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31 December 2012

Description of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Dimensions

by J. O'Brien


The Third Dimension - Physical Reality of the Conscious Being
The Third Dimension is where energy congeals into a dark, dense pool of matter. This is the plane of thought or mind. The densest stratum of this plane contains our own more worldly and material thoughts.

Because of our Planetary coding/consciousness we are able to identify with matter and therefore become dense ourselves. The Universe allows the illusion of Free-Will on the Third and Fourth Dimensions which gives us the experience of acting like saints or demons or somewhere in between... by choice.

Beings believing that the Third is the only Dimension suffer from the illusion of separation from their Spirit. The physical senses cannot detect Spirit which is beyond form. If we are not One with Spirit then we cannot be at one with others. This Dimension of Thought has the ability to interpenetrate all of life, like a sort of etheric river of water. It is not confined to the brain, which actually acts more like a kind of telephone switching station to all the thoughts that pass through it. Our ability to experience beauty while in such density, shows that we live in a loving Universe.

That is why if we can contact the higher strata of the mind-world by training the corresponding parts of our brain, as all seekers have attempted to do, we shall gain inconceivable knowledge.

The practice of Remote Viewing attempts to tap into this holographic practice. Humans possess a body made up of the material of the Physical Plane world...a body containing chemicals in liquid, solid and gaseous states. This body is interpenetrated by another body, which is its counterpart, known as the Etheric Body. It constitutes a fine web through which the Electromagnetic Life-forces are fed into the physical body from the outer Universe.

The combination of these two bodies contain the conscious knowledge of all 12 Dimensions... The Sacred Hologram.

(The Third Dimension)

Is the dominant Mode in which Humanity
And other species Live and Operate
The motivating or driving Forces in this World
Are called "Instincts"
Most beings on the planet Today base their Actions
Predominantly on information they Receive
From their survival, sexual, hierarchical, and territorial Instincts
Acting on these instructions makes statements to the Universe
About what is Real to the Actor

For the most part... these pictures of Reality
Stem from information that is Encoded
In the DNA of the Physical Body
These Physical-Body Pictures of Reality May Imply:

I am Mortal
I need a Mate
I need Personal Power to rule Others
I need to own certain Things
I need another person to make me Happy
I need Control of my Space

The Mental body... too... generates pictures of Reality
It creates pictures that say things Like
"I must figure it all Out"
"I need to be Right"
"It's okay to lie if I have a good enough Reason"
"I am better than they Are"
"She's going to say this... and then I'll say that...."
For various reasons... Western Civilization
Has elevated the Mental Body
To a Male God-like Status

There are several methodologies which contend that by controlling the mental body, negative experiences can be transcended, and that we can even obtain enlightenment and Nirvana.

The rationale goes:

"I create my own reality with my thoughts. Therefore, if I eliminate negative thoughts and only think positive ones, then my life will change for the better."

This implies that negative thoughts are the source of one's negative experiences, and the work then becomes to eradicate them.

You become your own thought Police
And... since Whatever you're fascinated With
...You get more Of...
Then being fascinated with negative Thoughts
Just brings more of them!

Plus... there is another aspect to Consider
The Universe rearranges itself to Accommodate
Your picture of Reality
The "think-only-positive- thoughts" Strategy
Assumes that the Mental body is the sole Composer
Of one's picture of reality - but it is Not
The Physical Body has its own Views and Convictions
Of What is Real
As does the Emotional Body
As well as the Spiritual Body...the I AM

Here is a simple story to illustrate This...

There was a mighty lion, Janro, who was born in a small zoo. As she grew, she made it a point to investigate, as best as she could, all of the aspects of the world around her. All of the other lions in this zoo had been born in captivity, as well. Their cages were indoors.

One day, another lion was added to the group, but she was captured in the wild. When she spoke of the vast savannas, the tall, spreading trees, the birds in the sky, and the other wonders she knew of, Janro and the others scoffed. "How could this be!" they would exclaim.

We've had plenty of time to investigate this world. We know precisely the limits of our cages, what other kinds of animals there are, where we came from, and how we get fed. "What you are telling us is preposterous! Prove it!"

Beings who are exploring the Material World
And taking a Stand for its Validity
Suffer from the Illusion of Separation
From their Spirit

This should be obvious - the Physical Senses cannot detect Spirit, which is beyond form. Consequently, if we are not at one with our Spirit, then we cannot be at one with others, because Oneness is an attribute of the spiritual body. They believe they must fight and struggle to exist, courtesy of the animal instincts. They perceive enemies.

