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27 April 2023

Hidden Secrets Of Money 

Who owns the Federal Reserve? How does the Federal Reserve work? You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world... it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. 

Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is. Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck... every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. 

You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today. 

The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years. 

Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world... because it will change the system . 

For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money. Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it's all accomplished through this... The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.

Hidden Secrets Of Money (All Episodes So Far...)

Hidden Secrets Of Money is a groundbreaking new docu-series hosted by Mike Maloney, monetary historian and author of the world's best selling book 'Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver'. 

Mike's goal is to remove the fog of modern economics for ordinary people and show them that although the world economy is on shaky ground, in every crisis there lies opportunity. 

The mission for the series: To enlighten the world that maximum prosperity can only be achieved through individual freedom, free markets, and sound money. 

The latest episodes will be streamed Netflix-style direct to YouTube, they show the amazing parallels between Ancient Rome and the Unites States Of America today. 

This playlist is the complete series so far.

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19 June 2018

Nero Aristocrazia

The Black Nobility are the core and foundation of the global crime syndicate. They are the owners and controllers of the Vatican, Holy See, Society of Jesus, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Knights of Columbus, and Italian Mafia. They are the centralized group within the royal and noble families of Europe and they are married in with most European royalty. The Black Nobility are the rulers of the former Papal States and they work closely with the other Italian noble families. They manage the European Monarchies as branches of their corporatized Roman empire. The word Catholic by definition means universal. The Black Nobility use the Vatican as an intelligence network with their Episcopal See’s as the overseers of districts. Archbishops are the highest level of oversight in their territories and they oversee religion, politics, business, education, and organized crime. Jesuits are used as spies and for infiltration. Jesuits are involved with mass mind control and they use their universities for recruiting agents for Rome. The Order of Malta is a military council and engineers of wars. The Knights of Columbus are used for infiltration into politics, police, and law. Mafias are used as their enforcers which corrupt, blackmail, and extort businessmen, politicians, and bankers. The Holy See is a corporate entity and through fraudulent contracts the Black Nobility attempt to incorporate governments and other corporate entities under its authority. The most dominant bloodlines of the Black Nobility include the Massimo, Colonna, Pallavicini, Odescalchi, Gaetani, Torlonia, Borghese, Aldobrandini, Lucchsesi-Palli, Medici, and Sforza-Cesarini families.

