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When power becomes gracious and descends into the visible — such descent I call beauty. And there is nobody from whom I want beauty as much as from you who are powerful: let your kindness be your final self-conquest.

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17 September 2014


"Quantum mechanics explains efficiency of photosynthesis"

"Energy transfer in light-harvesting macromolecules is assisted by specific vibrational motions of the chromophores," said Alexandra Olaya-Castro (UCL Physics & Astronomy), supervisor and co-author of the research. "We found that the properties of some of the chromophore vibrations that assist energy transfer during photosynthesis can never be described with classical laws, and moreover, this non-classical behaviour enhances the efficiency of the energy transfer."
"The negative values in these probability distributions are a manifestation of a truly quantum feature, that is, the coherent exchange of a single quantum of energy," explained Edward O'Reilly (UCL Physics & Astronomy), first author of the study. "When this happens electronic and vibrational degrees of freedom are jointly and transiently in a superposition of quantum states, a feature that can never be predicted with classical physics."

Text from video:
"Greetings... We are from the future. Everything is going to be alright. The future is a beautiful place ... But you will need some training in order to inhabit it.

In the future - technology evolves faster than any human mind can think. When the singularity occurred. We became like gods - able to create entire worlds in the blink of an eye.

Every thought had drastic immediate impact. All of our dreams became a reality - but so did our nightmares. The future became a battle of ideas. We had to learn to direct our minds - to prevent dark psychological forces - from destroying all of us. Now with every new world we create, we summon the sacred imperative of mind... "Let there be Light."

"How can we be from the future?" you might ask. Let us explain. Plants harvest light with near perfect efficiency. You may not realize it, but this is impossible under classical physics. Along the way to the photosynthesizing core - photons of light should collide with other particles, but they don't. A photon succeeding in reaching the core is as likely - as you sprinting blindfolded through a dense forest - reaching the center without striking a single tree.

Plants are engaged in a kind of miracle. The plant puts the photon into a state of quantum superposition, multiplying it by every route that photon could possibly take. Imagine - blindly sprinting through a forest - being multiplied into every one of the billions of possible paths. If any one of your possibilities were observed hitting a tree, the superposition would collapse - and that would be your final outcome, but the plant patiently refuses to observe any of these casualties - while at it's heart it sings..."Let there be light."

When any of the possibilities finally reaches the core without fail, only that winner is observed. All the other possibilities disappear. The winner is transmitted back through time - from the future - and becomes the only possibility that ever existed. This is how photons reach the plant's core with impossible precision. This is how you - and every organism in existence - overcame the massive improbabilities of life. -- This is how we are from the future. This is how you will become the light of the world ... as we invoke the sacred imperative together ... "Let there be light."

Life vs. Entropy

"Greetings. We are from the future…
In the future, promoting entropy is the cardinal crime…
Every organism is a brief upwelling of structure against chaos..."

15 September 2014

The Nazionists are losing, Europe is surrendering, Japan is close to revolution

Weekly geo-political news and analysis
Message from Benjamin Fulford

September 15, 2014

That school yard taunt “liar liar, pants on fire,” pretty well describes how the world views what passes as government in the United States, Israel and their few colonies. Nobody believes their tall tales about aliens, ebola, beheadings, race riots, airplane shoot downs etc. They have lost the ability to manipulate world events.

The clearest sign of the imminent defeat of the Nazionists came in Europe last week. On September 10th Russia reduced gas supplies to Europe, on the 11th the US announced new sanctions and on the 12th the EU indefinitely postponed a free trade agreement with the Ukraine. The free trade agreement with the Ukraine was supposedly the reason for the fascist coup that took place there, so postponing it indefinitely looks very much like the EU surrendering to Russia. Furthermore, the new US sanctions hurt Exxon and BP, companies vital to the US economy, far more than they hurt Russia.

The P2 Freemason lodge is saying they have already reached an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin to reform the current world political structure in order to make it more fair and inclusive to the people of the planet. They say the obstacle to this goal is the rogue US corporate government.
The British government, for its part, has reacted to the situation by agreeing to issue the first ever Renminbi denominated government bond issued outside of China.


This is equivalent to the UK making a public repudiation of the Federal Reserve Board debt slavery instrument misnamed as the US dollar.

Also, last week the Nazis and Mossad both reactivated agents who had gone dormant since the March 11, 2011 nuclear/tsunami attack on Japan and sent them to negotiate with the White Dragon Society. Meetings will take place this week but the WDS is only interested in talking if they are here to negotiate surrender.