Their actions are a series of strategies being played out. They fear lack and condemnation, both which lurk in the background of their consciousness like hungry cheetahs. They need outside authorities to tell them how to reach God/dess and to tell them what is real.

Today... Scientists are the Priests of What's Real...

When we find ourselves acting out and identifying with any of these pictures of reality and agreeing that they are real, you may say with confidence... "I am Living in a Material World."

Other experiences of this Domain are:

Being caught up in a stream of Thought

Planning sexual Strategies

Mentally rehearsing what you're going to say when you confront Someone (which you never end up saying, anyway, when the time comes)

Being Sarcastic
Being Obnoxious
Being Critical
Physically or verbally attacking Someone
Proving you're right...or the other Wrong
Defending or claiming your Space
The way that we Perceive and Define Ourselves
Implies which World we are living In
A few Identities that take a Stand
For the validity of The Material World are:
"I am A:..."

hard worker
smart person
honest person
business person, (or, name a profession)
awesome/inadequate lover
responsible person
funny person

There is nothing wrong with these identities or with exploring the Material World; we all do it to some degree or another; let's face it -we're all in human forms.

It's an option that our Spirits
Have chosen to Explore, for whatever reason.
The important Point
Is not what we are Exploring
But the Position that our Consciousness is In
With Relation to the Action 


The Truth...The Astral Plane

The Fourth Dimension is a gray, polarized plane, housing the forces of Light and Darkness.

The battle between good and evil starts here. Forms naturally morph on the Astral Plane... a tree can easily transform into a wolf. This is because the illusion of good and evil is manifest here and because of the extreme mutability of form, distrust and fear that exist... e-motion.

This plane is that of Will or Life-spirit and it is of this dimension that the individual "self", the Ego, is a part. It is the Ego who uses the physical, astral and mind bodies as tools with which to achieve its purpose. When mind, body and spirit are completely aligned with Divine Will and in harmony and balance... one with another... you are omnipotent and have achieved conquest over matter.

After careful training, it is possible to leave the physical body safely in the nourishing care of its etheric web, to go on a Dimensional Journey. This is called astral travel.

When you wish to return you slip back into the restricting burden of your outer coating of flesh. Shamans are adepts in this arena, many times bringing back information to benefit humankind. Unless the person has been specially trained and practiced, the jar of contact once again with the dense Earth vibrations are so harsh that it usually snaps the thread of memory of the journey.

Magic, time travel, karma, reincarnation, luck, psychic surgery, flying, mind reading, disembodied spirits, enchantment, and of course, astral travel, all source from this plane.

The Demi-God/desses of many religions live here. Hell and purgatory are fourth dimensional locales as well. By embodying the principles of this plane, we enhance the probability of LIVING A MAGICAL LIFE

(The Fourth Dimension)

Is the next step up...dimensionally Speaking
From the Material World
When you are living in a Magical World
You are taking a stand for the Realities
And parameters of the Fourth Dimension
The Link between the Third-Dimensional Physical Body
And the Fourth Dimension
The Emotional Body studies the Astral Plane
And the Mental Body does its best To
Interpret the Information that it Receives
Within the Limitations of its Linear-Based Functioning Ability

What follows are some Principles
Pictures of Reality and Implications
That are innate in the Fourth Dimension

For instance, lets say you are standing in line at the grocery store and you begin to make psychic contact with others... you now can say:

"I am living in a Magical World!"
When you find yourself Engaged
In Any of the following Activities
You can say the Same

Trying to use or get "Luck"
Being Superstitious
Having a Sexual Fantasy
Psychically attacking Someone
Psychically defending Someone
Fighting for God, the Light, or any other "Good" Cause
Or "bad" cause... if that's your Style
Trying to Psychically Manipulate another Being or Situation
Astral Traveling
Working out your Karma
Trying to be worthy in the Eyes of God/dess
Preaching "the right way" to serve God/dess... Spirit... or the Mission
Using Magic... either "White" or "Black"

Here are few Identities
Which take a Stand for the Validity
Of the Magical World
"I am A"......

