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30 January 2013

Truth or Denial in The Age of Information Overload

by Zen Gardner
January 18, 2013
from ZenGardner Website
A lot of people are getting more frustrated than ever with either trying to wake people up, or just witnessing the apparent absolute ignorance of people not being able to notice what’s really going on around them.
There are many reasons for this, and it’s an age old problem.

In today’s world, it appears it’s because things are crystallizing so fast and the flow of changing information coming at people is so massive it can barely be processed anymore by the lower density mind. True to some extent.

You’ll soon see that doesn’t hold up when it comes to consciousness.

But as a result of this onslaught people just shut down. In spite of so much Truth being more readily available than in any other time in history people still choose to close their eyes and ears. This info-barrage is no excuse for anything, but it’s part of the reality of the effects of this swirl of accelerating craziness that’s spinning around us.

And that’s just what’s on the mental, informational surface. Vibrationally and spiritually things are even crazier as the Matrix and its inter-dimensional minions furiously fight against the natural progression of change and advancing energetic waves of Truth our world is experiencing.

All this may not appear to be an improvement to many following this recent galactic alignment and change of ages, but despite the chaos getting loosed on the world we are definitely moving towards a much greater conscious state of awareness and energetic power. It’s getting free enough to see and experience all this that’s the major issue at hand.

Don’t let the confusion and chaos fool you. Keep your ship steady as she goes. It’s all a transition, but man the helm diligently.
This is the real deal and it’s about to get very personal if it hasn’t already.
Testing Times Are Times of Choice

It’s a very challenging dynamic we’re all facing at this juncture.
And I expect it to get even wilder and more confusing by the day, especially to the unwary. And this increased fury of change is causing basically two reactions. We either open up to new and more fulfilling options for our lives, or we duck and cover and adopt the state sponsored party line for seeming safety and security.

It appears to be that simple.

The preponderance of the population is apparently shutting down and hiding from this seeming informational onslaught. They are actually happy the state propaganda machine pablumizes everything into a nice, warm, sugary goo. After all, it’s easier, and easier is better, right?
Like eating cheap toxic processed fast food instead of real, living food.

“We’ll worry about that healthy stuff later. You can’t expect me to eat consciously and study what’s in stuff all the time. Surely it can’t be that bad if the FDA has approved these foods and additives. And the media might not be perfect but they’d never outright lie to us…”,
...blah blah.

Little do they know. But intentional ignorance is of course no excuse either. Even the slightest bit of critical thought could open the floodgates to the Truth but the subconscious awareness that there’s way more behind the wizard’s curtain than they care to know about keeps them squeezing their eyes shut.

Look at Sandy Hook-winked. If people knew the depths the Powers That Be sink to put on such elaborate murderous schemes and the many strange goals accomplished during these high profile rituals it would make their heads spin.
So what does the media controlled world do? Nothing. Not even admit one iota of contrary evidence, be it others arrested on the scene or any contradictory stories that don’t toe the party line.

And on top of that they demonize anyone who not just proposes opposing information, but dares to question the lack of evidence to support anything that happened as the public was told! Anyone smell 9/11 here? Not a bad comparison really, an emotionally charged and fact-bereft media story that has just the right desired effects.

Always ask, Cui Bono? Who benefits? Apply that across the board.

But the time to pay the fiddler is nigh. Personally and collectively.
Even the Back Burner Is Boiling Over

There’s one thing people aren’t counting on.
In this energetically enlivened time everything gets activated. Even the pots put on the back burners are boiling over and there’s no ignoring these suppressed issues any longer. You can’t stop the energetic changes any more than you can keep the waves of Truth like waves of the ocean from hitting the shore.

And despite all this jacked up confusion, people subconsciously realize to wake up and challenge any one of these major issues might mean having to see and therefore react to other issues or questions. It might mean changing their whole understanding of life which would take them to new, uncomfortable places.

For those trying to put off these uncomfortable realizations, it’s going to get a heck of a lot more uncomfortable as well as confusing for those who don’t get honest about what’s before them and rise to the challenge, believe me.

We’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution. Plain and simple.
All or Nothing at All - Beware the Vortex

It’s really becoming all or nothing at all when it comes to the fundamentals of Truth vs. the Lie in people’s lives.
Those that shut down and close their eyes and ears to the Truth are forced into the only other option: the one touted by the mainstream media/religion/intellectual mantra and enforced by the matrix.
And its end is death... spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The vortex of this false world is way too strong for anyone to be anywhere near the big lie with little compromises to not get sucked into the whole morass of deceit. We’ll all be shedding more and more cherished baggage as the storm picks up.