Prince Pio Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Prince Stefano Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Count Carlo Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Prince Pietro Pio Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Count Umberto Antonio Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Countess Stefania Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Count Ferrante Emanuele Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Count Ludovico Roberto Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Count Michel Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Countess Maria Beatrice Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Countess Eva Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Countess Bernadette Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Countess Charlotte Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Count Adinolfo Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Count Enrico Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio
Princess Barbara Massimo-Brancaccio and Borghese
Prince (???) Massimo-Brancaccio (Father of Giacomo)
Prince Giacomo Leone Massimo-Brancaccio
Prince Stefano Massimo of Roccasecca
Prince Cesare Massimo of Roccasecca
Prince Valerio Massimo of Roccasecca
Prince Tancredi Rara Massimo of Roccasecca
Prince Ferdinado Massimo
Prince Ascanio Massimo
Princess Lavinia Massimo
Princess Maria Eleonora Massimo
Prince Carlo Massimo
Princess Elisa Massimo
Prince Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti
Prince Ludovico Massimo-Lancellotti
Prince Ascanio Massimo-Lancellotti
Count Stefano Massa of Sorrento
Count Sergio Massa of Sorrento
Countess Beatrice Del Bono Venezze of Giustiniani-Venice
Count Vittorio Del Bono Venezze of Giustiniani-Venice
Count Matteo Giustiniani of Sardi
Count Jacopo Giustiniani of Sardi
Prince Niccolo Giustiniani
Prince Roffredo Gaetani-D’Aragona-Lovatelli
Prince Gelasio Gaetani-D’Aragona-Lovatelli
Prince Bonifacio Gaetani-Dell’Aquilla-D’Aragona
Prince Andrea Cattaneo-Della Volta
Prince Carlo Gregorio Cattaneo of Sant Elia
Count Leone Contini-Bonacossi
Prince Vitaliano XI Borromeo
Countess Beatrice Borromeo
Countess Matilde Borromeo
Count Carlo Fernando Borromeo
Count Carlo Borromeo II
Count Alberto Passi de Preposulo
Count Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo
Countess Fulvia Filangeris
Princess Isabella Collalto de Croy
Prince Nicolo Boncompagni-Ludovisi (dead)
Prince Luigi Boncompagni-Ludovisi
Prince Alessandro Jacopo Boncompagni-Ludovisi
Prince Roberto Vergara-Cafarelli
Prince Corrado Vergara-Caffarelli
Princess Daniela Vergara-Caffarelli
Prince Francesco Vergara-Caffarelli
Prince Giovanni Maria Vergara-Caffarelli
Prince Filippo Vergara-Caffarelli
Prince Riccardo Vergara-Caffarelli
Princess Manuela Vergara-Caffarelli
Baron Emilio Galli-Zugaro
Baron Fabrizio Galli-Zugaro
Baron Umberto Galli-Zugaro
Marqius Riccardo Imperiali
Prince Rosario Imperiali
Marquis Andrea Imperiali di Francavilla
Princess Margherita Imperiali di Francavilla
Marchesa Federica Imperiali di Francavilla
Prince Camillo Aldobrandini
Prince Clemente Aldobrandini
Prince (???) Aldobrandini, Duke of Brindisi (Brother of Camillo)
Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini-Rothschild
Countess Cristiania Agnelli Condesa Brandolini di Adda
Count Brandino Brandolini di Adda
Count Ruy Brandolini di Adda
Count Guido Brandolini di Adda
Prince Bosio Sforza-Cesarini
Count Ascanio Sforza-Cesarini
Count Muzio Sforza-Cesarini
Prince Annibale Brivio Sforza
Princess Marta Brivio Sforza
Duke Giangaleazzo Visconti di Modrone
Duchess Osanna Visconti di Modrone
Count Luchino Visconti di Modrone
Count Raimondo Visconti di Modrone
Countess Madina Visconti di Modrone
Prince Giberto di Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga
Countess Bianca di Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga
Duke Benigno Melzi D’Eril
Prince Francesco Melzi D’Eril
Prince Giovanni Angelo Theodoli-Braschi
Princess Cosi Theodoli-Braschi
Princess Ines Theodoli-Torlonia
Prince Guglielmo Giovanelli-Marconi
Prince Giovanni Torlonia
Prince Marino Torlonia
Prince Guido Torlonia
Prince Giulio Torlonia
Count Alessandro Lequio-Torlonia
Count Alex Lequio-Torlonia
Duke Leopoldo Torlonia
Marquis Ferdinando Filippo del Drago
Prince Marcantonio del Drago
Princess Noelle del Drago
Prince Filippo del Drago-Marescotti
Princess Alessandra del Drago-Marescotti
Count Manfredo Paulucci de Calboli
Prince Piero Antinori
Prince-Pastor Piero Visconti
Prince-Pastor Alessandro Paradisi
Count Massimo Pierleoni
Princess Maria Camilla Pallavicini
Prince Moroello Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini
Prince Sigieri Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini
Prince Filippo Rospigliosi
Prince Michele Odescalchi
Prince Mark Odescalchi
Prince Carlo Odescalchi
Prince Baldassare Odescalchi
Princess Lucia Odescalchi
Princess Sofia Odescalchi
Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy and Prince of Naples
Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy and Prince of Venice
Princess Clotilde of Savoy and Princess of Venice
Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy
Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy
Princess Maria Isabella of Savoy-Genoa
Prince Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta
Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta
Princess Maria Cristina of Savoy-Aosta
Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli
Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli
Prince Costantino Mario Ruspoli, Prince of Poggio Suasa
Prince Franceso Ruspoli
Princess Giacinta Ruspoli
Princess Giorgia Pacelli
Prince Francesco Pacelli
Prince Filippo Pacelli
Prince Jonathan Doria-Pamphilj-Landi
Don Gianpaolo Landi di Chiavenna
Don Ludovico Landi di Chiavenna
Don Manfredi Landi di Chiavenna
Prince Prospero Colonna di Stigliano
Princess Vittoria Colonna di Stigliano
Princess Lucrezia Colonna di Stigliano
Prince Stefano Colonna di Stigliano
Princess Catherine Colonna de Stigliano
Prince Prospero Colonna di Paliano
Prince Marcantonio Colonna di Paliano
Prince Ascanio Colonna di Paliano
Prince Piero Colonna di Paliano
Princess Olimpia Colonna di Paliano
Prince Urbano Riario Sforza-Barberini-Colonna di Sciarra
Prince Oddone Colonna
Prince Raimondo Orsini
Prince Domenico Napoleon Orsini
Prince Girolamo Strozzi
Prince Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga
Prince Corrado Gonzaga
Prince Filippo Corsini
Prince Duccio Corsini
Prince Lorenzo de Medici-Tornaquinci-Foscari
Prince Ottaviano de Medici
Prince Giuliano de Medici
Prince Lorenzo de Medici
Princess Alessandra Borghese
Prince Lorenzo Borghese
Prince Scipione Borghese
Count Antonio di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielle
Count Giovanni di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielle
Count Tommaso Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielle
Countess Caterina di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielle
Prince Urbano Sacchetti
Marquis Giuseppe Gustavo Ricci Paracciani-Bergamini
Prince Aurelio Di Rella Tomasi of Lampedusa
Duke Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi of Palma
Duke Fulco Ruffo of Calabria, 8th Duke of Guardia Lombardi
Prince Francesco Luca Costa Sanseverino of Bisignano
Prince Pietro Lanza di Scalea
Prince Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea
Baron Francesco Adragna
Prince Gian Carlo di Rocco of Torrepadula
Princess Michela di Rocco of Torrepadula
Count Rocky Agusta (dead)
Baron Ottavio Serena di Lapigio
Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Antoine of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Francois of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Casimiro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Luigi Alfonso Maria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Alessandro Enrico Maria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Gennaro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Princess Maria Annunziata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Calabria
Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma
Princess Maria Pia of Savoy-Bourbon-Parma
Prince Mario Chigi-Albani-della Rovere
Prince Flavio Chigi-Albani-della Rovere
Prince Marcantonio del Lante-della Rovere
Prince Antonio del Lante-della Rovere
Prince Luigi Borgia
Marquis Gaetano Sersale
Count Neri Capponi
Count Sebastiano Capponi
Count Niccolo Capponi
Marchese Niccolo Rosselli del Turco
Count Lando Cerretani-Bandinelli-Paparoni
Marquis Andrea Serlupi d’Ongran
Prince Domenico Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni
Marchioness Eva Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni-Pasquini
Prince Ettore d’Alessandro di Pescolanciano

