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09 March 2015

Genesis or The "Genes of Isis" ?

by Wes Penre
April 10, 2011
from WesPenre Website

1. Experimenting With Genetics

Now, given free hands by King Anu, Ea and Ningishzidda immediately continued their genetic experiments to create the "perfect worker".
Before they even came close to the end result, they tried different options. The most amazing creatures were created; such as the Centaur, which was a crossbreed between Anunnaki and wild horses, in an attempt to create the perfect work horse; strong and intelligent.
That project was eventually abandoned, but this is where the myth about the Centaurs come from.
Figure 1
"Centaur" - a crossbreed between
 Anunnaki and horse
Instead, Ea and Ningishzidda started copulate with existing ape-women of the homo erectus species already existing on the planet.
To their dismay, they found that no offspring came out of that intercourse, so they used other different tactics to get their results; they copulated and placed their seed inside of ape-women, and created zygotes in test tubes. Then they surgically implanted the zygotes in ape-women.
That didn't work either.
The ape-women got their offspring, but they couldn't talk, their internal organs didn't work properly and they lacked hand dexterity.
Figure 2
Ninmah and Ea creating zygote workers
Then, Ea came up with the idea to implant a test-tube-grown zygote into Ninmah's womb, containing his sperm, she who later was renamed Ninhursag by Ninurta, and became known as Isis in Egypt.
When the baby was born, an excited Ea slapped the baby on his behind, and he gave out the proper sound. The baby could speak! The research team was very happy.

The little one looked like "earth clay", his skin was dark red and his hair was raven black, contrary to the Ša.A.M.i., who were Caucasians, with blond hair and blue eyes. Another difference between the Sirian bodies and this new hybrid was that the Sirians were born without foreskin around their penises. This hybrid had a foreskin.
Ea thought that was good, because it would act as a distinction between themselves and this new hybrid race. He decided that they should let the foreskin stay on.

Inspired by their success, the research team gathered seven other Anunnaki women to act as carrier of new zygotes originating from Ea's and Ningishzidda's sperms. They delivered one hybrid each, and now there were 8 clones all together, all male.

Ningishzidda then decided to create female hybrids. He implanted this zygote in Ninki/Damkina, Ea's wife, and she delivered by c-section. This, too, was a success, so once again, the same seven surrogate women were used, and they all gave birth to one female baby each.
The female babies, contrary to the males, were blond and blue-eyed, just like the Sirians.

Ea and his son wanted to continue using the surrogate mothers, but Ninmah objected and said it was too hard on them, and it wasn't enough with 8 women to create a worker race.

So, Ea brought the original "master" hybrids, called Adami and Ti-Amat, to Edin on top of the Persian Gulf, which was Ea's home, and the rest of the clones, created from the two "master copies", were sent to Africa and caged. There they were allowed to have intercourse in hope to bring offspring.
The hybrids copulated frequently, but there were no offspring.

Figure 3
The Research Team.
Ningishzidda and Enki face Ninmah.
She holds Adamu, the hybrid Nibiruan/Homo Erectus they made.
"My hands have made it! victoriously she shouted."
The critter's cute and he and female hybrids the team creates enjoy sex.
But the hybrids can't breed yet.
 (From Sumerian cylinder seal - Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters, page 13
- The "Tree of Life" to the right - Wes' comment)

At the Medical Center in Shurubak, Ningishzidda worked hard to find the gene in their own DNA which they could use for their hybrids to be able to reproduce.

He eventually found that the Nibiran females had a recessive XY chromosome allele in their genotype, while Ti-Amat had only XX.

With this new revelation in mind, he anesthetized Ea, Ninmah and Ti-Amat.

"From the rib of Enki the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Adamu the life essence he inserted. From the rib of Ninmah the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Ti-Amat the life essence he inserted.

He proudly declared,

'To their Tree of Life two branches have been added, with procreating powers their life essences are now entwined'." [1]
2. YHWH, the "Schizophrenic" God

Ea and Ningishzidda kept it a secret that they had altered the original female hybrid, and the two original hybrids kept living in Edin, and Ti-Amat made leaf aprons for herself and Adamu, while they continued living in Edin.