Let go gleefully. It’s helping you get free.
Commit to Detachment

It’s very simple knowing what to do.
Arm yourself with Truth and Love and detach from the Lie any and every way you can. Any compromise is going to cost more than it ever did before. As the wind picks up even the smallest bit of debris becomes increasingly hazardous. Same with attachments.
The smallest thing can bring us down if we’re off guard and playing too near to the snare of the matrix.

Think about that.

The battle before us is overcoming the fog machine that brings on excuses, indifference, apathy and confusion, all very “reasonable” causes for inaction and keeping wrong attachments. That we’re being absolutely hammered with false informational overload is a given. The wonderful part of the equation is the good informational field that’s intensifying at the same time.

Stay alive, alert and detached. The only way to process this burst of false information is to step back, see yourself as consciousness having an experience called “you”, and then process it and act or not act accordingly.

Such is the way...
A great default that always works for conscious warriors.

Don't Believe in Chemtrails? Watch This

27 January 2013

The Game of Earth Is Yours To Play

by Michael Forrester
January 15, 2013
from PreventDisease Website

You have come to this planet to learn. There is no right or wrong, simply frequency selection. That's it. You have come to integrate experience and let go of judgment.

This is the game of earth and you are all playing very well. Having fun?

Earth is game of decension and then reascension.

You already know what it's like to be a multidimensional being in the 5th, 6th, 7th and so on dimensional realities. You've been there, done that.

You already know that you are connected to absolutely everyone and everything simultaneously, but,

What would it be like if you didn't know that?

What would it be like if you had a veil that hid all of your power from you and made you think you had no power?

You see, you are so powerful that you must play the game of a limited being, with limited perspectives, limited awareness and limited everything, otherwise where's the fun in always being in the realm of the highest power.

When teenager plays a video game and gets really good at it, they can play the game every day and win over and over against even the hardest obstacles or opponents. So then they are faced with a dichotomy.

They want to continue playing their favorite game but they've already mastered it. So what will they do to not lose interest? They begin to select weaker players who they will then match against stronger opponents.

Then they master those as well and continue selecting the weakest players of all until they can face the strongest obstacles or opponents.

This is the game you are playing on earth. It is a grand experiment and you are blessed with genetic material from the entire universe to help you along the way.

You have divine energy and infinite power so you have chosen to descend to see how difficult it would be to ascend while still in physical form. You think you can't walk on water, or fly? That's only because you believe you can't, and at the moment it's not in your best interest to do so. But you can. 

Your goal was always to change your vibrational experience.

Oh, and you added linear time to the mix while you were at it. Instead of seeing all concurrent realities at once (as you normally do on the other side), you have chosen to see only one perspective and one path in front of you.

Most human beings on the planet have difficulty comprehending that time does not exist. You bound this energetically to your DNA so that you could perceive time. But it doesn't exist. Time is circular and not linear.

You recreate yourself infinite numbers of times per minute so that you can feel what you call time.

That's why you are never the same person from day to day. You are never even the same person from second to second. You are constantly in a state of flux, refreshing a new version of yourself energetically and you have so much fun doing that without even realizing what you are doing.

Every single reality you believe in whether past, present and future happen simultaneously.

That's why your greatest gift is the present because that's all you have to effectuate change to create a different vibrational reality for yourselves. Being in the present and in the "now" is all you have to do to change your vibration. You don't have to meditate or sit in front of 30 candles in a low lit room with incense and soft music. You just have to be in the "now". That's it.

The mind was setup to be the operating system of limitation so that you could have this very unique experience as a dense being. There is nothing wrong with having a limited perspective. It is unique and beautiful in many ways.

In 5th dimensional realities, which are what you are now heading towards, this limited perspective decreases considerably.

You will see things from multiple perspectives.

 You will manifest immediately, as opposed to the lag time you experienced in your past
You will start using the 5th dimensional format more and more

Instead of wondering why you're blocked energetically, you'll just align with the new frequency. This means that close to 100 percent of all disease will disappear as well.

When you start using the heart as your filter, everything will become easier. Until now, most of you have been using your mind.

The mind is the 3D filter. The heart is a multidimensional filter capable of electrical electromagnetic energy that the mind is not capable of.

"Think with the heart, not the mind."

In every year that now passes, you will understand more what time really is.

You will only use time as a marker that you can refer back to if necessary. Think of a library and how you know exactly where the book you need is to retrieve the information you require. This is how you will eventually interpret time.

