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21 July 2016

WikiLeaks releases 300k Turkey govt emails in response to Erdogan’s post-coup purges

19 Jul, 2016

“We have verified the material and the source, who is not connected, in any way, to the elements behind the attempted coup, or to a rival political party or state,” added the whistleblowing site, which has previously insisted that it is neither pro- nor anti-government, but rather serves “the truth”.
Despite a massive cyberattack on its website, WikiLeaks has published the first batch of nearly 300,000 emails from the Turkish ruling AKP party’s internal server and thousands of attached files in response to the Ankara government’s widespread post-coup purges.

Some 294,548 emails pertaining to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice & Development Party (AKP) were made public on Tuesday at 11:00pm Ankara time.

“WikiLeaks has moved forward its publication schedule in response to the government's post-coup purges,” WikiLeaks said in the release.

RELEASE: 294,548 emails from Turkey's ruling political party, Erdoğan's AKP #AKPemails 

“We have verified the material and the source, who is not connected, in any way, to the elements behind the attempted coup, or to a rival political party or state,” added the whistleblowing site, which has previously insisted that it is neither pro- nor anti-government, but rather serves "the truth".

WikiLeaks says that the release of almost 300,000 email bodies together with several thousand attached files, is just part one in the series and encompasses 762 mailboxes beginning with 'A' through to 'I'.

1) @Wikileaks teases that they'll soon publish 300k emails from#Turkey's political leadership.

All emails are attributed to "", the primary domain of the main political force in the country, and cover a period from 2010 up until July 6, 2016, just a week before the failed military coup.

“It should be noted that emails associated with the domain are mostly used for dealing with the world, as opposed to the most sensitive internal matters,” the non-profit said.

The NGO also revealed that one of the emails contained an Excel database of the cell phone numbers of AKP deputies.

#Wikileaks'in yayınladığı maillerde AKP Milletvekillerinin cep telefonu numaraları var. h/t @necmialaca

Prior to the release WikiLeaks suffered a “sustained attack” as it warned that Turkish government entities might try to interfere with the publication of the AKP material.

The attacks are still continuing and users are experiencing difficulties in accessing the material. WikiLeaks reassured the public that they are “winning” the battle.

Yes, we are under more cyber attacks, which we are winning, on and off.

We appear to have won our 24h cyberwar. The AKPemails part one will be released imminently. #TurkyPurge

A few hours after the release, WikiLeaks tweeted a screenshot showing the database to be blocked in Turkey, claiming that Ankara "ordered [the release] to be blocked nationwide".

WikiLeaks ordered to be blocked nationwide in #Turkey after releasing 300 thousand emails from #Erdogan's party AKP

Earlier the non-profit organization also asked the public to support their endeavor for sharing the information.

“We ask that Turks are ready with censorship bypassing systems such as TorBrowser and uTorrent. And that everyone else is ready to help them bypass censorship and push our links through the censorship to come,” WikiLeaks tweeted Monday.

The Anonymous hacktivist group released a statement of support for the latest Wikileaks exposure of AKP files, saying that it “suspect[ed]” the Turkish government to be behind the latest Wikileaks Ddos attacks.

“Opposition should always have a voice and the free flow of information should be encouraged. Wikileaks has sustained DDos attacks after announcing they will release e-mails (300,000), docs (500,000) of the Turkish government, and we suspect the Turkish government will try to censor any information Wikileaks will release.”


“We ask of the people in Turkey to take interest in the material Wikileaks is about to release and to not dismiss it because a leader tells them. We advocate the use of anti-censorship tools as Tor, I2P or VPN. We will do our best to translate those e-mails and documents for the international community to read and to provide a better understanding of the ongoing situation in Turkey,” the hacktivist conglomerate added.

The government of Turkey is continuing its massive crackdown following a failed coup attempt during which more than 200 people lost their lives as fractions of the armed forces attempted to seize control of several key places in the cities of Ankara and Istanbul. Over 1,400 were injured over the course of armed clashes.

In the wake of the failed takeover, thousands have been detained or lost their posts across the judiciary, military, interior ministry and civil service sectors. President Erdogan and his government blame the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen for orchestrating the coup attempt.

05 May 2016

Europe Under Attack By Shadow Government Proxies

MAY 4, 2016

The shadow government hiding inside the Central Intelligence Agency that is responsible for the establishment of the European Union, and the White House is now blackmailing the EU to accept the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement [TTIP], and to prevent a possible Brexit.