Nammur soon noticed that the hybrids were no longer naked, but wore aprons, and he asked Ea why this was. Ea confessed.

The Enlil became furious and told his brother had he'd gone way too far. Not only had he manipulated the Nibiruan Council to break the law and create hybrids in general, now they could reproduce as well!
This means, shouted Nammur, that this insignificant species is initiated to the "Tree of Life", meaning that they got the longevity of the gods, which could be thousands of years; they were on their way to become one of them!

"This is not acceptable at all," Nammur was raging.
Ningishzidda quickly came to Ea's aid and assured the Enlil that he had excluded the longevity gene from the Adami race, and they would not have the longevity of the gods.
Nammur, still furious, commanded Ea and his son to expel Adamu and Ti-Amat from Edin and "bring them where they belonged"; in the gold mines, so they and their offspring could replace the Anunnaki workers, who now were about to revolt again.

Ea knew his brother quite well, and understood that from now on, Nammur would slander him and call him an evil serpent in front of the hybrids to emphasize his own power and diminish Ea's. Therefore, Ea set up the first secret society on Earth, "The Brotherhood of the Snake".
He recruited a few, selected hybrids, whom he taught advanced thinking, technology and advanced, philosophical thinking. [2]
He gave his creation access to the "Tree of Knowledge", something that was forbidden as well, but not as serious as tampering with the "Tree of Life", which had to do exclusively with the "immortality" of the gods.

The reader quite certainly recognizes this story from Genesis in the Bible, when Eve ate from the fruits of the "Tree of Knowledge" and became aware of whom she was, and Adamu then did the same. [3]
Nammur is the equivalent to YHWH/Jehovah and Ea is the Serpent (Satan/Lucifer), who seduced Eve/Ti-Amat to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.
When Nammur/YHWH found it, he expelled Adam and Eve (Adamu and Ti-Amat) from Edin (Eden).
In Christianity, Satan and Lucifer are one and the same, but that's a misunderstanding. Besides being archetypes, in this case, Ea would better fit the picture of Lucifer, the "Light Bearer", who shone light (knowledge) on the newly born humanity.
Satan would perhaps better fit Marduk, who inherited the Title "Lord of Earth" from his father, Ea, when most of the Anunnaki left in 2,024 BC, after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
He has been here, claiming the Title, "Lord of Earth" ever since.
Figure 4
The YHWH composite.

The story of YHWH is complex and consists of a composite of Anunnaki beings; thus the "schizophrenia" of the god.
In the Bible he is hard to make sense of, because he changes personality traits back and forth in a very confusing manner. The reason for this is that he is not just one person, but at least two: Nammur and Ea.
In the Bible, the two are mixed up and combined to one, while Nammur's "curse" on Ea for have educated the hybrids was what was brought on down the history line, making Ea the "bad guy" (Satan/Lucifer/the Serpent), who rebelled against "God".
Serpent is not only a snake, it's also a symbol for wisdom or knowledge and has nothing to do with evil.

Sitchin says:

In this context "Yahweh" of the Bible indicates Enlil; in other contexts the Bible's "Yahweh" designates Ninurta, Marduk, Adad; Yahweh may allude to a "god" of the Nibiruans imported from home-planet Nibiru.

Some places in the Bible "Yahweh" even designates Enki, as when Enki suggested creating hybrid Earthlings.[4]
So YHWH, just like Satan and Lucifer, is an archetype, but the "jealous God", whom made the Hebrews his "chosen people" is more than likely Nammur, the Enlil.

Robert Morning Sky, who wrote "The Terra Papers" in 1996, also made a radio interview called "Star Elders" in 2008,[5] where he discusses YHWH among other things.
He said that Lord Nammur, the Enlil, was the hot tempered YHWH, and the mellower YHWH (both described in the Bible as one deity) was Ea. The Bible simply confuses the two and assigns the deity to be the Ultimate God, and nothing can of course be further from the truth.[6]

The RA Material, channeled by Carla Rueckert in the early 1980s, also hints at YHWH being a composite.[7]

3. Did the Anunnaki Really Spurt Our Evolution by Tampering With Our DNA?

According to Sitchin, humanity would have evolves with- or without help from the gods in terms of genetic manipulation, although it would have taken so much longer.
He estimates that we as a species were spurred in our evolution by forty million years.