The answers will come. If you are open to them, they will come. If you find you're not getting the answers, sit quietly and breathe. Deep breaths in and out. This helps connect you. 
Carry a journal with you. Write down your thoughts. You will have so many aspiring thoughts in the months to come that you will forget them if you do not write them down.

Some of your other lifetimes may come into your focus and you will start to question the nature of reality. Write it down. This moves it through physical vehicle and it then becomes more valid to you.

As you write things down, the frequency is encoded in the words you write. When you read it again, you access that vibrational state and feel the inspiration.

The levels of the lower masculine energies dictate that a specific pattern of thought or experience must be followed chronologically in steps 1, 2 and 3. In divine flow, you will proceed very differently. You'll start with step 1 and then go to step 15, then back to step 7 and then step 2, etc.

Yet your experience will be complete as you pick up everything you need along the way. Why? Because you will be operating primarily through the heart center.

You may have found yourself already sharing much of your time with different projects and people as you enter into this phase.

Lower masculine energy wants you to DO. The activation of the divine feminine energies want you to just be. The divine masculine energy says as you are you pulse out.

As you spiral up, the divine feminine energy reads frequency and the divine masculine engages that frequency.

What is your version of the truth?

Do you think it is THE truth?

With the exception of love, there is no absolute truth and you will start understanding the different perspectives of truth on the planet and why they exist.

You are always putting yourself in a "now" moment that creates a vibrational signature. You have an agreed upon a set of circumstances that you define as your collective history and then you have another subset that is your personal history.

As you change your vibration on an individual level, you decide whether you want to align with the collective version of the "truth".

Your individual frequency may suddenly align with a version that is so far from your current perspective that you could not even relate to it yesterday. That's when you have jumped timelines, something you'll also become very aware of.

It is not so much what you think that creates your reality. It is what you feel.

If you feel really good, your reality changes. If you have trouble feeling what you want, your ego is in the way. So imagine what it would feel like to have what you want. That will help get the mind out of the way so that you can manifest your desires.

If you have read this far in this article, then you are likely doing all the work you need to do to release holding patterns and you are ready to move forward.

You are guiding those receptive to galactic information. It will get easier for you to speak with others about consciousness and all those things we discuss here.

You may also be processing persecution issues from other lifetimes which will also release as universal truths are revealed. It will become conscious and accepted for all.

Your awareness of what sound is will also shift. It is through sound and frequency that all is created and generated. All matter vibrates and creates sound.

However there are different dimensional versions of sound which many of you may start to hear. For example, the universe, earth and collective consciousness all have their own sound.

Each of your individual organs has its own sound.

There is actually a symphony that is created for your body and you may start to hear these sounds as you look within yourself.

Do you feel like the earth's consciousness is not moving fast enough so that all may awaken?

Why are people taking so long?

It's not them, it's you. Shift timelines and go to where you want to be.

If you feel you are stuck somewhere that you don't want to be, you have the free will to shift at anytime.

Can't shift? It means that your current reality is serving you somehow.

You would not be on your current timeline if it was not serving you.

You would be on another version where the collective would be doing something different.

You can create anything you like, but it is the limitation in your beliefs that prevents you from shifting.

The frequency of the collective affects you and your frequency affects the collective.

This simple understanding will enable you all to change the planet. If you don't like your environment, city, state, country or the people in it, don't fret on those things you dislike.

Focus on the things you do like because any emphasis on what you don't like keeps you on that frequency.

Those who constantly relive history and emphasize horrific historical facts maintain that vibration.

Those who focus on violence and the evil desires of others maintain that vibration.

Those who think negatively, maintain a vibration that is perceived as negative.

Think positive and be positive.

If you are drawn to media that promotes all the bad in the world, check within yourself as to why you are drawn to that information. This alone will change your reality and help change mass consciousness.

You are a divine being of light and infinite energy. You are so blessed to be experiencing your life right now. It is perfect. You are perfect and you are loved more than you could ever know.

As the great Gandhi once said,
"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Consciousness and The Conscious Universe

Manipulative Extraterrestrials rather than human beings control Earth

Why do our efforts as humans beings to affirm our quality-of-life seem to have been frustrated? If you asked yourself, your friends, neighbours, family members and others, you might find out some basic generalities. As humans, we prefer peace to war. We prefer to have our rights protected, rather than subverted. We tend to prefer to have our environment protected rather than destroyed. We tend to also prefer a caring society rather than to have a “survival of the fittest society” in which people who are not financially successful, are basically left to rot.