The US has mounted pressure on Brussels during recent talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung reported.

According to leaked confidential documents, the EU would have to significantly decrease social, legal and environmental standards to open European markets for US-made products.

Washington is almost blackmailing the bloc to make concessions, the article read. For instance, the US has threatened to reduce imports of European cars if Brussels rejects to buy more US-made agricultural products.

What is more, according to the papers, the US plans to abandon the European principle according to which foods are free to sell only if they are safe for people and environment. As a result, genetically modified products and plants would enter the European market, the newspaper reported.

Here’s a snapshot of how Britain got into the European Union:

Evans-Pritchard writes, many Britons, and other Europeans, remain unaware of the declassified documents from the US State Department archives “showing that US intelligence funded the European movement secretly for decades, and worked aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into the project.”

For instance, “one memorandum dated July 26, 1950, reveals a campaign to promote a full-fledged European parliament. It was signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, [the] precursor of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

In fact, “the key CIA front was the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), chaired by Donovan. Another document shows that it provided 53.5 percent of the European movement’s funds in 1958. The board [of the ACUE] included Walter Bedell Smith and Allen Dulles, CIA directors in the fifties, and a caste of ex-OSS officials who moved in and out of the CIA.”

The archives, Evans-Pritchard adds, show that the CIA essentially “treated some of the EU’s ‘founding fathers’ as hired hands,” and even “actively prevented them [from] finding alternative funding that would have broken reliance on Washington.”

One thing that is universal in this whole social engineering scheme is to force peoples into a single geographical location and then stir conflict among them to divide and conquer them eventually. That’s the motive behind the forced integration of Middle Eastern refugees into Europe, i.e. to sow internal conflicts between peoples of different cultures to preoccupy them with perpetual ethnic and cultural conflicts.

The self-appointed Rulers of the World would never allow the peaceful interaction of different cultures through regular annual competitions while keeping themselves in their own countries for most of the year. They want to keep them in one geographical location so that they would kill each other in a culture shock.

Eventually, these different cultures will morph into a singularity that is fully submissive to the Architect of that One World Order.

We still prefer the potpourri of cultures and customs which made this world as colorful and wonderful as it should be.

The British should sever its connection to the EU to break the back of the Rothschild Khazarian Empire, and peace should be returned to the Middle East so that its people could return to its homeland and everybody could live in peace.

Death to the Global Corporatcracy!

25 March 2016

Mossad named in Brussels attacks according to new analysis of second witness to Zaventem airport explosions testimony

MARCH 24, 2016

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to YouTube on March 24, 2016, purports to reveal how Mossad was named by a second witness to Tuesday’s explosions at Brussels’ Zaventem airport. Mossad, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service or ISIS (according to a CBS News national correspondent), is said by alternative news sources to have played a role in this week’s state-sponsored for-profit false flag terrorism in which two Belgian government officials were said to have tendered their resignations but were urged to stay on under conditions described as a “time of war.”

One witness, “Alexandre,” a self-described Belgium-born American resident whose identity could not be further verified at the time of this report, told France 24 of events both during and immediately after two explosions took place within the departures area of Zaventem airport in a televised interview aired March 22, 2016. According to one etymology and history source, “Alexander” was “another name of the hero Paris” in Greek mythology. Allegations of links between operatives behind this week’s attacks in Brussels and the Paris attacks of 2015 are now emerging within mainstream coverage of events.

During an August 5, 1990, interview with CSPAN, current CBS News national correspondent Dan Raviv explained how his English-language styling of the Hebrew term “Mossad” was resolved through conversations with an Israeli prime minister’s spokesperson during research for the best-selling “Every Prince a Spy: The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence Community” co-authored by journalist Yossi Melman. The Harvard graduate stated then how the term “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” was offered, concluding that if such a term were to have an acronym it would appear as the letters “ISIS”.

This week’s reports that ISIS claimed responsibility for explosions that killed a reported 31 and injured hundreds in Brussels may be better understood when lensed through such a historic lexical precedent established twenty-six years prior. Readers can watch this portion of the Dan Raviv interview at 23:12 on the CSPAN video library timeline hosted at the public service provider’s website.