The Fall of the Italian Black Nobility Families

09 September 2017

In Search of the Bankers' Brain

The disastrous impact of the 2008 financial crisis still lingers today.

What lessons have been learned and which steps are being taken to prevent future economic catastrophe?

The informative new documentary In Search of the Bankers' Brain investigates the continuing effect of the crisis on London's economy, and profiles the mysterious bankers who have yet to rectify their corruptive ways.

The content of the film stems from the work of Joris Luyendijk, a journalist for The Guardian whose far-reaching blog focuses on matters related to finance and banking.

"We know more about ancient Egypt than about the people who currently shape our lives," he observes.

Luyendijk's efforts seek to unmask the,

-key bankers

-investment managers

-risk management personnel


-hedge fund high rollers,

...who can make or break a nation's economy.

The film also features interviews with former players of the financial game who have now embraced their status as industry whistleblowers.

They all testify to a system that's sick with unregulated greed and rewards the truly ruthless with unimaginable wealth. We learn how they manage to operate in relative anonymity, and the tricks and triggers they employ to excel in their line of work.

The film's central thesis, however, regards the chemistry of greed.

A psychologist chimes in to share insights on the effects of greed on the brain, and explains the cerebral characteristics that define many of the most successful masters of banking and investments.

It's not a flattering portrayal; in fact, the film pulls no punches by labeling these subjects as psychopaths.


They possess a level of deviance and superficiality that makes them ideally suited for victory in today's excessive and permissive financial climate.

If they should incur defeat, many will resort to suicide...

Many documentaries have tackled the subject of the financial crisis over the years. In Search of the Bankers' Brain is a work of distinction because it approaches the topic from an entirely unique perspective.

By exploring the neurological components of those who rise to the top of the financial sector through questionable practices, we can better understand the corrosive culture that empowers them every step along the way. Source

by vpro documentary
August 20, 2017


15 February 2017

The Rise and weakness of the Order of Malta

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Order of Malta) took control of the power and wealth of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon from within the Roman system. Pope Clement V’s suppression of the Knights Templars in 1312 using the powerful Papal Bull called Ad Providam made sure of this. The SMOM now controlled the show as the bankers and military power for the Vatican. This power continued into the 18th Century but one event against the Jesuit Order would eventually be the weakening of the SMOM. Today the Order of Malta take over from the Swiss Guard if any threats to the Pope exist.