As humans, we tend to embrace concern for the welfare of others and other species, from our pets, to wildlife. We also value “material comforts” but not to the point that it sacrifices our fundamental concerns for our quality-of-survival. Yet, as human beings, we seem to be also “governed” by values which are alien to our sensibilities.

Our environment is being destroyed; war rages despite our desires for peace; and people are being left to rot in our communities, and globally. In Canada, for example, virtually 100% of Canadians polled wanted aboriginal treaty rights settled. Yet, in a supposedly developed democracy as Canada, there seems to be no hope for such a settlement. Why?

Dr. Michael Salla and his colleagues suggest that the apparent alien values which seem to be controlling humanity’s governance are literally ‘alien’. According to Dr. Salla, Earth’s problems can be tracked to an “unacknowledged extraterrestrial presence”, and that reality forms a major challenge in the public grasping political challenges for the affirmation of human quality-of-living on Earth.

Dr. Salla writes in Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence: “The military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex (MIEC) of interests currently controls most information concerning the extraterrestrial presence; and [also] dominates government institutions around the planet; financial interests; the mass media, and is responsible for systemic global problems.”

In this report, Dr. Salla describes “the main extraterrestrial races most commonly referred to in the literature, [and] who appear to have most strategic significance for the evolution and sovereignty of humanity, and [for] their impact on a range of systemic global problems.” Dr. Salla cites problems from environmental problems to war to the drug trade aimed at destabilizing communities, through mass-intoxications and an ensuing culture of violence.

Michael Salla “distinguishes between these extraterrestrial races on the basis of their belonging to one of either two distinct categories. The first category contains extraterrestrial races which with Earthbound operatives form “MIEC”. Dr. Salla claims an “extensive set of interlocking agreements between these races and operatives suggests, the existence of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex of interests."

Dr. Salla elaborates that: “The systemic global problems caused by the MIEC are an increasing burden and immediate threat to human freedom and sovereignty.” Dr. Salla includes shape-shifting aliens as the “humanized face of aliens” in his research. Dr. Salla suggests that “the alternative is [for human beings to find strategies] to work with those extraterrestrials outside the MIEC, that have emancipatory and ethical rather than a manipulative and control agenda.

Source: The Canadian

New Age Meditation

by Bronte Baxter
March 22, 2008
from TheCanadian Website

Who would make the rains come or the sun shine if the gods are rightful stewards of those things and we humans didn’t support them?

All creation would crumble without the blessing of the gods. That, scriptures tell us, is why we should worship, which is equivalent to paying an energy-tithe. It’s the same reasoning human warlords use against the people they dominate: pay your tax, because you need us; we will protect you. Don’t pay the tax, and we will punish you.

The gods threaten to punish, even destroy mankind if he doesn’t bend before their yoke and serve them. They fulfilled that threat in the Great Flood (a story which appears in disparate cultures) and in other visitations of divine vengeance recorded in countless tales throughout cultural history.

But really, who are these characters? And do they really exist?

The modern mind relegates “gods” to the overactive imaginations of pre-civilized peoples, and in so doing, dismisses the concept. But actually, deities appear in highly civilized early societies, including Sumeria, Babylon, Greece and Egypt.

Isn’t it ethnocentric of us to suggest that civilizations capable of constructing the pyramids or accurately charting the course of the stars for centuries into the future, should be dismissed as childlike and ignorant when they write of their experiences with other-worldly beings?

Archeologist Zecharia Sitchin, in his voluminous tomes, details the countless references in ancient writings and artifacts to beings who visited this world in fiery flying ships, who taught mankind, interbred with humans, and set up a government of divine-right kingship. Visiting beings who called themselves gods.

Kings were considered “sons of the gods,” connected to the deities by bloodline, hence their right to rule. In the Mahabharata, Arjuna’s mother was said to conceive her numerous sons by intercourse with several different deities.

The first chapter of Genesis speaks of the Nifilim, a giant race that interbred with early humans.

In Egypt, the pharaohs were literally “sons of the gods.” We find stories of gods interbreeding with humans to create a kingly line in Zulu shamanism and in South American Indian lore.

Time and again, in culture after culture, the gods appear doing the same things, demanding the same things.

Even Christianity springs from a pantheistic tradition: Jehovah was one god among many for the Hebrews. A self-righteous fellow fond of war and genocide, he had to compete with the other local gods for the Hebrews’ allegiance.

Today, having beat out the competition, revered as “God” by his followers, Jehovah garners the worship not just of Jews but Protestants and Catholics as well.