This is not entirely true, something I will talk more about as we go along. Still, the following needs to be said already now: if we were regular apes to begin with, such as orangutans or gorillas, this may hold true, but it's my conviction that this is not the case. What Sitchin was unaware of was that the "ape-men" the Anunnaki geneticists kidnapped and started working on were the most important part of the Living Library.
There was a reason why a war broke out between the Lyrans and the Anunnaki; the latter were taking their most precious part of the Living Library, the 12 strand DNA human in progress, deactivated 10 strands (the "junk" DNA) and worked with the remaining 2 strands, which eventually became homo sapiens sapiens (the "thinking" man).
There was no way for the Anunnaki to be able to work with beings who possessed 12 helices of DNA; they would have been too smart and too perceptive.
On the other hand, the "regular" ape-man was too stupid to work with in the first place, so it was easier for their scientists to "cut" than to add. I truly believe, and my research will show, that the part of Sitchin's translations which tell us that Ea and his team were working on second density animals/apes is disinformation.
I don't believe Sitchin consciously deceived us, but the Anunnaki did by erasing and changing records.

So the Anunnaki science team basically took the key to the Living Library, ran off the original planners and destroyed the holders of frequency, as we were meant to become. Upon that, after have created a human who was smart enough to follow commands but not smart enough to challenge the gods, they created a frequency fence, so that the light from the cosmos necessary to activate the "junk DNA" (the dormant 10 strands) could not reach the human body.
However, what the original planners did before the Anunnaki took over was to plant an activation code into the DNA, and this was either something the Anunnaki were never aware of, or they thought they could deal with it when it happens.

The thing is, it is happening now!
The Lyrans, with their "long thoughts" decided in the ancient past that now is the time to activate the code if something would go wrong. The energies from the cosmos are very strong right now because the solar system is aligning with the Galactic Center. However, this has happened before, every +-26,000 years to be exact, but a mass awakening has not taken place earlier in the sense it does now.
The Pleiadians describe it pretty well in "Bringers of The Dawn" when they say that the encoded light, brought on mainly by gamma rays, are hitting the Earth all the time, but if there is no one there to receive them, nothing is going to happen; nothing is going to be activated.
However, now when the activation code is being activated, more and more people are receiving the information from space and become enlightened as their junk DNA gets reactivated. We are striving towards our full potential; this is something that not even the rogue scientists like those of LPG-C realize.
If they could open up, too, they could be really helpful.

Some may argue that after all, the ape-men and ape-women that Ea and his team were working on were after all just primitive apes, no matter what. My answer to that would be that it's not true.
Yes, our ancestors were not nearly as intelligent as humans are today, but we would have been, and much more and much sooner, if the original planners would have had the chance to complete their job.
You see, the difference between them working on activating the 12 stand DNA of the gods and the Anunnaki doing their genetic engineering is a big difference; it's the difference between enslavement within a frequency band called the 3rd Density and being multidimensional.

  • Can you see now why the Ša.A.M.i. and the Anunnaki are quick with letting us know that they sped up our evolution with 40 million years, which would have been the case, perhaps, if we would have had 2 strand DNA from the beginning?
  • Can you see why they want us to be grateful for this?
  • Are you getting the picture why the Anunnaki needed to erase history several times and change it?
  • What do you think they want to do now?
Erase history...!
This is what the WingMakers and the Anunnaki are working on right now on their highest level; they call it BST (Blank Slate Technology) which will erase our memories, including what I'm writing here.
Marduk did this once before and destroyed everything written before a certain date. Wonderful people!
The sad thing is that LPG-C is falling for this scam as well. They believe there is a faction of the Ša.A.M.i. they can actually work with; and which faction is that? The House of the King of the Ša.A.M.i.! It's a grand deception, and what I am telling you now is just the beginning.

