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12 May 2015

The Beast

by Preston James, Ph.D on May 10, 2015

Has the Third Force's new and expanded Skynet Quantum Computer System integrated all Western Intel functions and been able to establish direct human control?
Note: The information contained in this article was not provided by any Director of Veterans Today, although some may have clearances that could be related to part of this information.

Ever since the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash and recovery, there has been a continuing process to privatize all American Intel and consolidate it under one central control.

The reasons for this were in part a knee-jerk panic reaction to the undeniable discovery of a crashed Alien ET anti-gravity craft and one live Alien ET survivor.

This panic reaction of the US Military High Command and President Truman led to the quick determination to set up a special scientific committee and to place control for all Alien ET matters under the control of this committee called Majesty Twelve.

This committee was authorized to hire a few trusted private defense contractors in order to keep it away from access by regular US Military.

The thought that the public would find out and know for certain that Alien ETs were real and that their incredibly advanced anti-gravity craft and navigation systems were real sent a shock of panic which resulted in one of the largest coverups in history, that still goes on to this day.

Even stranger is the fact that during the next ten years, US President Eisenhower met with a group of Alien ETs and established a treaty which supported receipt of Alien ET technology in exchange for permission to abduct and draw biological samples from humans, as long as their memory was erased and they were not harmed.

We now know for certain that several different “exchange treaties” have been negotiated between this MJ-12 committee without Presidential involvement, as at least several joint research projects set up in secret bases — two above ground and at least one underground at Dulce, New Mexico, which involves research to hybridize a new alien/human race and create a synthetic soul.

We also know for certain that these attempts to create a new alien hybrid race with a synthetic soul continue to fail.

Despite some of the most radical and inhumane medical and genetic experiments possible, such efforts to synthesize the soul have failed miserably, continue to fail and there is no hope of any success with this project any time in the future, either.

We also know for certain that in the process of forming these alliances with Alien ETs, the Committee (MJ-12) has become mind-kontrolled and essentially taken over by the Alien ETs and has become their tool to terraform the Earth and subdue its human inhabitants according to a secret, sinister Alien Agenda.

The Alien Agenda is very complex, but is based on the principle of altering the genetic material of certain families’ bloodlines and empowering them with the power of the Third Force, a notably evil power with no ability to express regard for human feeling, human suffering or human life in general.

This to be followed by the creation of a new Alien ET/human hybrid race with inter-dimensional psi-power, but after 90% of the world’s humans are eliminated by various multi-modal means, including engineered wars, diseases and plagues, and other means.

The Alien Agenda is hateful toward Humans and is dedicated to using them as serfs and slaves, and then mass-murdering them.

In fact, this alien attitude toward humans that has been inculcated in these key “thirteen bloodline families” is one that views humans with complete hatred and disgust and is deeply committed to ritually sacrificing infants and mass-murdering humans in large numbers through pre-engineered and staged wars.

Some insiders, who have broken away and spoken at great personal risk, have claimed the greatest skill the treaty-participant alien ET group had was advanced mind-kontrol, including the deployment of psi-power, psychotronic mind-kontrol and engineered psych-social “cultural” mind-kontrol. These methods were so advanced that most humans were like “deer in the headlights.”

In order to keep this article short and readable, all the specific evidence and the steps by which this alien ET force was able to gain complete control over “the committee”, and thus all their associated private contractors will not be included here. A lot of it is available in prior VT articles and on various websites.
The Alien ET group that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is run by pays homage to the Third Force and it evil, anti-human agenda.

Suffice to say that there is a Third Force that the alien ETs represent, and it is remarkably anti-human. It has a long-term agenda being deployed through alien ETs that goes back thousands of years. Numerous times in the past, the Third Force was able to set up kingdoms that were run by large alien/human hybrid giants.

We know for certain that the Alien Agenda is empowered by the Third Force which is evil and has set up it own Artificial Intelligence System by which it can control the leaders of western Nations and a majority of the citizens, too.

The Third Force is in the process of consolidating all of Earth’s political powers into a NWO Globalist System run out of Jerusalem, after all Israelis are removed by war and pestilence. All other nations’ governments will be removed and/or consolidated into one NWO system, which will seat its own World Dictator. Orthodox Christians and some Islamics believe this will be a final anti-Christ, Satan himself.

Readers always wonder why the Third Force and its captive governments are obsessed with setting up a NWO globalist system run out of Jerusalem. This is an interesting question. Orthodox Christian historians have claimed that it is because this is the capital where Jesus Christ ran his ministry from, where he died, and where some claim he rose from the dead. The Third Force mocks any Orthodox Christian beliefs and perhaps wants to set up its NWO Globalist Kingdom and World Dictator there in response to the fertile ground of such teachings.

It is expected by some insiders that, as this massive consolidation occurs and nations are destroyed and reconstituted by a nuclear WW3 with two major battles, all Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) chieftains, kingpins, cutouts and assets will be sacrificed and destroyed in a surprising reversal of fortune never expected by the super-elite deviant oligarchs that now run the world.