The Irish Times has reported how Belgian “Interior minister Jan Jambon and justice minister Koen Geens tendered their resignations to prime minister Charles Michel, who asked them to stay on.” The Flemish nationalist leader was said to have invoked a “time of war” in his response, urging the two to not “leave the field.” In a recent op-ed for RT, UK-based Australian journalist John Pilger explained his theory of how a “world war” of propaganda, lies and distractions manipulated by an “invisible government” has already begun. That ongoing information warfare between belligerent parties has been taking place for decades is not a new idea within the alternative news community.

Analysis of the apparent covert insider spycraft information-laden appearance of “Alexandre” on France 24 follows earlier coverage of BBC witness “James Firkin” whose capacity for revelatory disclosure concerning CIA participation in the 2016 Brussels bombings suggests a swarm of multiple foreign intelligence agency underground operatives conspiring around the de facto capital of the European Union. Their weighty statements combined with objectionably questionable unverified identities suggests evidence of mainstream media Operation Mockingbird-like collusion that promotes individuals in crisis-actor roles as mainstream pseudo-vox populi spokespeople framing current events within emergent police state-identity political contexts.

The presence of previously unreported forensic information concerning secret messages encrypted within Zaventem Airport explosions witness “Alexandre”’s testimony to France 24 was detected while monitoring mirror-filtered renderings of the witness statements. The audio soundtrack was loaded in the edit bay of a digital audio workstation then subjected to mirror-filtering and time-expansion in preparation for a detailed auditory study. The conduct of this procedure was informed by best practices refined through repeatedly providing military, forensic and medical-grade intelligence that had been successfully vetted through practical real-world feedback over nearly 20 years of unmatched research and reporting. coverage has described how the same procedure publicly revealed details of the Iraq War, identified the BTK Killer, named Russian spy Anna Chapman’s accomplice and uncovered the UFOs and ETs in Edward Snowden’s NSA cache weeks, months and years before such information became widely-accepted public knowledge. Below is a partial transcript of the witnesses’ statements from March 22, 2016, preceded by the secret messages encrypted backwards therein with emphasis added.

My blows. Beneath: Mossad: “You always have the debate between the traditional airport security and the one that’s used in Israeli airports which is much heightened. But moreover, the problem that you will face is the flow of people. Hundreds and thousands of people every day that you have to check once, twice and then a third time before they board the airplane. Yeah, if it has to be done it has to be done. Sure. But how practical is it going to be? And how much will it cost? Is it doable? That is something that’s well beyond my paygrade.”

My mole hits. Have a skull: “As for the atmosphere, there’s no atmosphere anymore. To be precise people are just in shock. Stay home and try, I think, they try their best to follow the instructions of the authorities. As for the deployment of the police and military it’s very intense in all of Brussels because Brussels of course has a lot of potential targets; with the European authorities, with NATO, with embassies and stuff like that.

You’re still in my CIA: Yeah, heightened security clearly. You see military trucks, you see soldiers, you see police officers, canine units. That’s about it and people are in shock. The attack at the airport was absolutely horrifying. I cannot even imagine what people who were in that metro station went through.

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06 December 2015

Get Rid of ISIL Using This One Weird Trick

December 05, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - You’ve seen those internet ads that offer “one weird trick” for eliminating belly fat or boosting testosterone, right? Well, here’s one weird trick for getting rid of ISIS and boosting our security from terrorism. The “trick” is non-intervention. And it is only weird in the sense that it is so uncommon in this age of war. Nonetheless, it works.

And it will work against ISIS because it was intervention that propelled its rise and it is intervention that sustains it. Non-intervention would eliminate ISIS by simply withholding its fuel and withdrawing its props.

The “one weird trick” has three easy steps. These steps are only “easy” for Westerners, because they basically amount to us refraining from constantly fucking things up. Once we get out of their way, the hard work will be done by locals, which is as it should be.

Step 1: The West should stop supporting the jihadist-led Syrian insurgency and stop supporting the regional allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc) that are also supporting it. With the flow of weapons and money cut off, rebels will defect and the ground forces of the secular Syrian regime that the U.S. has been idiotically trying to overthrow will be able to push ISIS and Syrian Al Qaeda out of Syria.