There is little doubt that the gods (the Anunnaki) are coming back, and it's imperative that we know who they are and they really want.
I have done my best to find out, so bear with me as we move along with our story. 

4. The Early Humans Become Miners

Ea moved Adamu and Ti-Amat (Ti) to Zimbabwe's forests and let them reproduce.
Ti gave birth to twins and more babies as well, whom in their turn reproduced and became workers in the mines. According to Sitchin, these early humans were the homo erectus and the Neanderthals.[8]

The gods were pleased, because the new workers never revolted; they were fed and given shelter, but didn't mind hard labor, dust and heat; they never seemed to complain. The reason for this, of course, was that they didn't know better; this was actually all they knew.
They dug something from the mine that was totally useless for them and they didn't understand what it was and why they were doing their task. They were like horses on a farm that have no idea why they have to pull a plow; that's just what they're assigned to do.

Nammur didn't like the idea that the hybrids should be used for mining, exclusively, so he let his eldest son, Ninurta, and fifty men fly to Africa and kidnap hybrids from the forests to use for work on orchards and cities back in Mesopotamia (Sumer).
The Enlil didn't care, because he was sure the earth-bound Anunnaki would soon leave the planet anyway, as soon as Nibiru's atmosphere was totally restored.

So, now the early humans were working in the cities as well as in the mines, and they bred uncontrollably. This created food shortage, which became a problem for the Anunnaki.
Nammur, who was already angry with Ea for have created this species, now demanded his brother to come up with ideas to put an end to the food shortage and the rapid growth in numbers amongst the slave race.
Figure 5
Ea impregnates two human females,
who then gave birth to a son and a daughter,
respectively; Adapa and Titi.
In the second tablet from the left
we see Damkina holding Adapa and Titi.
The third tablet is most likely showing Damkina
 holding her favorite, Titi.
In the tablet to the right, Adapa and Titi are mating,
leading to Titi giving birth to Ka-in and Abael
(Cain and Abel).

Ea then taught Adami how to make food out of plants and how to eat animals, and he taught them agriculture and how to garden to create their own food. He then let this group teach other hybrids to do the same, and this took care of the food shortage to a large degree.
However, Ea also had another plan in mind, to upgrade the hybrids and make them more intelligent.

5. Adapa, a Genetic Upgrade

Ea found the female hybrids very attractive and he started feeling desire for them.
Thus, he impregnated two of them, and one bore a son, whom they called Adapa. The other one carried a daughter, Titi. Damkina/Ninki felt a special affection to Titi and taught her all manners of crafts.
Ea and Ninki kept these two children secret, covertly transporting them back to Edin in Mesopotamia, without Nammur's knowledge, understanding that they would be more intelligent than the earlier Adami, due to that their parents were directly impregnated by Ea himself, being one of the Nephilim.
Ea manipulated the weather, using technology similar to today's HAARP,[9] making the winds change so he could set sails for Edin and hide his new creation in this vast territory.

Ea spent a lot of time in secret to educate Adapa, and found out to his great excitement that he was brilliant and a quick learner. A new, upgraded species was now created, which was more civilized and much more intelligent.

Ea and Ninki let Adapa and Titi mate and they gave birth to twins, whom they named Ka-in and Abael, the first earthlings of this new breed, born from two hybrids. Adapa was taught a lot of important things from his father, the Enki, and as the new race grew larger in numbers, Adapa was put in charge over them, supervising the bakers, the fishermen, the farmers, and so on.

Eventually, news about this new, brilliant hybrid race soon came to King Anu's attention back on Nibiru.
Ea then sent his two earth-born, unmarried sons, Ningishzidda and Dumuzi to Nibiru and they brought Adapa with them. They also brought with them a sealed tablet from Ea, asking Anu to deny the new species the "elixir", which would make them immortal (Tree of Life). Anu realized what his son had done; illegally created a new, civilized species.
The reason Ea wanted to deny them immortality [10] was so that they could stay quarantined on Earth for a long time.