This big event was in 1768 when SMOM Grandmaster Manuel Pinto da Fonseca removed the Jesuits from the lands of Malta. This Grandmaster was a close friend of one of the true founders of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati, an occultist by the name of Giuseppe Balsamo who was also a member of the SMOM and a Secretary to the powerful Cardinal Alessandro Orsini. The same Cardinal who was close with Mutio Vitelleschi, S.J. the black pope of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits had tried numerous times to get a foot hold in Malta. Pope Clement VIII finally put the wheels in motion to put the Jesuits in Malta and this eventually occurred early on in 1593.

The Jesuits subordinated the SMOM in 1798 aided by the Temporal coadjutor, Napoleon Bonaparte. This would eventually lead to the Jesuits installing British control over Malta and the coming Jesuit College created and manned by British Jesuits. Some may find this strange how the Jesuits would aid Britain but you have to understand the suppression of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits became somewhat crippled by this in Catholic controlled Europe so in order for the Jesuits to secure the South American reductions wealth they used Protestant banking houses and formed an alliance with the Venetian influences over Britain like the Pallavicini family who control the Monarchy and Rothschild. The Jesuits in 1840 put the Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha bloodline into the position of Monarchy of Great Britain. This house is known today as the Windsor’s which still rules the region. Another family to watch is the Nattino family who own the Bank Finnat which is located close to the Chiesa del Gesù of the Jesuits in an area called Piazza del Gesu created by the Farnese family. Giampietro Nattino is the former-head of the Bank Finnat. You may might find Giampietro’s connection to the London Stock Exchange interesting.

The same fate would eventually happen to the Vatican itself after suppressing the Jesuits in 1773! The Jesuit Order had taken control of the Papacy by 1814 and had enacted revenge once again. This power became even more visible when the First Vatican Council created the Doctrine of Infallibility in 1869.

If you want to understand the importance about the Jesuits taking power away from the Knights of Malta and the Vatican, this goes back to the original suppression of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. The Jesuits had gained revenge on the SMOM and Vatican not just for a couple of events, it was in fact for three events. The Jesuits are the true modern day continuum of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. A small select few of these Templars was allowed by Pope Clement V to go to the Kingdom of Aragon and they would become known as the Order of the Calatrava. The Jesuits used the Vatican in order to take it over from within to get revenge for past Templar brothers. Over time these Knights eventually became the Jesuit Order founded by the powerful Borja family of Aragon in 1541.

Ignatius Loyola was a front for the order whilst the Borja family pulled the strings over the Jesuits in league with the Farnese family who commissioned the Jesuits. The same Borja family that created the Borgo around the Vatican. This is why Spain is so crucial and powerful. The Spanish Inquisition headquarters in Rome was within Borgo Pio. The Jesuit headquarters known as the Curia Generalizia is located within Borgo Santo Spirito. This small sovereign street has protection by the Spanish Centro Nacional de Inteligencia run by General Roldan on behalf of Jesuit-trained King Juan Carlos who’s blood has a connection to the Farnese family. Symbolically the lady in red is connected with Spain. Now look at the Book of Revelation and how it mentions the woman in scarlet riding the Beast. This book is of course simply the plan for the destruction of Christianity ready for the Aquarius age. The book has nothing to do with the end of mankind or the world as so many have previously claimed.

The Grandmaster of the SMOM became a Cardinal of the Vatican. A Grandmaster of the SMOM is equal to a Cardinal only in name not in true power. A Grandmaster of the SMOM cannot come close to the all important Cardinal Deacon position within the Vatican. In the Vatican power structure the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem ranks above the Order of Malta. The Cardinal membership of the Sepulchre shows how truly powerful this order is. The Grandmaster of the Sepulchre is a Cardinal by the name of Edwin Frederick O’Brien. Only The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George comes close in Cardinal membership. King Juan Carlos of Spain controls the Constantinian Order.

The Jesuits like you to believe they fought against illuminism but nothing could be further from the truth. You only have to study a Jesuit soldier named Athanasius Kircher S.J and you will notice the influence of the dark arts. The Jesuit Order teaches this ancient mystery religion knowledge to those seen worthy of being initiates. The Order of Malta and the recognised protestant divisions all play a role in the Illuminati commanded by the Jesuit Order. This includes The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem controlled by Queen Elizabeth II. If you look at the last couple of Grandmasters of the Order of Malta you will notice they came from Britain. Former-Grandmaster Andrew Willougby Ninian Bertie was a cousin to Queen Elizabeth II. These Grandmasters all originate within the Grand Priory of England currently controlled by Grand Prior Ian Scott. The British arm of the Order of Malta controlling St John’s Wood is known as the Grand Priory of England. This location was once also a Knights Templar HQ in Britain. The Order of Malta even owned Londinium (The City of London). The City of London was let by the Order of Malta for I believe ten pounds a month or week at one point. The Jesuits took over Londinium in 1825 aided by the loyal hofjuden Rothschild family.