Step 2: The U.S. should stop supporting the sectarian Shi’ite government in Iraq. Only when that flow of weapons and money is also halted will Baghdad be forced to compromise with the Iraqi Sunnis they have been brutally persecuting for a decade. And only then will the Sunni tribes feel they can afford to turn against ISIS again, as they did in 2006. This will give the terrorists fleeing Syria nowhere to run.

Step 3: The West should stop directly bombing Syria and Iraq. Such attacks inevitably massacre civilians, and thereby only strengthen ISIS. Civil society is thus weakened and less capable of resisting the hardened extremists. Plus, more Muslim youth are thus radicalized by atrocity and more susceptible to extremist recruitment.

More American boots, European bombs, Turkish guns, and Saudi money will only feed the fire that fuels ISIS and make our cities more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Just stop constantly subsidizing and contributing to the war and chaos that ISIS thrives on. That alone can starve and weaken that death cult enough for the non-psychotic elements of Syria and Iraq to unite and finally destroy it.

We have tolerated and enabled our governments’ bloody misadventures long enough. Get the West out of the Middle East, now.

By Dan Sanchez

Get informed. Read more:

20 November 2015

ISIS The Start of World War III?

Published on Jun 26, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions with ISIS and the possible start of WWIII. David breaks down many esoteric historical writings and the current political situation that can lead to bringing in other countries to war.

Paris Terrorist Attacks: RT Interview Just Destroyed the CIA and Fake U.S. News in 10 Minutes

You’ll see more truth in this 10 minute news interview from Russia Today (RT) than in 10 years of watching the liberal Propaganda media machines in the USA! RT just made the U.S. Media look like the disgusting lying pigs that they really are when they aired author Gearóid O'Colmáin in Paris. 

You’ve got to watch this interview and share it because you will never see somebody destroy the lies from the United States in just 10 minutes. This honest man brought out the truth that ISIS is a creation of the U.S. and was funded, armed and trained by the U.S... Moreover... France is knee deep in Syria because they're following the U.S. and NATO as well as funding other terrorists in Africa and the Middle East. 

Watch this RT interview with O'Colmáin and notice the difference between RT and Obama's lying scumbag media in the U.S. such as FOXNews who constantly interrupt their guests when they shy away from their talking points and U.S. propaganda. In this RT interview you get to hear O'Colmáin talk for 10 solid minutes with only a few questions from the host. 

American Born Republic brings to you the stories that the U.S. Media diluted, filtered or just plain refused to report. Try a LIKE to ABR at...

19 November 2015

Paris Attacks: The Bigger Picture

We now know that the Paris Attacks false flag is nothing different to WTC 911, i.e. suppression of privacy, restriction of movement, martial law on the interim, and perpetual war on the long term. But just like WTC 911 it has a darker set of agenda.

Already, Western governments are asking for more authoritarian powers.

The Paris Attacks have distracted everyone from the Paris Climate Change Summit. In fact, the boots on the ground will suppress any protest marches from those organizations that consider the cloaked anti-carbon rhetoric as actually aimed at reducing global food production to control the population by controlling carbon emissions that is vital to growing plants.

While it is true that carbon emissions can give urban dwellers respiratory illnesses, it is also true that too much of oxygen can suffocate the lungs. Too much of everything is indeed toxic.

The solution is not zero carbon emission, but to strike a balance between carbon emitters [industrial plants, car population] and carbon absorbers [vegetation].

The problem is that they lumped all industrial firms and commercial establishments together into one location. Companies are also motivated to locate their production in urban centers to save on transportation cost.

They are forcing the migration of people into cities instead of distributing these manufacturing plants and commercial establishments in other areas. They are calling this urbanization as economic progress. We call them virtual prison cells.

The policy makers have created an imbalanced system to create a pretext for anti-carbon rhetoric to justify production reduction and promote the notion of overpopulation when it is only the cities that are overpopulated.

The same idiotic mindsets creating the problem are about to haggle together in a summit to agree on a solution that just eliminate the effects but not the actual root cause of the problem.

They want to alter the natural symbiosis between plants and animals so they could sell chemical solutions like artificial fertilizers and pesticides which ran counter to their own advertised mantra of caring for the environment, not to mention the ill effects on people’s health. This is madness sustaining itself.

But then again, whoever said they care for the environment, much less the people?

The bottom line is simple: If they can control the sources of food, water and all other resources, they can control the people. This is their only option once the fiat financial system is finally brought down.