Magician... Druid... Witch... Sorcerer... Enchanter
Past-life Regressionist
Warrior of the Light
Devil/demon Worshipper
Religious person

The Magical World
Compared to the Material World
Is much more Exciting

There are many unusual Powers
And phenomena to experience There
It has a unique and somewhat Hypnotic Allure
Many Beings feel Liberated
As they move from the Limitations
Of The Material World into the Expansiveness
Of The Magical World

For others, however, this world of shifting Forms
Gray alliances... and non-linear logic is Scary
Additionally... the rules of The Material World
Don't mean much in The Magical World

For those who need to "be in Control"
And "Know how it really Is"
In a Third-dimensional Sense
This metamorphic reality with its uncharted Territories
Including Purgatories and Hells
Are better left Alone

We are at a time in Human History
In which the Veils are rapidly being Lifted
Between the two Worlds
This is frightening to those who Want
The Material World to be the Safe
Predictable place it has always (or seemed to have) Been

As The Magical World becomes increasingly Accessible
The Material World becomes more Destabilized

This is becoming increasingly apparent in the area of relationships. In many (but not all) cases, the scenario goes something like this:

One of the partners begins to explore and experience the validity of the Magical World. The Material World-based partner, is either unable or unwilling to explore The Magical probability. He uses "scientific, common-sense logic" to explain why The Magical World doesn't exist... or just sarcastically dismisses the partner's interest.

Or... A more clever response is this: He plays along with the Magically-inclined partners' "flights of fantasy and imagination." A wiser yet alternative: He supports the Magically-inclined partner's exploration.

But neither "Common-sense Logic"
The common logic of only five Senses
Nor sarcasm can Negate another person's Experiences

As the lure and exploration of The Magical World increases, there becomes less and less for the couple to talk about. And when it comes time for parting, the defender of the logical world finds himself alone with his cold facts, wondering what went wrong.

Another outcome of this scenario is that the Magically-inclined partner halts or slows her progress so as not to hurt the partner, hoping that she can "bring him along."

It may be helpful to Realize
That ALL relationships are in the hands of Spirit
Spirit puts us together and separates Us
In accordance with the Divine Plan

This may sound harsh to the Emotional Body
But when grasped from a Cosmic Perspective
It is really a Blessing

Relationships based upon the parameters of The Magical World can be enchanting; all sorts of magical events may transpire. The partner's face can morph from their usual appearance and look like that of a completely different person. Astral sex is "out of this world".

Plus there are opportunities to play out unfulfilled Material and Magical roles with each other... sometimes reaching into past lives.

At this point in History
The next natural step for many Beings
Is to move from the exploration of The Material World
To the exploration of The Magical World
This requires letting go of Rigid Concepts
Which the linear mind holds as Real

For those who have identified Themselves
With their mental and physical Bodies
This... perhaps... is one of the biggest stumbling Blocks
To exploring the interesting realm of The Magical World

(The Miraculous World)

The Fifth Dimension - Heaven... The Plane of Light
For most religions, the Fifth Dimension is the highest realms a Soul can reach.

Spiritually, starting from the beginning, it is the last stop downward on the dimensional ladder before we enter the realms of limitation. We incarnate here as androgynous stellar beings. Since we live on Stars we have luminous Light Bodies. These eternal forms have no need for pain, the warning signals that physical bodies provide. Therefore there is no physical suffering. Neither do we suffer from any form of separation because we constantly experience the Oneness of Mother/Father Creator.

We base our actions entirely on Love, never fear. This is because fear does not exist at this level. We are unstoppable and living Miraculous lives. Immortality is an experiential given. Many times in a Near Death Experience, a person will travel thru a long tunnel. The tunnel traverses the darkness (the Fourth Dimension) and ends in a bright opening of Golden or White Light (the Fifth Dimension). This is the Birth Canal of the Soul and the doorway to Heaven.

We travel by application of Divine Will. We need not die to have this experience. The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line or curved line. In the Fifth Dimension, one simply duplicates herself to her destination(s). We travel by moving through the doorway at the center of the star. We do not fly as this movement is similar to teleportation. Flying is only a viable means of transportation on the Third and Fourth Dimensions.

In many Ascension stories, the Earth transforms... along with her inhabitants into her fifth-dimensional Light Body. This is when Gaia physically shifts from a dense, material body to one of Light... A Star. The present Earth changes and Ancient prophecies are guides to this probable future. However, the Fifth Dimensional Manifestation of a star is neither hot nor fiery... It is soft.

This is known as THE MIRACULOUS WORLD...

