms in office.

In this way, the electorate constantly changes giving the illusion of discontinuity of leadership when in fact each successive leader “coincidentally” belongs to the same secret societies.
 A few of the more influential ones include the Freemasons, the Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, CFR, RIIA, Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.

“A disturbing majority of the House and Senate representatives hold membership to elite organizations publicly sworn to destroying America in favor of a Globalist one world order system. This trend ranges from the now public U.S. centered Council on Foreign Relations through the Trilateral Commission to the quasi-secret internationalist Bilderberg Group.

At the end of the spectrum we even see occult influences like Skull and Bones along with the Freemasons. The justification for a zealously ordered One World Government is chaos. Terrorism is the premier method for fomenting this chaos.”
Paul Joseph Watson, Order Out of Chaos (125)


“The conspiracy to create a centralized global fascist state is orchestrated in the five-sense 'world' by a secret network known collectively as the Illuminati or 'Illuminated ones'. They manipulate through secret societies and groupings like the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar and the Jesuits.

These and others feed carefully chosen recruits into the Illuminati and they are installed in positions of power throughout the world, infesting all colors, races, creeds and countries. It is not that everyone in the secret societies is aware of the plot; the overwhelming majority are not. The Illuminati operate like a cancer to infiltrate and covertly control other organizations. Most Freemasons never progress higher than the bottom three levels of degree, the so-called Blue Degrees and they don't realize what their organization is being used for.”
David Icke, “Tales From Time Loop

Just look at the recent US Presidents:


George W. Bush (Mason and Skull and Bones)
Bill Clinton (Mason, CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral)
George H.W. Bush (Mason, Committee of 300, Skull and Bones, CFR, Trilateral)
Ronald Reagan, (Mason, Knights of Malta)
Jimmy Carter (Mason, CFR, Trilateral)
Gerald Ford (Mason, CFR),

...and on it goes, most every American president has belonged to one or many secret societies.

Almost all America’s founding fathers were Freemasons, the senate has maintained a Masonic majority since its inception, and its influence has only become more pervasive since.


To deny the influence secret societies have in world affairs is naïve, but the mainstream media seem complicit in their exclusion of any coverage involving them.

As shown in the chapter on “Media Manipulation,” this mainstream media blackout is also maintained through secret society membership. The 5 largest multimedia providers controlling 90% of America’s media are bloodline/secret society controlled.

For example, the following are just a few of the hundreds of CFR, Trilateral, or Bilderberg owned/managed companies:

New York Times
New York Post
Washington Post
Washington Times
L.A. Times
Wall Street Journal
Business Week
National Review
Reader’s Digest
U.S. News & World Report
Atlantic Monthly
World Review
Scientific American

Not only are the media CEOs and boards of directors usually secret society members, so are the show hosts and news anchors! Here’s a sampling of some mainstream anchors and media personalities found on secret society rosters:
Peter Jennings
Dan Rather
Tom Brokaw
Ted Koppel
Barbara Walters
Diane Sawyer
William F. Buckley Jr.
Joseph Harsch
Bill Meyers
C.C. Collinwood
David Brinkley
John Chancellor
Marvin Kalb
Daniel Schorr
Joseph Kraft
James Reston
Max Frankel
David Halberstram
Harrison Salisbury
Sol Linowitz
George Will
Robert McNeil
David Gergen
Mortimer Zuckerman


“There can be no argument regarding the reality of secret societies today. The existence of groups like the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderbergers is well documented. The only question is the extent of their control and manipulation of major world events. Likewise, there is no question that members of these societies exert inordinate control over many of the largest corporations and banks in the world.

These corporations, in turn, control essential minerals, energy, transportation, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, telecommunications, and entertainment—in other words, the basics of modern life. They also provide an inner core of ranking government officials on a revolving door basis. These officials often implement the very policies conceived and desired by the societies.