In a sign the Nazionists are very worried about a 311 war crimes tribunal, the self-described illuminati agent “Alexander Romanov” was forcibly taken into a mental hospital last week. Doctors are trying to convince his family to allow him to be lobotomized or undergo a chemically induced brain wipe, family members say. “Romanov” warned the Australian embassy in Tokyo, the Japanese police and the media before 311 that Japan was going to be hit with nuclear terror. He even told them the exact location of the nuclear bomb that ended up being used in the attack. His warnings were ignored and now the Koganei, Tokyo, police are trying to destroy his mind to prevent him from testifying about their involvement in this mass murder.

Leo Zagami, the other self-described illuminati agent this author has met is, for his part, being confined in a mental hospital near Rome. Zagami also had foreknowledge of the 311 attack. Michael Meiring, aka Dr. Michael Van de Meer, another person who knew the truth about 311, was murdered in August of 2012.

Despite these desperate attempts at cover up, Japan is on the brink of a revolution against the Nazionists and when that takes place, the perpetrators of the 311 horror will be hunted down, Japanese underworld and police sources promise.

One indication of imminent change in Japan came last week when this writer was allowed to speak 911 truth live on a widely watched TV news program. The Japanese were told about building 7, the neocon use of 911 as a “new Pearl Harbour” and much else.

Nazionist stooge and Unification Church brainwashed slave Prime Minster Shinzo Abe is under increasing attack. Last week a picture of a Nazionist written script the low IQ Abe read recently was posted online.


It is written in super dumbed down Japanese and has instructions in it like “use big voice,” “pause” and “drink water.”

The yakuza gangsters who sub-contract for the Nazionists in Japan are being systematically purged and it won’t be long before their Parliamentary acting troupe will get fired or be given an entirely new plot line to read.

The North Koreans have already purged the faction in their country that was connected to 311. That is why they are refusing to act their traditional role as East Asian boogey men. Instead, North Korean sources say that new market friendly reforms have created a boom there. “Peoples markets have been allowed, free enterprise is being encouraged and North Korean officials are being sent to China and Europe to study capitalism,” a North Korean official reported. “Rice prices are stable and nobody is starving,” he added. So much for Abe’s plans to use an impoverished, desperate North Korea to provoke war in East Asia.

Needless to say, the storyline calling for China to be surrounded and attacked that Abe read in front of his slave masters at Davos this January is falling apart. Last week India formally applied to join Russia and China as a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


This move came despite a recent attempt by Abe to bribe Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with $35 billion to join an anti-China alliance. The SCO has a joint anti-terrorism organization and we all know who the real terrorists are: the Nazionists.

Could this be why the hypocritical Dalai Lama, who has a network of assassins and terrorists working for him, announced last week that he was not going to reincarnate? The Indian SCO application is a good sign his Indian hosts are getting ready to boot him out in order to boost their relations with China. He seems to realize he may not be long of this world and is trying to prevent a more Asia friendly Dalai Lama from being reincarnated in his place. The Dalai Lama’s closeness with the Nazis and Zionists has been well documented.

Meanwhile, back in the Middle East, the situation remains on a slow boil. US corporate government “acting President” Barack Obama has reacted to the situation in a way that can only be described as psychotic. First of all he said the US had no plans to deal with ISIS. Then, stung by criticism of his lack of plan, he suddenly announced he was going to destroy ISIS. How, is he going to destroy ISIS? By arming groups that are allied with ISIS and by randomly bombing people in Iraq and Syria. Is it any surprise that Turkey, Iraq, Iran and other countries in the region are not going along with him?
The real story in the Middle East is that the nations of the region are working together to create a Muslim federation or caliphate. Such a federation would be a super-power with a population of 400 million and control of much of the world’s oil. In this scenario Israel would become a Jewish autonomous zone within that federation. 
The Nazionist nightmare is ending.


14 September 2014

5 Tips for Thriving in ‘The Matrix’

Free Spirit, Guest
Waking Times

You can have an amazing and abundant life free from enslavement to the Matrix once you realize how the Matrix got there in the first place as well as how your thoughts and feelings create your reality in every moment. You are the Master of your own Manifestation and your choices have the power to free or enslave you – as you choose. At first glance – life seems unfair and you may think that you are stuck in a system that is out to consume you. One one level – this is true – but this is not the only reality that you can experience.