How foolish and arrogant is it to laugh off the existence of a race of beings who appear in the annals of every civilization? I was amazed to see ex-TMers, who spent years feeding soma to devas through chants and mantras, whose walls are still plastered with pictures of Lakshmi, Kali and Shiva, dismiss with a toss of their head the idea that gods might exist as real persons.

Who, in truth, are the gods, and what do they want from us?

Do “deities” sit at the controls of the universe, managing the laws of nature?

Beings with such awesome power that our lives are in their hands?

Entities we must never challenge at the risk of losing all we hold dear?

I suggest, if the gods are innately as powerful as they purport to be, they would not need human worship to survive.

They would be self-sufficient, drawing on the Infinite within them for every need. Instead, they tell mankind to bow down and pay tithe, and threaten in the scriptures to destroy us if we don’t.

What kind of power is it, that can’t exist without feeding?

It sounds more like psychic enslavement to me. Convince the people whose world you contrive to control that they are powerless without you, that the rains won’t come and the sun will go dark if they don’t please you. Drink their soma, the positive energy of worship, and drink their negative energy, too, when you can incite it and siphon it off.

Feed yourself on human astral energy, whatever the quality, and you and your race can control human life as long as the system remains intact. Planetary farming. If anyone starts to wake up a little, divert their efforts at spiritual independence by luring them into mantra meditation.

Consider this quote by the currently popular guru, Ramana Maharshi:

"Repetition aloud of His name is better than praise. Better still is its faint murmur. But the best is repetition within the mind - and that is meditation. Better than such broken thought is its steady and continuous flow like the flow of oil or of a perennial stream."

Ramana Maharshi’s statement represents mantra meditation’s goal: a state where the mind is timelessly identified with surrender to the name of one’s god - identical with the god himself.

The mind itself has become self-negation at the feet of the deity. Empty of original thought and dynamic desire, the “liberated” person’s ego is dissolved: the very thing that made him or her human. All that is left is a mind-body shell, a meat-robot, that moves through life as a surrendered instrument of some greater will. I suggest the greater will is not that of the Infinite. It is the will of the god who has taken the place of one’s mind.

Does this sound like possession? It surely appears to be. Think of all the gurus you’ve met with their palpable shakti.

An energy so real no one who experiences it can deny it.

What is that light in their eye, a light beyond this world?

Whose is that power they touch you with, embrace you with?

Is it the shakti of Brahman, the light of pure consciousness?

Or is it the power of Kali or one of her friends? Gurus often say they are the embodiment of Shiva, Kali, or some other god.

Why do we not take them at their word?

I would like to suggest that mantra meditation turns humans into zombies who serve the agenda of the gods.

That agenda is procurement of more humans and more human energy. This explains the common phenomenon of proselytizing by the religious, including fundamentalist Christians, TMers, and disciples of other varieties.

Servants of “God” or the gods feel a driving need to bring in more recruits. The god that moves through them fills them with this zeal, as a hungry stomach fills the mind with an overwhelming need to procure dinner.

There are no gods, in the sense the gods would have us think of them. No one has been designated by the Infinite to control creation and administer the laws of nature. The sun shines by itself as an entity with its own consciousness. The rain and wind don’t need a god to direct them; they move where they will in harmony with their fellow elements. All things are children of the Infinite, spirits or egos in their own unique right, expressing in physical form and also in astral dimensions.

The 'gods' are spirits/egos like everybody else. Most of the time they dwell on astral planes, which is why human senses normally don’t perceive them. According to ancient records, they have visited the earth in ages past in physical forms of their own, as entities from the stars.

They are no more divine than a ghost, no more cosmic than you or I, and no more entitled or intended to run the universe than any other gang of warlords might be.

Somehow they’ve gained control of this planet, and have held that control at least since the beginning of recorded human history. But that is no reason to think the Infinite wants it that way, or that life needs to continue that way.

True empowerment is not the Indian concept of enlightenment. It is knowing what we are and living from there. We are spirit: individual and eternal, moving within the consciousness of That which created, sustains and pervades all life.

Knowing this is not difficult. It only requires putting attention on that which is beneath the content of thought. Acting from this place of empowerment is natural: we can ordain reality from that quantum level. Everyone can do it. Everyone is equally powerful moving and creating in the depths of their own consciousness.

Unfortunately, people rarely do that, though, as the mass hypnosis that governs human life convinces us that karma, fate or the will of God runs the world, that we as individuals have little direct control over what happens to us. The gods are the purveyors of this global hypnosis. It serves their agenda of control.