These societies hold considerable sway over national elections and policy, yet seem strangely immune to any investigation, whether by government or the mass media. Since its inception in 1913, there has never been an outside, objective audit of the Federal Reserve System despite periodic calls for such.”
Jim Marrs, “Rule by Secrecy” (10910)

After Bush was elected he immediately placed 5 Skull and Bones brothers in his administration. Clinton and Nixon had over 100 CFR members in their administrations. Ronald Regan’s 59 man transition team alone had 28 CFR members, 10 Bilderbergers, and 10 Trilaterals.
 Secret society members are prevalent at all levels of government, and not just in America, but worldwide.

For instance:

Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, Mikhail Gorbachov, George Bush and Tony Blair are all 33rd degree Freemasons.

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, and Mao Tse Tung were all high-level Grand Orient Lodge Freemasons.


Winston Churchill was Committee of 300 and a Mason.

Cecil Rhodes founded the Round Table, was Committee of 300 and a Mason.


Henry Kissinger is a Mason, Knight of Malta, Committee of 300 and a Bilderberger.
Dick Cheney is CFR and Trilateral Commission.


David Rockefeller founded Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission, and is also CFR, Committee of 300 and a Mason.

These are the biggest, most powerful names in politics, all meeting in secret with no minutes, and no media coverage. Our public servants making private policy decisions behind closed doors. This has been the rule, not the exception, for longer than most people realize.


During the 19th century, British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was quite outspoken regarding the influence of secret societies in politics:
"The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."
Benjamin Disraeli, 1844


“There is in Italy a power which we seldom mention in this House … I mean the secret societies … It is useless to deny, because it is impossible to conceal, that a great part of Europe – the whole of Italy and France and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries – is covered with a network of these secret societies, just as the superficies of the earth is now being covered with railroads.”
Benjamin Disraeli, at British House of Commons, July 14, 1856


“The government of this country has not only to deal with governments, kings and ministers, but also with secret societies, elements which must be taken into account, which at the last moment can bring our plans to naught, which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, who incite assassinations and can if necessary lead a massacre.”
Benjamin Disraeli, at Aylesbury, Sept. 10, 1876

The Federal Reserve private banking syndicate was set up under Woodrow Wilson’s presidency.

The following quotes show his suspicions and regrets regarding this secret society of banking elites:


"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."
Woodrow Wilson, 1913

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."
Woodrow Wilson, 1916

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a Committee of 300 member and 33rd degree Mason.

In 1920, he spoke from personal knowledge regarding the global conspiracy when he said:


"From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.

It played a definitely recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century, and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads, and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire."
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill

"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses. This little coterie runs our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen, seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”
N.Y. Mayor, John Hylan, 1922


"The real truth of the matter is that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government since the days of Andrew Jackson"
US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933


"The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes."
Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, 1952


"Today the path to total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people… outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded and is sure that it is the winning side.

All the strange developments in the foreign policy agreements may be traced to this group who are going to make us over to suit their pleasure. This political action group has its own local political support organizations, its own pressure groups, its own vested interests, its foothold within our government, and its own propaganda apparatus."
Senator William Jenner, 1954

Bloodline president John F. Kennedy was well aware of America’s secret society control. His many rebellious decisions against the global elite, his nonparticipation in the Great Work, would ultimately lead to his assassination. He did, however, try to warn the average American of our plight.
 On April 27th, 1961 in an address to newspaper publishers, JFK said:

"The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, secret oaths, and secret proceedings … For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence. It depends on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published, its mistakes are buried, not headlined, its dissenters are silenced, not praised, no expenditure is questioned, no secret is revealed ... I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people.”

“The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.”
John F. Kennedy at Columbia University, Nov. 1st, 1963, 10 days before his assassination

22 September 2014

New Advanced Technologies

The Dragon Gate is a sister underground organization parallel to the White Dragon Society. Long time ago, both groups were actually one. But after the Rothschilds, assisted by the Triads, overthrew the Qing dynasty of China in Xinhai revolution in 1912, both groups had to go underground and they began opposing the Cabal from behind the scenes and then their paths began to diverge. The White Dragon Society (as some people in the West call it now) focused more on political, military and financial opposition to the Cabal:

At the same time, the Dragon Gate began to focus more on the development of the advanced technologies and spiritual liberation process from the grip of the etheric Archons. Both groups are cooperating behind the scenes to assist in the liberation of the planet and their methods are complementary.