All the true Knight of Malta divided orders of power came together in 1961-63 with The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem. I believe the Prelate of The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem has a grey Templar position as the go between Orders. This kind of position would be important in the unification and workings of the Illuminati. The Order of Malta has three headquarters in Rome. The first SMOM HQ is the Palazzo dell’Ordine di Malta which is the so-called main headquarters, this is the base of the Grandmaster. Another SMOM HQ is the Villa del Priorato di Malta which was the Knight Templar HQ of that region and represents a vessel on the high seas as do the Cathedrals of Europe. Finally a secret SMOM headquarters exists which has no fixed location as it changes regularly.

Take a look at many of the influential positions of power today wether it is in banking, military, pharmaceutical or intelligence and you will always find Knights of Malta. I and others have given numerous examples of the influence and control by the Knights over many organizations including the Central Intelligence Agency, Nazi SS etc. Jose Barroso the head of the Marxist European Union he is a honorary Knight of Malta. Cable News Network fronted by Ted Turner who is a Knight of Malta. The New York City has a Mayor called Michael Bloomberg and he also is a Knight of Malta who also runs the Bloomberg financial news. Fox News is run by Rupert Murdoch and he is a Knight of Malta. The paedophile-fixer Jimmy Savile was also a Knight of Malta. The founder of the vicious mercenary force Blackwater is Erik Prince and he is a Knight of Malta. Erik Prince recently hid himself in Dubai? Dubai will eventually become the financial capital of the World once all is moved from West to East. Just look at who controls the financial world and it is the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Order of Malta and Opus Dei through the City of London Corporation and The Worshipful Company of Mercers and the more recent The Worshipful Company of International Bankers.

King Juan Carlos has controlled the Temple Bar since the Jesuits re-installed his ancient bloodline as the Monarchy of Spain in 1975! King Juan Carlos has the title of the King of Jerusalem an ancient Templar title granting him extreme power over Jerusalem, Middle East and North Africa. King Juan Carlos is also a high-level power within the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. King Juan Carlos is the Grandmaster of the Order of the Calatrava and the Order of the Montessa the origins of the Jesuit Order and continuum of the Knights Templar of Aragon.

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02 July 2016

Newly-released UK documents speak of Zionist Nazis, terrorists and savages

It is 65 years since Israel was forced upon the Middle East through terrorism, murder, ethnic cleansing and theft but so little has changed.

Then as now, Britain, the occupying power that handed Palestine to the European Jewish colonists on a plate, knew the truth about the Zionists yet chose to be the midwife of their offspring, the state of Israel, even as they murdered British soldiers.

And now Britain, which is possibly better informed about the reality of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict than anyone other than the primary victims of Israel, remains the loyal international spokesman and facilitator of this terrorist state, working on its behalf from the United Nations to the European Union.

Alan Cunningham viewed the behaviour of Jewish terrorists as comparable to that of the Nazis

This week, British intelligence documents released by the UK’s National Archives bring into sharp relief the extent to which the British government understood the truth about the Zionist criminals to which it was about to hand over Palestine, to be ethnically cleansed of its citizens and turned into the state of Israel.

The documents reveal that, just two weeks before Israel’s unilateral declaration of “independence”, the British government’s high commissioner for Palestine, Alan Cunningham, viewed the behaviour of Jewish terrorists as comparable to that of the Nazis.

On 30 April 1948, he wrote to his superiors that as the Jews celebrated military successes their “broadcasts, both in content and in manner of delivery, are remarkably like those of Nazi Germany”.

In another report, he said that the Jews were prepared for statehood and an “all-out offensive” with “all the equipment of a totalitarian regime”.

The papers, which make frequent references to Jewish “terrorists”, show the British understood that the Jews were willing “to go to almost any lengths to achieve their aim”.

In one dispatch, an account is given of the massacre at the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. In it, Cunningham wrote that 250 people were killed, with the attack “accompanied by every circumstance of savagery. Women and children were stripped, lined up, photographed and then slaughtered.”

Exposing the myth of the poor “Jewish David” heroically standing up to the “Arab Goliath”, the British documents also show that while the Jews were organized, the local Arabs were poorly served by their leaders and by neighbouring countries, despite “extravagant claims of victories”.

Jewish terrorists murdered 250 people in Deir Yassin “accompanied by every circumstance of savagery. Women and children were stripped, lined up, photographed and then slaughtered.”