The forces of evil are indeed hard at work. There’s no time for complacency.

The article below explores the problem of carbon emissions when alternative free energy technology is removed from the whole equation and the real intent of the UN-NWO sanctioned groups that are using the “climate change” hoax to advance a sinister agenda …

The Irrational War On Carbon: Toward The 2015 Climate Change Summit in Paris Technocracy News

Written By: Patrick Wood

The core stakeholders who will orchestrate the Paris 2015 Climate Change Summit are out in full force to froth the brew of anti-carbon rhetoric.

There is no better example of what will be said than what has already been said by the Carbon Tracker Initiative based in London. First, they call for a “carbon bubble deflation” where the excessive production of fossil fuel carbon will be methodically reduced to zero thanks to financial pressure and asset realignment. Comparing carbon to a financial bubble serves to create an urgent avoidance, but the analogy is deeply flawed.

According to this approach, “smart” utilities and other fossil fuel users are told that they should divest themselves of assets related to coal, oil and their derivatives. Carbon Tracker then reminds the company that if management winds up with “abandoned assets” in their portfolio, they will have failed their shareholders.

Christiana Figueres, the United Nations’ climate head, loves this approach and is backing it 100 percent. She stated in May 2014,

“Governments have agreed to limit global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius. Governments have also agreed to put in place the pathways to deliver this with a new and universal agreement in Paris towards the end of 2015. In order to reach this goal, large amounts of coal and oil will have to stay in the ground, unburnt. Carbon Tracker’s new [oil and coal cost] ‘Curves’ report indicates where in respect to the oil industry some of those stranded assets and some of those red lines will lie.”

Will The Carbon Tracker Initiative have an impact at the Paris 2015 Climate Change Summit? They believe they will:

“We have the technical knowledge, connections and reach to get inside the mind-set of the global financial community and effect change on a global scale. We are a non-profit, independent organisation, free from the commercial constraints of mainstream analysts and able to set our own research agenda.”

Secondly, they have the full support of the United Nations.

The ultimate goal (by 2030) is nothing less than to completely stop all production of coal and oil.

Let’s analyze this a bit. When Carbon Tracker Initiative calls for “carbon deflation”, any rational economist would perceive that this will also cause economic deflation as well. Why? Because energy is required for all economic activity and currently carbon provides the bulk of that energy. Secondly, there are no substitutes offered to make up the difference in those deflated resources.

Will wind and solar power be sufficient to completely replace the loss of coal and oil? Hardly. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 67 percent of America’s electricity is currently derived from these resources. If you add in nuclear and hydropower, the total rises to 92 percent. By comparison, all sources of renewables combined (wind, solar, biomass, geothermal) only produce 7 percent.

There is no concrete plan on the table anywhere that could begin to replace the missing energy if coal and oil are summarily eliminated. The lack of solutions is underscored by Bill Gates’ recent plea for a huge increase in research funds to explore new technologies. In the end, Gates says he is hoping for a miracle.

The bottom line is that the United Nations and Carbon Tracker Initiative want to kill the only major source of energy today, while hoping against hope that some unforeseen miracle will bail them out later.

It doesn’t take a PhD to realize that this is a formula for economic disaster.

The long term solution to all forms of pollution and environmental destruction cannot be implemented without the powers that be shedding out their power to control the people. The release of free energy technology is not only economically liberating but spiritually.

Free energy knowledge, i.e. its full understanding, will alter and affect the prevailing belief systems of the world, another mechanism for crowd control. Once you understand free energy, you understand it all.

Free energy will set free everyone’s mind. This is the primordial reason why in every mainstream talk about “climate change” they can only go as far as solar, wind and ocean renewable power systems, as the only viable alternative.

Nothing could be farther from the Truth.

Even those who shy away from free energy should know that all existing nuclear plants can be retrofitted with a system that reverses radioactivity just as it is produced and generate electric power in the process.

What this means is that all economies of the world can move on to full nuclear energy production without risking radioactive nuclear fallout.

You can download Paul M. Brown’s patent non-radioactive nuclear technology from here. Brown died in a “car crash”.

You won’t hear activism enterprises like GreenPeace talking about Paul M Brown’s non-radioactive nuclear energy technology as much as you won’t hear Alex Jones talk about the Jesuits or the Zionist Israel.