Anu also realized that Adapa and all his offspring were his descendents as well, whether he liked it or not, and decided to accept what had happened. Hence, he let Dumuzi stay on Nibiru for another šar to learn about husbandry, while Ea and Ningishzidda were sent back to Earth as teachers for the new, civilized man.
Dumuzi, when Nibiru came back after one šar, also brought with him the seed for goats and sheep, so these animals could be introduced to Earth, to be herded by the humans.
Anu agreed to refusing to add the longevity gene to the new species, and deprive them of the nano-technology which extended the Ša.A.M.i.'s lives significantly, but the first homo sapiens sapiens still lived for a long time, sometimes up to nearly a thousand years; something which is written about in the Bible, especially in the "Book of Kings".

After a while, however, Ningishzidda's elder brother, Marduk, took over the task to teach Abael, and the Enkiites now had full control over the breeding program on Earth, something Nammur did not like.
He suggested that his eldest son, Ninurta, tutored Ka-in to get his own bloodline into the project, and so it was decided. Ka-in, under Ninurta's supervision, soon presented the first grain, while Abael, under Marduk, presented the first sheep.

However, the conflict between the Enlilites and the Enkiites, which continues up to this date, came to surface again, and it showed to have serious implications.
Ea, due to Nammur's involvement in the project (which he disagreed with), seemed to favor Abael before Ka-in and blessed Abael for his achievements with the sheep, but said nothing about what Ka-in had achieved with the grain.
Ea's neglect of Ka-in saddened and aggravated him, something that eventually led to Ka-in slaughtering his twin brother with a stone after a fist fight. Ka-in was sentenced to exile by the Nibiruan Council, but Ea managed to spare his life, saying he was needed for the genetic experiment. Instead the Council decided to distinguish the two lines, so that the two bloodlines could be quite easily recognized from each other.
Ningishzidda, the master geneticist, therefore altered Ka-in's genotype so that the men in his bloodline couldn't easily grow beard.
From that came the ancestry of some Asian people and the Native Americans in the West. Ka-in and Awan, his sister, then departed from the rest and wandered alone through the wilderness for a long time, eastwards.

Eventually, Ninurta helped Ka-in and his offspring with building a city east of Edin, which became Nud. However, Ka-in was killed by a a falling stone, allegedly, while building the city. Sitchin suggests he may have been murdered (sounds like karma, from 'did he killed his brother?').

The Anunnaki continued teaching the humans all different kinds of things, like astronomy, writing, mathematics, well-digging, musical skills (including playing instruments), use of body-oil and more.
Interestingly enough, the Enkiites in general taught humans practical skills and their place in the universe (Marduk even took Enkime, one of the Adapa descendents, to the Moon), while the Enlilites were more into the power game and Nammur's clan taught them worship, superiority and explained hierarchy.

6. Marduk's Choice
Figure 6:

Magnetic, climatic, and astronomical disruption severely affected the Mars-base, where the Igigi were working as the middle hand in transporting gold to Nibiru.
The Anunnaki leaders, the Enki, Ninmah, and the Enlil, who were stationed on Earth, had to deal with the crises. At the same time, when they looked at each other, they saw the wrinkles on their skin, and they noticed they had aged much faster on Earth than those who shuttled between Nibiru and Earth, in spite of inhaling monatomic gold, and it worried them.
Then, those who were born on Earth, like Ningishzidda and Dumuzi, aged even faster.

The three in charge therefore sent Ninurta to the Andes Mountains in South America to establish a transmission tower, while simultaneously, on the tip of South Africa, they built instruments to monitor space and the earth changes.

At the same time, Marduk told his parents he wanted to marry a human female, Sarpanit, who was the daughter of Enkime, whom Marduk had shown the Moon. Ninki, his mother, told him that if he did, he would never be allowed to take her to Nibiru, and his rights as a prince would forever be forsaken, as were the laws of the SAMs.
Marduk, however, felt like he was already forsaken and ill treated by the Nibiruans, so he replied he didn't care, and he was going to become the Master of Earth.