The world is a maze of lies. Finding the truth is a major work and not so easy to discern. The whole system has been created to enslave you to an agenda based upon false ideals. Understand that the whole system is ‘death-affirming’ and it will destroy you if you do not take steps to free yourself. If you want an amazing life of abundance free of the ‘Matrix’ you will need to stay ahead of the lies. Question everything you have been told. Do not take any control BS. Say Yes to your own truth and No to anything in the outer that wants your subservience to the system. It will be tricky as you will have tax obligations and the like to honour. You will always have some obligation to the system – the key is to be in the world but not of it. Do not lose your self-identity to it nor give power to its lies.

If you want to experience freedom and thrive within the Matrix – here are five useful things to remember:-

1. You Are Responsible For Your Life and thus your relationship with the Matrix. The Matrix is there because you ‘thought it’ into reality. It is the only logical answer that offers a hope for freedom because it gives you the power to determine your own reality. For as long as you think otherwise – you are trapped in the system as a victim and it will start to consume you until you either free yourself or resign yourself to remain unhappy in it for the rest of your life. The Universe is in reality totally fair and cannot give you something that has no relevance to your evolution. If the Matrix is a problem – use it as a mirror to look for something within that is creating the repeated experience of entrapment, enslavement and disempowerment.

The Matrix is an entity in itself, created by the material within the collective subconscious that breeds upon fear, doubt and insecurity. Hating the system simply gives your power to it as well as to the external beings within it that will then use this energy to control you – deepening the state of perceived entrapment further.

I often hear how ‘they did this’ or ‘they are controlling that’. Take some time to investigate who ‘they’ actually are. When you understand that this so called ‘they’ thrives upon your own fears and insecurities – you can free your mind and free yourself from the control drama associated with enslavement to the Matrix.

Free your mind and the body will follow suit! You cannot escape the system if your mind is not ready to be free. Your mind creates your reality in every moment. Change your mind and the body will follow suit.

2. Work With The System rather than fighting against it. You cannot control the Matrix. It is much bigger than you and you will burn-out in the process. The more you resist and resent the system – the more it will entrap you. Reality is malleable and responds to your thoughts, feelings and belief systems. You cannot fight your way through external resistance but you can re-program your own mind so that your consciousness develops the ability to rise up and above subservience to the system.

Develop an acceptance of what is and operate from there. This will save you a LOT of frustration, wasted energy, lost opportunities and ultimately your sanity!

Each time you try controlling the system – you will lose energy and thus your ability to stay uplifted and abundant. When you work with the system – you use the system to enhance your life-energy (and thus your abundance) rather than allowing it to destroy you. The Matrix can then become your friend rather than be seen as a demonic entity out to consume humanity. If you see the Matrix as your enemy – you are seeing your own demons projected outwardly. You have the free-will to choose your own path.

Freedom is an inside job!

This can mean the difference between a life of debt and a life of abundance. Debt is a reflection of lost energy and power loss to the system. Abundance is indicative of self-empowerment, freedom and self-determination (the ability to determine one’s own fate).

3. Be Ethical. You cannot cheat your way out of the system. The Universe works on a balance of energy (aka karma) and thus freedom can only come about through a balancing out of old debts. Karmic debt creates a predisposition that will make one more susceptible to entrapment within the system. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the practice of living a strong and ethical life. I have seen enough light-workers ‘screwing everyone else over energetically and metaphysically’ whilst totally disregarding ethics to see how damaging a lack of integrity can be when it comes to the quest for freedom. Whatever you do to another will come back around later. It is unethical behaviour that will pull you back into the Matrix instead of freeing you from it. It will also steal away any abundance that you do manage to accumulate. Any perceived advantage you think you have gained is not real and can be taken away from under your feet without warning. Only with sufficient integrity do you have a chance of creating vibratory sanctuary, freedom from control drama and a grounded state of abundance in modern life.

Inspire toward the practice of ‘impeccability’ (ethical purity) and you will become immune to even the most extreme vicissitudes of life.

4. Choose Your Career Wisely. If you are in the so called ‘rat-race’ in the world of work – it can help to reflect on the fact that if you get to the top – you will still be a rat. Do not waste your life energy chasing false dreams that will bring you nothing. Identifying with the idea of external competition is draining and degrading to oneself. It also destroys one’s connection to Source. You will also experience burn-out as well as ill-health. Competitions create power struggles, frustrations and energy losses. Ask yourself if you want to spend several decades of your life chasing a false ideal.