In the same vein, we can’t expect the COP21 or the Paris Climate Change Summit 2015 to talk about real solutions.

But the false flag operations will continue to make us believe all the lies associated with it.

15 November 2015

French president says on national TV that the Illuminati is attacking Paris

Please check out the BELOW links proving that "Illuminé" and "Illuminati" mean the SAME:

Le Forestier René - Les illuminés de Bavière et la Franc-Maçonnerie allemande


Illuminés de Bavière 

(Whereas "BNF" stands for "Biblioteque Nationale de France", France National Library) 

ISIS: 'Next Targets Are Rome, London And Washington.' Batten Down The Hatches!

A suspended Twitter account affiliated with the Islamic State allegedly tweeted about the Paris terrorist attacks before they began and said that Rome, London, and possibly Washington, D.C. are next. An alleged screenshot by Anonymous affiliated @AnonRevolt_ of the suspended user @isis_9966 appears to be a warning to Parisians at 10:34 p.m. Paris time on November 13. The attacks began at 12:48 a.m. on November 14.

The alleged tweet by ISIS also threatened that there would be attacks in London and Rome on November 14 or 15. This was noticed by @VestraPvP. ISIS affiliated accounts on Twitter claiming the Paris attacks for the Islamic State are using the hashtag “Paris on Fire” in Arabic, the same hashtag ISIS used to celebrate the Charlie Hebdo terror attack as investigated. Tim Ramadan, reporter for Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, states that further hashtags under “Paris on Fire” also include “London on Fire”, “Rome on Fire”, and “Washington on Fire.” 

Whether there is any merit to this is still questionable... 


14 November 2015

Friday 13th Paris Attack: Hollande Government as the Prime Suspect

As in any other false flag terror attacks, the first clue would always come immediately after the orchestrated attack. A false flag need not be without actual victims. But it is important to evaluate the initial “reactions” or “countermeasures” a government is taking after said attacks.

In the case of France, the initial reaction is to close the border, declare state of emergency and put boots on the ground. Who would benefit, or lose, from such measures?

Before getting into the possible answers to the first question we need to have a list of possible suspects of who actually launched these multisite attacks against France, like so:

1) Islamic State – this is the first suspect that the government would like us to believe. In fact, somebody was reported to have shouted “Allau AkBar” and “This is for Syria” to project this motive. Is it possible for terrorists disguising as refugees able to gather enough arms and explosives to launch any attacks from and inside France without being detected by its intelligence agencies?

2) CIA & MOSSAD – Russia already know who shot down its flight 7K9268 and is already pointing fingers on the CIA sponsored rebels in Syria. Is the Paris Attack mean to divert everyone’s attention on the matter?

3) France’s Hollande Government – Does the incumbent administration of France have the right motivation to kill its own citizens just to save its own tenure by declaring national emergency and put boots on the ground all over France?

If one would notice, there’s now a developing trend out of Europe where the incumbent Cabalists are being knocked out of power by progressive parties with the direct participation of the awake and aware segment of the European society.

Leftist, Socialists, and even nationalists are gaining political foothold in Britain, Portugal, Spain and France itself, and suspects #2 and #3, not only have the capabilities to launch such attacks, they are also highly motivated considering their loses across the Middle East and at home.

The present French government is under threat from the Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party, and its economy is deteriorating since 2013…

The euro crisis no one is talking about: France is in free fall

A deeper look shows that France is mired in no less than an economic crisis. The eurozone’s second-largest economy (2012 GDP: 2 trillion euros) is suffering more than any other member from a shocking deterioration in competitiveness. Put simply, France’s products — its cars, steel, clothing, electronics — cost far too much to produce compared with competing goods both from Asia and its European neighbors, including not just Germany but even Spain and Italy. That’s causing a sharp and accelerating fall in its exports, and a significant decline in manufacturing and the services that support it.

The virtual implosion of French industry is overlooked by analysts and pundits who claim that the eurozone had dodged disaster and entered a new, durable period of stability. In fact, it’s France — not Greece or Spain — that now poses the greatest threat to the euro’s survival. France epitomizes the real problem with the single currency: The inability of nations with high and rising production costs to adjust their currencies so that their products remain competitive in world markets.”

The French Government, CIA and MOSSAD intelligence agencies are our prime suspects.

Another Paris False Flag Attack?