There is a new advanced healing technology which has been released by the Dragon Gate: the Mandala Sphere Laser System. Now the Dragon Gate has contacted our Phoenix Group, which is our small highly skilled team dedicated to bringing advanced healing technologies to humanity, to help spreading this technology among people.

The Mandala Sphere Laser System emits white laser, forming sacred geometric patterns of coherent light, through the geometric structure of pure tachionized crystal spheres, producing a uniquely resonating field of light. White laser delivers the ideal color spectrum to obtain the optimum resonance of each crystal.

This sacred geometric mandala field delivers informational resonances, received through the human energetic and informational fields (aura), producing substantial mental, emotional and physical benefits.

Included with the Mandala Sphere is a fiber optic crystal wand for local physical application to the energetic and informational delivery points of the body and a set of programmable crystals for remote and portable application, as well as a photoporation capsule.

The Mandala Sphere also includes a mandala computer library with a wide selection of wave forming mandalas promoting protection, prosperity, success, energizing, happiness, clearing, healing, implant removal, DNA activation, emotional state altering, positive influence on outcomes, clarity of purpose, and relationship harmonizers.

One of the most amazing properties of this laser technology is that it is the most powerful tool on the planet which assists us in removing the etheric implants. This is the closest technology to the Pleiadian light chamber as we can get on the surface of this planet.

You can read more about this technology and order it here:

Another interesting new technology, the Galactic Merkaba Activator (similar to the former Pleiadian Merkaba Activator), is available here:

And Tachyon technologies here:

There are many developments behind the scenes regarding bringing free energy technology to the masses and if all goes well, I will be able to report about it soon.

Victory of the Light is near!

17 September 2014


"Quantum mechanics explains efficiency of photosynthesis"

"Energy transfer in light-harvesting macromolecules is assisted by specific vibrational motions of the chromophores," said Alexandra Olaya-Castro (UCL Physics & Astronomy), supervisor and co-author of the research. "We found that the properties of some of the chromophore vibrations that assist energy transfer during photosynthesis can never be described with classical laws, and moreover, this non-classical behaviour enhances the efficiency of the energy transfer."
"The negative values in these probability distributions are a manifestation of a truly quantum feature, that is, the coherent exchange of a single quantum of energy," explained Edward O'Reilly (UCL Physics & Astronomy), first author of the study. "When this happens electronic and vibrational degrees of freedom are jointly and transiently in a superposition of quantum states, a feature that can never be predicted with classical physics."

Text from video:
"Greetings... We are from the future. Everything is going to be alright. The future is a beautiful place ... But you will need some training in order to inhabit it.

In the future - technology evolves faster than any human mind can think. When the singularity occurred. We became like gods - able to create entire worlds in the blink of an eye.

Every thought had drastic immediate impact. All of our dreams became a reality - but so did our nightmares. The future became a battle of ideas. We had to learn to direct our minds - to prevent dark psychological forces - from destroying all of us. Now with every new world we create, we summon the sacred imperative of mind... "Let there be Light."

"How can we be from the future?" you might ask. Let us explain. Plants harvest light with near perfect efficiency. You may not realize it, but this is impossible under classical physics. Along the way to the photosynthesizing core - photons of light should collide with other particles, but they don't. A photon succeeding in reaching the core is as likely - as you sprinting blindfolded through a dense forest - reaching the center without striking a single tree.

Plants are engaged in a kind of miracle. The plant puts the photon into a state of quantum superposition, multiplying it by every route that photon could possibly take. Imagine - blindly sprinting through a forest - being multiplied into every one of the billions of possible paths. If any one of your possibilities were observed hitting a tree, the superposition would collapse - and that would be your final outcome, but the plant patiently refuses to observe any of these casualties - while at it's heart it sings..."Let there be light."

When any of the possibilities finally reaches the core without fail, only that winner is observed. All the other possibilities disappear. The winner is transmitted back through time - from the future - and becomes the only possibility that ever existed. This is how photons reach the plant's core with impossible precision. This is how you - and every organism in existence - overcame the massive improbabilities of life. -- This is how we are from the future. This is how you will become the light of the world ... as we invoke the sacred imperative together ... "Let there be light."