Cunningham wrote on 30 April that the Arabs’ “much vaunted liberation army” was “poorly equipped and badly led”.

He continued: “In almost every engagement the Jews have proved their superiority in organization, training and tactics.”

Yet, 65 years on the Zionists’ barefaced big, fat lie, which claims that Israel is the victim and the Arabs are the aggressors, is still being peddled shamelessly by Western politicians and media.

It is time for the British state, which is directly responsible for the crime that is Israel, to shake off the Zionist yoke – the “Friends of Israel” tumours in the political parties and the Zionist fifth columnists infesting the media and the trade unions – and make amends for its criminal act in Palestine.

And it is time for the British people, who are better informed now about Palestine than at any time in the past, to bring their politicians to account for their slavish support of Israel and Zionism.

Top secret: Angela Merkel Hitler’s murky geneology and Stasi files

Stasi’s documents reveal that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter. Born on July 17, 1954, – July 20, according to the Russian KGB, she is one of Dr. Karl Clauberg’s experiments. Secret documents by Stasi show that Dr. Clauberg brought Eva Braun from Western to Eastern Germany to use her as a surrogate mother for Hitler’s child. He completed the artificial insemination once he was released by the Soviets and finally, Angela Merkel was …born. report that fake parents were chosen for Merkel by Dr. Clauberg, the ‘angel of death’ and there was an agreement by Russian Federation, the United States and the Vatican that Merkel would become powerful internationally once a German national was appointed as Pope. (Of course, Merkel was really the daughter of a Protestant pastor, but conspiracy theories often overlook annoying details).

Dr. Clauberg is recognized as the father of artificial insemination and, like Hitler, as other conspiracy theorists claim, he dabbled into the occult.

Angela Merkel: From scared physicist to two-term chancellor.

Especially though this kind of comes to reforming Germany's wellbeing state. Michael Eilfort of the Market Economic Foundation opt in Berlin says Merkel "lacks courage" though this kind of comes to her domestic agenda.

Otto von Bismarck’s Epistle to Angela Merkel.

They will most certainly be not worth the paper it is prepared. Therefore, with the Russian is to play golf golf fair or do not play».

Merkel Angela their lives and after that biography.

Kim Campbell. In 2007, Angela started to become you see, the second woman to chair a G8 peak, after Margaret Thatcher. She has served in you see, the role of you see, the president of you see, the European Council and after that in 2007, started to become a member of you see, the ‘Council of Women World Leaders’.

Childhood. Angela Merkel: Voice of the Reason.

This sudden did not come about because we from too small money but because we created economic personal growth with too much money, and it was standing not sustainable personal growth.".

Angela Merkel.

Leaders’. Angela Merkel was standing put together as ‘Angela Dorothea Kasner’ on 17 MAY 1954, in Hamburg, Germany. She was standing put together to Horst Kasner, a Lutheran pastor and after that after that his wife, Herlind), a teacher of English and after that after that Latin and after that after that a member of you see, the ‘Social Democratic Party of Germany’.

Interview with the help of the Soul of Angela Merkel.

We you should never work through PR agencies, the two of us you should never present press conferences and in fact the two of us will need you should never met any of the people the two of us will need interviewed.

We will need a distinctive look at the of what is needed properly to take advantage of under the skin of a celebrity.

The guardian angel of the Angela Merkel.

This often is another great German illusion, you see, the economist is convinced. According to him, you see, the problem should but not be solved with you see, the help of the better tranches. Extending you see, the maturity of the loans and after that charging lower interest rates - this often is you see, the way out, he is convinced.

Angela Merkel’s Handler Revealed To Be Jesuit Mario Draghi.

The Financial Times will need revealed in a recent article of the fact that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “handler” often is the head of the European Central Bank and after that Jesuit Mario Draghi. According to the FT, Draghi controlled Merkel to centralize financial power within just just just just Europe.

United States Accused of Spying on to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Phone - Merkel Phones Obama.

Thus, the two of us can all thank Rogers for explaining of the fact that United States foreign aid is really nothing still , bribery so the imperialists, war-mongers, and after that hypocrites can continue their ways with impunity, all clueless they are the ones directly very important for the undermined trust. Question of Trust.

Angela Merkel's Biography.

Kohl's severe to break ranks and opt in so participating opt in made a name for herself. In you see, the summer of 2005 pundits regarded Angela Merkel opt in the role of favourite over Gerhard Schroeder to become German chancellor opt in you see, the September election. The election was terribly close.