Consider working in more co-operative and positive situations and leaving the human sphere of the ‘battle of wills’. The illusion is deep and you can lose a whole lifetime trying to win an illusory race at the expense of your own well-being.

Release all situations that involve a false sense of competition and instead follow your own path. The only real work to do is to extricate your own energy from the so called ‘Matrix’ so that you can have the freedom to live as a fully Sovereign Being. It is for others to do that for themselves – if they choose.

Becoming ‘karma-free’ and manifesting the freedom to live on your terms may be a massive undertaking that will be a life-work. Thus make sure you do not lose ANY time wasting energy in the wrong places. This is ultimately why many people find themselves needing to leave their jobs in the ‘Matrix’ – simply because it is too expensive in terms of lost time and deferred self-development.

5. Embrace Money Get over your resistances when it comes to money. Hating money can add 10 or even 20 years onto your working life! Poverty will destroy your body and spirit long before you can experience the true freedom that financial (and energetic) independence from the Matrix can bring you. Money is a clean and neutral energy. What matters are your feelings toward it and your intent. If you do not want to embrace money abundance – someone else will.

Ever wondered why the banks and the elite have all the money?

The answer is because the system has programmed you to hate money so that you remain trapped in the system you want to escape. A system that you gave your power and vitality away to at the outset! Money can enhance the vibration of your life beyond measure or it can ruin you. Which one it is depends on how balanced you are and how much spiritual perspective you have. If you want to retire at 40 or 45 – 20 years ahead of time – you will want to own your house and car.

This kind of freedom is possible but you have to want it for yourself and believe it is possible. Develop a feel-good relationship with money so that you can live the abundant life that will fund your freedom. Freedom is expensive!

You want to be making at least 10 times minimum wage in order to be totally free AND able to be in service at the same time. If you think poverty is the way to being in service, consider how much rainforest reserve you could buy if you were a multi-millionaire or even a billionaire. These people can do more for good causes in one year than someone on minimum wage could hope to do in a lifetime!

Of course - life is not just about the money. Many other things are important as well – love, friendships, relationships, health, spiritual meaning and your connection to Source – but once you have everything else in place (Life Mastery) – a big manifestation of money can be a major blessing as you will never lose perspective.

Enter into relationship with money from a place of balance and you can have a harmonious and amazing life in all areas.


GMO Food Crops in India: BJP Government Grants the “Green Light” to Monsanto and the Biotech Conglomerates

The Indian government is facing strong opposition for its decision to allow field trials of genetically modified (GM) crops. The Coalition for a GM-Free India is calling the approvals ‘hasty’ and has asked the Minister for Environment, Forests & Climate Change to cancel them.

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM) is the economic wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) – the parent body of the BJP party. It has termed the decision of the Narendra Modi BJP central government as a “betrayal of people’s trust.”

Ashwani Mahajan, All India co-convener of SJM says:

“SJM has received the news reports of approval of field trials of GM food crops by Genetically Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), under the Union Ministry of Environment & Forest, with shock, disbelief and anguish.”
The GEAC has reportedly approved 60 out of 70 applications for the field trials of GM crops, despite the Supreme Court appointed Technical Expert Committee (TEC) already having submitted its report based on sound science and factual data that strongly recommends the stopping of all such field trials [1].
A statement by the SJM reads:

“People of India who have elected BJP to power are feeling deceived. They had voted BJP to power on the promises the party made to the people of India in its manifesto 2014 and speeches made by the leaders during the election campaign.”
 The BJP had promised in its election manifesto that GM food will not be allowed without evaluation of its long-term effects.

The statement continues:

“SJM wants to remind the government that moratorium on open field trials of GM food crops was the result of long and difficult struggle by people of India including Swadeshi Jagran Manch, farmers, scientific experts, consumers, activists and other stakeholders. The Supreme Court of India has also been of the clear view that no hasty decision in this regard shall be taken that puts the health of people and soil at risk.”
During the previous government, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture, which included seven members from BJP, also recommended against the trial of GM crops.

The Coalition for a GM-Free India says:

“When most countries around the world are not adopting this risky technology which has a large number of attendant risks to health, environment, and livelihoods, and when several credible official bodies in India have asked for a stopping of field trials, it is extremely irresponsible that our apex biotechnology regulator has thrown such caution to the winds to approve open air field trials.”
Despite election promises, the Modi-led government has signaled its intention of fast-tracking GM technology, despite the TEC recommendations and two reports by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture advocating a moratorium and adequate regulatory structures free from conflicts of interest, independent scientific expertise and rigorous scientific studies be implemented.

