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10 May 2014

Operation Snoopgate : Saheb Under Siege ?

Pranlal Soni’s son Chintan Soni worked his entire life for a company called Schlumberger, an important key in the entire Snoopgate episode. Schlumberger is an oil giant and a very notoriously infamous Zionist outfit implicated even in the assassination attempt of former French President Charles de Gaulle and John F Kennedy among other things. This conglomerate kept tight control and contact through the intelligence and espionage arm, the Solidarists and the Orthodox Eastern Church.

The Snoopgate surveillance tapes released by Gulail last November raises many intriguing question :

*What necessitated the indulgence of ATS, CID and even the IB (Intelligence Bureau) when only the ATS or even state police could have kept surveillance very easily; provided ofcourse she was just an ordinary citizen?

*The girl knew she was being snooped on and used multiple phones. Even had the ability to dupe airport authorities and escape. Flew to Bangalore to reach Mumbai just to evade surveillance. Whats really going on, who is she really ?

*In the petition Pradeep Sharma mentions he stumbled upon some videos of ‘Saheb’ with this girl in compromising condition. Who could get in such close proximity of ‘Saheb’ and get such video recorded ? Definitely someone with strategic resources; not any ordinary citizen.

"Around this time, the Petitioner received an anonymous letter conveying that a video of sexual activity between Ms. Soni and one person, was available on an internet website, and the letter advised the Petitioner to desist from contacting Ms. Soni, as her character and actions were not befitting of her company with Gujarat State officials. The Petitioner did indeed come across such a video clipping and it now appears to the Petitioner that Shri Modi, who was monitoring the Petitioner’s cell phone calls, started believing that videos involving Ms. Soni perhaps included him i.e. Shri Modi."

*Saheb was in direct contact of the girl and knew her whereabouts from their talk which was passed on to Amit Shah who that utilized that information to run his surveillance operation. The girl was treated like VIP before the fallout. Even her petrol and mobile phone bills were paid by the Government Departments. So, what went wrong ?

"Documents accessed under the Right to Information Act reveal that in 2005, when all was well between her and Sahib, the woman was invited to attend the Gujarat government’s annual Winter Festival in Kutch, even though she had no role to play in its organisation. Item number 81 in the festival’s balance sheet lists payment of Rs 5,153 made to the woman towards mobile recharge and petrol expenses. The payment was made by cheque (6740282) on October 25, 2005. In the festival’s total bill of Rs 2.43 crore, nobody else was paid for mobile recharge.

A Gujarat Tourism Department official, who did not wish to be identified, said: “Though the amount she was paid is not big, but it is clear that an exception was made in her case. She was not involved in any project, but merely attended the inauguration.”

*Why this exception and most importantly what was the reason for the fallout ?

*Who is the guy mentioned in the tapes; at whose mention the entire surveillance gets even more water tight ?

*What was it so important that the girl should not meet him in Mumbai ?

*Is this the guy who is actually running the show ?

Whatever be the case, one thing becomes very clear that this was not just a mere snooping operation, there was something else brewing under it.

The Soni Family and whoever they maybe working with seem to have acquired crucial evidence against Saheb which the entire Saheb Gang seem so desperate to retrieve.

In the light of the above information the entire episode seems no less than an intelligence & counter-intelligence operation.

In the given scenario the most important question that arises is was Saheb Under Siege by an Intelligence outfit ?

The Soni Schlumberger Families

Pranlal Soni’s son Chintan Soni worked his entire life for a company called Schlumberger, an important key in the entire Snoopgate episode. Schlumberger is an oil giant and a very notoriously infamous Zionist outfit implicated even in the assassination attempt of former French President Charles de Gaulle and John F Kennedy among other things. This conglomerate kept tight control and contact through the intelligence and espionage arm, the Solidarists and the Orthodox Eastern Church.

J. Edgar Hoover was named first Director of the FBI in 1924, and he immediately organized the anti-communist Division Five for espionage and counter-espionage work which President Roosevelt made official in 1936. Actually, Division Five was in existence as the General Intelligence Division of the Justice Department since 1919. Hoover, an Assistant Attorney General and head of the GID, had used the Czarist Russians in tracing the Bolsheviks during the Red Scare and Palmer raids of that period.

1924 was the year the Communists finally took complete control of Russia after five years of resistance by the imperial Czarists. From 1918 to 1923, the leaders of the Czarists were leaving Russia with vast fortunes by the tens of thousands. One of those escaping Russians was John DeMenil, who fled to France, married into the Schlumberger family, moved to Caracas, Venezuela and then to Houston, Texas before World War II. He became the Chairman of the Board of Schlumberger Corporation, a world-wide oil well service company.

The forerunners of the Solidarists have been described by James Wechsler of the New York Post and other writers, before and during World War II, as the Ukrainian Fascists. The Solidarists expanded this group to include all East European exiles, including those of various religious denominations. Of course, these Russian exiles in all countries of the world were violently anti-communist and considered themselves as a government in exile with headquarters in Munich, Germany. One has only to glance at Czarist Russian history to learn that these people are the most proficient dealers in assassination the world has ever known.