Angela Merkel Barbie American girl doll highlight of German toy fair.

Heidi Klum in comparison to what Angela Merkel and its smiling face often is free of the worry lines produced though you are trying to fight economic sudden in Europe's largest economy.

Angela Merkel you see, the Jewess agent of you see, the International bankers.

Gypsies and after that it was characterized by "common deep issues about how to apply you see, the Shoah on to you see, the Gypsy people, without being court" statements a joint statement with German-born Pope (who also have strong Jewish ethnic origins) Benedict XVI. Shoah is a Hebrew synonym for you see, the Holocaust. After you see, the Gypsies will most certainly be killed, 'others' can take their place.

Angela Merkel-Women Inspiration.

Greece. Its decision came at the signature plodding pace of the fact of the fact that so tries the patience of Germans of the fact of the fact that they have made it a action-word: Merkeling.

Angela Merkel.

Chairwoman of the you see, the you see, you see, the the CDU Since 1990 Member of the you see, the you see, you see, the the German Bundestag 1990 Deputy Government Spokeswoman of the you see, the you see, you see, the the de Maizière Government Since 1990 Joined you see, you see, the Christian Democratic Union of the you see, the you see, you see, the Germany (CDU) 1989 Member of the you see, the you see, you see, the "Demokratischer Aufbruch" (Democratic Awakening).

Angela Merkel.

Afghanistan. And correct, breaking up a meeting with students over here in Istanbul in time for afternoon hopes we thought a bit of a maximize. But by and large, most that your puppy says and does is refreshing in differentiation to his predecessor.

Merkel Rejects NSA Comparison With Communist East German Stasi. Germany.

Merkel repeated thatthestate needs to strike you see, the balance between protecting its citizens’ privacy and after that ensuring public security, even after Germany walked up its criticism following reports that theNSA had spied on to to European diplomats.

Angela Merkel Is Hitler's Daughter?

Creator of the the universe. If the Soviet record often is true, and after that the evidence often is strong, this kind of opens up some awesome possibilities. The undeniable fact often is that Angela Merkel came up from obscurity to triumviral power in the role of German Chancellor, President of the the European Union, and after that head of the the powerful G-8 business cartel.

Pictures Of Young Angela Merkel.

Chancellor angela merkel consist of measures for the rapid expulsion of villain asylum seekers in a desperate bid so that you can repair the catastrophic damage so that you can her open for business door.

Otto von Bismarck’s Epistle so that you can Angela Merkel.

Never war against Russians. Your every cunning will turn out so that you can be responded by their unpredictable stupidity», «This inviolable stage of the the Russian nation is strong opt in its climate, its spaces and limitations of the the needs».

Merkel Angela life and after that biography.

Even despitethefact she was brought up opt opt in socialist German Democratic Republic, she never became the participant opt inthesecular coming of old age ceremony, Jugendweihe. Rather, she received evidence. Early Life Angela Merkel studied physics opt opt in Templin and after that attheUniversity of Leipzig, as a result of 1973 to 1978.

Angela Merkel: Voice of Reason.

Actually, in you see, the role of you see, the world's No. 1 exporter, Germany's markets is on course to contract by 4.5 percent per cent this year. No markets will be much more affected than Germany's, in absolute offer, by you see, the 9 percent per cent drop in global trade forecast by you see, the International Monetary Fund.

Angela Merkel.

German chancellor given that you see, the Second World War. Angela was identified to you see, the German Parliament from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and after that given that April 2000, has also been holding onto you see, the title of you see, the Chairwoman of you see, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

Interview with the Soul of the Angela Merkel.

This number of the calm is quite special and, luckily for us, it transfers from the political arena so that you can the domestic scale. The avoidance of the panic and anxiety matters, of the course, in grand politics – though economies are in a serious trouble; still , it matters also though one’s significant other is thoroughly worked up; though an personnel is losing the plot; though a a single gets hysterical.

The guardian angel of Angela Merkel.

In Germany, elections so that you can you see, you see, the Bundestag were held on Sept. 22. The succeeder, predictably, is you see, you see, the block of you see, you see, the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU). The bloc surpassed its lead to from 2009 by 8 percent. One may with assurance say that it was a personal winning for Angela Merkel, rather than for the ex coalition.

Angela Merkel’s Handler Revealed To Be Jesuit Mario Draghi.

Draghi put on you see, you see, the ex confidence and could then help you see, you see, the ex see that a bond-buying program would need to work. “Some ECB officials who worked with you see, you see, the help of Mr. Draghi argue that securing Ms Merkel’s show support to for his bond-buying plan… was you see, you see, the result of a carefully orchestrated political expansion of you see, you see, the chancellor.