At 7pm on Friday 13th we do not have much information about the “terrorist attacks” in Paris other than that Paris is closed down like Boston was after the “Boston Marathon Bombing,” also a suspected false flag event.

Possibly believable evidence will be presented that the Paris attacks were real terrorist attacks. However, what do refugees have to gain from making themselves unwelcome with acts of violence committed against the host country, and where do refugees in France obtain automatic weapons and bombs? Indeed, where would the French themselves obtain them?

The millions of refugees from Washington’s wars who are overrunning Europe are bringing to the forefront of European politics the anti-EU nationalists parties, such as Pegida in Germany, Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party, and Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party in France. These anti-EU political parties are also anti-immigrant political parties.

The latest French poll shows that, as a result of the refugees from Washington’s wars, Marine Le Pen has come out on top of the candidates for the next French presidential election.

By supporting for 14 years Washington’s neoconservative wars for US hegemony over the Middle East, establishment European governments eroded their electoral support. European peoples want to be French, German, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, British. They do not want their countries to be a diverse Tower of Babel created by millions of refugees from Washington’s wars.

To remain a nationality unto themselves is what Pegida, Farage, and Le Pen offer the voters.

Realizing its vulnerability, it is entirely possible that the French Establishment made a decision to protect its hold on power with a false flag attack that would allow the Establishment to close France’s borders and, thereby, deprive Marine Le Pen of her main political issue.

Some people are so naive and stupid as to think that no government would kill its own citizens. But governments do so all the time. There are an endless number of false flag attacks, such as Operation Gladio. Operation Gladio was a CIA/Italian intelligence operation that relentlessly bombed innocent Italians, such as those waiting in a train station, murdering hundreds, and then blaming the violence on the European communist parties in the post-WW II era in order to block the communists from electoral gains.

A president of Italy revealed the truth about Operation Gladio, and you can read the sordid detail in a number of books and online. The bombings were not done, as was widely reported in the corrupt Western media, by communists. The bombings were done by Italian intelligence aided by the CIA. In one of the Italian investigatory hearings, a member of Italian intelligence said that the sites to be bombed were chosen in order to maximize the deaths of women and children, because these victims were most useful in discrediting the communists.

Considering the Western World’s long tradition of false flag orchestrations, the “terrorist attacks” in Paris could be the most recent manifestation.

Another French false flag?

11th month, 11th District, Friday the 13th

[ Editor’s Note: After the Russian plane, the Damascus bombing, and then the suicide attacks on the Lebanon Hezbollah neighborhood I had thought we might have had a triple play message from the Jihadis and their supporters that, “While you are celebrating us getting killed in Syria and Iraq we can still kill you at home any time we want. Our sponsors are quite supportive.”

The news wires are filled with preliminary news which you don’t need us for. We will be sifting through the chaos for anomalies in the reporting as this event was done, like all the others, to herd public opinion in a particular direction. With so many Western and Gulf States joining the Israelis and the CIA in supporting terrorist groups it would be an easier task to make a list of who is not a suspect.

Gordon and I will be posting. The only gut impression I will make now is that I hope we are not seeing the kick off of what might be a very different holiday season… Jim W. Dean ]

We have multiple terrorist attacks on Paris, an obviously well staged event to put on a show. From the Daily Mail we have:

-As many as 140 people have been killed, several wounded in a series of terror attacks in the heart of Paris tonight 

-Up to 112 were massacred in the Bataclan concert hall where terrorists were said to be holding people hostage

-The terrorists shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ and ‘this is for Syria’ as they burst in and opened fire, witnesses have said

-Police raided the theatre at around midnight, killed the three extremists inside and freed the remaining hostages

-French President Francois Hollande declared state of emergency for whole country and shut all of its borders

A series of coordinated terror attacks in the heart of Paris have left as many as 142 dead and paralysed the French capital with fear.

It happened on Friday the 13th (commemorating the massacre of the proto-illuminati Templars) in the 11th month, in Paris’s 11th district. It’s going to be remembered as “11/13” or “Friday the 13th.” Illuminati numerology or coincidence?

…by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor (just back from Paris)

I left Paris Friday at noon. As my plane landed in Chicago at 3:15 p.m. local time (9:15 p.m. Paris time) the media was screaming “Terrorists kill dozens in central Paris; hostages taken.” The French military was occupying the City of Lights. It looks like another Charlie Hebdo situation, only bigger and bloodier.