French Princess Dominique Schlumberger and husband Jean De Menil (with the hidden hand)

Jean DeMenil, The Russian Czarist exile and President of Schlumberger, had used the company organization in 1960 and 1961 to smuggle the rifle grenades, land mines, missiles and other arms for Double-Chek to the forces invading Cuba.

DeMenil had these arms boxed and transported by Schlumberger with the company name and false labeling on the huge number of containers. Gordon Novel, a Double-Chek agent, Guy Bannister, David Ferrie, Sergio Arcacha Smith and others worked closely with Schlumberger in transporting these arms and ammunition.
Some of the others working for DeMenil on the arms smuggling were Layton Martens, a second generation Russian exile Solidarist agent, Alvin Beauboeuf, a Solidarist agent and William Dalzell, a New Orleans based geologist, Russian exile Solidarist and direct associate of Jean DeMenil. Jean DeMenil worked with the same group in New Orleans in planning the assassination using Dalzell as his liaison in New Orleans.

In Dallas, DeMenil had Paul Raigorodsky, a multi-millionaire geologist and Russian exile Solidarist director who oversaw the assignments of George Alexandrovitch Bouhe, Dimitri Roystar and Peter Paul Gregory. These people, like DeMenil, were popularly called White Russians. There were exiled from Russia after the Communist revolution but many were East Europeans whose countries became Communist controlled some twenty-five years after Russia.

This conglomerate kept tight control and contact through the intelligence and espionage arm, the Solidarists and the Orthodox Eastern Church.

Now interestingly Schlumberger is the company partnered with ONGC for ‘Fracking’ in India. Fracking is the deadliest toxic way of extracting methane from earth, so much so that within miles of the site if you open your household tap water and take a matchstick near it, it will burn instantaneously. There is worldwide protest to ban fracking. And interestingly Ecolibrium Energy here is set to rake in billions in the coming years with direct contract with the states energy providing the so called ‘sustainable’ ‘green’ alternative.

Smart Spy State
Harit Soni (Pranlal’s son) partner in Ecolibrium Energy worked for KPMG. KPMG is the official auditor of Anglo American Corp. and all the other major companies in South Africa. It’s founder Sir Gerrard Peat was the Auditor to the Queen’s Privy Purse. His son, Michael, the director of Finance and Property Services of Her Majesty’s Household. It’s as close to MI6 and the Queen as you can get.

Furthermore Harit was also awarded by the British Crown.

"Harit has been recognized by various forums for his innovations in the Indian Power sector. Most recently Harit was awarded the TR-35 award by MIT’s Technology Review Magazine. This coveted award is given to recognize outstanding innovators under the age of 35 for their continuing work in India across sectors that have the highest impact locally and globally, and are changing our world.

Harit is also a recipient of the Chevening Gurukul award and scholarship. This is awarded annually to 14 ‘Young Indian Leaders’ (young politicians, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs) selected by the British Government. Harit has been the youngest recipient of the award till date."

Another partner Reji Kumar was a senior consultant with World Bank and USAID. I reckon you already know about their activities with the recent USAID Cuban Twitter episode.

Pranlal Soni’s another son Chintan Soni worked for a decade for a company called Schlumberger. Schlumberger is an oil giant and a very notoriously infamous zionist outfit implicated even in the assassination attempt of former French President Charles de Gaulle and John F Kennedy among other things. Later after a decade Chintan joined 2 other companies Axalto and Gemalto both Schlumberger family companies. While working for Schlumberger he filed 2 patents :

*User File creation while the Smart card is deployed in the Field

*Registration for Pre-Paid SIM cards

In 2005 Pranlal Soni invites an Israeli company specializing in Voice Over IP (VOIP) in Gujarat. Later Chintan floats Ecolibrium Energy.

Ecolibrium Energy has been recently incubated by Centre of Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A) under Renewable Energy Search, an endeavour by CIIE and Union Ministry of New & Renewable Energy.

"Ecolibrium Energy is transforming the way the world uses energy. We help commercial, institutional and industrial organizations use energy more intelligently, pay less for it, and generate cash flow that benefits the bottom line. Our technology-enabled solutions help meet the needs of utilities/grid operators that deliver energy and are responsible for maintaining the real-time balance between supply and demand.

We are focusing on Energy Management Solution, Demand Response Programs for Distribution companies and renewable energy integration in the grid."

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited is in the process of connecting regional grids dependent on renewables in the country to establish a mega grid. Electrical integration has begun, but information and financial integration is left, said a Power Grid official. This move, he explained, is aimed at meeting the target of five per cent renewable energy production across India.

“Regional grids are more prone to outages because renewable sources are unreliable, whereas conventional energy is consistent,” he said.