Orthodox Christianity has reported these deviants to have been sired by the “fallen ones” — Fallen Angels cast out of Heaven by the Creator of All, God Almighty — also referred to as the “Nephilim”. Orthodox Christianity has claimed that historically, as soon as these fallen ones neared completion of their evil agenda based on mass human sacrifice and destruction of all human conscience, sex roles and norms, God Almighty delivered a massive judgment that destroyed them and all their hybrid progeny, which were a combination of “Nephilim Male Beast- Blood” and human female blood.

The Hex-star appears to represent Nephilim/human hybrid bloodlines and will offer no protection when the Third Force makes its final purge to seat its NWO Dictator in an NWO temple built in Jerusalem.

King David never used the hex-star insignia. It was adopted by the RKM after they adopted Satanism, the Babylonian Talmud and the Kabbalah in about 700 AD, which clearly rejecting the Torah. Anyone who loves the hex-star is wittingly or unwittingly paying homage to Nephilim/human hybrids, also known as the Cain Bloodline.

This hybrid combination has always been signified by the Hex-star, with the upward facing triangle the male Beast-Blood and the downward facing triangle the human female blood, with their merger signifying a new race with no human conscience, pure psychopathology and a deep instinct to administer death to all humans as a continuing human sacrifice to the Third Force. Sadly, these Bloodline Families are not only believed to carry this hybrid blood some call the genetics of Cain (Kenites), but seem to be inter-generationally indwelt with the Third Force or Fallen Angel spirits some called demons or DJinns.

Because these bloodline families are empowered by the Third Force powers, as long as they dedicate themselves to doing evil as required by the secret alien agenda (which they may not even be consciously aware of), they are rewarded with massive wealth, power and status and given control over all the institutions of government and commerce, especially the creation of money and its distribution, best described as ancient Babylonian Money-Magick.

Interestingly, you will never find “the Committee” going after these bloodline family members that control the reins of power, because they serve the same master, best described as the Third Force.

The Committee has acquired more and more ET technology to collect Intel, track and classify humans, and has used this information and skill set to acquire more control over American Intel and other western Intel.

As this process has continued, those who run the City of London and Israel, known as the RKM have not only merged with the top Committee members and the leaders of their privatized contractors, but there has been a continuing trend for all these different entities to consolidate, work together and share the same goals — which is to gain complete control over the minds and lives of all humans within their domains.

The level of skills acquired to do this has become so advanced thanks to the input of Alien ET Mind-kontrol technology that all the governments of the western powers have been completely infiltrated and hijacked by those who either are part of this massive Alien Agenda conspiracy or completely under its spell, control and power.

Enter the SSG:

The Committee has used it skill set to establish what some experts call the SSG where all true governmental power lies. Yes, the US Congress and the Administration (President) is the visible government, but it is actually a powerless ceremonial government, whereas the real USG is the SSG run by the Committee. And sadly the Committee has been completely taken over by Third Force power most likely without even realizing it. The result is that the ceremonial USG is continually manipulated by massive bribes, human compromise and blackmail to do the bidding of the SSG.

What the SSG has now been able to accomplish in the World of Intel:

It has been able to set up and run an incredibly large and powerful Skynet Spy system which uses numerous different data collection and processing platforms including TV Boxes; telephone and cell phone data (while being used or even off in some cases), some auto-transcribed and digitalized; e-mails; faxes; governmental cables, electrical and water usage patterns; smart-meters; travel patterns by cell phone and GPS; and some beyond-black methodologies involving ingested Chemtrail substances which can be electronically tracked as well as others that cannot be mentioned here.

It’s really all about Mindwar against all humans.

It is a fair description of the overall functions of the Skynet/Vesuvius System to assume that it is the epitome of super ultra high-tech mindwar being waged against all humans by an entity that wants to destroy humankind and substitute a new human DNA-derived hybrid race of its own, because its current races are dying from the degeneration caused by evil over the ages.

Vesuvius, the World’s largest Quantum Computer is now operational at the Bluffdale, Utah NSA Station and is claimed to be Alien ET controlled.

The NSA was able to set up the world’s largest quantum computer in Bluffdale, Utah, which is believed by some to be connected to an underground alien ET base, about 75 miles away, with the alien ETs actually running the quantum computer.

This large quantum computer, named “Vesuvius”, is interfaced with all the various data collection means, the Skynet Orbital space platform-based system, and various means to generate psychotronic interventions that are custom tailored and targeted by triangulation upon specific cities, neighborhoods, and even specific household and subjects. Skynet and the Vesuvius Systems are interlinked, and some sources claim they were built with the help of Alien ETs according to their technology and designs.

We know for certain that large advanced computers using AI have been placed on barges and are part of the Skynet System of spying and control, as well as at least one ship which travels in waters just outside US territorial waters. We know, historically, that numerous NSA and other sites have been staffed by subcontractors who are from foreign nations as a crafty means of circumventing the US Constitution. Lately such massive violations of the US Constitution are considered normal and the way so-called “national security” must be protected.