Nammur was furious that Marduk wanted to marry an Earth woman, and beamed a message to King Anu to ask him to stop Marduk from executing his plan. Anu said he couldn't stop him, but that Ninki was right; if Marduk proceeded, he would forever be barred from Nibiru, could never return, and had to stay on Earth. He would also lose his title as "Prince".

Nammur could do nothing but approve to the marriage, but after the wedding, he deported Marduk and his bride to Egypt, Africa, which was his father's, Ea, domain.
Egypt from thereon became Marduk's domain.

At the same time, 200 Igigi from Mars landed on Earth, abandoning their Mars-base, due to the harsh environment, and because of astronomical and seismological circumstances described earlier. They also thought it would be a great opportunity to perhaps take themselves brides amongst the people attending Marduk's big wedding, and thus gain some power of their own.
So each of the 200 Igigi took one bride each and threatened that this must be accepted, just like it had been for Marduk, and they should all be leaders of their own domains, or they would start an uproar.

Marduk defeated the Igigi and placed most of them in Babylon, while he and Sarpanit settled with others in Lebanon. Here, they bred and became many in numbers.

To counter Marduk's actions, Nammur decided to find Ka-in's descendents and did so. He took them under his wings, taught them how to build balsam rafts, and they sailed with Ninurta to South America, where they learned about tin and gold mining.
Because Marduk, offended and feeling neglected by the rulers on Nibiru, had openly stated that he wanted to be Master of Earth, Ninurta, his cousin on the Enlil side of the bloodline, felt he needed to prepare for whatever move Marduk may make, and so both sides built an army of humans, in case a war was around the corner.
Marduk's intentions were twofold, at least.

  • He wanted to build an army to show his power and that he was serious
  • He also wanted to create a slave race for himself once the rest of the Anunnaki had left the planet
However, the tension between the two camps increased. 

7. The Birth of Noah

As mentioned earlier, and as the reader may have noticed, the gods were not exactly monogamous.
Ea was certainly not an exception. Sex, and strengthening of the royal bloodlines was something very important to the gods, and something they found tremendous pleasure in.
Incest, sex with minors, and promiscuous behavior in general was normal behavior and not considered strange amongst them.
This is where we humans learned those traits, although we are still much more restricted than they were. In those days, for a woman to be invited to have sex with one of the gods was not something you tried to avoid; it was considered an honor.[11]

So, once again, Ea felt desire for a human female. He seduced Batanash, who was bathing him, and impregnated her. The offspring's name was Utnapischtim, better known as Noah.

Nammur was furious over Marduk's attempts to gather so many humans around him, and he wanted to put an end to it. He decided to starve them out, and using his title as the Enlil (Lord of Command), he ordered that no aid should be sent to humans if they were sick, and no food of ocean fish should be available to them.

Utnapischtim, who lived at Shurubak at the time, went to Ea for help. Ea suggested they should protest against Nammur by stop worshipping the gods and offering their service to them. However, he could not go against Nammur's orders.

Still, Ea couldn't sit and watch, so he covertly helped humans by sending them his own supplies and taught them how to fish and be self-sufficient.
When Nammur found out that the humans could survive without his help, he became even more upset and accused Ea for conspiring against him. Ea then lied, and said the humans found this out by themselves. That settled it for Nammur (YHWH), and he decided to get rid of humanity once and for all.
He didn't really need them anymore, anyway, as the time for the Anunnaki departure from Earth was close. At this time, huge solar flares had been spotted, and the icecaps of the North Pole and Antarctica started to break up.
Ea's son, Nergal, reported from the tip of South Africa, that when Nibiru would pass the next time, Earth would most probably be flooded.

8. The Great Deluge

King Anu beamed Earth and said that Earth and Mars needed to be evacuated as soon as possible, before Nibiru entered into a certain position in the solar system.
In Africa, the goldmines shut down, and the Anunnaki (the earth-bound) came from all over the planet and gathered in Edin, and a fleet of Nibiruan spaceships landed in Edin. On one of the spaceship, the mysterious white-haired Galzu (Great Knower), who was Anu's adviser, came down with a sealed message from Anu.
It was a legitimate sealed message, saying Galzu would speak on behalf of King Anu and the Council.