The prevailing structures are based on too cosy a relationship between compliant bureaucrats and the biotech industry [2], which has in any case already been granted a firm strategic hold over agricultural policy and research in India [3].

The GMO biotech sector’s smokescreen of benevolence

The often-made claim is that GMOs are required to feed India’s huge population. The profit-driven biotech sector which seeks monopolistic control over the world’s food [4] often likes to hide behind a smokescreen of benevolence. Dilnavaz Variava has worked for a range of organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund India, where she was chief executive, and the Bombay Natural History Society. She has also served on several federal government committees as well as one in Maharashtra for the development of agriculture. She says:

“A World Bank commissioned study found that agro-ecological approaches and not GM provide the best solution to the world’s food crisis. In March 2011, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food also reported that small scale farmers could double food production within five to ten years by agro-ecological farming. An Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India study for West Bengal found that organic farming could increase net per capita income of a farmer in the state by 250 percent, lead to wealth accumulation of 120 billion rupees ($1.9 billion), generate exports worth 5.5 billion rupees ($87 million) and create nearly two million employment opportunities over five years. In Andhra Pradesh, Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture was started in 2005-06. It promoted ecologically and economically sound agriculture with state government and World Bank support. About 10,000 villages with one million farmers practice non-pesticidal management on over 3.5 million acres. Pesticide use in the state has decreased by more than 45 percent. Net income increases were 3,000 to 15,000 rupees per acre, in addition to meeting a household’s food needs.” [5]
She also claims that in places where GMOs have been adopted, food insecurity has risen:

“Macroeconomic data for the largest adopters of GM food indicate the opposite. In the U.S., food insecurity has risen from 12 percent in pre-GM 1995 to 15 percent in 2011. In Paraguay, where nearly 65 percent of land is under GM crops, hunger increased from 12.6 percent in 2004-06 to 25.5 percent in 2010-12. In Brazil andArgentina, GM food has not reduced hunger. In any event, GM does not increase yields, as the Union of Concerned Scientists established through a review of 12 years of GM in the US.”
This is of little concern to the powerful biotech lobby and its compliant bureaucrats and politicians. Money talks and wealth buys political influence. That much is as true in the US [6] as it appears to be increasingly the case in India, where the story of GMOs is one of gross violations, conflicts of interest and blatant disregard of biosafety norms [7].


The Geopolitics of World War III


09 September 2014

Anniversary of 911 comes with no arrests but some untimely deaths

Weekly geo-political news and analysis
Message from Benjamin Fulford

September 8, 2014

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 Nazionist terror attack and subsequent fascist coup d’etat in the United States. US “acting president” Barack Obama shows his true colors by the fact he repeats thoroughly discredited Nazionist lies, including those about that mass murder event.

Obama himself admitted last week that he was an actor. In an interview with NBC, when asked about why he went directly to the golf course immediately after making a statement about the supposed death of American journalist James Foley, said “Part of this job is also the theater of it…a part of it is, you know, how are you … not something that— that always comes naturally to me.”


However, there is a faction that is definitely going after Obama’s Nazionist script writers that will hopefully force Obama to read from a new plot line. The recent suspicious crash of Richard “vaccinate all kids under 5” Rockefeller’s plane, and the life threatening injuries inflicted on 911 planner and former FBI boss Louis Freeh have been followed by another suspicious death. This time the victim was Larry Glazer, whose plane had its oxygen supply cut off, a common form of sabotage. Glazer’s family are co-owners of George Bush Seniors’ Zapata oil and have worked with the Bushes for many years.

Also, actress Joan Rivers died of complications from “throat surgery”, shortly after calling on everybody in Gaza to be wiped out, in what is seen by many as either an attack on the Nazionists or a fake death.


Many more are going to die before this is over, CIA sources say.

That is why the terrified Nazionists are constantly screaming and threatening new terror attacks. The latest is from the Mossad linked site Debka threatening dirty bomb attacks in the Middle East and a European city on the 911 anniversary. However, the smart people at Mossad know the gig is up and that any attempt to blame a new attack by them on ISIS or Al Qaeda or any other front will not divert the inevitable payback that would hit Israel.