Smart grid is one of the directives suggested under the government’s Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme. According to a Ministry of Power official, 60 per cent of the Rs 56,000 crore allotted for the programme will be spent on implementing the smart grid technology. The target is to bring down the transmission, distribution and commercial losses from the current 30 per cent to 15 per cent by 2015 through the smart grid plan, he said.

The power ministry official explained, “Blackouts will not happen if there is a smart grid. Nobody will come to check your meter reading. The bills will be read by discoms in their offices in real time.”

What the official seem to forget in his enthusiasm is that by putting the entire power supply backbone of the country on Smart Grid will render it easily vulnerable to the New Era of Warfare, a taste of which India has already experienced in what is called the largest power outage in history, occurring as two separate events on 30 and 31 July 2012.

"A government official, privy to NTRO’s analysis and speaking on condition of anonymity, told India Today that of the 10,000 infected Indian computers at the time, 15 were located at what are called ‘critical infrastructure’ facilities.These included the Gujarat and Haryana electricity boards and an ONGC offshore oil rig. While the flaw caused Stuxnet to reach these computers, thankfully, it did not activate itself on them. In other words, India was only a few flawed lines of code away from having its power and oil sectors crippled." - Mossad’s Miracle Weapon STUXNET wrecks havoc in India

The 2013 NSA spying scandal exposed vast programs to monitor personal communications. Now, utilities and governments are reaching into your own home, through fast-tracked “smart” meters and spy-ready technology. At stake is in-home surveillance, skyrocketing bills, emerging health risks and hacking vulnerabilities.
As if all this is not enough, “smart” meters – in combination of “smart” appliances also chronically transmitting low-level microwave radiation – are functionally designed to collect swaths of in-home private data on everyone. According to a US Congressional Research Service report,

"Police will have access to data that might be used to track residents’ daily lives and routines while in their homes, including their eating, sleeping, and showering habits, what appliances they use and when, and whether they prefer the television to the treadmill, among a host of other details."

But it gets worse. Utilities and public utilities commissions (such as California’s PUC) are actually encouraging the sale of this private data – everything you do in your own home – to 3rd-party corporate interests, for a profit.

"I support today’s decision because it adopts reasonable privacy and security rules and expands consumer and third-party access to electricity usage and pricing information. I hope this decision stimulates market interest in the data."

Guess I’ve heard the same argument before.

Now, coming back to our story, it was infact Ecolibrium Energy that installed their circuit and other installments in Gujarat Sachivalaya and many other sensitive places.

"Ecolibrium’s first big break came when it bagged the contract to implement a smartgrid project in Gujarat Sachivalaya in 2010.

According to the Gujarat government portal, Sachivalaya (the state secretariat) falls under the general administration department, which is under Modi’s direct control.

The project with the Gujarat government required Ecolibrium to commission a smart microgrid in Sachivalaya, the state government headquarters at Gandhinagar. “The building had solar panels that supplied power. We monitored power generation from the solar panels and also certain key locations in the structure that could be turned on and off based on certain grid conditions,” Harit had told BS, adding the profits earned from the project helped sustain their business for the next five months. Harit also acknowledged the role played by their sister. “It was the financial help from family and friends, especially our sister, that gave the business a stronger footing and made it self-sustaining.”

Was the ‘incriminating video’ of Saheb in ‘compromising condition’ mentioned in Pradeep Sharma’s petition a handy work of the Sclumberger Gang ? 

Is it why the ATS, CID and even the IB (Intelligence Bureau) were snooping on the girl desperately to retrieve Saheb’s compromising video ?
For regular readers of GreatGameIndia this would be the most interesting information :

Schlumberger YUKOS APCO Worldwide link

Yukos Oil Company was a petroleum company in Russia which, until 2003, was controlled by Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky and a number of other prominent Russian businessmen. After Yukos was bankrupted, Khodorkovsky was convicted of fraud and sent to prison.

Interestingly however, after Khodorkovsky was sent to jail and half the company’s shares were frozen by Russian authorities Yukos hired none other than Margery Kraus of APCO Worldwide to do the whitewashing job.

However, under a deal concluded prior to Mr. Khodorkovsky’s arrest control of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s shares in the Russian oil giant Yukos were passed onto none other than Jacob Rothschild. (For those of you who don’t know Rothschild are the same Illuminati guys who Colonized India)

All of the above three companies have closely knit controlling structures; with directors, presidents, managers shuffling from one to the other protecting each others business interests.

In the light of the above information it becomes more interesting when the same group (and most of them ex Mossad intelligence officials) handles the entire election campaign to strategy of Saheb.

The most important question is, Was Saheb Under Siege by this group to keep him in check in case something goes awry ?

If so, shouldn’t such cases be investigated from an Intelligence perspective; and not just mere corruption, murder or snooping ?

The information that may have been compromised if any, could very well be a serious National Security issue as happened several times before.

Report by Shelley Kasli

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