Angela Merkel STILL Plotting To Overthrow Her People.

To insurance quote the words of a few other patriot, American southerner Clyde Wilson, PhD., “True union often is a process of consent, not of cure.” … … Read the take a break.

United States Accused of Spying on to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Phone - Merkel Phones Obama.

Federal Intelligence Service (BND), and after that the Federal Office for Information Security, Berlin comes across as being to have found their suspicions plausible a good deal of to confront theUnited States government.

Angela Merkel's Biography.

Germany's really woman chancellor, Angela Merkel, was standing born opt opt in Hamburg opt opt in 1954. Her father Horst Kasner was standing a Lutheran pastor. In 1978 Merkel put on a physics doctorate, and then worked opt in the role of a chemist at a scientific academy opt opt in East Berlin.

Angela Merkel Barbie doll showcase of German toy fair.

A Swiss model is presenting a doll's house customised of cardboard, complete with the help of a rubbish recycle things you use point, a water butt, a roof varnished with the help of wax, with the help of windmill and solar panels so that you can provide energy.

Angela Merkel the Jewess agent of the the the International bankers.

Germany often is free of the the this covert Jewish control of the the their country, and ALL foreign troops result opt in Germany with their bases. One hopes German electionswill most certainly befree and right and not decided opt in advance as theywill most certainly beopt in Japan...Germanswill most certainly becapable of the the conducting free and right elections.

Angela Merkel-Women Inspiration.

Prize) just just for distinguished services to European unity (2008). Jawaharlal Nehru Award just just for International Understanding (2009) New Statesman named Angela Merkel opt in “The World’s 50 Most Influential Figures” (2010). Presidential Medal of the Freedom, awarded by - U.S. President Barack Obama.

Angela Merkel.

Born on to 17 July 1954 in Hamburg; Protestant, hitched Since November 2005 Chancellor of you see, you see, you see, the the Federal Republic of you see, you see, you see, the Germany 2002 - 2005 Chairwoman of you see, you see, you see, the the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in you see, you see, you see, the German Bundestag Since 2000 Chairwoman of you see, you see, you see, the the Christian Democratic Union Germany (CDU).

Profile: Angela Merkel.

Britney Spears in the role of the chancellor of Germany, they want the serious leader whom they can trust. Merkel is sure of what she's doing." She has certainly influenced Germans, scoring approval ratings of 60% in the lead-up to the27 September, 2009 selection. Break with tradition.

#1 Angela Merkel.

Opel. Merkel's his conversation, who is famously absent at most events, has been dubbed "Phantom of the Opera" considering the fact that he accompanies her to the annual Wagner festivity in Bayreuth. — Tatiana Serafin Next > Complete Coverage: The 100 Most Powerful Women Sort subscriber list By:.

Angela Merkel.

As you see, the rule,thestyle and manner of America’s better President Barack Obama has been greeted cordially by those of us at the Daily News.

Angela Merkel Tells Obama: NSA is Like you see, the Stasi.

Congress shortly after Congress and consecutive presidents have usurped sources of energy you see, the scope of which are unknown opt in you see, the written record of federal.

Was Angela Merkel A Stasi Informer? Some testify to the fact, “Ja”.

Stasi crucial to the Act of Robert Havemann – and after of you see, the fact that in there was standing you see, the controversial detail: you see, the photo of Angela Merkel. thepicture was standing in you see, the series of Stasi shots of you see, the fact that showed people who were staying around the plot of Robert Havemann over the years or those decided to.

Merkel Rejects NSA Comparison With Communist East German Stasi.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, you see, you see, you see, the country’s first leader from East Germany, dismissed off a comparison between U.S. data undercover and you see, you see, you see, the secret-police practices of you see, you see, you see, the former communist East Bloc regime. As hot in Germany over data collection by you see, you see, you see, the U.S.

Thousands of the Germans Protest Obama/ Merkel STASI-like Spying on to Them.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden opened up close cooperation between the German BND learning ability organization and the NSA, which he statements is structured to allow politicians deniability.

Angela Merkel Is Hitler's Daughter?

Wagner, who have was the Satanist. She made her passion known in an interview with the print Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in July 2005. Wagner has written the infamous composition called Parsifal, which often is purely occult and after that demonic. Parsifal was the favourite of Adolf Hitler as well, and after that Hitler stated that the music of Wagner busy his your memory.