(The Fifth Dimension)

The Miraculous World
Dimensionally... it is the next step up from The Magical World
The Probabilities of this Fifth Plane
Are just now presenting themselves to Humanity

Go outside on some clear Night
Look up in the Sky and catch a glimpse of the Stars
There are more Stars than we can Imagine
With even more Planets racing around Them
And this is only the Third-Dimensional aspect that we are Seeing

Look at your Hand... move your Fingers
To make all of this Exist and Work
Takes Forces and a form of Intelligence
That is not possible to Imagine
And this is only the Third-Dimensional
Aspect of our Existence
Although this may sound Oversimplified
It does seem to point to one Thing
The Universe is a Miraculous Place

If it can Create all of This
It can do just about any thing it Wants
In The Miraculous World
Linear or "horizontal" Logic
Which uses past Experience and one's Beliefs
To determine what is Real
Is NOT what directs one's Actions
Nor is it one's Feelings
Regardless of how Powerful they Are
Instead "Vertical" Logic
Which is information received Directly
From One's Spirit
Provides the data from which to Act

This is spontaneous Revelation
And is the key to consciously Living
In the Eternal Now
You are in Essence... channeling your Spirit

When we find ourselves acting Out
And identifying with the Following
You can Say
"I am living in A Miraculous World"

You experience the awesome reality of living in the faith that you are in the hands of your Spirit

You perceive everything as "okay"... even if it's sometimes unpleasant... because you know that Spirit is directing your Course

You see your identity as a Divine being Unfold

Your reliance on Material and Magical perceptions is superseded by your reliance on Miraculous Perceptions

You perceive other's pictures of reality as just that - their pictures - and do not take their projections Personally

You realize that, in many areas of your life and especially your mission, the walls of time/space are not a Limitation

You live with the understanding that by remaining open and empty... the Universe can manifest miracles through You

You love everyone and know that they are part of the Divine Whole

You are grateful to be Alive

You see your Vision of Heaven on Earth Manifesting

You share your Vision, cosmic identity, and insights freely and Naturally

Miracles are Given

Here are few Identities
Or ways to Function
Which take a stand for the Validity
Of The Miraculous World
I Am A
Angelic... Extraterrestrial... Other-dimensional Adept
DivineCosmicHoly being
Code Master
Grid TemplateExpert
Energy-flow Director
Receiver Transmitter for your off-Planet

Other-dimensional Team
Transdimensional Trail Blazer
Divine Fool
Moving from The Magical World
To The Miraculous World
Is similar to moving From
The Material to The Magical

There is a barrier that separates these Worlds
...The Fear of the Unknown...
Inherent in the Human Form
And reinforced by the Dark Forces
Makes Beings hesitate to explore New Worlds

On the other hand, many beings don't explore other worlds because they are just plain ignorant of their existence: Spirit has dictated that the veils in their consciousness remain in place - they can do no more.

It is interesting to note that in The Miraculous World
The Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies
Are used by the Universe to achieve its Ends
In The Material World
The Universe is used by these Bodies
To achieve their Ends

The World in which we perceive ourselves, along with our identity, are major components of our picture of reality. And the universe rearranges itself to accommodate our picture of reality.

If we're using Material World criteria for the basis of our discernment, it will look as if everyone is living in The Material World.

If we use The Magical World as our criteria, it will appear as if everyone is living in either The Material World or The Magical World (or probably some combination of the two).

If we use the criteria of The Miraculous World, it will appear as if everyone is living in The Material, Magical, or Miraculous World (or probably some combination of the three).

This is because beings who are intensely exploring the Material World cannot include The Magical World in their picture of reality

Yet, those who are exploring The Magical can include The Material. Similarly, those who are intensely exploring The Magical World cannot include The Miraculous World in their picture of reality

Yet, those who are exploring The Miraculous can include The Magical.

This suggests a Hierarchical Order
Based on our ability to Accept
Ever-expanding Probabilities
And our capacity to Love

There are many versions of the Ascension Scenario. It is our sense that the Planetary Consciousness (and many other Cosmic Forces) is preparing a new, energetic environment for its inhabitants to live in.

The foundations are already being laid. Its frequency will sustain only Miraculous World experiences. 

Once fully in place and Operational
The option of exploring The Material and Magical Worlds
Will no longer be Available
At least on this planetary Body
Living in The Miraculous World
Will no longer be debated as to whether it is "Possible" or "Impossible"
It will just be... The way that it Is

...Seek and Ye Shall Find...

In The Material World
One seeks retirement and grows Old
In The Magical World
One seeks Enlightenment and grows Wiser
In The Miraculous World
One seeks nothing and grows Lighter

As we all tread the Homeward Path
We will explore many Realms
And one day... we will all Realize
That all experiences are Simply

Different ways in which The

All-That Is

Perceives Itself



The Astral Plane

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