Meanwhile, the Nazionist attack on the Ukraine is going badly, a Russian government source says. “The Ukraine is going broke, the army on their Eastern front are defecting because of lack of food, ammunition, and pay. Their central government, likewise, is beginning to collapse because of a lack of funding,” he says. All Russian President Vladimir Putin has to do is wait because winter is approaching and they will have no gas, he notes. Germany, which also needs Russian gas to get through the winter, is increasingly anxious to settle the Ukranian crisis, he added.

Putin, for his part, needs to make sure people friendly to him seize control of the shores of the Sea of Azov between Russia and the Ukraine. This is to make sure Russia controls the giant gas deposits there that are one of the real causes for this crisis. That is why fighting is still reported along the shores of that sea despite a supposed cease fire.

The 67 world leaders gathered at the NATO summit held last week were unable to come up with any real solution to their imploding Ukrainian gambit, according to MI5 sources. The best their armaments company sponsors could come up with was to get them to use their new fake cold war with Russia as an excuse to build arms stashes all over the world for a “rapid reaction force.” They also all publicly said they will not send weapons to the Nazionist regime in the Ukraine.

The governments of the US and Europe, however, cannot afford to go on a weapons buying splurge these days because their economies are imploding. The IMF, formerly the apex of world financial power, is bankrupt. The Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan are also in a panic because their fiat fairy dust money sprinkling is not producing the magic results they hoped for.

The EU has actually put negative interest rates on bank accounts to try to force companies to spend it.

The problem is that their entire business model based on leaving everything to the free market is not working because a system based on individual greed only creates wealth concentration, not prosperity. The EU enterprise will collapse unless its leaders come up with some dreams and plans for the future of all their people. Scotland and then England are likely to be the first dominoes to fall out of the union.

The United States, for its part, remains the worst basket case and now relies almost entirely on China to keep from going bankrupt. That is why US National Security Adviser Susan Rice is now in China on a begging mission for Obama and his handlers to make sure the US corporate government can survive beyond this September 30 fiscal year end. The Chinese are not going to let the US go bankrupt but they will use their financial leverage to force many concessions, Chinese government sources say. In particular, they will ask the US to jerk their Japanese slave government’s chain and force them to stop provoking China, they said. In addition, they are asking the US to become fully transparent about the 12 nation Trans Pacific Partnership they are trying to negotiate. They will also ask the US to abolish the TPP provision that would allow a secret corporate court to have power over governments, they said.

Presidential actor Obama has already agreed to come to China in November to kowtow to his Asian masters, they added.

The Japanese economy, meanwhile, is in a tailspin, shrinking at an annualized 7.1% rate in the latest quarter thanks to excessive cabal looting disguised as “Abenomics.” What “Abenomics” really means is that the Japanese slave government has handed over control of all listed companies to cabal controlled funds. The cabal is now asking for cuts in wages, mass firings and looting of pension funds in order to squeeze more profits out of these corporations. In addition they are asking for a cut in corporate taxes and ongoing hikes in consumption and other personal taxes in order to squeeze even more out of the beleaguered Japanese people. The resulting collapse in the Japanese economy proves you cannot squeeze blood out of a stone.

There is an anti-cabal revolt brewing in Japan because of the cabal excesses. The Japan Revolutionary Party and the Japan Independence Party will make their move when the timing is right, party sources say. The move will involve arresting the people involved in fraudulently stealing the last general election for Abe. Nazionist agents in Japan like Gerald Curtis, Michael Green and Richard Armitage will also be dealt with, they said.

Also, the collapse of the Japanese slave state’s economy means the cabalists will have to try to beg even more out of China. That means even the low IQ right wingers who counted on the US to help them in a fight with China are finally waking up and realizing they will have to talk with India and Russia if they want to keep a balance with China.

To that end, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was invited for a week-long visit to Japan that ended on September 6th. However, the Japanese corporate slave media became very quiet in its coverage of the visit after it turned out Modi was not interested in joining Abe’s plans to pick a fight with China.

Russia’s Putin is expected to visit Japan this fall but Russia is not going to join Japan against China either, the Russian government sources say.

Instead the Chinese and Russians are pushing the Japanese to join the BRICS alliance and Japanese government sources say there is a growing lobby calling for exactly that.

That is another why Obama will be rushing to China in November to try to keep a semblance of the US “pivot to Asia” intact. “Please don’t leave us out of the party,” will be his main message. “Then arrest the criminals who control Israel and your country” is what the BRICS answer should be.