True liberation does not mean rising above the illusion of ourselves as egos. It means rising above the illusion that as egos we are cut off from the powerhouse of creation. That as individuals we are something less than pure, eternal, powerful spirits - in our own right, very much gods. Gods with a global case of amnesia.

The “enlightened” have surrendered their personhood to the deities who control their meditations. Their bliss is the euphoric stupor which their appeased deities grant them as reward. The words, the thoughts, the desires of the enlightened are not their own any longer, but those of their controlling god. The word “zombie” is appropriate because of its meaning as the walking dead.

But all is not lost for such people. No one can keep the human soul enslaved against its will. An act of personal empowerment, of willfully recalling one’s ego, must surely destroy enslavement by any possessing entity. One can recall surrendered pieces of one’s being as a magnet can recall iron filings.

Native American traditions speak of our ability to do just this, calling back the parts of our lost personhood.

When people cease to surrender their energy and spirit to those who call themselves gods, the deceivers will lose their power over this dimension. They will shrink back to “normal size,” entities responsible for themselves like everybody else.

Our world will know a freedom, creativity, harmony and joy it has never demonstrated in its history, because interdimensional manipulation will cease. The suffering on this planet, god-inspired and god-feeding, will dwindle and disappear. The need to kill to eat will no longer exist. Sickness, aging and death will have no substructure.

Each wonderful created being - animal, human or astral - will thrive on the power of the Infinite source within itself, and victim/tyrant relationships, which ran the planet for eons, will fade into thin air. Living will become what surely the Infinite intended in Its original vision for the universe: a symphony of minds, not a competition; a tapestry of spirits, not a hierarchy; a garden of consciousness, not a painful struggle.

When I hear “the enlightened” excuse all the atrocities of this world by saying that in their exalted perception, everything is “perfect” just as it is, I hear “fraud.”

The God I perceive in the depths of my being is not a God who is content with fathers raping infants, animals being ripped apart alive, or human sorrow so great only suicide can quell it.

This kind of world is not perfect, and anyone who sees it as such has something seriously wrong with them. If the gods were really beneficent and powerful, they would not operate a world that runs like this. When their mouthpieces and procurers tell us this world is just as it should be - that shows you the true nature of the gods.

These beings are not our friends, though surely, if there are scoundrels in astral dimensions, there must be virtuous entities there as well. Perhaps the ones who don’t seek lordship over this planet are watching to see if humans take back control of our world or continue to surrender it, piece by piece, to the cosmic band of thugs who want to own it.

Will we continue surrendering our governments, media, schools, workplaces, taxes and spirituality to those who would lead us farther away from personal freedom and self-actualization, closer to a world without responsibility, originality or joy? Such a world is the goal of the gods, because it’s more controllable.

Their lackeys in the political arena (many - George Bush, for instance - are genetically linked to European royal families and the god-engendered lines of divine-right kings) call this future society the New World Order.

Centralized control, humans functioning on autopilot. The death of free will, passion, desire and originality - sounds a lot like enlightenment, doesn’t it. The surrender of the individual to the collective. Control of the collective by divine-right rulers, and control of those rulers by the cosmic band of thugs themselves. The rise of the great Fourth Reich.

Who were the mystical entities Hitler conversed with and took guidance from?

Why was group meditation a part of Nazi protocol?

Why were many TM/ New Age slogans (“established in Being, perform action,” for instance) also slogans of the Third Reich?

Total control and religious-spiritual domination.

The destruction of everything that makes life worth living. Creation imploding on itself, like a snake swallowing its tail. That actually is a symbol found in mystery schools, which were controlled by the gods.

It’s time to give up beads and mantras, chanting and bowing down to dirty feet.

It’s time to fire the gurus, stand up and be the powerful, sublime individuals we are.

It’s time to question the dogmas we swallowed whole from Vedic tradition and take a closer look at what is happening when we meditate.

It’s time to reclaim our birthright, our divinity and this Earth.

Only we can do it, as the conscious beings we are.

As the character Alice in Wonderland said, turning and facing the Red Queen’s army that was hot on her heels,

“Pooh! You’re nothing but a pack of old cards.”

That army toppled, turning into a heap of playing cards the moment the girl broke through her bad dream. Our controllers too will topple, and dragons will turn into geckos.

It’s time to give up the cosmic illusion and de-hypnotize.

The Divine and Manipulative Extraterrestrials

Gods and Religions on Planet Earth

26 January 2013

God, Religion and Manipulative Extraterrestrials

by Dr. John Singh
March 27, 2009
from TheCanadian Website

Have you ever wondered about what kind of God has been the source of the inspiration for genocide, suicidal missions, oppression, racisms, sexism, homophobia along with countless wars on our planet Earth?