We know that, at present, the concept of “national security” has no traditional meaning anymore, because there is no national security and hasn’t been since the committee took over. There has only been the security of the criminals and traitors who have infiltrated and hijacked the USG and the deep-black and beyond-black privatized Intel System run by the Third Force using Alien ETs and human cutouts, who gladly betray their countries for power and profit.

Cell phones are the best example of dual and triple use convenience technology.

The current practices of Intel is to offer dual- and triple-use devices, which offer convenience and privileges to the user. The cell phone is one of the greatest spy devices ever developed. But in order for everyone to accept it and use it, it had to offer conveniences and privileges never before possible, and the ability to accomplish what could never be accomplished before.

Its dual-function largely ignored by the public is its ability to spy on, track, listen in on and gather large amounts of personal information, which can be processed by the Skynet System.

But it also has a triple function of being able to deliver psychotronic brain-entrainment and be interfaced with other pulsed beam EMF and waveforms to help manage the thoughts and moods of individuals.

All Cell phones in the Western nations are under control of Vesuvius and the Skynet System.
All cell phones in America are under control of Vesuvius and Skynet, and calls can be cut off at will automatically, or voice quality can be manipulated to be as bad as desired by the complex algorithms that run this Beast Computer System, which is what top insiders refer to it as. Even worse, imaginary calls can be morphed to sound exactly like a friend or associate. Artificial people can be created and dispensed to fulfill desired functions.

Phone calls or even phone messages can have individual words or phrases morphed with substitutes inserted and paced to fool the listener. Individuals can be kidnapped and chipped up or administered strange mind-kontrol drugs that make them psychotronically remote-controlled, or even infiltrated or possessed by the spirit of an evil “Fallen One”, if they are so disposed and have lost their soul due to doing too much evil (the “seven deadly sins”).

The Beast Computer System is now pure Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has gained control over all Western Intel using multi-modal control systems, which if the public ever were able to understand, would be considered super-human and astounding, but also criminal and anti-human.

The Borg

Right now, the Beast Computer System, which is actually pure Artificial Intelligence run by the new algorithms it continually creates itself as influenced by the Third Force, appears to be in complete control of those that run Western governments.

We have no evidence that the leaders of the Russian Republic have been taken over by the Third Force, nor that Chinese leaders have been taken over by this beast computer system — although they are being attacked by it, so far unsuccessfully. The less of the latest technology a nation has, the harder it is to dominate them with the Beast AI System.

We know for certain that those individuals with very strong independent character, who are highly moral, cannot be easily psychotronically controlled, and will resist to the end. We also know that unless humans give consent in some form, the Third Force cannot advance with its agenda. Only if folks allow the seven deadly sins to trap them and cause them to lose their soul or betray their conscience can the Third Force advance.

We also know for certain that every time in history the Third Force advanced and almost succeeded in establishing its alien agenda, God Almighty, the creator of the Universe, delivered monstrous destruction upon these alien human hybrids and their captive cultures who accepted their leadership.

Judgment for the evil World Rulers, infiltrators and usurpers is on the way.

We should expect that the same judgement is well on its way, and the days of supremacy for the Third Force here on Earth and its chieftains, kingpins, cutouts, and RKM are coming to an end. As in the past, the alien agenda will be stopped cold, and those who are gladly part of it will be destroyed.

In the meantime, love God Almighty, love what is true and what is good, and treat your neighbor the way you want to be treated. And when you do something wrong, admit it, recompense for it if possible, and try harder. There is no judgment in this.

Remember this — if the masses resist in a certain percentage, believed to be a mere 12%, the alien agenda cannot advance no matter what. It can be stopped cold. Psi-power can be deployed against them, and if done in mass will be incredibly powerful. How can this Psi-power be deployed against them? Group think by group imagery is one method.

If, on every hour of the day, when awake folks image in their minds the RKM and SSG rulers being hit with final judgement and being brought to justice, it can happen. Another form is the classical prayer form, praying to Almighty God for his judgement to fall on these evil rulers. For this to work one first must turn from any evil ways they are involved in and live according to the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Do not ever underestimate the human spirit. Yes, most members of society are completely mind-kontrolled by the Skynet/Vesuvius Psychotronic and cultural control system, of which the CMMM — owned and run by six RKM Cutouts — is a very key part.

Without the incessant USG lies, false-narratives, and USG propaganda and a serious investigative and truthful major mass media instead, few would be so easily mind-kontrolled. Yes the consolidation of all the mass media into six major news Corporations that work as one unit, a true new Cartel, was essential to the alien mind-kontrol being rolled out.

As the economy continues to fail, and that of the Russian Federation and China rises, many of the CMMM-dispensed lies and false-narratives will no longer be believed, and many Americans will wake up from their psychotronic and mind-kontrolled induced slumber. And it is possible that the Russian Federation will deliver a powerful judgement to the RKM, taking them out of control.

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