By an eerie coincidenced – at least I hope it was a coincidence – I spent Thursday evening walking around central Paris being interviewed about January’s Charlie Hebdo false flag attacks. Little did I suspect that in less than 24 hours an even bigger terror attack would rock the city.

Filmmaker Vincent LaPierre of Egalité et Reconciliation filmed me at the Fontaine St. Michel, in front of the Notre Dame cathedral, and in various Left Bank locations as well as at E&R headquarters with leader Alain Soral. As I pontificated to the camera about false flag terror in general and Charlie Hebdo in particular, passersby looked on with interest; one customer at the outdoor café table next to us told us she loved what she was hearing and appreciated the work we were doing.

Since we now know the Charlie Hebdo attack was a Gladio 2 false flag by the usual suspects (NATO hardliners and Zionists), can we safely make the same assumption about these new Friday the 13th Paris atrocities?

I think we can. Almost every really big, spectacular terror attack turns out, after extensive critical examination, to have been the usual state-sponsored false-flag stuff. There is no reason to think this one will be any different.

The first question, as always, is: Who gains? And the answer, as always, is: Authoritarian insiders. Zionists. Militarists. Islamophobes. New World Order-Out-Of-Chaos freaks.

Speaking of which, the order-out-of-chaos thing is going into overdrive. Between the destruction of several Middle Eastern countries, refugees flooding Europe, preparations for World War III vs. Russia and China, and ongoing false flag terror, it seems the “creative destruction” people are staying busy.

The authorities will surely use these new attacks in the same way they used Charlie Hebdo: As an excuse to shut down critical thinking and dissent. They may even try to prevent me from returning to Paris on December 11th to present a paper exposing the Charlie Hebdo false flag at a mainstream academic conference.

After all, I was already prevented once from entering Canada to give a talk on We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11. France’s president Hollande has attacked Charlie Hebdo “conspiracy theorists” in harsh terms, and his think tank, the Jean Jaurés Institute, named me as one of the world’s top five “conspiracy intellectuals” to watch out for.

If I were a truly paranoid conspiracy theorist, or conspiracy intellectual, or whatever, I would think somebody staged these new attacks just as I was leaving Paris and planning to return one month later because…well, because they’re afraid that my book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo is picking up steam and threatening to expose the state-sponsored crimes of last January. According to this paranoid interpretation, the Charlie Hebdo high perps are “fleeing forward” into even bigger chaos and an even bigger crackdown on freedom…especially the freedom to seek the truth about false flag terror.

This new attack may throw a monkey wrench into my efforts to get We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo translated into French–which was one of my items of business in Paris.

It may also impede efforts to save Mohamed Boutiche, a witness to the fact that the Kouachi brothers, the designated Charlie Hebdo patsies, were intelligence assets. I just got word that Boutiche has been jailed and will be audited for trial on November 23rd. The authorities will undoubtedly use the new wave of terror hysteria to try to railroad Boutiche and keep a lid on his Charlie Hebdo revelations.

And let’s not forget that the EU just instituted mandatory labeling of products from the Occupied Territories; the Zionists are throwing a gargantuan hissy-fit…just like right before the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Beware of Zionists throwing hissy-fits.

So the least that can be said is that the timing seems extremely suspicious.

Then again, maybe it’s all just coincidence. Maybe this is an actual attack by angry Muslims. Maybe there is no state sponsorship. Maybe this time, for once, it actually ISN’T a false flag.

But what would “radical Muslims” gain? It’s already being blamed on ISIS; yet that makes no sense, since Russia, not France, is fighting ISIS in Syria. And ISIS, of course, is a fabricated synthetic-terror group, not a real Muslim group, anyway.

To believe the official “Muslims did it” stories of the big terror attacks starting with 9/11, you’d have to think of the ostensible Muslim perps as complete idiots, utterly incapable of strategic thinking, desperate to hand the Zionist neocons exactly the kind of PR they want.

Sure, there are undoubtedly some stupid angry Muslims out there. But they’re likely to be patsies, not orchestrators.

So although it’s too early to say for sure, I think we can tentatively assume that this Friday the 13th massacre in Paris is just the latest in a long series of false-flag spectacles. And if we let the perps get away with this one, as they’ve gotten away with all the others, we can expect more of the same.

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