Pagan Gnostics suggest that, God, as presented in various organized religions, is a construct that has been created by Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

Dr. John Lash documents organized religions, with a particular reference to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as being "fronts" for an agenda of alien dominance and control.

Activists, associated with the UFO Disclosure Movement, complain that there is a cover-up of on-going contact of aliens with human elites. However, Pagan Gnostic insights suggest that the organized religious construct of God, may simply be a pseudonym for an “overlord” that regressive/demonic aliens have sought to rule over humanity.

Therefore, the mention of God, may in itself, be a form of implicit 'disclosure', based upon Gnostic insights. Dr. Lash documents Pagan Gnostic testimony of "artificial man" having infiltrated elite-driven human institutions, that have sought to anoint themselves with religious piety.

Based in part of Pagan Gnostic wisdom, once we begin to critically appreciate what it means to be human, demands for “Disclosure” become relatively moot. The Pagan Gnostics indeed witnessed the nefarious activities of regressive aliens all around them, almost as "plain as day".

Dr. Lash documents how Pagan Gnostics detected the ego-driven artificial intelligence of regressive aliens, by elevating their own consciousness. This elevation was achieved by embracing the human spiritual interconnectedness, that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have sought to repress through organized religion and transhumanism (secularism, i.e. "Darwinian Theory of Evolution"), associated with an alien-directed eugenics program.

As Gerry Zeitlin reveals, by repressing knowledge of actual human origins, through religious and transhumanistic disinformation and obfuscation, "artificial man" could then be freed to pursue various strategies in a social control agenda against humankind.

Pagan Gnostics insights, suggest that oppressive ideologies, which include those from capitalism to Nazism to totalitarian communism to religious doctrine, are all alien constructs.

These ideologies are apparently designed to undermine a mutualistic context to the development of humankind, that would then create an "existential positive energy matrix" that would be hostile to the ability of regressive aliens to parasitically co-exist in our time-space continuum on Earth. Indeed, that development would also be hostile to a continuing pursuit of their alleged infiltration activities, as "archons".

Michael Cremo in a book called Devolution suggests that so-called modern humans have “de-evolved” from more socially advanced, and spiritually interconnected beings.

Alex Collier, an alleged contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials, alludes to an ancient war between humans and regressive aliens. Alex Collier seems to further suggest that Earthbound humans were abducted en masse as intergalactic “Prisoners of War”, into a “holographic universe” inhabited by lower-dimensional demonic entities.

The Pagan Gnostics referred to these lower-dimensional demonic entities as "archons" or “artificial man”.

That is because these cited regressive aliens are "soul-less" artificial forms of life. Modern terminology might instead refer to such entities as “cybernetic organisms”, that have allegedly been created through violent “fractilizations” of matter. The demonic nature of these entities, is allegedly the result of the formation of ego driven consciousness spawned from violent matter-energy reactions.

Pagan Gnostics suggest that God as contrived by organized religion, is a mechanism that is orchestrated by regressive aliens, to oppress human spirituality. By imposing a system of commandments that is reinforced by rituals, and of constructs like “sin”, regressive aliens sought to pursue social control against humanity.

According to Pagan Gnostic insights, through the alien construct of God, Manipulative Extraterrestrials have sought to broadly condition “collectively abducted” Earthbound humanity, into accepting “blind faith and allegiance” to a non-accountable and arbitrary system of authority. That is apparently why throughout human history in this universe, religion has played, and continues to play a central role in various authority systems.

Pagan Gnostic cite the God associated with the Judaic, Christian, Islamic and other such organized religions is formed out of a delusional entity of an alien universe that a constituency of humans have been captured in.

According to Pagan Gnostics, the regressive aliens that inhabit this “holographic universe” lack the soul of humans, and thus lack a creative consciousness. However, these regressive aliens through their fractal origins, have the ability to mimic the reality of biological races that it has conquered, and that they do so through an ability to “shape-shift”.

This gives the ability of such entities to infiltrate human institutions, and then disorient and control human institutions, away from their constructive potentials.

Pagan Gnostics, also corroborate modern reports of regressive aliens seeking to abduct human beings. By abducting humans, regressive aliens could then re-introduce “alien controlled human biological entities” (AC-HBE) back into human populations, as the “humanized” faces of regressive aliens.

Such “AC-HBEs” and alien shapeshifters, have been alleged by David Icke, and African elders like Credo Mutwa, as prevailing over the invasive control and sabotage of human sovereignty of our planet Earth.