First, Galzu summoned Ninmah and Ea and told them they had aged quite a bit in a relatively short time. He, Galzu, had not, because he had not been living on Earth. Furthermore, he stated that they could not come back to Nibiru, or they would die.
Because they'd been so long on Earth their bodies could not survive the home planet's net-force.

Galzu suggested that those who stayed on Earth (and this included Nammur and Marduk as well as many others who'd been here for long, or born here), either placed themselves in rocket ships to orbit the Earth until after the deluge was over and the water had withdrawn to a point where landmasses could be spotted and made suitable for inhabitance. Then the leaders would return to Earth, the only place they could survive at.

For those who were not leaders, other options were given. They could choose to leave and wait it all out by moving to higher ground, up in the mountains. The Igigi, and others whom had chosen human spouses had to choose to stay with them on Earth and wait out the catastrophe, or leave and abandon their spouses.
This included Sarpanit, Marduk's wife.

When Nammur got the news, he met with the Anunnaki Council on Earth, which consisted of the leaders' sons and grandsons and the Igigi leaders. He emphasized that the humans had to succumb in the Flood and meet their destiny.

The Enki protested furiously and said there was no way he would let his creation drown.
The Enlil then raised his voice and shouted in anger, bringing up that these creatures (humans) were created illegally in the first place, and also shouldn't have been made to recreate.
Furthermore, he accused Ea for letting his son Marduk spread the human genes all over the place by letting the Igigi kidnap female homo sapiens sapiens, leading to intermarriage between man and god. Ea should have no say, according to Nammur, after all the crimes he'd committed! Ea refused to commit to this, but did not openly debate Nammur, whom after all was Lord of Command.

After that discharge of imbedded emotions, Nammur managed to calm down the Council back to order. This is what he finally decided:

Astronauts with human spouses and children must move to higher ground and wait for the Flood. When water engulfed most of the planet, repatriating ships would come and get them to Nibiru.

Ea, Ninmah, and Nammur, with their families, would orbit the Earth until the humans had drowned and the water receded.

Marduk was decided to shelter on Mars base.

Nannar, the Enlil's son, would wait out the Flood on the Earth's Moon.
Ea, upset over the decision to terminate all humans, started, together with Ninmah, to hide records and computer programs deep in the Iraqi soil.
They also prepared genetic banks of Earth's creatures to save from the coming Flood. They also collected female eggs and the female essence (samples of the female DNA code), thereafter all the living kind to combine.
Now they awaited the Flood...

Ea had a dream that he should warn Utnapishtim (Noah) and tell him to build an ark, where he could save his family and animals. In addition, he should take with him on his boat the seed of all the Earth species so they could be recreated later.
When the Enki woke up, he got the feeling Galzu had been the narrator in dream state, but he decided to take heed, because he wanted to save this species.
The dream had clearly told him not to say anything and not to break the policy withholding from the humans that they were about to all drown, but he could hide the seed for the future, so he didn't have to start all over.

Utnapishtim was informed and followed Ea's command exactly, and soon the ark was built and filled with food and seed from all living species on Earth.

13,000 years ago, the icesheet in Antarctica slipped. Nibiru's net-force put it in the South Sea and as it melted, driven north, water started rushing at 650 million kubic feet per second. The storms whipped and the water rose quickly and killed everything in its way, except for Utnapishtim's ark, which floated on the waves for forty days and forty nights, until it got stuck on the top of Mt. Ararat.
There they offered a lamb for Ea, and Nammur and Ea came down to meet them in "Whirlwinds", something which looked like modern helicopters (fig. 7 below).
Figure 7
A helicopter at the top and other space shuttles and vehicles
can be clearly seen in this extraordinary tablet!

Eventually, the water from the Deluge receded, and the devastation was almost absolute.
Almost nothing of what the Anunnaki had built the last 432,000 years were left. The spaceport at Sippar was gone, Mesopotamia laid hidden, Edin was gone, Only the raised stone landing place at Baalbek, Lebanon, was intact.
The remaining gods were looking at a whole new world...

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