Gary Zeitlin, suggests that the presentation of human origins that is associated with God, as constructed by organized religion; and the “transhumanism” that is associated with the Darwinian theory of evolution, and with “Intelligent Design” theory (the idea that humans origins lie with the genetic “creation” of humanity by aliens), are apparently all alien deceptions.

Reportedly human abducting regressive aliens through these deceptions apparently seek to divert humanity from pursuing initiatives to critically appreciate the de-evolved origins of humanity.

African Elder Credo Mutwa describes ancient knowledge of humans as being a highly spiritually connected and telepathic beings, before lower-dimensional aliens that descended from the sky, and captured a constituency human beings in this linear space time continuum.

Pagan Gnostics, suggests that humanity needs to liberate itself from the alien constructs of ‘God’, and “transhumanism” (that encompasses the idea that humans are actually "progressing" through the apparent oppressive technological development of society), that itself links the course of human progress, to the technologically circumscribed “template” of the regressive aliens.

Could indeed the recent economic downturn being linked to the organized efforts of regressive aliens through AC-HBE toward a "New World Order", as testimony from Alex Collier alleges in Defending Sacred Ground?.

The Divine and Manipulative Extraterrestrials
Gods and Religions on Planet Earth

India Signs Mandatory GMO Labeling into Law

by Anthony Gucciardi
January 10, 2013
from NaturalSociety Website

Paving the way for other nations to introduce similar legislation and inform consumers what they’re really putting into their mouths, the labeling of products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) within the nation of India is now mandated by law.

The country’s Ministry of Consumer Affairsmakes declared in a June 5, 2012 notice that all GMO-containing packaged foods must be labeled by January 1, 2013 or face legal repercussions.

Each package containing GM ingredients will clearly be labeled directly on the prime real estate of the package as ‘GM’.

A warning that many heads of organizations and even bodies within the Indian government are praising for its ability to inform individuals as to what they are really feeding their family.

“The labeling will basically help inform the consumer about the presence of GM content in packaged food products,” said B.N.Dixit, Director, Legal Metrology, Department of Consumer Affairs.

In the wake of crippled labeling attempts inside the United States thanks to Monsanto-backed corporate deception, such as phony campaign materials designed to deceive California’s Prop 37 GMO labeling campaign, this is an extremely bold message by India.

A message that will likely be picked up by neighboring countries where citizens have been demanding GMO labeling - or even an outright ban. The move also comes after other countries like Poland already took moves to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified maize.

Even states like New Mexico and Washington are now pushing forward with legislation that would make labeling mandatory.

While the labeling declaration is certainly a victory, some Indian experts are saying that it would be much more of a victory for somewhere like the US, where around 90% of food products are pre-packaged or processed. The opposite is true in India, where much of the food available in local markets is whole food items and raw materials. In other words, the Indian citizens still prepare meals by hand in many cases.

This means that they are using non-packaged food items like produce that may not be labeled.

Nonetheless, the law allows for an advancement in the lengthy fight against GMOs, which have been linked to a host of serious illnesses ranging from tumor development to infertility.

Genetically Engineered Organisms - Foods and Others

Any problem is always new

To every challenge there must obviously be a new response because today the problem is entirely different from what it was yesterday. Any problem is always new; it is undergoing transformation all the time. Each challenge demands a new response, and there can be no new response if the mind is not free. So freedom is at the beginning, not just at the end. Revolution must begin, surely, not at the social, cultural, or economic level, but at the highest level; and the discovery of the highest level is the problem -the discovery of it, not the acceptance of what is said to be the highest level. I don't know if I am explaining myself clearly on this point. One can be told what is the highest level by some guru, some clever individual, and one can repeat what one has heard, but that process is not discovery; it is merely the acceptance of authority, and most of us accept authority because we are lazy. It has all been thought out, and we merely repeat it like a gramophone record.

Now, I see the necessity of discovery because it is obvious that we have to create a totally different kind of culture -a culture not based on authority but on the discovery by each individual of what is true, and that discovery demands complete freedom. If a mind is held, however long its tether, it can only function within a fixed radius, and therefore it is not free. So what is important is to discover the highest level at which revolution can take place, and that demands great clarity of thought; it demands a good mind - not a phony mind which is repetitive, but a mind that is capable of hard thinking, of reasoning to the end, clearly, logically, sanely. One must have such a mind, and only then is it possible to go beyond. 
(Collected Works, Vol. IX",Social Responsibility)